Lennon, Sean - Bird Song Lyrics

Love comes on cat's feet
It circles the corners
It sits by the window and whispers...
"Mine! All mine! all mine!"

My arm fell asleep
And dreamt it was your arm
Hush lest we break the spell, oh well, oh well...

It's all so wrong
To greet the dawn
The birds sing that awful song saying
"You don't belong here!"

Love comes on cat's feet
It circles the corners
It sits by the window and whispers...

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Lennon, Sean Bird Song Comments
  1. Gabriela Chávez Hermosilla

    This is A R T

  2. RockWish Poison

    John lennon da deep web

  3. 하늘

    진짜 좋아하는 노래인데 멜론막히다니 하 ㅠㅠ

  4. Steven Haskell

    Pause at 1:14 ... that not sean on the left.. all i see is john xD

  5. Atutu Thangxom

    The intro sounds like a sped up happiness is a warm gun

  6. Matthew Stetz

    He sounds just like his dad, John Lennon.

    Matthew Stetz

    NkT! True, true.

  7. Mel Riggs

    Tan calidad q era john lennon y sale este chino con cruces en la cara. Q bestia patetico

  8. Mohid Syed

    This song sounds too familiar I just can’t put my finger on it

  9. Will Dafoe

    He’s trying too hard to be his dad 🤷‍♂️

  10. Bunni Armani

    I'm getting some Strawberry Fields vibes here.

  11. RockFour1

    He sucks Julian is so much better: https://youtu.be/aQs1Ynq0rlk

  12. Chris saltaur

    The problem with Sean's musical talent is that he will always be in the shadow of his father and The Beatles. Sadly his music, although not bad, isn't up to scratch and it's as if he is trying to sound like his father or The Beatles... this doesn't work. His music isn't unique or memorable... who is really buying this and who will listen to this in years to come?

  13. Renee Minicozzi

    Wonderful, Sean.

  14. Can Arock

    Jum'at 10januari 2020/
    Listen while enjoying a cup of coffee ☕👌

  15. Vitória Santana


  16. Elías Ortega

    Sean and Julian have the talent of his father

  17. reza munggaran


  18. Notorious

    Emo lenon

  19. ModernDH

    Good song. Never knew Lennon had another son

  20. Glorious Forever

    Why does he look like asian john lennon

  21. Anna Sophie Lautenbach

    this song sounds like it is made with silver dread made from the moon. it sounds like another reality

  22. Jaypi Yeipi

    definetely this songs r lost tapes of john that he inherited

    Jim McCracken

    Hello, Clueless!

  23. wachin bendezú

    Estoy seguro que a Jhon Lennon le hubiera encantado está canción

  24. Kenny Lum

    I thought he was a skinny eric wareheim

  25. the brothers darke

    he sounds like he needs vics for his stuffy nasaley nose,cmon son do somthing else your dad was the singer

  26. Maxine

    A voz e igualzinha do John

  27. hello kitty kat

    Beautiful voice

  28. kizmi axe

    Like father, like son---both creepy. Ick.

  29. Sarawoot Siam One Consulting

    Monster! you did it.

  30. DaLz Gaming

    he look like joji

  31. manikiahn

    He look like John lennon fucked Joji and had a divine love child?

  32. Laura Smith

    Good song

  33. αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd

    Damn he’s so hot

    Ariana Zayas

    Exactly! I’m surprised barley anyone has mentioned that!

  34. Peachy

    Why is this song stuck in my head E V E R Y D A Y-

  35. Dusty Rhoades

    I prefer Julian he has a better singing voice. I just can't get into sean. He does not sound like John.

    coolkendall gaming

    He does not want to sound like John

  36. Last boy on earth Dum Dum

    For me he is a way better singer to compare to his father.

  37. Ron Swanson

    Dude, he's literally Jotaro

  38. 정도령

    fuck you sean,
    You have defiled the father's honor of singing peace songs.
    You will surely be shot like a father.

  39. Sheev el barman

    His father must be proud, somewhere up there in the skies with diamonds

  40. KILLBOY 1

    Badass song brother

  41. Iman Baharudin

    Enakeun 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  42. John Gurnhill

    Sean is amazing singer sounds alot like his dad

  43. Joseph Godfrey

    This video has a slight "Andy Kaufman" sort of vibe to it...

  44. jinwoo seo

    He is Japanese

  45. Aaron DX

    This sounds like a Radiohead song.

  46. 개비정한세상

    Love is like an aeroplane
    Jump and then you pray
    Lucky ones remain
    In the clouds for days
    Life is just a stage
    Let's put on the best show
    And let everyone know

    'Cause if I have to die tonight
    I'd rather be with you
    Cut the parachute before you die
    Baby don't you cry
    You had to bring me down
    We had some fun before we hit the ground

    Love is like a hurricane
    You know it's on the way
    You think you can be brave
    Underneath the waves
    Life is just a dream
    Which of us is dreaming?
    And who will wake up screaming?

    'Cause if I have to die tonight
    I'd rather be with you
    Cut the parachute before you die
    Baby don't you cry
    You had to bring me down
    We had some fun before we hit the ground

    'Cause if I have to die tonight
    I'd rather be with you
    Cut the parachute before you die
    Baby don't you cry
    You had to bring me down
    We had some fun before we hit the ground

    'Cause if I have to die tonight
    I'd rather be with you
    Cut the parachute before you die
    Baby don't you cry
    You had to bring me down
    We had some fun before we hit the ground

  47. Nazr Ibrahim

    i dont know why i see a lot of depression in his eyes

    coolkendall gaming

    same :(

    Colin Kartsounas

    Being raised by Yoko would do that to anyone

  48. •paige •

    I hear a lot of people shit talk Sean's music, but I don't really get it. I fell in love with this song instantly.

