Leela James - Set Me Free Lyrics

Uh, uh, uh
Oh, oh, hmm
Listen! Last night you didn't call,
Had me worried all night long
Why you keep doing me wrong?
I don't know, babe!
And it hurts so bad
I'm tired of being sad,
This house is not a home
The love is gone, baby!

I just can't see it,
I can't see, baby!
...staying in this with you
You, you, you!

If you love me
(If you love me)
Set me free,
(Set me free!)
You're just holding to nothing
(You're holding to nothing)
Set me free!
If you love me
Set me free!
Cause I won't hold to nothing
Just set me free if you love me!

If you love me, if you care
Be man enough to let me go instead of staying here
Pretending like we love each other
When we both know there's something better waiting for me
You just can't see it,
I can see, baby
Wasting any more time,
We're just waiting time
Staying in this
And I just can't stay,
I just can't stay with me!

If you love me
(If you love me)
Set me free,
(Set me free!)
You're just holding to nothing
(You're holding to nothing)
Set me free!
If you love me
Set me free!
Cause I won't hold to nothing
Just set me free if you love me!

What happened to the love we have?
It went away somehow
It used to be so good, but it's so bad now
And I tried to make it work,
I tried to fit the play
I give it all I got, can't you understand?

If you love me
(If you love me)
Set me free,
(Set me free!)
You're just holding to nothing
(You're holding to nothing)
Set me free!
If you love me
Set me free!
Cause I won't hold to nothing
Just set me free if you love me!

Set me free, set me free
Let me go cause it's bad for me
We're holding on, we're holding on
Uh, if you love me, let me free!

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Leela James Set Me Free Comments
  1. Prince LaCarlous Jackson

    Set me free so I can live my life... Just not going to work just 2 different people that love different 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. Pearlie Fabusuyi

    Love love her voice! And she sounds the same at the concert. She's a 100!

  3. Yasmeen Sarman

    Anyone going through tough times may the infinite divine spark the love light in your soul to set you free and remember that only you can set free yourself from anything ot anyone.

  4. Francesca Huckaby

    I'm sure that you won't set free
    That's my dilemma

  5. Camilla Griffin


  6. 804 GOT Talent Green

    Set Love Free,If It Returns It Was Meant To Be!

  7. Daisy Warner

    I love your songs

  8. Antonio Herbin

    I remember watching the sixth or seventh season of R&B Divas when she took this still in a Orange or peach color dress.

  9. Stacey Truell

    I felt this way about 5 yrs ago!! LMBO

  10. The Money Girl

    This lady is a diamond!

  11. mojo Banks

    Dam i love this song !!! Get on down Leela James!!

  12. eddie segars

    Love can hurt if you really love me set me free stop holding on to nothing

  13. Twila Willis

    Set me free God continue to bless me

  14. M Martin

    Real talk! Sang lady!

  15. comment on Life

    This might be my favorite song of hers.

  16. Holly Haines

    I love her voice...so good!!

  17. Tamiko Daniels

    Yes I agree set me free

  18. Stacey Gallow

    This the song to listen too if you ever find yourself in a toxic relationship hopefully it will set you free like it FINALLY did me even though it took 5yrs. Thank you GOD for FINALLY mending my BROKEN 💔🙏💯💯💯💯💯💯💯☝️☝️☝️☝️

  19. Gail Estes

    This is my song.Going thru it.

  20. Arie Anderson

    I'm so done !!!

  21. sassy

    Damn I love her voice!!! I wish I was blessed with a voice like that people would get mad at me cause I probably wouldn’t never shut up lol

  22. Michelle Walker

    Her voice sooo powerful... Love love Leela 💜❤

  23. Tootie Johnson

    Sometimes you have to set yourself free... Nobody wants to be in a dead end relationship...thank you Leela James for this song.... Who's still listening to this in 2019???

