Lemon Pipers, The - Green Tambourine Lyrics

Drop your silver in my tambourine
Help a poor man fill a pretty dream
Give me pennies, I'll take anything
Now listen while I play
My green tambourine

Watch the jingle jangle start to shine
Reflections of the music that is mine
When you toss a coin, you'll hear it sing
Now listen while I play
My green tambourine

Drop a dime before I walk away
Any song you want, I'll gladly play
Money feeds my music machine
Now listen while I play
My green tambourine

Listen and I'll play

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Lemon Pipers, The Green Tambourine Comments
  1. Peter Lange

    Geiler Song heut zu Tage nicht mehr machbar.

  2. James Barker

    Stoke up ✌

  3. Vincente

    Is it just me or is the guys tambourine not green?

  4. Leo Bost

    1:43 “what da fuk man!? Why you hit me wif yo verde tamorine yo?”

  5. Vincent Robinette

    I'm glad I happened onto this video: I thought for sure, that this was a "Beatles" song! I've never heard of the "Lemon pipers".

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    Great song, love to go back to the 60s and be a teenager again

    ginger elvira

    I think it was there Only hit. It was a HUGE Hit. I was in JR High then this and Insence & pepperment were very popular

    Nick Foles Super Bowl 52 MVP

    You must not listen to The Beatles very often

    Vincent Robinette

    @Nick Foles Super Bowl 52 MVP There are a lot of bands, that sound so much alike, that it's very easy for me to confuse which band is doing a song.

  6. r fernandes

    Rest in peace.. Bob Nave

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    Great song, transport me back to the 60s

  7. Dor Ben Baruch

    Fun fact:
    The composer of this also composed the song na na na na na na na na e e e goodbye


    Yes, Paul Leka co-wrote "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" for the band Steam.

  8. Scott Ouellette

    I also went in 71 to nam as a helio pilot with the 101st AA. I got the chance to visit the area were so many of Americas finest died needlessly in that festering hellhole. I stand in awe of there sacrifice every waking hour of my life.

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    Thanks for serving. I joined the Marine Corps right after you. Helped a little with the Evacuation of Saigon April 1975, total chaos. We lost 2 Embassy Marines in a firefight at Tan Son Nhut AFB.

    Jess Dave

    God bless you for your sacrifice. You made it back but I know a part of you stayed. My father was there and there it stays. I know little of his time there and I can't blame him for that. May God bless you all.

    ginger elvira

    Another war started by a lie.

  9. Casey Smith

    The lead singer went on to later enjoy a movie career with such diverse roles as Momma from Throw Momma From the Train and Momma Fratelli from The Goonies.


    @Casey Smith Wow. Hilarious. 🙄

    K.J. G.

    Hahaha. Good pull. “Owen DOESN’T HAVE ANY FRIENDS....”

  10. Donde Merlin

    They got Sam Kinison to sing on this?

  11. bobberguy1

    If you claim to remember 1968, you weren't even there.

    JayE Gee

    Scott Ouellette I am so sorry Scott 💕

    Scott Ouellette

    @bobberguy1 Thankyou for your service bobberguy...WELCOME HOME SOLDIER.

    Scott Ouellette

    @JayE Gee Thanks J.G.

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    Was there a 1968?

    Marcia Diehl

    I was 12 years old in 1968 and I remember it like the back of my hand.

  12. Victor Serkiavic

    Some LSD must have been going around that made people see lots of green. I know 3 bands right off my head that sung about green.

    Fred Gangsta 1206

    Victor Serkiavic Lmmfao yeoooooo 😭😂😭😭😂😂💯💯💯💯

    Dor Ben Baruch

    Victor Serkiavic
    Give me more names with green before my trip is goner

    Victor Serkiavic

    @Dor Ben Baruch The Green Manlishi, pink floyd has a song named green and unrelated to the era The liquid color company

  13. Andrew Cockburn

    Quite possibly the worst song ever. Especially the tambourine part.

