Lemar - Invincible Lyrics

I had a dream, it was golden
We were children, playing heart to heart
There was a king, he sent soldiers
They had orders, tear us apart
Hold on
So we ran and we ran
And they chased and they chased
But the love that we had took us up, flew away
Up and away
We were huge, we were tall
They were weak, they were small
And at last we were free, we could savour it all
It was amazing

We were invincible, together we're invincible
They can't take you away from me
Sound the horn, call the Calvary
Yeah we're invincible, together we're invincible
They can't take you away from me

Invincible, invincible

I still hear your voice inside my head, in my head

Invincible, together we're invincible
They can't take you away from me
Sound the horn, call the Calvary
Yeah, we're invincible, together we're invincible
They can't take you away from me

Wish that you had chosen me instead, instead

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Lemar Invincible Comments
  1. spinbid la

    2019 anyone?

    I absolutely love this song and love the video more.

  2. Codeniro

    how can such an amazing song have 411k views?

  3. Myrtel Lou

    Listening 2019🥰

  4. Dollar Bill

    2019 Ghana ✌..

  5. Afolabi Lucas

    Still popping in 2019.

  6. wluispl

    The whole album is awesome

  7. Hellen Nduta Njoroge

    Watching in Dec 2018....
    Had to hold back the tears when I saw the ending.... 😭😭😭😭😭
    Love you Lemar

  8. biz juanita

    This song have been playing in my head yesterday and i realized since it came out I haven't checked if it had a video until today.
    and now I love it even more.. my goto song for a hype mood.

  9. Jason Hicks

    The feels...and yet it's underrated, i wish it had more recognition

  10. Joyousj

    So underrated!!! 😢

  11. Angelica Chelimo

    2018 anyone?

    Imerhion Richard

    Angelica Chelimo Here Baby!

    Dylan Pert-Smith

    Nah, 2019

    Jack Hallett

    Dylan Smith-Van Vickle same g

  12. Chichi Ada

    Why isn’t this on Spotify

  13. Gehad Gamal

    Does she wear braces?

  14. Kaline Soares

    I really love your songs, touch my soul! <3

  15. Mario Mtz Castillo

    Such a beautiful song and video!💖 I'm inspired...🌈

  16. Zoe Smith

    beautiful song

  17. Shaneyyshane Gaming

    Why can I not find the Moto Blanco Edit to this song anymore?

  18. Vincent Timetre


  19. Elaine Jones


  20. zawadi juliet

    i loove the song... 2017 still here..🙌🙌

  21. William McGee

    such an awesome artist and his songs have a more reaching effect than others in his genre.....

  22. mei diaz

    wish you have choosen me instead....😥

  23. mei diaz

    i was so sad by the twist...lemar the best!respect from phils..

  24. Bird Hoovy

    Why the fuck this song doesn't have millions view

    mei diaz

    LSR Devastator i was wondering also...

    Jay, Me, & Capri

    I randomly found it due to wanting to hear Someone Should Tell You. Would have never heard it otherwise. It needs to be shared.

  25. Reuben Chadwick

    ouch. right in the feelings

  26. Christine George

    we hear u lamar

  27. Nnena Uchendu

    lol...your sister's keeper

  28. Renee Southeycole

    the end almost gave me a heart attack, shit happens and that is life . not everything is going to be a fairy tel l ending.

  29. Yosie White

    Ouch. Why did nobody warn me of the plot twist?! #Feels

  30. 1995Charliiee

    this song always makes me want to cry xD

  31. pitchoune one

    I don't understand that an artist like Lemar doesn't have a million the view . I hate the starsysteme and the fake artist like LMFAO or other bad singer. Wake up people , share , share please !!!! Shit ! :-(

  32. Wayne Holding

    amazing song :) xxx

  33. light isaac

    i so much like this song/ video... Really Amazing

  34. nicole dillibe

    Amazing and beautiful

  35. Iniabasi Okon

    To say I love this song is an understatement. A truly amazing song.

  36. RsWHu98


  37. Njeri Ngugi


  38. cece nene

    I love lemar to the moon and back

  39. liutcm

    get aboard the feel train

  40. C.E.O BF Chillapp

    inspiration.lovely melody

  41. JorrellC12345

    Why you no on spotify

  42. Kousaf Yhan

    Aw fam that ending...makes me want to find that guy and make him go missing for you lol. Awesome song

  43. Julia


  44. Fifunmi Osinubi

    can't stress how amazing this song is 

    Nick Broad

    this song is so good

  45. MrDerpanator

    Amazing song, also tells the story of many fallen brothers in the friendzone

  46. Isabelle Taylor

    The Little "King" Is my my boy friends Brother!!

