Lemonheads, The - Paint It Black Lyrics

wont you let me walk you home from school
wont you let me meet you by the pool
maybe friday I can get tickets for the band
and I'll take you
ooh ooh oh oooh

wont you tell your dad to get off my back
tell him what we said 'bout paint it black
rock'n roll is here to stay
come inside now - its ok
and I'll shake you
ooh ooh oh oooh

wont you tell me what you're thinking of?
would you be an outlaw for my love?
if its no then I can go
if its yes then let me know
I wont make you
ooh ooh oh oooh

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Lemonheads, The Paint It Black Comments
  1. Henry Tomasino

    very good song

  2. General Grievous

    Dislikes from rice farmers and red doors.

  3. Glenn Hertel

    Smoke The Weed.

  4. Mememan 420

    I got the fing rap paint it black Pepsi ad

  5. Peter R de Vries

    Black paint exists

    Red door:
    *ah shit here we go again*

  6. The Quiet Man 555

    Reminds me of 'Tour of duty', late 80s series about Vietnam starring Terence Knox, good show back then.

  7. Roman Shad

    My darkest song

  8. abby allison

    *h o w d a r e y o u*

  9. Jermaine Tobac

    You talking with your
    Friends and you thought your other friend was behind you
    And the stranger sneezed at you
    And you said you went to far then all your friends started laughing
    At you how would you feel😶😶😶

  10. Haussiecan

    This is my most favorite song from birth all the way up to 14

  11. Big J

    Listened to this song when i was a kid brings back good memories


    Imagine having a red door,

    Black door gang

  13. Julia Rodriguez

    My mom what wall paper should we do? Teen me. I want it painted black

  14. s c x r z. ggz

    Who else is here from the cod trailer

  15. Jason Santos

    Who came from Pepsi throwing shade to Coca Cola

  16. Majin


  17. Marco San juan

    Guitar hero

  18. May May

    Omg my door is black

  19. Aliyah T - T

    Yooo...I couldn't be the only one who only recognized the instrumental intro 😭🤣

  20. GRS_ GRIM

    This reminded me of cod zombies 😞 “rip primos crew”

  21. Leszy

    When you come back to home from paintball match

  22. Chris Kohart

    The super bowl commercial with Pepsi is just a disgrace to this song

  23. Francisco Garcia

    The introduction of this song is the same as a etude by Mauro Giuliano from the 16th century
    The classical guirar inspired too many modern musicians

  24. Konar varvar

    Не увидел ни одного русского коммента.
    Не справедливо.
    Великая песня великой группы.
    А больше и нечего сказать
    Разве что ловлю с нее вьетнамские флешбеки (спс "конфликт: Вьетнам")

  25. extranothing

    when your playing mafia III

  26. Jamie Stewart

    The Viet cong obliterated america

  27. Cathan Mc Cann

    I hate the rolling stones but to songs I like are I can't get no satisfaction and the fricen amazing song

  28. Joseph Leiper

    One of Charlie's finest cuts, IMO. He's rock-steady and jazz nuanced; gave the Stones deep Pop swing, or something. No wonder M&K forbid him to leave.

  29. Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    Great song from the Stones.

  30. erika

    thanks pepsi ad for reminding me this exists

  31. Рейгар Таргариен

    Hidden citizens cover better

  32. Danyal Elia

    This song is super racist... I love it.

    Great North Korean leader Kim John Un

    Danyal Elia how is it racist?

  33. az man

    Bet mafia 3 brought you here

  34. Marilo Wilson

    I remember this song , my father 😈👹👺👿

  35. Klaudia4469

    Anyone here by WestWorld?

  36. Tommaso Raso

    Mark Rothko

  37. Ian Slee

    Class track, start to finish, pure class. Can’t stand the group but I got a broken watch and that’s right twice a day.

  38. Ola Rutkowska

    How dare you

  39. D A

    The only Stones song that i like.

  40. Colin Spencer

    Red door:

    Black Paint: Peace was never an option

  41. Blûë Mëøw Mëøw

    4 year old learns about racism in school:RaCiSt

  42. s a d b o y s

    Is somebody here who played mafia 3?

  43. damanorelse

    Rolling Stones: "I want to see your face, painted black, black as night, black as coal"

    Justin Trudeau: Hold my beer.

  44. Christofer Quintero

    Red door: exist

    Rolling Stones: I'm about to end this mans whole Career

  45. Sir Torres Andrew

    Emos be like

  46. Sonic Ghost

    I came here because theres a Dark pepsei ad that play this song (True Story)

  47. WesmeTheWeezle

    Rolling Stones: "I look inside myself and see my heart is black"

    Emo's and goth's: T_T



  48. Jeff Hinson

    Twisted Metal Black on PS2 brought me here

  49. Daniel Killing00

    "Guitar Hero 3" :)

  50. Splinter White

    I am Suicidal so me and fellow suicidal kids in my school sang this song to raise awareness

    They liked it and got more help for suicidal kids

  51. The FutureGamer

    2020 anyone?

  52. x hacker 〈ethical〉

    Al Pacino 😎

  53. diamond mimi

    Pepsi brought me here thx Missi elliot and HER

  54. LochNessi Monster

    My house: * has a red door *

    Me: *I'm about to end this man's whole career*

  55. Awkward Animations!

    Some say to this day no one knows what the door did to make him want it painted black.