    Dor Ben Baruch

    That was the most offensive comment ever especially the part with the tambourine

    Melissa Cooper

    @Dor Ben Baruch everyone is entitled to their opinion. I however like the song. Especially the tambourine solo at the end.


    It's not the absolute worse. But it is one that you'd have to pay me to listen to it more than once.

    Vincent Robinette

    TAMBOURINE SOLO!!!!!!!!!

  14. My Gentle Pitt Bull

    Love to go back to the 60s.

  15. Michael Demarco

    Go hug a tree

  16. Space Alien Jesus

    RIP Bob

  17. Elizabeth Long

    ◔◔..thank you◦༄◦°˚°◦.¸¸彡彡

  18. Madcap Laughs

    1:34 The guitar player is a cross between a young Bill Gates and Joey Ramone.


    So basically like a young John Denver lol

    Robert Allen

    Reminds me of guitarist in 'Black Betty' song too...

  19. Michael Demarco

    The lead singer looks light in the loafers

    Joseph Jakubec

    I've always heard homosexuals can easily spot another. Is that true Michael?

    Michael Demarco

    @Joseph Jakubec look who's talking cupcake

    caljn 1

    Dudes! You're embarrassing yourselves.

    Melissa Cooper

    It wouldn't matter to me whether the lead singer was gay or not.

  20. Ronald Arthur Dewhirst

    Great times but totally delusional.

    Donde Merlin

    Yeah, this whole society.

  21. Charles Chauffe

    The band actully hated that song! Their management wanted them to be poppy, causing issues with the band...

    Yolanda Johnson

    Thank You for this interesting music fact. I will put this in my notebook.

    Madcap Laughs

    i can see why.

  22. Mattie Fee

    CLICK BAIT FROM THE 60'S...I waited all video for a green tambourine!

  23. jeffrey cotton

    Gotta love all of the One Hit Wonders of that era.

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    The was a lot of the one hit wonders in the 60s

  24. william visick

    A very young John Denver

  25. William Duckworth

    Was my favorite song when i was 5

    Ann Marie Maccarone

    William Duckworth same here.

  26. Bob Knapp

    With its cool base line and tech, I wouldn't consider this tune bubblegum. If this was released 18 months or so prior, it would have fit in with some of the songs other bands were putting out (e.g. Beatles, Who). And that's kinda the problem - by Nov. '67 this sound was already passe and, perhaps by that time, considered bubblegum. The music was changing rapidly during this period and Green Tambourine was late to the party.


    Same, I came here from the "Bubblegum" wiki page because I couldn't remember this tune having the vibe that it describes.. a pleasant enough song, but it's not nearly as super-upbeat as "Sunshine Day", etc xD

  27. deathtracer

    Haven't seen this in years.


    The singer is definitely using autotune.

    Randy Piquette

    It was lipsyncing?Then..Auto tune came wayy...later...anyway great song.


    Lol. There was no such thing as autotune in the 60's. What you hear is the studio recording and what you see is lip syncing.

  29. Michael Justice

    The errors in the video are many as well as being off sync with the music. That said it’s still great.

  30. Jim Smethurst

    Hey I was 13 too. Great record I knew something was happening to music around this time- but of course I didn't realise it was , shall we say , substance related and influenced. I recently listened to the 2 albums this band made and some of the tracks are still excellent. Happy days.

  31. Paul Justice

    That mishap at 1:43 looked unplanned and unappreciated.


    Looks like the tambourine man did it on purpose.

  32. John Bush

    No electricity.

  33. r fernandes

    Rest In Peace, Bob Nave

    Rodney Owens

    r fernandes great guy. Met him last summer.

  34. TheSirjohn2012

    What happened to these guys?

    Br Gr

    blue aba dee abba die came out (also The Beatles too)

    Rodney Owens

    Keyboardist Bob Nave just passed away today. Bill lives just outside of Oxford Ohio... singer Ivan lives in LA

    Ryan Moore

    Bill also went on to sing and play for Ram Jam, best know for their hit "Black Betty".

