Leikeli47 - Kid Chocolate Radio (Skit) Lyrics

[Radio DJ:]
You are now tuned in to WHNIC Radio
Where you always know who's in charge
That was "Roll Call"
Our number 2 song on our Top 9 at 9 by Leikeli47
Heavily requested by our brothers and sisters out there on the yard
Speaking of the yard
I wanna give a shoutout to Professor Jenkins
Uh, I heard she broke her back at halftime
Uh, she called to let us know that she's fine and well
And she wants to give a shoutout to everybody who, uh, sent her cards
Somebody tell Ms. Jenkins, stay off the field next time
Listen, uh, everybody traveling south down Broad Street
There is an accident on Lombard
So please be safe while you're going down there by the fan
Trying to take the shortcut down the south side
But right now, we 'bout to get into the number 1 spot, ah
Ah, we can't get rid of this girl
Leikeli47 with "Top Down" on WHNIC Radio

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