Legend, John - Take Me Away Lyrics

Oh, la, la, la, la, la
Yeah, yeah

We dance and sing somewhere in between heaven and hell
Gabrielle, that was her name
Everyone was smiling, even through their tears, under a spell

But in Gabby's eyes, nothing
I asked do you not like the music?
She says it's alright
But she dances to her own sad tune, she said

Take me away from here
Take me somewhere where love is like breathing
I don't care where we go, long as I'm there with you, baby
Long as I'm there with you

I could tell, she's been through pain I could only dream
Nightmares to live where you live
Tears well in her eyes, but she wouldn't let them fall

I'd give the world to know where her smile is
I asked will you dance with me now
Let me try to figure out
The fastest route out of town and she says

Take me away from here
Take me somewhere, where love is like breathing
I don't care where we go, long as I'm there with you baby

Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I got a full tank of gas, girl
Anywhere you wanna go, girl
All you have to do is ask girl, ohh she said

Take me away from here
Take me somewhere, where love is like breathing
I don't care where we go, long as I'm there with you baby

Come on and take me away from here
Take me somewhere, where love is like breathing
I don't care where we go long as I'm there with you

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Legend, John Take Me Away Comments
  1. Ali Baba

    #staysmiling #2020

  2. Ali Baba

    Anyone in 2020 still heartbroken bopping to this ? Let’s hope February is better for everyone! Love you whoever is reading this! X

  3. Ali Baba

    Anyone in 2020 still heartbroken bopping to this ? Let’s hope February is better for everyone! Love you whoever is reading this! X

  4. Major Tom

    Who listening in 2020

  5. Gabrielle Coetzee

    Whenever I find songs with my name in them "Gabrielle" I always feel like it was wrote for me, ya know?

  6. Ronald W Pinckney

    This is one of his best !! I heard it at a restaurant and just started dancing and could not stop until the song ended

  7. Gabby C.

    2019 anyone?❤️😍🥰

  8. Meem. Macki

    this song is just ... something else

  9. Ronald W Pinckney

    I am just loving this Song !!!!

  10. Geraldo Barbosa

    Nice Melody!

  11. ronniemas1

    I love you Rashaunda

  12. Nathaniel Washington

    Another song for my ‘Top 10 of all time’. Love the vibe, the message and the instrumental.

  13. Lyssa O

    2019🎧😌 (Take Me Somewhere were love is like breathing) ❤️

  14. LaShonta Walker


  15. 오골계

    Last day of 2018! Take me away plz!!!

  16. Gabriele Avila

    A song with my name yaaass Immasohappy!

  17. Jay Ramirez

    Where all my fans at tho!!!❤️ John LEGEND 💛🥂

  18. Hannah Mckellar

    Take me somewhere where love is breathing

  19. Mohammed Sooknanan

    Listening in 2018 posting from my boyfriend's phone.

  20. S Flow

    Take me somewhere where love is like breathing.... Ahh so refreshing!

  21. kendra daly

    July 2018 n I’m more in loved with this song like it just came out😍💃🏾❤️

  22. Tee Queen

    April 2018

  23. Edgar Bvekwa

    20 Jan 2018 17:33 Indian Time, feeling this jam in Pune

  24. ZZZ XXX000

    The black Frank Sinatra

  25. juanita


  26. Mo'Chieffa's Garden

    Love this album

  27. Ilie Dan

    Nice voice

  28. Shannon Cox

    🎶Tears welled in her eyes but she wouldn't let them fall🎶 😖😫😢

  29. Amanda Marchan

    I would so love john legend to make a video for this track.....its too beautiful to stay as an audio

  30. Gabrielle Smith

    My name is Gabrielle I'm 21 and have been in love with his song for years

    Rivaldo Vola

    love babygirl

  31. Ameena Furlow

    my prom date sang this to me as a prom posal

  32. Walaa Gamal

    in 2017 , am listening 💜

  33. Tania Newman

    I love this ,memories of my first crush.☝

  34. patrick quilla

    ah, those words, 😍😍

  35. John Hart

    Support an animal rescue organization in your community.

  36. Timothy Gustave

    The woman I love no longer loves me, it's been like this for quite some time. She loved this song. All we have left in the past are memories. My, what memories, what simple details I crave. We can weep or we can sing through life. This is to hoping that you're dancing to your own sad tune somewhere that makes you happy, beautiful. May the Elysian Fields of love invite all the hopeless romantics in to start anew

  37. Bryan Agostini

    Love it

  38. vanessa$#@

    Neyo does it waaay better tho

    Diana Adhiambo

    +vanessa$#@ NO!! Legend is effortless.

    Broderick Daniel

    vanessa$#@ HOW!? Just how??

  39. Michelle Hall

    Take me away from here.....

  40. packleader87

    This song is too short. Seriously

  41. Ty Lee

    Take me away, far away. Take me to Neverland, Wonderland, hell take me to Chuck E Cheese... Any place but here.