    Rodney Owens

    Ryan Moore he actually recorded Black Betty with his band Starstruck. When he joined Ram Jam they basically just edited the song. The other guys in Ram Jam didn’t play on the record

    Ryan Moore

    @Rodney Owens Good to know, thanks for the correction.

  35. Jacquie Tellalian


  36. William Nahnsen

    Groovy man!

  37. Jaap Balder

    A lot of Nice songs in the 60

  38. nasty lime

    Is this guy high


    High as fuck!

    Pete Corcoran

    And loving it man LSD was legal when this was done

  39. ieattofu68

    I love the remake from the "Recess" cartoon...

    Scott M

    Yep, it was Robert Goulet singing.

  40. Kay Redburn


    Kay Redburn


  41. George Vreeland Hill

    If you remember this song, then you are lucky because you grew up in a great era of life and music.

    daniel stewart

    I was 12 years old when this came out. It was so simple that it stuck in yer brain, i was too young and dumb to try to make sense of the lyrics.

    Of course the times were simpler also. I didn't have a care in the world other than being in 7th grade. Still watching cartoons but the females of our skool was taking up more of my thoughts.

    I'd noticed them for quite a while but now they were developing these curious bumps on them that required more investigation. So i became sherlock holmes and began a full time inquiry into what they were, looked like, and most of all just what did they feel like. I'm 63 now and my quest continues.

    As they say, "the difference between men and boys is the size and price of the toys". Damn if they ain't expensive, but that's the price of knowledge. If you've seen one ya gotta see them all.

  42. Al Bundy

    i wish I had a dollar for every Les Paul guitar sold. i'd be richer than Bilbo Gates


    Somehow I dont think over 100 BILLION of them have been sold.

    Doc MacLaren's Tinkering

    Who is Bilbo Gates???
    Bilbo left for The Undying Lands along with Frodo.


    @Doc MacLaren's Tinkering that was my other question but I figured I'd give someone else a turn lol


    have you ever heard lemon pipers song rice is nice


    How about The Shoemaker Of Leatherware Square, Shoeshine Boy, Blueberry Blue. They didn't like the Green tambourine and Rice is Nice and Jelly Jungle stuff, they preferred rock. Well, I'm glad their record company forced them to make "bubblegum". they were great at it.

  44. Rodney Hendrix

    More co wbells ...

  45. piss off

    Needs more tambourine

    Darlene Jeanson

    Loved this song.


    piss off,
    George Harrison needed more sitar. Janis Joplin needed more kozmic blues.

  46. Ron Cobb

    Lead singer would have been better served if he had just put a sock in his pants.

    daniel stewart

    He may have, with a small tater in there for balance.


    Hard to tell from the grainy video, but I had a pair of pants exactly like them in the late 60's-early 70's. They had a thin red stripe between the dark and light gray stripes. Good old bellbottoms!

  47. aloma alber

    wonderful to find this one!

  48. Sandy Naylor

    DROP THE MIC TIME LYRICS r off the Charts 4-SURE,🎤

  49. Kinte-Rashayah @7LAMPSofFIRE

    These country hillside wight boys were lit the fuck up. High as Jefferson Airplane. Dayum! Nice bass line too. The wight boys jammin but can't move or jam with their own jammin music. Good Got Dam wight people.

    Tony Di Paolo

    This was #1 on the charts during your lifetime. Is this your first time hearing it?

    Alejandro Saladin

    Kinte-Rashayah @7LAMPSofFIRE why you gotta make it a race thing??

    Ronnie Westcott

    did not need drugs back then.amen.


    lmao What the fuck?

  50. Greg Stanberry

    sure beats any of the crap that's out there today.

  51. james kelly

    Groovy baby!😎😎

  52. Fausto Martinez

    Right! Thanks,Vintage

  53. William Mize

    Synthesizer before they were synthesizers

  54. Devin Paul

    "We aaaaall prisoners, chickybaby. We aaalll locked in."