  24. Derrell Robbins

    Just remember some men need to be set free from a no good woman

  25. Bernard Grissett

    Listen to the words my brothers and sister, if you been through this you all-ready know- love is powerful however when you have given it all you can and getting nothing back you're just holding on to NOTHING - at some point you just cant take any more hurt- ask the man upstairs to give you the strength and guidance's you need to walk away, there got be something better for the both of u great song all about (life)

  26. Sir Charlie

    She has such a beautiful voice and she is the perfect 10

  27. Yaya Symonds-Demps

    I've been missing out...#Leela #James


    Thank God for this song ..opened my eyes real quick at the perfect time..

  29. Linda Dukes

    Johnny Taylor

  30. Saro Diliberto

    Bel pezzo e bella voce!!

  31. Charles Durham

    I love the timbre of her voice! Buttery smooth!!

  32. mimi free

    Sang bluebird
    I hear u in MEMPHIS10

  33. Valerie Liggins

    The love is gone 2019

  34. Pamela Elmore

    This is me right now..please set me free

  35. tblu B.

    Listening in 2019! This a banger!

  36. mimi free

    2019 y this song came in my heart.... Destiny I guess!

  37. amenra bey

    Being by yourself is much much better than being aggravated dealing with nonsense that's not cool.

  38. S Ezell

    Put this on Repeat and Ride 😎

  39. Latory B Ailey

    The words I need to say

  40. Yactha M

    My current situation 🤦🏾‍♀️

  41. shea teague

    It's been real

  42. Carolyn Lawerence

    pray. For me. I been hurt in relationship. now I am. separated with my husband. it hurts. I want be set free. get a divorce. I hook up with the wrong mens. it was a lesson For me. I too old for games. I just want be love. and accept for who. I am. not looking at my out appearance.

  43. jeromewallace47


  44. ycaslin

    Such a relatable song...im ready to be set free...holding on to nothing and wasting time.

    Smurf Johnson

    I'm set you free

    Smurf Johnson

    I'm set you free queen

  45. Barbara Jackson

    Trust me u will

  46. Contisia Davis

    Set me free...set me free...let me go cause its bad for me! #Amen

  47. Ms. Boston

    ......”and I tried to make it work, tried to fit the plan, I gave it all I got”...”Set me free, we’re holding on to nothing.”

  48. Bowllegged40 Rochelle

    Perfect breakup song.riding den the highway mad asf.

  49. Antonio Herbin

    The lyrics helped me let go of a friendship that was going no where cause my friend really did not understand how to be a friend to me, without first learning how to be a good friend you can't learn how to be good partnersI may be young but I, not to young to know how love works some of us mulipilate andl lie taking away the other person's right to make the choice to stay or go staying in a physically or emotionally partnership is not healthy.

  50. wylynn craig

    We love you Leela, A Houston shout out!

  51. Barbara Maxey

    I heard this song on the radio on my way to work , now i am here.

  52. Jana Gothe

    Pray for me. I'm going through it. Trying hard to let go. When your relationship get to point where you no longer want to be touched or everything that person does get on your nerves. My heart hurts.

  53. Silk

    We both know there is something better waiting for me. Just set me free.

  54. Antonia Griffin

    I felt in love with this song it mean so much to me I listen to this song all the time Toni 🎤🎤🎧🎼🎵🎵🎹🎵🔕 how could you treat me so wrong hurt me so bad break my heart like this set me free cause. This not for me

  55. Rican Marrero

    U did 2yrs
    Ago I never open that door again

  56. Dashika Porter


  57. fmcknight72

    Listening n loving it in 2019💕

  58. missteann

    I can relate to this song!!!! Been with my cheating husband for 20 years 13 years of marriage and I have finally had enough of all the bullsh%t! He will get the divorce papers for Valentine's day as a gift at work!

  59. Rico Brown

    if u love me set me free baby

  60. Diamond gurl barber

    I just love her voice "

  61. Insight From Sheila

    I’m in a abusive marriage but I’m confused on whether or not I should divorce him because can things get better will he change? I miss my mom I really need her wisdom right now

  62. Teeneshia Workmon

    who's still listening in "2019"👂👂

    Brandy Marie

    Teeneshia Workmon me

  63. Larry Chamberlain


  64. sarah steward

    Set me free

  65. Otis Hays

    Love this song!!!

