Lemar - The One Who Saves You Lyrics

I will be the one who saves you

When your time is done
When they all up and run away
When the lights fade down
And all the hangers on are gone
In your darkest hour
When the walls come crashing down around you
When you lose your faith
Or that mountain won't be moved

I will be
Swear I'll be
I will be
The one who saves you

I will be the one who saves you

When you're hurt and bad baby
When you've lost the only thing you had
When the cut runs deep
And you've played out the final scene
See your heart in pieces
See the strength in all of your weakness
See the tears roll down your face
See me by your side

I will be
Swear I'll be
I will be
The one who saves you
Oh oh oh

I will reach my hand out to you
Save the best to last just for you
Gonna reach my hand out to you

I will be
Swear I'll be
I will be
The one who saves you

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Lemar The One Who Saves You Comments
  1. Lopez Torres

    very smart !!!

  2. T L

    The FUSA!!

  3. BobvanKay

    "Did I say stop?"

  4. Rico

    Some subprimate making humans groom it and scratch its back.

  5. Joe Casson

    video ruined with all the stupid shit at the end....

  6. nala simba

    Who does he think he is, giving orders like that? He's the boss, that's who! And.... don't you forget it! Marvellous, love it.

  7. Bobby Rice

    So CUTE!!

  8. Steven Forman

    Thanks lots for the video. 💙

  9. 개복치

    지 여기 좀 긁으래ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  10. Koyas Uddin

    0:22 demanding lol

  11. Md. Farogh-e- Ahsan

    Omg, everyone has feelings

  12. Rich F

    1080p HD my ass jk... this never get old lol

  13. Ssurjit Kumar

    How sweet

  14. Isabel bell tv


  15. Ijul Dzulfadli

    I wonder what would happen if it discovered brush

  16. Zin Wong

    Have I told you to stop?

  17. Ugly Casanova

    Lemurs are by far the best animal. I would scratch his little butt anyday.

  18. Karl matthew angeles

    He is probably like "MOVE IT ! YOUR HANDS ! MOVE IT ! "

  19. Sonikku Burr

    HECK gibe moar pats fren!

  20. Shelby

    my girlfriend when it's my birthday ;)

  21. Steve Xavier

    "I like to move it move it. I like to move it mo... Oi keep scratching!"

  22. Shadow Heart

    The king demands to be scratched!

  23. paul Cuddle

    I wish I was that lemur. My gf hates scratching my back.

  24. home sanitarium

    he wanted a testicle rub!!!!!!!! ummm right there yesssss

  25. Familia Vegas

    It's King Julien!!

  26. SillyTube

    I would have smacked his back if he kept saying to do it. lol

  27. Bambi 100 //27

    I wonder would he be the real king Julian ???

  28. Annabelles biniboos & Webkins

    SO CUTE!!!!!!😍

  29. Doctor Cockter

    The Lemur might catch something from the Africans.

  30. Dirk Ackerman

    That's a penguin.

  31. Jennifer Hemmingway

    The lemur reminds me of king julien

  32. Teow Hai Way

    i like to move it move it! you like to move it! move it!

  33. PeenalJuicePeenalJuicePeenalJuice

    that lemur is really fat
    probably hangs out around that village askign for handouts

  34. jamin4556

    I like to move it move it....I like to move it!

  35. Gojira Salad

    legend says that these kids are still scratching his back.

    Lopez Torres


  36. How2 For U

    Love it

  37. BeyerT1

    LOL even the lemur looks at black people as slaves.


    Get a life


    good one haha

    Young Water

    of course theres that one person 😩

    Mediocrity Is Key

    That made me laugh, good one, man.

  38. Endrank luvs da 4 loko

    Oh so he does that and people think it's adorable, but when I do stuff like that suddenly I'm banned from school zones. Double standards much.