  55. Fausto Martinez

    The guitar player is the man who discovered the Eddie's Van Halen technique!


    @Fausto Martinez You mean Eddie Van Halen discovered guitar player Bill Bartlett's technique. (as Van Halen was only 13 at the time, lol.)


    check out black betty by ram jam the guitarist will look familiar

    caleb prodtoins

    @Richard same gene pool

    daniel stewart

    @Richard that's a damn fine song itself. Most of the covers I've heard of have been.

  56. Mr. & Mrs. Stretch and Alda Twats

    Check out a high-quality recording of this song the bass line is so clever is off the hook

  57. Luis Dominguez

    So anyone else here because of Recess: School’s Out?


    Fargo season 1 for me

    Melissa Cooper

    I've never saw that Recess movie. Was Green Tambourine featured on it?

    Luis Dominguez

    Melissa Cooper it was played in the ending credits

    Luis Dominguez

    Melissa Cooper it was played in the end credits

  58. Paul Brucker

    lip sync it baby, to bubblegum music you didn't like but that paved the way for you.

  59. caljn 1

    1:43 Ha!

    Rosie Hammond Wilson

    caljn 1 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  60. onko nanno herman ten have

    Guitar player Bill Bartlett became later world famous with the mega hit "Black Betty " by the group Ram Jam as guitar player and singer.

  61. Alberto Flores

    Back when people were free to dress how they wanted without judgment just love and peaceful vibes. Great trippy song tho

  62. ForARide

    Added to my 60's Psych/Garage Playlist:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNINWcxxj9hFitjPlihu9ZXfLEM6_KAdo

  63. Frater I. A. C.

    Wow, I had hair like that way back when. And dressed in big bells and puffed sleeved shirts. Thought I was REALLY cool! Yes I did. Now, I realize I looked like a Coke bottle...

    Melissa Cooper

    My older sister was a teenager in the 1980s and she wore her hair the way most of them wore it back then: big and frizzy. When she reached her forties she looked at her old high school picture and thought "What was I thinking?!"

  64. Zaid Shanan

    This song always mesmerized me as a 7yr old kid back in the 60's....


    Nice💯 I wasn't even born til 74 lol

  65. Sean Buscombe

    UB40 cover up

  66. Trevor Tagliabue

    Flares didn't suit everyone...killer song though...

  67. Chris Smalls

    Recess School's Out!

  68. mark rush

    one of the coolest songs ever recorded

  69. jeff buesing

    These people are so stoned.

    גיורא קנת - מוזיקאי

    I'm envious


    jeff buesing for college students


    Is that a problem?

    jeff buesing

    @ARJE MANN doesn't appear to be. Did I say it was?

    Douglas Keeling


  70. Michael Williams

    My green submarine

  71. Falcon X

    Recess anyone??

  72. GrtSatan

    That tambourine is not green. Fake news!

    patrick ryan

    Thanks for the laugh.

  73. Eddie Boggs



    The Lemon Pipers were another 'One Hit Wonder', with "Green Tambourine'. After several subsequent releases failed to become hits, they were dropped by their label, Buddah Records.

    Cpt. Ahab_it

    Still glad to see it here, had forgotten it.


    @Cpt. Ahab_it In the 1970s it appeared on several novelty song LP collections. I first heard it on a 1975 LP called 'Fun Rock'. Another 1970s 'Greatest Hits' compilation LP had a Lemon Pipers song called 'Rice Is Nice', but that hit(?) is pretty much forgotten.

    Cpt. Ahab_it

    @ADAM ANTMAN I was 12 when that video was made, i remember lots of good music i never got the names of. I loved rock since seeing the beatles on ed sullivan


    @Cpt. Ahab_it All four appearances of The Beatles on Sullivan are available on DVD. The episodes are complete, including original commercials. I have them all and they're great.


    Their song " Rainbow tree " is also good

  75. Jim Ross

    Ace Frehley on the Les Paul.

