Lemonheads, The - Your Home Is Where You're Happy Lyrics

Your home is where you’re happy
It’s not where you’re not free
Your home is where you can be what you are
As you were just born to be

Now they’ll show you their castles
And diamonds for all to see
But, they’ll never show you their peace of mind
‘Cause they don’t know how to be free

So burn all your bridges
Leave your past behind
You can do what you want to do
‘Cause you’re strong in your mind

And, anywhere you might wander
You can make that your home
Just as long as you’ve got love in your heart
You’ll never be alone

Just as long as you’ve got love in your heart
You’ll never be alone
You’ll never be alone.

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Lemonheads, The Your Home Is Where You're Happy Comments
  1. Dan J

    Dude looks like a cheerio

  2. Chris Drummond

    I have never heard any of Charles Manson's songs. The cover is interesting.

  3. André D

    Fuck Manson

    Miss Divine Diva

    Cell number?

    Nah, I think not! Likely not enough Protection.

    Bentley Heaps

    Good opinion.

  4. Amr Abdallah

    Evan trying to be "uber cool". Ordinary song.

  5. Sionainn Ilene

    Charlie's version is better

  6. Danielle CarR

    "Have you got a level"

  7. Quixo667

    its not as good as the version on LIE but i still like it.  I always liked the lemonheads and charlie and had no idea they did this song until i read it in Jeff Guinn's book.

  8. Hi I'm Kara Rae Ophelia

    Dilute also did an awesome cover of this song. Cheers to Charlie for this beautiful music...... After all if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have the pleasure.

    Dilute-home is where your happy

  9. Schuck015

    no, it's a manson song


    i wrote this song back in 67

    Seb Web10

    I wrote this in 32' bitch

  10. Do Kyung Yun

    This song is willie nelson song


    thats a different song with the same title. also a good song.

    Dan J

    It was written by Charlie Manson

  11. djdrehscheibe

    My love!

  12. Zepp Matter

    Hahaha was on 1970 album created by Charles Manson * :)

  13. MonkeyManWill

    This is nice.

  14. emile235

    awesome love this album

  15. JosephtheBlacksmith

    So good.