  47. Thomas Elkington

    SO many bands and artists are underrated

  48. julicka1919

    that song is amazing. when I heard it, I always cry..emotions/// lovee

  49. liutcm

    2:45 beautiful

  50. Wealdstone Raidr

    keepin it real since fame academy

  51. XxmchoitessxX

    such a beautiful video but the ending omg wtf

  52. Majdouline Raissy

    I have a DREAM ! Im an AIESEC'er and I wanna change the WORLD :D

  53. Hannah Farnhill

    this song is stunning....he should be so proud!! The ending made me tear up.......

  54. randomreviewsism

    i loved this

  55. Tom King

    Greenbelt 2K13

  56. Vanessa Annang

    Who has the nerve to dislike this video what not to like its a great song too bad he is underrated

  57. Thetomorrowjoy

    Wesley if you're listening to this song, I want you to know that I'll always care for you and be here whenever you need me.

  58. Racheal Alake

    friendzoned :(

  59. Fay Shiru

    one of my best songs

  60. Tommy D

    great song but the remix is better imo (moto blanco club remix)

  61. ZippyZippyZoomZoom

    How can such a talented artist, and such an incredible song, not even have 300,000 views after a year?! That's utterly ridiculous.

  62. Martin Otieno

    Dedicated to my Queen, JD Oty

  63. Patricia Josephs

    WTH! I just heard this song and thought it was a new release, likely to wind up on some movie soundtrack, certainly has the lyrics for it. I cannot believe how underrated Lemar is. This is pretty awesome!

  64. suzanauma5

    Lovely song...

  65. 1998YZ

    this is an awesome song :D can't get it out of my head

  66. Omah Speaks

    I love this song...sad its what happens in real life.
    Lemar is an incredible vocalist, sad he is so underrated.

  67. Judy Wanjiru


  68. rose davis

    Love this song and Lemar's music he sounds great!!!

  69. Marvel Mia

    The sound track to my life <3

  70. Joyce Mumo

    This song made me sad :-(

  71. Hilde Aagtjes

    SO amazing !!

  72. Jaime Waite

    Old ANF song ... to this day its my favorite

  73. karina stephens

    Really love this song! ;)

  74. Steve Stevens


  75. Hayley John-Baptiste

    This is amazing song...I don't understand why it doesn't have more views!

  76. Esther Dashe


  77. Sherry Berry

    Play this song at least 10 times a day...I can't stop listening to Lemar's soulful pipes...

  78. Dan Tomlins

    Surprised this hasn't gone big yet.

  79. Olivia Ambani

    WOW AMAZING SONG!!! & The video am speechless.... :) Beautiful sadness:/.. LEMAR IS AMAZING!!!

  80. iLook_atYou

    sehr geiles lied :)

  81. katie hutchinson

    Video absolutely breaks my heart

  82. Anngiehmz

    This video shows us that there's not always a happy ending but we still have to be strong. I love the song

  83. LTWUK

    Perfection !

  84. 456chompy

    Lemar doesntget the recognition he deserves,he has an amazing voice!

  85. Queen Cleopatra

    this guy is just way underrated.
    this song can definitely do much more than this.
    but I guess the Beliebers and the Minajirians won't allow that.

  86. Plug Nine

    Always in the friend zone haha.

  87. RealQueenVee

    Lemar, u have an AMAZING voice,, ilove you though

  88. Chichi Ada

    Hes nigerian! :D

  89. Tyrell Sweezy

    I'm only here because we played a game where we taped animal names on our foreheads and my black friend got "Lemur", but it was misspelled as "Lemar". Just thought I'd let ya'll know.

  90. Bagpipe13

    Got this new cd for xmas,listened to it a few times and thought two or three tracks were good,a few weeks went by without listening to it, then i was on a course away from home last week and whilst driving in my car put on the lemar cd,i had about an hours drive so had plenty of time to listen to the whole cd and i now love every single track,glad that i took the time to play it again it definetley is a grower,great work lemar

  91. Bee Murigi

    Lemar is soo underrated. He has got soo much talent.. love him!!!

  92. Bacis Andrada

    This song is incredible. this song is gonna be invincible:-).

  93. Emeka Kingsley

    so touching i love dis song

  94. Rewqds

    Great voice! Great storytelling! Lemar's voice is full of emotions.

  95. curryeater259

    TOP GEAR!!!!

  96. genie xoma

    what a nice voice!!!

  97. greekgirl

    wtf...this is crazy.. this song deserves more views... all good songs get neglected..