Lemar - Higher Love Lyrics

Babe, listen to me
I can sense something ain't complete
It's not like you to hurt easily
Cause you look more than a woman to me
I see the truth is there in your eyes
They tell that your heart's been compromised
Looking lost, ever so shy
Like an angel, too scared to fly

You just need someone to believe in
Like a rising sun, needs a day to come
Girl, let me help with your healing
So that we can reach a higher, higher love
So we can reach a higher and higher love

I know about, what you've been through
Feel the pain in your heart, badder than bruise
If you just let me in
I'm gunna prove, love ain't something you stand to lose

You just need someone to believe in
Like a rising sun, needs a day to come
Girl, let me help with your healing
So that we can reach a higher, higher love
So we can reach a higher and higher love
So we can reach a higher, higher love

I know you're looking for something, that'll do you good
I'm here for the taking an I wish you would
I'm so much more than a helping hand
Yes I am
Yes I am
Yes I am

You just need someone, someone to believe in
Like a rising sun and the day has come
Girl, let me help with your healing
So that we can reach a higher, higher love
So we can reach a higher and higher love
We needed higher, higher love
So we reach a higher

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Lemar Higher Love Comments
  1. Leye James

    How this didnt get a Grammy nomination in its time shows how twisted the world we live in is.

  2. Brian Muponda

    Been a fan since eighth grade

  3. Psalm 23:2

    Why have i never heard this but I have been recommended "yummy" by JB come on YouTube 🤦

  4. S Maimouna

    Voice like honey ❤

  5. scorpio 3 inked em

    Lemar still years on - your music gives me shivers your voice is amazing - feel good music which touches your soul - keep it going- true legend ❤🖤

  6. Eifion Phillips

    Lemar's best song, brill!!

  7. Y black

    We miss you mann where are u hiding

  8. Papi'scolo 1

    Why is this song not on iTunes?

  9. Torrey Holman

    My God! Why am I just hearing this?!!!

  10. Andrea Macedo

    Voz linda um dom maravilhoso.

  11. [email protected] Star2angels

    Beautiful voice been following since fame academy.

  12. Shane Marr

    How has this not had more views?everything about this song is perfect👌🔥🔥🔥

  13. Richard O'connor


  14. Giano12345678

    We need more of this! Good song

  15. Mustika Al Adawiyah

    Love it your eyes😘

  16. D - EYE

    Your Nigerian heritage gives me joy. You're good at what you do! 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  17. Awolesy Omoakingbola

    I so much adore your style of music
    Really an iconic soul singer
    Kip it up

  18. Okoronkwo John

    2018: Best song ever written

  19. Vincent Timetre

    Ta voix et ton style musical font désormais partis de ma vie mon amis tu ne parles dans toutes tes chansons que d'amour et celà me va. ....un grand merci pour ton talent 😍😘😙😍

  20. Sups akchan

    I'm love all song you sing i listening all of this 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  21. Meire Ellen Guedes Souza

    Amooooo!!!!!! Showman ... love


    I love every songs from Lemar

  23. Shane Marr

    hes back!!the man

  24. Marcia Vasiliadou

    i love Lemar

  25. Lucia - -

    I love you so much you have grown up into a wonderful man don't ever stop doing what you do best! most humble person I've ever met so happy I got the chance to meet you !!!!:) xxxxx

  26. steefb

    Wow! I also like The Letter very much!

  27. Joyousj

    'You just need someone to belieeeeve in- oh like a rising sun' That brought a tear to my eye :( Beautiful lyric. Very simple and beautiful video. I've loved your music ever since the 'it's not that easy' days :)

  28. TheAndyDix

    Uplifting, soulful, simple. Perfect :)

  29. GamingByteTv

    Whoever is in charge of lemar's PR and marketing should be sacked. His last two albums have barely charted because of poor marketing decisions, literally didn't even know this album came out until I realised I hadn't heard from him in a while and checked his Wikipedia page.

    Nnena Uchendu

    Exactly my point. It doesn't cost anything to direct the internet traffick to his facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. I remembered his song lullaby and I decided to search it on YouTube. That was how I got to know he even released an album last year. His marketing is very very poor.


    Have to agree with you on this !!! He has the potential to be bigger! Funny because i stumbled on this when I was going through my Super Old Mp3 tracks and came across Lemar and thought i see where he is today


    @MarstaJNZ He started off well, but I see this all too often tbh.

    Frauke Schmidt

    it's a money thing. the more money you have the more marketing you can do. it's sad. I really like him.