    Justin Tran

    +Ty Lee then move

  42. A Menchaca

    This song has me feeling nostalgic

  43. The1AndOnly383

    How can 19 people dislike this song!?

    sanele Mashazi

    They idiots

    Bryan Agostini

    they dont want to love

    Zena Herring

    Bryan Agostini you too

    Zena Herring

    That's one of the most beautiful songs I've heard in quite some time wonderful love it

    Styles J.

    They dont know real music and romance. I feel sorry for their mother.

  44. david fairclough

    make me i more courage with my girl

  45. lasalle2407

    I love this song so much

  46. Hive Lord

    good song luv it

  47. George Benson

    I'm loving this song!!!thanks John for this wonderful piece 

  48. MrsAlmightyKey

    Loving this beat and them lyrics yesss John♥

  49. Philip Pham Tran

    come one john is there a song you cannot pull off?

    Broderick Daniel

    Phillip Pham he can sing anything because he just puts his own spin on it.

  50. Jaqueline Saluvo

    Great ,)

  51. Melih Tanzi

    great music....

  52. Ina

    Totally in love when I listen to this song 3

  53. blacknyellow rice

    I love this song!

  54. kristina ford

    my dad and me allways dance to this song

  55. David Spring

    my girl loves this song

  56. Emc2ky


  57. JavJav1418

    Ne-Yo produced this track, they're not crazy haha

  58. N Dandridge

    One of my favorites!!!

  59. 626SupremeLogic

    Hate when a beautiful song brings bittersweet memories

  60. Briana Anderson

    Neyo lyrics sounds great

  61. Kevin Delgado

    Oh yeah, ne-yo wrote this one.

  62. Abhishek Sainani

    Makes me feel like falling in love !! :) :) :)

  63. Kevin Delgado

    Thank you for another lovely track Ne-Yo!

  64. Adela G

    He....He said my name... =')

  65. QueenLola

    ONE M0:00RE TIME!!!

  66. Maya W.

    His voice is one that you can fall in love with. It makes you want to go out and fall in love with the first good looking person you see!

  67. Sonny in Phoenix

    one of the all time best songs of all time even though the beat is so simple

  68. 1MrsBriJonas

    Repeat Button 0:00

  69. luciousbbwkitty

    "....take me somewhere where love is like breathing...." YES JOHN!! LET'S GO!!

  70. quanislove


  71. Gahald Mills

    wow...nice song indeed...

  72. Bobbihana

    this one started the journey for me....

  73. Tedrick Gray

    you cant compare john legend to neyo thats like comparing a sports car to a bicycle
    hands down john legend is outrageously talented his ear on the piano is the shit

  74. sukiaki96

    its hard to compare two compleltly differnt artists who have differnt styles, in my opinion both versions are amazing

  75. carsonkent

    there are pop singers - and then there are musicians. John Legend is the latter...a refreshing change from all the industry created 'singers'. thank you john for bringing motown to the new millennium.

  76. marllon macson

    essa musica foi escrita pelo Ne-Yo

    This song was written by Ne-Yo

  77. yayarea141


    if he was completely mainstream he most likely wouldn't be making songs like this.

  78. Taylor Johnson

    @ShinyMoonlight1 oh well. I don't think he means any disrespect. I wouldn't let it bug you, especially when it's such a good song

  79. Taylor Johnson

    this song took a couple times to grow on me, but now I'm convinced it's one of the best on evolver

  80. GeeGee

    Neyo and John have to different styles. They can't be compared to each other. I think this may be the 100th time ive listened to this song...its addicting.... 0_o

  81. Lindsey White

    John Legend I Love U And Your Music....... Keep It Up......LOve Ness

  82. Liz Felder

    TAKE ME AWAY JOHN LEGEND!!!! another amazing song. Don't know how this man is still not out on TV 24/7 and on radio stations.. This is real music.. WTF!!!!! this is R-N-B. New shit not the same crap on radios...Hopefully we as fans could spread the word!!!!

  83. Spoilmiiforever

    love this song

  84. TheBlackClove

    I've never heard a song by Legend that I did not like.

  85. NiaSilhouette

    LOVE THIS♥♥♥

  86. boardingtj

    Man I love this song...Addictive. I think 190,000 views came from me alone

  87. E jackson

    @jazzyfoof32 why degrade someone elses beautiful work to enhance someone else

  88. sweetiestcoco09

    luv it!

  89. GTEyez

    I liked dis song from wen Ne-Yo made a demo of it, n i think its A Keys singing wit him.


    if anyone meets john legend..tell him to duet with Beyonce i need them to duet...i already tild both of them..but i need everyone to do it

  91. mikepl92

    is that alicia keys singing with him? i'm almost certain it is.

  92. Carolina Gomes

    gosh this music is hot XD no talking seriously now Just an amazing performer and this is a great song

  93. TrendyDiva21

    this song is beautiful..i like like im floating & my face is just glowing...

  94. Astrid Swank

    take me somewhere where love is like breathing

  95. Keespapalees

    feel ya

  96. Cynthia Cintron

    I love this song!!! it's so dreamy, he's so dreamy haha

  97. Mackiel Benitez

    Ne-yo wrote this song for John..and I think that's why John sounds really great in this song.. :)

  98. caandy11

    i like both neyo is subtle and softer, JL is smoother, both get you in the mood