Lemar - Love Turned Hate Lyrics

You watched me in my struggle
And you were there to hold my hand
And I felt you wipe the tears from my eyes
That's why I don't understand
These words you say, the way you change, yeah
You know it's written on your face

I've seen love turned to hate
You're giving yourself away
It's too late
Whenever you're gonna say is that enough
Now we can never go back
I think we're done but you already know that
Love just turned to hate
You're giving yourself away

So we got ourselves a situation
I got my papers in my hand
And I seem to be the one to pay the price
Though I'm not the guilty man
These words they hurt, but what it's worse
Yeah, it's what it's written on your face

I've seen love turned to hate
You're giving yourself away
It's too late
Whenever you're gonna say is that enough
Now we can never go back
I think we're done but you already know that
Love just turned to hate
You're giving yourself away

Your love's so fine
But I still don't understand the reason
The reason why
Now it's too late
Whenever you're gonna say is that enough
Now we can never go back
I think we're done but you already know that
Love just turned to hate
You're giving yourself away
Giving yourself away
Giving yourself away

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Lemar Love Turned Hate Comments
  1. Scholar Ibhagbe

    I have been listening to your songs since 17yrs ago and you’re still one of my favourite. Keep singing your lyrics are so amazing.

  2. IQ 120

    wonderful singer

  3. Eifion Phillips

    I love Lemar he tops the talent today, amazing!!😊💕😍💕👍

  4. Ali

    My love has turned to hate no turning back, door has closed for good

  5. Sweet Tea

    This is still one of my favorite song, I hope you keep singing Lemar.

  6. Imerhion Richard

    A king that was never crowned...love your songs


    Most underated artist ever

  8. lerato makhoba

    Love it

  9. Lucky Luciano

    Why are you so underrated? You are genuinely amazing!

  10. alexandre oliveira


  11. The Black Fence Cat

    "The Letter" is a great album. Just found it yesterday and have listened to it multiple times already. Awesome music.

  12. Barbara Collins

    great music , a class act....love him

  13. Berny Gardiner

    Just Wonderful Lemar 😎🎤🎼Bernadette / Perth/Scotland X

  14. Rhianne McCalla


  15. Bea Bea

    Sexy lemarrrrr

  16. Sue Charles

    Love this song it's amazing

  17. Giano12345678

    Good song ! Such A good singer!

  18. Emmanuel Ige

    This song is amazing, this guy should be rated a lot more compared to most of this modern music where most of it is just about gangs, girls, drugs, etc.

  19. Vincent Timetre

    Tu es un grand mon ami. ...parmis les plus grands. Bravo pour toutes tes merveilleuses mélodies


    De eyes do

  21. Robert McCormack

    Great song - Great voice.

  22. Zouhair Fartahi

    Come back Lemar!

  23. Cidoka Maspereira

    Linda, musica alegria pra meus ouvidos 🎧

  24. Dab Master

    Real, proper soul music. Brilliant.

  25. Daughter of the Risen King

    So talented hope he gets promoted more !!!

  26. ks babyg

    Lemar is perfection - that voice and looks WOW 😍😍😍

  27. Jay O'Bryan

    My goodness this guy. And one stupid song Pineaple pen Apple i don't even understand the meaning is being popular. What happened to recognize Real talent y'all?

    Mohammed Mujtaba Ali


  28. Temsula Longchar

    Love his voice

  29. Derwentcub

    This guy is awesome - so underrated..

    Nik Mish

    very truw

  30. Tonee Jeendu

    loving u plus bro...... woooaaahhhh great song

  31. Lucia - -

    hello I came to watch you perform 2 times I have loved you since I was like 5 I'm now 18! do you remember me? you singed my book because you didn't have time to sign it the first time I met you in Oxford at the o2 was honestly a lovely nice you have an amazing voice you nee to properly get back out there your amazing and so underrated I love you xxxxxxx

  32. Sarah Johnston

    Love turns to hate.. giving yourself away and not being appreciated ...yes it happens.. the lyrics is so powerful... Love you Lemar <3

  33. Zizou Laval

    i've been sharing and going crazy to make this popular among the people i know cuz i feel like he never changed his style and just because of that, he deserves to be more popular !! but hey cherry on top, these songs r great

  34. Dab Master

    Proper soul music. Brilliant.

  35. Felley

    holy shit this is beautiful

  36. 123reletive123

    Very talented, another GREAT song. I really hate when real talent is overshadowed by individuals who only have the skill of using sex to sell.