    Richard Townsend

    I was noticing that myself....chicken or egg situation....need a bong hit!

    Josey Wales

    He went on to sing with a band called Ram Jam. You may have heard of em'.

  76. behemoth 666

    Now listen while I play...my green battleship.

  77. John Bundy

    The wages of sin is death ....just so you know


    John Bundy al capone

  78. Nick

    This is pure acid

  79. abaris1963

    Bubble Gum music. Great. Takes me back to my childhood.

  80. R Bear

    Light up and listen to this song. you will see his green tambourine.

  81. Beastie Boy 1110

    O yeah Def drug's

  82. William Bugg

    Question: was the sitar or electric sitar used when this was recorded...does anybody know?


    @William... According to the song's Wiki page, an electric sitar was used.


    Yep. It’s an electric sitar. I just bought one and this is the first song I learned. Then Paint it Black.

    William Bugg

    @surfcollector Norweigen Wood was my first...

  83. Adam Sukenick

    Shame they never did anything else.


    @Adam 'Rice is Nice' & 'Jelly Jungle' were very minor hits.

    Bear Bryant

    Just so you know, Bill Bartlett (the guitarist) went on to be in a band called Ram Jam with one quite notable song called 'Black Betty'.


    You need to listen to their Green Tambourine LP. The rest of it has some really great tracks... nothing like this bubblegum.'Were through' is a mind tripper ! of psych proportions.

  84. joe Domjan

    The guitar player has a kind of Ace without makeup look.

  85. eduf fas

    Damn this music is so terrible. There is a playlist on Spotify that I used to love which I had to unfollow only because of this song. Now I came here for the dislike, done.


    You unfollowed for one song?😂😂 bruh wtf


    Gave this comment a dislike, am I doing it right?


    @Optimalillusion You are, but for some stupid reason, YouTube doesn't show the 'thumbs down.' I've asked them Why have it then? Makes no sense. 🙄

    Teresa S

    60s70sVintageRock .... I’ve heard they add it to your likes, so dislike all you want f*ckers

    Peter Turley

    Idiot with absolutely no musical taste whatsoever.

  86. Clarence Erickson

    How many groups in today's music have a tambourine man? 0 🦄😎🦄👍

    Tom Neal

    Clarence Erickson - Greta Van Fleet does! Josh Kiszka!

    Clark Hoefle

    Mostly bands from the Middle East


    Brian Jonestown Massacre

    the alleys

    @alleygh0st exactly

  87. Rebecca Partin

    I think I like the version from Recess. Robert Goulet’s baritone gives the melody more depth.

  88. George Shelton

    I've always treated eerie Halloween sounds a lot like as if they were music to my ears.

  89. Tom Jones

    Big song in high school then. Trippy!

  90. James Miller

    Tamborine isn't green. Love this song though.

  91. old magician

    I always liked this song, good to hear it after all these years!

  92. Mark Keith

    Damn dirty hippies!

  93. Jorge Bennett

    Wonder how they got inspired to make this song. Cool melody, interesting chord progressions, like something you might have heard in a dream...

    Francisco Rp

    Drugs hahaha jk idk

    PacMan Dreaming

    @Francisco Rp I was gonna say the same thing. I'm sure LSD, Shrooms or peyote were involved.

    E Price

    Someone told me that the lyrics were written by a woman.


    @E Price You're right and Google is your friend! https://www.songfacts.com/facts/the-lemon-pipers/green-tambourine

  94. Sam Schipman

    Been ages since I heard this

  95. eric ohara

    A gold bar from the amazing goldmine of the 60s

  96. Scott Pool

    I love that song what do you play my green tambourine oh yeah now that’s for music with music.

  97. WootTootZoot

    The Guitar player, Bill Bartlett, went on to be in Ram Jam and made the song "Black Betty" famous.

  98. Andrew Betrosian

    WOW I keep finding songs that got me into Rock and Roll.