Legend, John - Good Morning Lyrics

Good morning,
Good morning love,
It's my favorite love song,
I waited all night long,

[Verse 1]
Before you get into the shower,
Before you worry about your hair,
Baby give me one more hour,
I want you to stay right there,
I don't wanna lose a moment,
I don't wanna miss a kiss,
If I could plan the perfect day, love,
Then I would start it just like this,

Good morning,
Good morning love,
It's my favorite love song,
I waited all night long,
For morning,
Good morning love
Before we start the day dear,
I'm whispering in your ear,
Good morning.

[Verse 2]
Baby how can I convince you,
Make it so you can't resist,
Whatever else you have to do now,
It can't be half as good as this,
I'll chase you underneath the sheets, love,
And I won't let you get away,
The day won't be complete, love,
Unless we get a chance to say,


Open your eyes,
See my sun rise,
I feel your skin,
So warm inside.
Day breaks so sweet,
When you're next to me,
So stay every night,
So each morning will be,


Let's get lost together,
I wish my forever [x2],
Was morning.

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Legend, John Good Morning Comments
  1. Bianca Witt

    This was our Song during my pregnancy. I love John Legend7🥰

  2. Maria Livia


  3. Marie Velasquez

    not the song the title lol 😂 🥴🤕🤒

  4. BoomyMedal

    2019, using this song for my girl's b-day

    Mariah Dillon

    She'll love you for it! 🙌🏾❤

  5. Elisete Brandão de Oliveira

    Que bom dia mais lindo ,bela canção de amor,com doces palavras que soa pluma ,transforma o dia em um belo jardim, perfumado, também desejo ao meu maravilhoso amor ,amei 👏⭐👏☀💞💞💙😘⭐🍀

  6. Cristian Quintanilla

    Me and the boys waking up in the morning

  7. Tamika Mom Dukes Holyfield

    My first time hearing this. My new potential boo sent it to me.

  8. Derek J Bonivel

    I played it for my girls they love it. Thx

  9. misscookie

    Good morning 🌞🌞😘😘😘 😘 luv

  10. Jubilee Jones

    My Sweetie just dedicated this to me 🥰

  11. TruthSeeker

    This gotta be the greatest morning song of all time

  12. XZombieXFighter X

    This sounds like romantic elevator music lol

  13. Mr James

    10 yrs later, and this song still does the job

  14. Na Doe

    I got high and went to a coffee shop with my friend. This song was playing in the background. I got so fucking tripped out, I thought I was going to die lol

  15. STSmokeOut Baby

    Every Morning this is played....it just jump starts your day.

  16. Lili Naderi

    Good morning to you my sweet Omar💋💗

  17. Pradana Wp

    Why this song not booming... its nice song.....

  18. Jordan van Etten

    Brothers sing this to your woman in the morning!

  19. Lyncia Recetta

    First time ever hearing this wow!! I would so love to wake up to this song every morning with my love laying next to me😏😏😏😏❤💋

  20. John Bentley

    Great song

  21. Alexis fleming

    Listening to this song still 💜💜 5/2019

  22. CC carmic

    Oh my yes

  23. Liota Rose

    this song is so amazing

  24. Donald Wilson

    Good morning love!!

  25. Patricia Timms

    Someone that i know I'll meet in person sent me this song Jurgen Hans

  26. Crimson Red love locks

    Love this song

  27. Edra Runion


  28. Angela Brown


  29. Norma Padro

    I like this song. I like morning songs. 😁

  30. lillysspells

    Good morning love it my favorite love song good morning and # love this song and
    PS:I love 'this song love it

  31. Blesstheworld1

    My Love "Goodmorning", to start a Beautiful day with your Loving...Hugs & Kisses to make the day just right...Always Love you Sweetie! XOXOXO 👑👄😘❤🌹

  32. Rosita Banundi

    I like with song this. Very nice for me.

  33. Lonely Enchantress2

    Happy birthday to one of my celebrity bday twins!! #CapricornNation!!🎈🎁🎂♑

  34. dette3000

    This was a bad ass album.😊

  35. 전소현

    I love all of John legend's song

  36. Nina Demeanor

    Someone sent me this.....My First time hearing this.... I guess its ok if the one you want to tell you goodmorning sends it to u, IF not dis sounds like some Bullshit......fuckin #WHACK

    cortez smith

    Nina Demeanor this shit sounds great

  37. T P


  38. agus prastiyo

    Sugeng enjing engkang tansah katresnan 😘😘😘 (Javanese language)

  39. NiggatorV.2

    My dad used to always play this when we were younger, btw I'm 13 now so I'm assuming y'all know how young lol

  40. kyenpia best

    Thanks baby for singing this lovely wake up song to me this morning. i love you David Obadiah. I wanna hear you sing a whisper of this song to me every morning.

  41. Esther Parrish

    This song gets 👍👍 up! With me & Jesus. He definitely begins & ends my day. I am so thankful he watches over me & bless me with His beautiful 🌞Sunset. Yeah He ☝ is my 1st Love😃. This song goes Deeppp! ❤it!👋😄

  42. Susanna White

    Good morning...love💋

  43. LadyJoy A

    My Bae just sent this link to me this morning..10/12/18...so sweet

    Gloria King

    Me too lol

    T Thomas

    05-06-2019 Yaaaasssss

    Markell Williams

    LadyJoy A my babe just sent this and it’s beautiful Sunday may 19 2019.. love u Robert 💋❤️😘

  44. cortez smith


  45. Alonzo Hunt

    This only for the grown and mature and i forgot sexy!!!!!!😎

  46. Kimberly A. Conover

    I LOVE THIS SONG! The best love song 2 play 4 ur man in the morning! Beautiful lyrics! I love me some John Legend!!!!!

