Lemonheads, The - I Just Can't Take It Anymore Lyrics

I've been thinkin' back on it babe, I
Guess it's been useless after all
I'm tired of seein' the days goin' by
Tearin' the numbers off my wall

You've been takin' up my time
Steppin' out of line
Breakin' up the dreams I had before
And I just can't make it any more
No, I just won't take it any more

I heard once before you were lookin' for a friend
Who could take the time to really get to know you
But you wanted me to kneel and forgot that I was real
And I guess I'm not content that far below you

Been shakin' up my bed
Breakin' up my head
So I'm breakin up and turnin' in my score

And I just won't make it any more
No I just can't take it any more

I tried to do my best and it would have worked I guess
But I couldn't keep my eyes from seeing through you
So I'll go on alone and I'll leave you here at home
And forget the fact I ever even knew you

Well we could have done a lot
We certainly did not
So I'll try to do the things I did before
And I just won't make it any more
No I just can't take it any more

No I just won't make it any more
No I just can't take it any more

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Lemonheads, The I Just Can't Take It Anymore Comments
  1. martin evensen

    Evan is cool hope he lives to be 100 years old

  2. AegisEpoch

    evan daddio

  3. Pasquale Oberland

    Evan sure loves covering gram Parsons tunes

  4. sam leigh

    Read a fookin book.

  5. sethaaron

    I WILL stfu maybe mind your own fucking business

  6. sarcasmo57

    One of those moods... Drinking alone listening to old songs alone. alone. Hey why are we here?

  7. Trip Lucid

    See Martel Homes, that's my claim to fame
    That's where I learned my slickest tricks in the dope-d-game

    Like my favorite, I call it "Lemonhead Delight"
    That's when you lick off all the yellow, and you sell the white.
    LOL = Lyrics of "Dirty South" by Goodie Mob

  8. Kabir mulji

    Fucking brilliant...Gram Parsons and Evan Dando are two of the best songwriters ever !

    Matt Celis

    Compared to who?

    Chris Barton

    @Matt Celis Paul Westerberg is the best song writer ever

  9. Lemonhead86

    Vietnam sticker on the top of the acoustic. They kicked ass.

  10. damian andres

    Saludos desde Monte Grande, Argentina!

  11. Moda Mont

    Awesome song great cover coolest video , does anyone know if this is a real acoustic that he actually owns / plays or just a prop for this video ? thanks !

    Matt Celis

    Yes, that's a real acoustic guitar. They're usually made of wood.

  12. David Boerma

    I felt that way. It seems so musical, but please friends of Evan, make sure he stays allright

  13. Deathkampdrone

    Thank you Mr Dando for showing me Gram Parsons. Been listening so heavily to that guy for the last five years.
    Lemonheads also rock forever. :)

    Martin Huberdeau


  14. Tobin Sterritt

    Just looked up the track listing on the album. Anyone who would cover G.G. Allin and Townes Van Zandt on one album gets props from me. X D

    Trip Lucid

    RIGHT ON!! Hell YEAH!

  15. David Paul

    read a Fucking book.

  16. sam d

    oh yeah...that's nice, so very

  17. William Davis

    In a Kilslug shirt no doubt, epic.

  18. Matt Braaten

    Still has a great head of hair!

  19. Neri Joel Guillén

    Me encanta el video!

  20. Kerrgal

    Who's singing harmony?


    @kerrgal Tricia Scotti

    Devonne West

    kerrgal & Outwhere, thank u for asking & answering! I always wondered... great great song. Evan is king.

  21. Craidoff Iff Munfish


  22. Craidoff Iff Munfish

    Evan looks high as hell!!!

    Samu-Oskari Hartikainen

    Who Cares ?

    Matt Celis

    sez you

  23. steveritt

    Dylan's "Chimes of freedom" comes through!


    @steveritt Yes!!

    Matt Celis

    Then again, Bob stole plenty of melodies for his own use so turnabout is fair play.

  24. floppyd0g

    He's the "covers" master.

    Von Clohk

    In the COME AS YOU ARE Nirvana book they made fun of The Lemonheads saying they were an "alternative cover band". They even prank called Evan and said they were Madonna's manager and she wanted to talk to Evan. Personally though, I think if Kurt would have heard the Lemonheads very early stuff he'd love it. It was much punker than any Nirvana stuff.

  25. howlinwolf73

    Yes.... a Great cover of a Gram Parson's tune from his days with The International Submarine Band circa 1965.  Best version ever.

    Trip Lucid

    Also This Song by Gram was Released on GRAMS COVER ALBUM from 1965= "Other Side Of Life" containing some GEMs of spirited Covers of wonderful songs..Like Buffy Sainte Marie's CODINE!

  26. Sean M

    Go get a copy of "Lovey" and then "It's a Shame about Ray"

  27. Aphrodite JodieBare

    And I like them.

  28. Aphrodite JodieBare

    This was my first time listening to the Limonheads

  29. H Dellamorte

    R.I.P. Spaceland

  30. Moom Trooper

    Great song, interesting music vid.

  31. joanjettboy

    evan's voice is everything :) love it~

  32. joanjettboy

    love this song!!

  33. Ronnie Slogun

    Great cover and a great album. I really liked "Varshons". Evan has made a lot of awesome covers throughout the years, but his covers of Gram Parsons' songs are especially outstanding, in my opinion. Evan adds some kind of wistful quality to them, if I may say so, a certain "grievous angel" type of feeling.

  34. theJungleb00k

    so good, hot. love it.

  35. loungecruz

    I read some books, but none of them were fucking

    Trip Lucid

    Lol TRY MADONNA's "SEX" then {not really} hehe :p Instead read Hunter S. Thompson or "Notes from The Underground" those are at least "Fucking" Good Books! Cheers

  36. no1rockfan

    That's great! I was wondering where they filmed it.

  37. hooniwonder

    thank you evan...

  38. Scott Mannion

    Evan, i missed you. Manchester soon :D

  39. j peoplemover

    So, I went to this Lemonheads concert at Spaceland like 2 years ago, and all of a sudden I'm in this awesome music video, right at the beginning, right in the front and center. One of the greatest shows I've ever been to, and here I have it semi-documented. I don't know if I could be any happier than I am right now.