  49. namhoie koo


  50. Alan Cobain

    Best anime I’ve seen

  51. Nikolaį Hansķeł

    This music is a reference to your father.

  52. Andrew Johnson

    One comment says they're glad he didn't inherit his mums singing voice but listening to this he didn't inherit John's either....

  53. Frontier

    john talked about peace of the world and his son admire the japanese imperialism

  54. Stefanie H

    Fantastic voice and song!

  55. Mr. Grunchy Bottlenuts

    Is it just me or does he actually sound like George Harrison?

  56. Tulip Lee

    Ugh, I love him.

  57. rick montanaro

    wow the video and song suck..keep burning the cash sean.

  58. rick montanaro

    Nice Sean got all the cash and Julian all the talent. Yoko and Sean should tour.....Imagine.....not.

  59. Harriet Johny

    Ok but this song is pretty amazing and I think he deserves some more recognition

  60. Alex Reeperbahn

    2:41 - 2:46 this had so much potential to be an amazing melody.. but no.

    Noah Kressel

    paul woulda helped out there

  61. J King

    His dad was a legend. He's nothing. Just a fortunate kid with a lot of money. No musical skill. A nobody.

    boom bacca

    J King obviously, ypure not a music lover.

    J King

    @boom bacca I love music. I wouldn't call that a music.

    boom bacca

    J King maybe you have specifics. if a music wont fit to your taste, it doesnt mean that it is not music. i like the truthful tragedy in its lyrics and the melancholic melody of the song which is apparent that the composition was really honestly felt by the artist.

    J King

    @boom bacca No. I love all kinds of music but that's not music.

  62. Paul's Broken A Glass

    He kinda sounds like John Lennon after inhaling helium lmao

  63. Muhammad Adi Mulyadi Maulana Putra

    I saw Mr.John in Sean's body,
    my God he is very similar to his father. I hope Sean can be successful in the world of music like his father.

  64. williella franklin

    i love his music.. he so cute... look like mommy and daddy... peace love and happinesss to the globe as an earth..

  65. meldz solano

    Japanese version of john lennon

  66. Chawkolate

    I love the woman la'ing in my left ear the entire time

  67. NÃO.


  68. Baga Sher

    His mum and him 😄

    Imitations never succeed

  69. This Person

    I feel like sean is wayyyyy different than his dad. He has his own unique style that people would see if only they weren't blinded by John. His talent is recognizable if only you look deeper into his music.

  70. david parsons

    Loads of money not much talent, good old John !!!

  71. Bella Almeida

    Versão mau feita do pai

  72. Helena Ferreira

    3:12 Jooohn its youuu??

  73. Akbar Alyasa

    Jika ku harus mati malam ini
    Aku memilih mati bersamamu
    Potong tali parasut itu sebelum kita terjatuh
    Jangan menangis sayangku
    Setidaknya kita punya banyak kenangan menyenangkan
    Sebelum hancur lebur menghamtam permukaan

  74. Июльマナハン

    Why is John Lennon fighting Freddie Mercury

    In My Life, I've Loved Them All

    Lol this should be an idea for one of those Freddie Mercury "MAMA" edits😂

    Can Arock

    Jancokkk 🤣

    Steven Haskell


  75. Mr Demonetisation Man

    It sounds like if John Lennon was in Radiohead

  76. Gary Hall

    he looks a little like john lennons son. not julian, but the one he had with yoko

  77. Codigo 52

    Jonh lennon?🤨🛸

  78. Sofy •77•

    Julian💗 sean 🤮

  79. Leonardo Benitez

    Jhon Lenon no murió vive adentro de su hijo..

  80. Tiziana Dipalma

    Buon compleanno Sean!!

  81. kim hayden

    구독자 4000명도 안 되는 진짜 새끼가 감히 230000만 넘는 유튜버를 무시하네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  82. Xx_CheetohFingers_xX

    Damn it’s like John and Yoko Dragon ball fused🤣🤣🤣 50/50

  83. alias

    he sounds like a high chill john. and i know yall hate comparing him to his father but it's inescapable. looking at sean, even if I didn't know he was a Lennon himself, I would've said "hey he sounds and looks like that beatle guy". the glasses don't help anyway

  84. ruhtrA Baidjoe

    Not bad..

  85. Tiziana Dipalma

    I love yuo so much!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  86. tuf tuf

    너무 좋아하는데 이노래 박철 옥소리 간통사건났을때 옥소리가 미니홈피 bgm으로 설정해놨다는 얘기듣고 개웃겼다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  87. 갸르릉갸르르르릉

    Sean Lennon said that Germany have no freedom of expression and that's why they can't use Nazi flag in public area or somewhere. he tweeted and immediately deleted it but so many people saw that. he's being support using sun rising flag which have same meaning of Nazi flag in Asian area. shame on you!

  88. 상대동블루스윤

    he is nazi

  89. Joaquin Villz


    Imagine -John Lennon (Sean Lennon/Julian Lennon Cover)

  90. Elisenda Moth

    Precioso Sean

  91. Nina Cerati


  92. Mr. Grunchy Bottlenuts

    Atleast we could say that this is better than nearly everything in the radio today.

  93. Personal TMI

    This song is suck and he’s face disgusting

  94. fax 17 videos random

    Que buena canción lpm

  95. Dom

    Look a racist imperialist of Nazi Japan!

  96. Angel Alexis Bravo Lira

    Esta es la música que vale la pena, muy buena melodía y letra

  97. Xavier272

    He looks like Filthy Frank xd

  98. A R I N

    Such an asshole

  99. vin 06

    Rising sun flag defender

  100. Everything Trump Touches Dies

    Good voice. Song sucks.