Lemar - Weight Of The World Lyrics

It's like chasing shadows
I never seem to win
Just when I'm over you
I feel myself falling again
No hope of grace
I'm losing faith
All I can do is pray

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me? Oh
Can you hear me?

It feels like the weight of the world
Have the angels turned their back on me?
It feels like the weight of the world
Can't let go of what we use to be
Oh, when all my cries
Have gone unheard
And I'm left on my knees
It feels like the weight of the world
Cause I still remember how it felt
When you loved me
When you loved me

I've got no road to follow
Left with no eyes to see
No love to barrow
Since you left
I can barrely breathe
In a lonely place
And it can't be changed
All I can do is pray



Love me again
Or set me free
Love me again, Oh
Love me again
Or set me free


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Lemar Weight Of The World Comments
  1. Tia Tabuavou

    Love the Lyrics ❤️❤️ Yesss ! January 15th 2020

  2. Alfred Liu

    Why this song is not more popular really makes me wonder about people taste in general....

  3. Tafadzwa Banda

    august 2019 still loving the song

  4. Lenora Leivi

    2019 Here...

  5. 0SIPR

    Who's this nigga?! I was searching for Amy Lee!

  6. Nour Dahan

    I came here by looking for Nier Automata's OST

  7. Linn

    I'll never get over this song❤️

  8. Kirinetsi Nyathi

    "love me again, set me free..."

  9. Yeukai simon

    👌🏾❤️👌🏾 2019

  10. Marius M. KPAROTCHI

    i like you LEMAR

  11. Marcus Flynt

    11 years later here i am coming back to this song. used to have it recorded on my mp3 lol and at the end the radio presenter would say "that was lemar" and from then on at the end of this song i kept saying that was lemar as if it was part of the song haha

  12. A Moment With Mel

    I just thought of this song and boom I'm here. When you loved me....

  13. Ailoaie Viorel

    We all dont understand the real meaning of this simple woords :-( they seem to be so simple but so powerfull!!!

  14. Leen Khalifeh

    please upload it to @anghami

  15. Sabine سابين

    Reminds me of the old days! What a song!!♡♡ 2018!

  16. Morning Sun

    That voice is something else...still love you Lemar

  17. Tia Tabuavou

    Still listening May 2018 ❤️❤️❤️ Beautiful Lyrics

  18. Elaine A Delmar

    Just love it

  19. Jake that gangster Coolest gangster


  20. Patrick Hoffmann

    what a banger.. now and then.


    Just sitting listening though his album.. why isn't it on Spotify?!

  21. Gintautas Juodeikis

    werry good song :D

  22. Pula the Man

    who still listen to this song? lol 19/09 2017

  23. mantas seizys

    Lithuania 2017

    Venice Bitch

    idomu kodel tiek lietuviu klauso sitos dainos..... tprsm ant kitu dinu nera tiek lietuvisku komentaru

  24. Khule Mbambo

    Just took me down to childhood memory lane..

  25. Robbie Jurca

    Don't let this song be forgotten!

  26. Ioana Deaconu

    today this still one of the best

  27. monwabisi Gxumayo

    One day weight will be over.joy forever! !

  28. Stanley Nzerue

    Really missed this song since 2009 i heard it last...Lovely Hit!

  29. Christine George

    good God

  30. Malebogo Ntshole

    They dont make gud music lyk ths no more....

    Pablo Indacut

    Forreal this whole album is so good

  31. Hartan Ionut

    way much better than more of the 2015`s hits!

  32. vusimuzi gwirizeni

    You love me .... love me again thanx for the song man

  33. Török Csaba

    Még mindig Szerelmes vagyok beléd

  34. Sandra Ivanauskaite

    superine daina ;)

  35. Herbb PassportTravel

    my best song ever!!!!!

  36. MGJ Beats

    Peaceful !!!

  37. Dora Narančić

    "And I'm left on my knees
    It feels like the weight of the world
    Cause I still remember how it felt
    When you loved me
    When you loved me..."