  39. GGBABE

    I loved how the lemur just knows where he wants to be scratched! xD

  40. Anthony Napoléon Comeau

    man its freaking zooboomafoo

  41. fei fei

    Like my boyfriend! :o

  42. PhoenixNebula

    May I use a clip from your video in a school project

  43. mrbubetube


  44. thedream

    something is wrong why are they not eating it ?????

  45. HorrorLover98

    Bitch did I say you could stop?

  46. grrrindz

    maybe its telling you to stick the finger in his butthole.

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  49. Cunt

    My mom showed me this before this video was out

  50. L. W.

    soooo cute!!!!

  51. kittenpawsbb

    lol adorable, but scary too.

  52. Pali Aha

    I bet Lemurs get BETTER satisfaction from SEX than we do
    (since they're willing to point out HOW to DO it).

  53. The Insufferable Tool

    "I want to move it move it...I want to move it move it"

  54. ꧁ᜰ꙰࿐

    Lemurs are quite intelligent. Cute too!

  55. Cody Lengenberg

    They need to give it a better scratching

  56. McMuffinFluffin

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  57. HyperWOLF

    its king julian

  58. CodeinCaptain

    Anybody here use to watch the show Zaboomafoo when you were younger?

    Grt 1

    you already know 😎

  59. John Heneghan

    it's probably because of the plague.

  60. Shawn Mahoney

    i want a lemur those look bad ass as pets

  61. Synapsenkitzler

    funfact: "le mur" is the french word for scratching.

    Ελευθερία ή θάνατος

    Synapsenkitzler Sorry but no, "le mur" means "the wall" or "a wall" in french. Scratching would be "gratter" in french. Maybe you're referring to another language.

  62. أحـمـد AhmΣÐ

    ياهووو يا مروق انتا
    لا ويتشرط بعد يا رباااه


  63. Richard Porter

    Your links at the end of the video are the wrong way around. I click on one and get the other and vice versa.

  64. Kz Teligo

    "I like to move it, move it...."

    Klacker Cluck

    Oh your good.

    Robot Zombie

    MOVE IT!


    I like to move it, move it, she like to move it, move it

  65. patrick houghton

    After the filming of this video the lemur tore the children's faces off and ripped their intestines out.

    Bright- Vision

    What is wrong with you XD 😂

    patrick houghton

    +Bright- Vision what is wrong with the lemur is the real question.

    Bright- Vision

    @patrick houghton Hahaha well he really does look evil :D

  66. Querdenker

    That could be me 😂

  67. Alex Del

    lemur knows how to exploit black kids

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    All hail king julien

  69. Michael Jackson

    Is it to say I'm the same way

  70. Rafael Bernardi

    Keep doing it you stupid human! (Julian)

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    king julian got fat

  73. Get Off My Spaceship

    You scratch my back and I'll.... make you scratch my back some more, and some more....

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    Me and you and Zoboomafoo

    First Last

    +Isaac Chay and we are the kratt brothers

    Isaac Chay

    I'm addicted to Kratt

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    That one will get cooked in any minute

  76. Gabriel Booms

    haha well, that's exactly me xD

  77. markymark

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    تلاوات قرآنية مميزة

    I should eat you


    +Ibrahim- aaa different part of the world..

  78. Arachnofondler

    I love long walks on the beach with my girlfriend, until the LSD wears off and I realize I'm just dragging a stolen mannequin across a Wendy's parking lot.

  79. J-A

    Lemur Lives Matter!!!!!

    Mediocrity Is Key

    No, they're dirty and should go back to where they came from!

  80. MazdaBass971

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    Tullock Black people don't get lice...

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    patrik streng

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  89. Hopeful Interpretation

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  90. Zebro YT

    Actions :

    (Kids scratch Lemur)

    (They stop)

    (Lemur - scratch me more yo)

    Zebro YT

    Lemur be boss xD

  91. Broken Arrow

    they then proceeded too cook it an eat it

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    Fes Y

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    Fes Y

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