Lemonheads, The - Poughkeepsie Lyrics

Goes on in Spanish Harlem
Goes on in Poughkeepsie
People slip away

Hit me in the arm
Just please do it swiftly
We ain't got all day, yeah

One more coat of arms
Every business weekly
What's Amanda say?

It's not that I'm so strong
I never knew what hit me
Since you came to stay, yeah

Speard and flayed
Burnt and bleeding, I'll catch up some day
'Til tomorrow's bruises go away
And the grass is turning into hay
I'll be glad to be your extra blade

Goes on in Spanish Harlem
Goes on in Poughkeepsie
Lost my grip today

Here to stay
Least until it's time to go away
Walking masterpiece of remembered pain
This teeming life has got you in it's way
And I'm proud to be your lump of clay

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Lemonheads, The Poughkeepsie Comments
  1. leaf killer

    vasser with agit pop

  2. Lux Aeterna

    oh. my. god.

  3. John O'Shea

    Like a lot of towns in Upstate New York, Poughkeepsie has been struggling for a long time. Yet, it's no worse than many other communities, which I will not mention. But how many small towns do you know have three colleges?

    Chad Benjadad

    Noooo boddddy carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrres.

    pyewackett 5

    @Chad Benjadad

  4. Pigeaterdlx

    Poughkeepsie! What a fantastic shithole! Lived in and around it all my life......can't wait to move away from it and NY State when I have the money! Suck My ass Bloomberg and Cuomo!


    Moved away from here for 10yrs , hated it glad I'm back.

  5. Elegiac

    best song on the album in my opinion


    Elegiac .. Steve's Boy is brilliant in terms of concept and lyric but like a lot of em on the album seems somehow unrefined.. ?!