  37. Tonee Jeendu

    love this song plus

  38. Ellen Holt

    Love all the songs ❤️

  39. spike maxine

    i love this song

  40. NattyHygiene

    I don't practice love as it turns to hate. I practice compassionate empathy.

  41. Jorge Alzate

    julio jaramillo

  42. Jorge Alzate

    julio jaramillo

  43. 김한준

    예나 지금이나 형이 최고 에요 ㅠ.ㅠ

  44. Dan Gabriel Cocîrcă

    gorgeous song

  45. Karen May

    Please keep releasing this quality music Lemar. My whole family has been supporting you and your music since I was little. I am now 18 and still play all your albums from the past to the present. Continue to stay true to yourself and don't sell out! You are one of the few artists left that still carry a certain standard and integrity both vocally and professionally.

  46. Cless Lee

    Amazing voice , this is really an amazing song !

  47. Mr Kamanga

    Cool music . RNB and Soul .

  48. Armin Gholami

    lemar's songs are all amazing. just heard this now and loved it ! that voice thouhj

  49. Sarah Edgecombe

    saw him before will young in york incredible

  50. Lemon meringue

    Never got the recognition he deserved. Period.

  51. Landa Shikomba

    something nice at least

  52. Soryia Parker

    love this song.

  53. carolsmusic2

    Sounds really good! Thumbs up!

  54. Chiugo Nwofor

    Great song!!!! Hope I can get the album in the US!!

  55. luisa hussey

    Amazing album, beautiful interpretations of some fantastic classics but it is undeniable which song on the record is his own because it connects straight to your heart and soul...and leaves you wanting more. xxx

  56. carl evie

    great tune

  57. beast beast

    Love 💖

  58. Evolet KingSton


  59. cowgill100


  60. AdesGymZone

    Pure Talent. Great song.

  61. snurgs

    good to hear his music again

  62. Ginevra R.P.


  63. شوشايه الاموره


  64. drizzit71

    sweet feels :)

  65. Tom Ebbs

    I was sitting behind that girl @0:49 yesterday at the Ireland vs Romania Rugby Match at Wembley. Block 104.

  66. shiraz farook

    This guy still going!!!

    Ymaisham Ye


    Lorenzo Dabat

    😃😴 ☺😠😈😦😬😦😡😅😡😬😅😡😐😨😡😐😬😑😠😕😡😧😩😢😩😩 😆😰😠😴😈😰😰😢😰😊😉😰😮😰😰 😰😈😈😩😈😩😈😮😆☺😩😬😤😨 😡😥 😐😆😑😩😐 😐😩😯😩😤😐😬😤😬😯😯😤😨😣😧😨😰

  67. Hoonie Mamma

    I want him to come to smule as a partner artist!!! Awesome!!!

  68. Ms. Tia


  69. edmund ohene


  70. Luiz Moreira

    good track...

  71. Serena Hussain

    Wow he hasn't aged at all!

  72. GunningSoulmanKQ6


  73. GunningSoulmanKQ6


  74. Robbie Glover [Official]

    Really good! Love his voice .... such an underrated artist .... hope this track smashes the charts and gets the love it deserves!!

  75. trobbianni

    Love it! I've pre-ordered your cd already. Your voice is so good!

  76. AP Tjokro

    lemar is back!

  77. Nyakz

    Hes got a great damn voice

  78. Rachel Wastie

    WOW this song brings me back to first seeing Lemar in 2003......I have followed him ever since (over 20 concerts) and can honestly say I am so proud of him.

  79. Jubernack

    Love it!

  80. Alysha Smith

    i love it. welcome back Lemar!

  81. Aditya prakhar

    simply awesome..

  82. Edward Reed

    great Tune looking forward to the album next month

  83. Adoyle1993

    Great song and great video! Keep them coming lemar can't wait for the album!

    Dandy Lindquist

    Love it Lemar dandy from Tampa

  84. Susan Hagwamuna

    lovely song.... great job lemar

  85. Michael Howarth

    Fantastic track. Really looking forward to the album!

  86. INickyI

    <3 Lemar is the all-time favourite :)

  87. Jessy F

    i love Lemar and another Great Song

  88. Ross Edmondson

    Good song!

  89. ABBI.

    love it :) x

  90. Luke Garrett

    hope this does good in the charts

    Luke Garrett

    @*****​ ?

    Skera Alhedra

    @Luke Garrett

  91. EveYasmine

    One of the best voices! Such a smooth tone. Love it :)