Leela James - Say That Lyrics

See my sun won’t shine
Ain’t no stars at night
I swear the sky ain’t blue,
It’s raining, storming and gray without you

Ain’t no flame in the fire
I’m just empty inside
I'm sick by the very thought of
Spending my days and being without you

Got me thinking but I do
You got me thinking, thinking
To you I always will be true
I’ll always yea
And I know you feel it too

Say that you want me
Say that you need me
Say that you’ll have me just the way that I am
Say that you love me
There’s no one that above me
Say I’m your woman
And you are my man, my man

You better say that
And I’m your woman
Say you love me baby
I love you baby

So what’s it gonna be?
Even the blind could see
You can’t deny this love defined between you and me

See I love you baby (and I love you boy)
I couldn’t love you more
It’s you for me and me for you
This love we have – it’s true

Got me thinking but I do
You got me thinking, thinking
To you I always will be true
Always be true
And I know you feel it too

Say that you want me
Say that you need me
Say that you’ll have me just the way that I am
Say that you love me
There’s no one that above me
Say I’m your woman
And I am your man

You are my man

Ain’t that right?
Woo woo woo woo
Don’t you want me?
Need me
You got me thinking, thinking

Got me thinking but I do
I do, I do
To you I always will be true
Sad our love – it is true
And I know you feel it too

Say that you want me
Say that you need me
Say that you’ll have me just the way that I am
Say that you love me
There’s no one that above me
Say I’m your woman
And you are my man, my man

Say it
Say that you need me
Say that you need me baby
Just the way that I am
I ain’t never wanna say it baby
Say that you love me
There’s no one that loves me
Say I’m your woman
And you are my man, my man

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Leela James Say That Comments
  1. Diva Cookn

    Beautiful lovely song..my favorite favorite song how I feel

  2. Bruce Tiger

    Real Music.absolutely

  3. B Cotton

    Wow, what a beautiful song! Two extremely talented artist coming together and sharing with us. I hope this won't be the only song they perform together because they sound incredible! Love these two wonderful souls. I wish them all the success in the world! 💪🏿🙏🏿💪🏿🙏🏿💪🏿🙏🏿❤️❤️❤️

  4. Kessu Hart2

    Sensational 80s babies holla if ya fell it....👍👏

  5. dkmuscle1

    A perfect collaboration.....

  6. Talbot Slaughter

    The thing I like about these two artists that they are just so soulful and you can't find that too much anymore. And it's kind of southern soul.

  7. Dwight Hardwick

    Together their voices are magical!!

  8. Herbert Lee Pace Jr

    U Should played Aretha Franklin in her Movie instead Cnythia Evore

  9. Andrei Dinu

    Youtube algorithm, make this viral. Go 2020!

  10. Lovejazz01

    When I first heard Leela Jakes first album I said” she reminds me of Anthony Hamilton, and I hope they work together one day, an album, a tour , a single or something!” When this came out I was hyped ! Another commenter was right, I hope they do an album together and work together often!

  11. Raychelle Jackson

    Seen Leela James in concert wonderful performance

  12. JP bohsali

    i love this song

  13. Larry Luster

    Don't know why people keep sleeping on her

  14. victoria douglas


  15. Victory378

    Love this song
    Sending this to my love!!!
    Always loved Anthony now love Leela..since 2015

  16. Mah b ASMR

    I am sooo in love with this song♥ Two of my fav artists!

  17. Jayne Waterfall

    She sings it.....beautiful x

  18. Valentino Stewart

    🔥 🔥 beautiful lady blowing

  19. smile forme

    Still 2020🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. Miss V

    Love her voice! Real talent.🤗❤

  21. Lucille Marbury

    Miss Leela you have a beautiful voice enjoy your music thanks

  22. Carl ward


  23. Heru Bey

    I'm in love with that woman!!

  24. Anita Mazyck

    Love it 😍👍❤️❤️❤️

  25. Jalina Nails

    i soo love Ms Leela James style of dress!

  26. Robin Ayers


  27. Terrone Tompkins

    They both have such strong voices, this is a great match for them to do a song together

  28. Em Johnson

    Beautiful ❤️

  29. Kym Bo

    Hope the idiots on this planet that had a 👎🏾 for this made it to Mars and discovered They no longer have a soul or MUSIC 😊

  30. Crystal Blue

    Why haven't they done a song waaay before now? Perfect collaboration.

  31. Cary Barnes

    Superbly arranged composed and produced with great vocals 👍 thank you for sharing your gr8 music 🙏

  32. raynita27

    My two favorites. It was so nice to hear a song with the both of them. I LOVE THIS SONG

  33. Jill Heppy

    Standard love wins 💕🎶🎶🎶👍

  34. Shakia Green-McFadden

    Now why am I just hearing this I absolutely love it keep the good soulful music coming Leela & Anthony 😍😍💜💙

  35. Sam Davies

    What a beautiful talented soulster 💞

  36. Amanda Laghost


  37. Rodney Bennett

    I love her voice plus she's beautiful

  38. Killa Graphics

    Marvin and Tammy fr 🔥🔥

  39. Jacqueline Honcoop


  40. Anthony Brown

    She sangin , sing yahl.#music to my ears 👂.

  41. Freeya Lloya

    Hello Ms Leela James 🌹. It’s not everyday people tell their favourite singers that, they hope they know they are appreciated. Your craft is magical. Thank you for grazing the planet with the beauty of your gifts and talent. I love you, your music, your voice and the Beautiful Empress you are. Keep soaring, you’re unstoppable 💃🏿 🎶 🙌🏾

  42. Terry Stoutmire

    Love you baby you got me think. I play did to start the weekend and it keep me cool and lay back when i got to get out of home. Say you need say you are my woman.