  38. Severusshe

    It breakes my heart everytime... Why? " 'Cause I still remember how it felt when you loved me..."

  39. ZenLife

    Gets me through depression


    +Derp O'herp I sure have :)


    Awesome! Have a great day


    +Derp O'herp hope your doing okay! You to bro! Peace

    Ryan Phillips

    ZenLife keep going, be strong.


    Zambia 2018

  40. Dioadi 19

    Nice nice

  41. Huni Abraham

    Thumbs up for 2014 :))))

  42. lila holler

    no now fuck off.

  43. Kevin Roy

    Why the fuck can't I get this on iTunes ?

  44. Sam Hawchar

    Best song ever!! I love it

  45. etse djossa

    i love all your song

  46. roger valentine

    I heard this a couple years ago love this song he needs to get more credit
    Daya from Austrailia

  47. Brunette192010

    Have the angels turned their back on me?
    It feels like the weight of the world.

  48. Calin

    wtf just hit thumbs up for 2013 ...lets go!!! :D =))

  49. Fernanda Malundo


  50. OxAna R.

    i like...

  51. Redtady

    Doesn't he have an album coming out in a couple of months? I may be late (and new) but he has a new single called "Invincible."

  52. John Rees

    Lemar isn't singing any more which is sad.

  53. anthea vella

    2012 <3 <3 <3 <3

  54. Christopher

    No I'm fu*king listening it on iStone from the dark ages...

  55. Skirmantas Jencauskas

    i'm listening this in 2012 dude ..

  56. Ken G

    Thumbs up for 2012 ^.^

  57. Lukas

    listenin in 2012. great!:D

  58. Stefan Paul

    do you remember Kassie?

  59. Noble Johnson

    My best lemar ever. can't listening to this song....

  60. Arnaud Tsayo

    great, go ahead

  61. Noble Johnson

    still listening in 2012 thumbs up

  62. kaileigh097

    This song never gets old :)

  63. Pau Bia

    Amazing :X

  64. Whitney Thomas


  65. Helena Amane

    Still listening in 2011. And will listening in 2012, 2112.... ♥

  66. Thomas Kargbo

    @xmia912 , that's an understatement

  67. whosdatgirl1

    he can sing to me any day, x

  68. Raoul Raul




  69. Peter Parker

    this still lives in 2011 :D

  70. dezzy gee

    this song is so cool

  71. Barbie

    w to the ow!

  72. Erikas Nesvarbu

    He's awesome.

  73. Cleo Jean Florendo

    He's my man♥♥♥


    One of my favourite songs of all time <3

  75. tla1234567

    @deathkitty123456 im guessing you watched live at the apollo

  76. Jess93

    What happened to fame accademy? It was one hell of a show bringing us some good tallent ^^

  77. Calin

    omg awesome voice....

  78. Chandler Bing

    6 people were never in love.

  79. Snooki

    I love this songs! <333

  80. Ira Kamu

    brings back so many memories. good and bad ones

  81. Andrada Bo

    Love me again .. :X

  82. Anna Rimoviča

    nice song :))

  83. Kadri Salami

    delmn this dude gat talent for good song

  84. Joanne Kelly


  85. connexwolf

    why isn't there few MILLION views on this ?

  86. Joe Mamo

    Really nice song.

  87. kanasai85

    Nice song and he sounds like Seal!!!

  88. L Saechao

    thanks for the video. omg this song cuts right through to my heart....

  89. Hanna Oja

    its my theme song = X

  90. uglybabashouse2

    how is it possible to dislike this?

  91. ROmyX

    best song i ever heard in my life:X

  92. ValiumUp

    lemar is the best of the best... the golden man..

  93. Rocco

    No.. everyone was saying "R.I.P" so I was kinda freaking out! But in actual fact, he is singing this on his wife's behalf, apparently she died :(

  94. Jess Hope

    IS HE!?!?

  95. Rocco