  56. 6 People, 1 Bathroom

    Ok I hate the "Who came here from--" comments, but every time I hear the intro I think of the game "Twisted Metal: Black" and I instantly wanna drive a juiced up ice cream truck with a demon clown inside and destroy a city.

  57. Road Wolf

    After seeing that shitty Pepsi commercial I needed to cleanse my mind and this was it

  58. Ziyad


  59. bulent baskoy

    clone from turkish song.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKmPlZHakQo years 1962

    Gary Bradley

    Sounds nothing like it to me.

  60. Simona Techetová

    The drums just make me crazy... Charlie is great.

  61. Giancarlo Diaz Minaya

    Las personad daltonicas dan dislike supongo.

  62. Codhunter802

    I had to come here to be cleansed after hearing that Pepsi commercial

  63. DinoRockChick 06

    Red door : exists
    The Rolling Stones : your free trial of being red has ended

  64. Jaelyn Williams

    Who else is here because of HER and Missy Elliot’s Pepsi commercial?

  65. DamuEmran

    I'm only here because of twisted Metal Black!!!

  66. Mili Müller

    Black Paint would like to know your location

  67. 高須浩子

    God songs

  68. Вова Светлов

    Очень интересно

  69. fresh water

    I'd definitely listen to this while shooting a turret

  70. Evelyn Garcia Sanchez

    2 de octubre no se olvida✌✌

  71. mell Gimpson

    Justin Trudeau be like

  72. The Coconut Juice

    When the red starts speaking black

  73. Taylor Jenasin

    One of the greatest from the greatest rs

  74. Chicken Nugget

    This song is is about a dude who has lost a wife or girlfriend. That Why he can't look at other girls. The line of black cars, at a funeral.. He doesn't want to feel anything he just wants everything to be black. He wants to kill himself so he could be with the girl he loves. His love holding flowers never to come back... Again his love died. If he looks hard enough into the setting sun the he will be able to laugh with his love till morning comes... The setting sun means the day is ending but he means it that he want to end his life to be with his love.

  75. Properly Oiled

    This song is what Napalm sounds like.

    Brayden Garrett

    And we all know about that succulent scent in the early morning...

  76. Geno Sans

    No one:
    7 Year olds: ThIs sOnG iS rAsIst

  77. Grappler Guy

    I heard this beat years ago, and I've never found it until now. And I now love the rolling stones

  78. Jadon Rowe

    Who’s here from the Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

  79. Reed Mack

    If I sing this in public I would be considered racist 🙍🏾‍♀️ man I love this song and I'm not racist

    Brayden Garrett

    How is this song racist? 2nd comment I have seen mentioning this.


    Brayden Garrett it mentions the word “black” therefore it’s racist

    Reed Mack

    The song isn't racist because a white person made it but if I sing it in public I might be apparently racist because I'm a black person it would be like a white person singing paint it , white even though the song is about depression

  80. Red El De Angry Birds #ANTIGACHAS

    I'm in a world of shit, yes. But i'm alive. And i'm not afraid....

    Sir Torres Andrew

    Micky mouse

    Red El De Angry Birds #ANTIGACHAS

    @Sir Torres Andrew High High High!!


    We all are... in a world of SHIT ! 😂 Love youre reference, probably my favourite movie of all time 😉

    Dustin Bone

    @XaleyY which movie? I'm usually good at this movie quote game


    @Dustin Bone full metal jacket 😉👌

  81. John Henderson

    Think takes me back to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    TOUR OF DUTY, any remember that in the late 80s??
    Best vietnam series of all time.

  82. Jose 1931

    Me: 0:07 How dare you

  83. Mark Bennett

    The last 90 seconds is like being in bed with your woman and really getting it on!

  84. Maya's Corner

    Colours* The Stones are English

  85. FBI

    Emo kids be like

  86. justmadeit2

    Lets see some likes for the late Brian Jones

  87. JesKot _

    I listen this music in Communist Country ,now it's Democratic 😂

    Properly Oiled

    *Ho Chi Minh is requesting access to your location*

    JesKot _

    @Properly Oiled 😂😂😂

  88. Stephen Diaz

    I’m getting Quentin Tarantino vibes

  89. Diobrandomiami

    This song makes me want to throw a big rock on top of an Italian man who hates the number 4


    what four likes??!!

    Neil D. Wallace

    I see a joestar and I want it painted gold

    Speedo wa GON

    I found my people:)

  90. This I Phone

    I see a stone and it conviniently shows me my dead

    Kenneth Heim

    You should try to change it's shape

  91. Asyltas Musin

    When I see red door and stone ball with my face on it

  92. Catherine Nelson

    woah vicky anthem

  93. N1ghtC0re_Beast_ Gaming

    I feel like Elisii made a better cover

  94. Emilio P.

    The dislikes are from dogs

  95. EmperorZarikar

    "Vanity...definitely my favorite sin."

  96. Gemma Hallett

    When I speed run I listen to this

  97. Cristian Petan

    Who thinks that the origins of this song is a punk