  47. She TheProducer

    I miss you Josh

  48. Crecia Bonner

    Ohhh yessss play this for me & it's a wrappppp! 😍💋💦💦💦😍

  49. Kayden Taylor

    such a good song

  50. Ashanti P

    I love this song...so refreshing😍

  51. Bronx Legend

    I will Never buy this fools music....

  52. Gloria Smith

    Beautiful Song

  53. Siti Nurhaedah

    Thanks my honey is singing, i like it

  54. Raphaël Royer

    I work in a Subway restaurant and this song is always on the playlist radio😫😫😫

  55. Brittany YoungStrickland

    Bwatts brought me here!!! 🤩🤩🤩💫💫💫

  56. Shawn Wells

    Good morning in 2018.....

  57. Sharonville Mandy

    my man sent me dis... so romantic..thanks so much my love

  58. Demetra Dabney

    Those horns sound like heaven

  59. Diedre Kelly

    Love you fantasy ..

  60. Diedre Kelly

    Good morning luv.....

  61. Coleworldkaii

    anyone else having a throwback moment

  62. crindela

    Thx Thomas for sharing me this song babe❤

  63. Elisa Monguzzi

    This song is a beautiful good morning 😍😘🤩

  64. Tieka Boozer

    My sister listen to this everyday

  65. msoreodan

    Best song to wake up to

  66. Phil Rockwell

    Still my early/late Sh!t

  67. Dan Ashby

    Great singer, but can't keep his politics to himself! Enough said!

  68. Tameka Moseley

    I played this each morning with my first baby and she is 10 now. I recently had another baby and I play it for him now. He loves it.

  69. Macushla XOXO

    Good morning, my heart. You always look so adorable in the morning. I am wrapping my heart around yours hugging you with all of my love. Have a beautiful day. I love you truly.

  70. Roxie Miller

    when i frist heard this song i was woke up by my love after having a good nite with him it mad me feel 💘

  71. Old Winston


  72. Denisha Odu

    My husband use to sing it to me when we were dating. I sung it to him yesterday

  73. Kila Wash

    A very special person in my life, is the only reason I'm here. I miss him so much!

  74. Undead dissection

    My boyfriend plays this song to me in the morning sometimes because he knows I hate it. I love John legends other stuff I just cant stand this one 😂 he likes it tho. I'd rather made to love on in the morning. Everyone who likes this song can all laugh at my misery 😜😂

  75. MKDW66

    Good morning love

  76. Maria Palumbo

    Dolcezza infinita questo brano

  77. James Wallace

    My girlfriend sent this link to me and it's been our favorite song since

  78. Ayo Bello

    Wow my ex send me dis music

  79. D. McCall

    This song is my alarm that wakes me up every morning....❤

  80. FaZe Ace

    Hahahahaha lol

  81. Justin Gallon

    Waking up alone without the person you love the only thing you can do is play this song and....

  82. buba426

    if there ever was a song intended JUST for passionate , ass grabbing , wall slamming , neck biting , dirty talking , hair pulling , orgasm inducing morning sex, this is it 😂

  83. Ayo Bello

    My friend send me dis music just now

  84. Jualibee&HerWorld

    Every time i hear this song it brings me back to the days when my Bug would sway side to side and sing along.. I miss him xoxo

  85. Colleen Keithley

    💞💞Perfect morning Love song

  86. Maurício RJ

    essa música é show!

  87. Fadon Mack

    I woke up to this in Hawaii.A moment to remember

  88. Drahuna Novakova

    pěkná rada poslouchám

  89. Jessica S

    If anyone sings/ plays this for your girl in the morning....you're doing it right

  90. Kit Bina

    Danced with my two lovely children this morning to beautiful morning song's.
    Good morning all

    Justine Tyler

    Kit Bina Absolutely.....😊💚💚 It's a amazing song to dance with your family in the morning...Smelling good breakfast and the beautiful Sun out.

    Vernitta Phinisee

    Beautiful wake up song

  91. Ralbert B

    Smashing tune! Man that John Legend is one bad dude!

  92. Bobmarley 310

    I had no idea that John legend sings this song and my counselor put this song on every morning in summer camp

  93. Flowergirl Power

    This song was sent to me on Sunday. It's the first I've of it. Love it. Thank you love.

  94. Irena Jurgen

    für Dich libe

  95. Seuvs

    Damn my mom use to wake me up to this every day when I was like 9 or 10 I'm 14 now I miss that 😭

    xXNightShifter Xx

    Damn same here I miss those times

  96. lillaura622

    used to be my ring tone n the morning 😊 good memories

  97. Brooke Thompson

    i love this song that my man gave me. I remember that he was was out on some work and that. so i wake up to check my phone and this link was in my phone along with the sweetiest text. I love you Santonio!

  98. Sea Bacon

    Me and my ex used this ringtone as our Morning wake up call.

  99. Vincent Garcia

    This songs is all about u baby this how i feel to u and how i just stare at you..i love u. alway and forever u are my beautiful morning love..