Leikeli47 - Tic Boom Lyrics

Tick boom
Mi nah really care weh mi bump into
Bulldozer, make room
Write that pon fi mi tomb
Don't care if they assume
Only stop to collect, then I resume
You sleep, I goon
Yuh nah waan test who's badder than who

They click my pics and zoom
Chanel on the floor of my hotel room
They wish they all had my leg room
Another deal, it ain't even noon
Tour Dior or sit by the pool
I can do anything, I set rules
Nah weh yuh say, it's when I choose
This is a bomb you can't defuse

Tick boom
Mi nah really care weh mi bump into
Bulldozer, make room
Write that pon fi mi tomb
Tick boom
Mi nah really care weh mi bump into
Bulldozer, make room
Write that pon fi mi tomb

Televise this dress
It's an Alaïa, show some respect
Sitting, no armrest
Get in, I'm what's next
Incoming text from the vets
No hate here, I'm blessed
Mild-mannered, no stress
I never let a broke ho get shi vexed
Too wake to walk with the rest
Abstract, fearless
Mi say what's pon my chest
Di gyal dem try, but dem dare not test

Tick boom
Mi nah really care weh mi bump into

All in your face like woah
Airmax, cornrows
Got that Bruce Lee [?]
Mi only pop mi head inna fi di door
Said I only pop my head in fi di door
I never stay long, got places to go
See me on the scene, bitch, say hello
I get that bag then I want more
I am the show, then they will grow
I-C-O-N-I-C ho
Let me R-E my new bro
They all wanna be 'cause I am goals
Came from the dirt so I stay low
F-A-B and so ghetto
They copy and paste [?]
Yuh birds might nah waan cross that road

Tick boom
Mi nah really care weh mi bump into
Bulldozer, make room
Write that pon fi mi tomb
Tick boom
Mi nah really care weh mi bump into
Bulldozer, make room
Write that pon fi mi tomb

Tick boom
Mi nah really care weh mi bump into
Bulldozer, make room
Write that pon fi mi tomb
Tick boom
Mi nah really care weh mi bump into
Bulldozer, make room
Write that pon fi mi tomb
Tick boom
Mi nah really care weh mi bump into
Bulldozer, make room
Write that pon fi mi tomb

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    CraZY GOOD

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    So I just watched this on grownish. @Temilola

  3. Olivia Pettenati

    You are a queen, and your art is amazing. <3

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    Eeeeeehhhhhhhhh!!!!! Wait, whole-up....WHY AM I JUST SEEING THIS NOW?!? Love this artist!!! YASSSSSS

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    BIG CHUNE!!! 🇯🇲

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    I share this with my friends, and have shared her past stuff for a few years now. I still wait for them to get this! She's absolutely boom

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    2:16 ish bout to get hot in here***

  8. Chris Professional

    omg THIS VIDEO! I slept on this video only listened to the audio and I am like bish this is tight. Loving the vintage holla at MJ! Hell yeah #femininenergy

  9. Kruthika Subramaniam

    how fucking fire is SHE AAHHHH

  10. Mr.innocent

    Rapsody brought me here

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    I really like this Artist . She's DOPE..

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    0:25 the tank is a GI Joe toy. HAHAHAHA

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    I thought this was new missy elliott but grown ish def put me on. FIRE 🔥

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    How has this still not got 1 million views?

    Trident Atlantic

    Y’all are 😴

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    I feel revolutionary jamming to this , hold up lemme put a quick dance together. #worrrkkkk bishhhhhhh #BadSuhTill

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    I hear this song in a commercial all the time and I don't even remember what the hell is the product, lmao. Brands have no idea how to make effective advertising. I only remember the song, not the product.

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    I hope you have continued success I have always enjoyed your music and artistic expression.

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    Listen a 1.25x 💥💥💥💥

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    I forgot to Google this after watching Grownish but I'll be damned if NPR brought me back to Leikeli47

  56. - , ' r o b e ' , -

    omg that's so goood
    btw you have a grammar mistake:"badder" doesn't exist. The correct form's "worse"


    :/ ?????? Explain

    - , ' r o b e ' , -

    @BLVKMAJIK what shall I explain? It's an irregular verb🧐

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