  66. Tonica Alston Dickens

    The perfect song just holding on to nothing

    Brandy Marie

    Tonica Alston Dickens yep

  67. Angelica Rios

    I so love her music & the hair beautiful 👋❤️

  68. Wendy Wonderful

    She’s an RB diva without the TV show she’s a bad girl this song here I like so much she says it all you got to do is play it for your dude Hey Hey that all play this for him ok yes!

  69. Kimberly Fletcher

    Learnt to set myself free from, Shit that doesn't pertain to ME,MYSELF AND Me!! It took me long enough.I Love Me more!!!!

  70. Mz Tattedup Robinson

    yasssss I love me some Leela James..her voice is everythang😍😍😘😘

  71. Kendra Trezevant

    Love this song💓😩If you love me, set me free!!

  72. Christine Escajeda

    Holding on to nothing
    Cant you understand if you love me set me free

  73. Ms. Stephanie Ellis

    12/2/2018 still jamming!!! I was jamming this song while Ubering and the passenger said OMG!!! this is jamming.

  74. Isaac Maurice

    This is music

  75. Cyera Davis

    I feel like this right now 😔 if love me set me free 😔😔😔

  76. Cassandra Fitch

    I'm not there at this point in my life. But I have been there, at a place where I would have been singing this song. I can relate, been there done that. I am free on all levels mentally and spiritually. I just happen to like this song, her voice with it and the music. The words with this song can carry a person through when you listen but when the music stops, it's you and God together dealing with the situation. So with God foremost, carrying you through it all, he is the one that is responsible to bring healing to your heart. He does use wholesome ways. God has no respect of persons for it. If he did it for me, he can do it for you and think about it, if he did it before he can do it again. 😉 I pray you all are set free in every area where you need to be set free.

  77. Sweetallthetime 4EVER

    2018 still 💥💥

  78. Brianna Burrage

    Am i the only one who thinks she sound like Jennifer Hudson?

    Brandy Marie

    Brianna Burrage me

  79. Lena James

    Who's listing with me in 2018

    TishTish Ross

    Meee! Listening, singing and crying smh

  80. Nunya Bizniss

    Lol she got the cutest voice..I like the way she annunciate some of her words..too cute

  81. Cassandra Joseph

    I am Free to Love Again But scared ???? But ill kno Wen to Love Again now want me back Hell No 🙏👀I don't think So. No No

  82. Tee winns

    Song reminds me of my ex...went thru alot, almost didn't make it out alive but look here I'm finally free Chileeee😝👍💪😍

  83. Brenda Stewart

    Sometimes being set free means you have to learn to love yourself

    Teresa Counts


  84. Sandra Sellers

    Yes my husband that could been the best thing for him & me ,he se me free from 15 year marriage

  85. Shree Smith

    Set me free 😍😍😍

  86. Michelle Heard

    my youngest daugther hip me to leela james by saying she want go to her concert at house of blues

  87. Ann Swift

    Sometimes you have to set yourself free...👊👊👊👊

  88. Holly Haines

    Her voice is amazing!

  89. Regina Weston

    Lela James u had me in this song from the 1st beat! 🎶 The Bass memories of Rick James, “Mary Jane”!💞

  90. LadyFace Hoskins

    2108 😜❤️

  91. Ruthie Triplett

    Tracie I need closure listen to Leela James it's me holding on, call me RT

    Msnita Scarver

    That's what I'm asking my ex boyfriend for closure so I can move on

  92. MrBlactye

    Real R&B singers never get the recognition they really deserve.

    Only Lauren

    Vs fashion show 2018

  93. Sharon dail

    To make it work, it takes two, one person can't make it work alone, I had to learn the hard way, set him free and love myself, nothing hurts more then to give him all of you and you get disrespect inreturn.