  43. Mr2020Vision

    They need to do a joint album

  44. Mr2020Vision

    Makes me believe Love is possible 😰😰

  45. Tauvaga Poialii

    I would like to 🙏 Into be A lady almost Like 🐈 Her 🌺 For life 😝

  46. Reggie R2

    WHere can i find an instrumental of this song?

  47. Sheila Courtney

    This song makes me want to get up an dance

  48. Kayshawn Simmons

    Real Soul Singing 💐💖👑

  49. C Johnson

    Love all her music

  50. James PayDay Owens

    This woman can sang I'm definitely going to see her next time she comes to Memphis

  51. Curt Green

    If soul music was a person🕺🎶🎼🎤

  52. Victory378

    I love Anthony
    I really like Leela

  53. Andrea Houston

    I give the thumbs up on this song because both of them have unique voices

  54. Camilla Griffin


  55. Colleen White

    Weeping In Dublin Ga. TRUE Love Is Just Around The Bend

  56. Hyun Joo Kim

    Anthony Hamilton amazing

  57. Irving Taborn

    Powerful statement

  58. joy2u2ok


  59. Raymond Thomas

    Yes she is awesome sings her ass off love her style she Great 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍

  60. Raymond Thomas

    She is one of my favorite R&B jazz singers my man yes there hot together ♥️

  61. Daniel Louring

    🔥 🔥 😍🔥

  62. Daniel Louring


  63. ilikemthick54

    shei s so fine, where arealltyh e real singers at today OMG

  64. Hortensia Gresham

    C'mon you know your feet are moving, hips swaying, and you got this wide grin on your face while listening to this song! Well, that's what I'm doing...join me!

  65. Shakida Dennis

    I think Leela should have song at areathas funeral too. Because she has voice that calls back to soul.

  66. Shakida Dennis

    Leela got that areatha franklin voice!!! Shes carrying the torch on!

  67. Dan saved


  68. j Pat

    Hell yeah!

  69. Farrah White

    I love this song. First time hearing this in 2019 wow. I am so late.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  70. Lawrence Castro

    It's sad that she hasn't won any awards for her music.😭

  71. bigman766

    pure soul.

  72. Markco Chattman

    Ms. James were have you been my whole life I didn't know you were so talent...


    I know somebody's mad that I have this on REPEAT!!!!!!
    IDC cuz I'm in love and I want you to feel it tooooooo!!!
    BlessUp 😘😘😘😘

  74. Brendalyn Bailey

    This is our new them song. Wow, what a strong lyric. Anthony and Leela did it up on this one. I got chills when she began to jump in the floor when talking about her man. That's how I feel and I know what she means inside. Great song and music on this one Anthony...

  75. Sharon Hyson

    I love this song <3 Need more music like this on the radio! Thank you!

  76. Phillip Bacon


  77. A J

    It's sad that my 1st time hearing this song was today in 2019 smh

    D Washington

    Well you gotta play catch up then!! Everything leela and Anthony I love!!

    Colleen White

    My first time as well
    .I'm feeling simple. For my mistake

    Shawana Pierce

    Don’t feel bad... this kind of music you have to go search for bc mainstream don’t appreciate or acknowledge this kind of good music.

  78. boost burns

    Black women ! Oh my

  79. alvin Kendrick

    mmmm mmmm mmmm this colab is truly BEAUTIFUL....Makes me THINK OF MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE OF 12 YEARS 17 ALTOGETHER!....thank you father god

  80. Andrew Rutledge

    This song is the theme song its the true ideal of love that ive carried since the early 90s for one special lady that truly showed me what real true love is

  81. Phillip Bacon


  82. Theresa Oliver

    O'ooooSnapppp's !!! 💋💓

  83. Lady Vee

    I love this song..

  84. Mochalion Scarboro



    *Honey & Molasses Biscuits*
    comes to mind from song
    *Mahogany & Dark chocolate*

  86. Daddyman G

    This music has ITS OWN DNA

  87. Eddie Billings

    Walking around the house .... like I can read your your mind .... me going through the house care free... when in doubt ... ask me .... I'll give you confirmation in a heartbeat ... <3 ... simple baby, I have no problem just to say that ..... now ..... SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME <3

  88. Kimberly Gaines

    This a great song and video I love it.👍

  89. gunslingah2

    Léela James doesn’t get the praise she deserves, with that beautiful bluesy voice smdh!! Include Anthony in there... luv this song♥️♥️♥️

  90. Loretta De Herrera

    Most moving for me...💘 💘 💘...💘 💘..

  91. Warner B

    Still here in 19...blasting this.. riding down the road..singing like a damn fool...and people looking at me like I'm crazy...😂😂😂😂

  92. Steven Williams

    Real music.

  93. Barbara Johnson

    Omg, my 1st time hearing this..... I LOVE IT.....🤩🤩🤩🤩!!!
    2 of the most beautiful voices out there came together and..... WOW!!

  94. Danielle C

    Im definitely playing this at my wedding!!!! Yes this collaboration is fire

    Franklin Felder

    Sweetie u are so beautiful and gorgeous

  95. N. B.

    True jam session right here! *8.1.19*

  96. Jazz Travis

    I love good respectful. Music

  97. Jazz Travis

    Goo vibes

  98. Greg Battles

    Leela underrated cause she non participate and the BULLSHIT music of today