    Acharich Speaks

    Same, just seeing these videos now.. Late 2017..

  30. Claire Green

    Omg his voice 😍😍😍 love him xx

  31. Bete Lopes


  32. 김한준

    다시 돌아온걸 환영해요

  33. Afifa Lahlou


  34. Fearghus O'Dubhthaigh

    great tune xxxx

  35. 简宇行

    such a great song

  36. Corentin NICOLAS

    That eargasm between 2:28 and 2:36! You should take more advantage of this vibe!

  37. Alan Graydon

    'If there's any justice in the world'' He would be and should be a global superstar now! Arguably the best soul singer to come out of UK. Definitely deserves the same plaudits as Sam Smith ( Lemar more old school purist soul Al Green style - which I prefer!!) This particular track ''Higher Love'' like a James Morrison track - who I also love by the way.Great new album ''The Letter'' Brilliant! Track 8....''Love and Happiness'' shades of Al Green..sensational!Unfortunately the music industry is a poor reflection on underestimated and truly brilliant talents such as Lemar!!Lemar needs a marketing leg up. If Cowell/PSYCO would have had him, Lemar would have been a global soul singing sensation yesterday. That is where Lemar should be now! GLOBAL SOUL SINGING SUPERSTAR!!!


    If Simon Cowell had him, he would have been dropped by now because Cowell cares nothing for real music.

    Alan Graydon

    Quite true!

    Acharich Speaks


  38. ANDY LUMEH© Ministries, Evangelist. My Father's Kingdom, Chelsea Black Church, London

    Great song,,,it needs a better video..

  39. Iced Frappe

    I love his music

  40. Marek Kandrac

    every song I heard from here is amazing, and love the chorus of this.

  41. Dstackz Tashawn

    man knows my teacher

  42. Jun hui

    Such an amazing voice new song to obsess over😂❤️


    Blessed soul. lemar the best ever.

  44. Paula jelly

    Love this song - great voice 😊

  45. Mayhemdog

    My favourite soul singer the last few years , keep up the good work Lemar :)

  46. Rob L

    OMG The lyrics perfectly fit the situation I'm in. What a beautiful song.

  47. Kay Hinton

    OMG! Just died and gone to heaven!!!! What a talent Lemar is.....Please Lemar dont ever stop making real, beautiful music.

  48. 64HomeMade

    beautiful song,great voice

  49. steve mecc

    Absolutely amazing! One of the best voices out there without a doubt.....faultless!

  50. Ally McMel

    Lemar's voice keeps getting better - beautiful tone. I've been following his career since he was on Fame Academy, personally think he should be bigger.


    +Ally McMel he is great! he brings us , the ones who love him and listen to his music, he brings us joy. important it is that we sustain him, in our way, in his music, so that he can own his living from his beutiful music!

    Ali Eryalçın

    enton djhon


    @Ali Eryalçın ?

    Jason Taylor

    Ally McMel amen sister!

  51. Dj Skinz

    What a waste of a great voice.

    yxng gz

    Dj Skinz how??

  52. Peter Hayes

    so glad hes back , nice tune !

  53. 19742310able

    lovely guy, lovely voice, you are a star lemar!!!!

  54. Ozan Boss

    knnnkkklnbb mpppp vjjhbbvbbbbnjjkk8ķiķklmmrykpippgyhjyrrrķkn


    beautiful... amazing voice. Pliz don't stop making such sweet music. beautiful

  56. Nick Button

    beautiful work again. thanks man

  57. Michelle

    Love this! Been listening to it on radio 2 all week :)

  58. Philip Fountain

    still amazing voice. all these years iv listen to you. since you was on fame Academy all them years ago. your just such a natural and amazing sing with such a beautiful soulful voice. love your song. please keep going and never stop. just amazing amazing amazing

  59. beverly moore

    Glad we still have good singers such as him today. .for real

    Juan Gabriel Rodríguez

    njbjñ de 3 arrastra aca MNU2 LUJO

  60. Karen May

    Please keep releasing this quality music Lemar. My whole family has been supporting you and your music since I was little. I am now 18 and still play all your albums from the past to the present. Continue to stay true to yourself and don't sell out! You are one of the few artists left that still carry a certain standard and integrity both vocally and professionally. Truly gifted!

  61. ABBI.

    yes! awesome x

  62. amba tawake

    saw him in oxford recently, a brilliant entertainer with an exceptional voice!!

    Aiya Zaya

    Lucky you