Leela James - Fall For You Lyrics

Here we are, together
And everything between us is good
I'm right here in this cloud, baby
Ready to fly but before I take
Another step

Would you catch me if I fall for you?
'Cause I'm falling
I'm falling, I'm falling

I'm so used to standing
So used to being on my own
But this thing is new, baby
It feels like I'm losing control
I'll take another step

If you catch me when I fall for you
'Cause I'm falling
I'm falling, I'm falling

Will you promise to be there?
Stay by my side always?
Whenever I need you
Don't let me down, no, no

If I give you my all, don't let me fall
Would you do that for me, hold me?
Will you love, will you love me?

My heart is ready
For love and to be loved
And I chose you, baby
That's the one thing I'm sure of
So I will take this one last step

So catch me, I'm falling for you
I'm falling
I'm falling, I'm falling

I'm falling
I'm falling, I'm falling
I'm falling
I'm falling, I'm falling
I'm falling
I'm falling, I'm falling

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Leela James Fall For You Comments
  1. Tamika Semper

    2020 Anyone? ❤

  2. Amario Ross

    Who listing in 2020

  3. Fradell Smirh

    13,000 haters voted (thumbs down)?

  4. keliajay Brown

    January 2020

  5. New Age Communications

    January 2020

  6. Shaquille Portee

    I don't know if I should walk down aisle with this song ugh I have so much like maybe I use this for our first dance

  7. Outriah

    This girl I just started talking to (my next door neighbor we're both 32 years old) told me to listen to this. We've known about each other for 5 months now but finally started talking after having a mutual crush. She told me to pay attention for a specific part of this song. I think it's the part where she says, ''Would you catch me if I fall for you!'' and ''I'm so used to being on my own...'' and ''but this thing is new babe... It feels like I'm losing control''. ''Will you promise to be there, stay by my side.''

  8. Taha al-shamary

    شجابني هنا و شدا اسوي 😂😂
    همزين محد يعرف يقرة عربي هنا

  9. cedric mcmillian

    Just amazing

  10. Honey_ Newman

    Walked down the aisle to the song 🥰🥰

  11. mimithatsm3 https://m.facebook.com/tak3nhits/

    2019 I am here..hoping you all find someone to fall for that will catch you

  12. Jordan's Plumbing LLC

    From me to my angel💚

  13. Niki Williams

    Still listening in 2019💋

  14. T.&the Blandford

    I love it

  15. Bunny Love

    I’ve cried to this song a million times

  16. Toni H. Justice

    My Heavenly Father knows how I love this ladies voice?? So I pray that she'll record "I put a spell on you" in 2020. Pray with me if you believe!!!

    Happy Holidays Everyone!!

  17. Shawnte' Jaynes

    heck yes...im still listening..... kisses

  18. Deep Kho-Kho Productions & Promotions LLC.

    Still listening going into 2020 while falling 4 ME!

  19. Bee Dee

    My heart is ready to be loved 💕💕💕

  20. Joanne Philbert

    Born for success! She resembles Oprah Winfrey! Love love love this song!👍👍

  21. Diva Cookn

    Beautiful. So Beautiful.. I feel this

  22. Detroitman.

    This can be played at gay & straight weddings.

  23. Sharon Bixby


  24. C Mo

    She sounds so good.. my honey bee just shared that with me...thank you sweets 😘💞


    C Mo I think I know who that is 🤔🌊❤️🌊👍

    Amber !

    C Mo 😘.. YW baby .. 💖

    C Mo

    Hey Beachy I think I know too...😄


    Y’all are so cute ❤️......hope you’re well C Mo 😁

  25. Josephine Montoeli

    Am getting goosebumps.. from the song mainly from the song and comments from two people one getting married 28 and one got on the 7th of this month..and this song was /will be playing when they walked down the aisle.. when will I find the one to catch me when I fall

  26. Faithfully Shavon

    Habib Ibrahim I am this morning...and loving it!!!! Songs like this reminds me to continue to hold on to love. Don’t allow this cold and heartless world to change the woman I am and what I believe when it comes to love

  27. Tammy Francis

    Still listening 12/16/19❤️❤️❤️

  28. diane pulido

    Oprah Winfrey's daughter.

  29. Latrice carr

    I love this song

  30. joe kelvin mwenda

    You give me peace 😌 i am so thankfull I met you 🦂

  31. David-Özay Kurnaz

    I love it.:-)

  32. Aristo 1530

    Trying to fall in love with me I guess.

  33. Rose Henry

    Lovely song, song by a beautiful voice and woman

  34. Delphine ARBIB

    So powerful... Tears are now rolling down my face.... Love ya Leela!

  35. Louise Burton

    Walking Down The Isle To This-herr...POW👊🏾💯!!!

  36. jacinta Niblett

    Where is the love of my life 😍

  37. Latasha Adams

    This was my wedding song this past May!!!😍😍😍

  38. Meka Augustus

    I will be getting married December 28th, 2019 and I will be walking down the isle to this song 😭tears of joy

    Ndubuisi UBENDU

    congrats Meka

    Latisha Smith

    Congrats doll💖💖💖😢😢😢 one day for me👍👍👍

    IAmDying Inside


    S LAW


    Talisa Ross

    YAY U!!!😘😘

  39. Margaret Chabot

    The Most beautiful Artists I have ever heard

  40. Davida Serr

    Your voice brings me chills thx u for your amazing gift . I’m literally in tears listening to u ♥️

  41. Luthando Vuyelwa

    Leela you are the best.

  42. J T

    I've always loved her hair.

  43. Jet

    Love, love this song!

  44. Tamare Bush

    Love this song omg ❤️❤️

  45. dreikak

    I love this song!!! Anyone still listening to this in December 2019

  46. dominique edee

    quelle voix!!!!!!!!!!


    Gosh, her voice is raspy and beautiful.

  48. Jblock 2000

    This was my Winteguard Music for last year. Bentonville High School Winterguard 2019 cadets

  49. Arica Campbell

    Listening with my soul mate miles away. I'm safe with you, my love. You've caught me and I'm thankful for your love. From friends to lovers. I couldn't be more happier. Thank you for trusting me with your heart.

  50. Val B

    Will be my wedding song💕

  51. Stephanie Williams

    Falling several times. No one to catch me . was at the point of giving up on love until I heard this song. 😢 Lord please bring someone my way.

  52. Jae Mccray

    This gonna be my wedding song🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  53. Yanique Wright

    I am listening I love this song i want to lip sync it to my fiance on our wedding day December 8, 2019

  54. Candy Theodore

    I walked down the isle with this song for my wedding

  55. Ciera Turner

    I just had an emotional cry to this song

  56. Aerion Broadus

    Definitely gonna be my wedding song

  57. Jacqueline Honcoop


  58. Freeya Lloya

    December 2019 😍😍😍💃🏿🙌🏾

  59. XRP Vampire

    Damn, had a grown Man crying!!! Bravo amazing voice this what singing sounds like!

  60. Sheila E

    Did some Soul Searching while I was down....got back up. God caught me..this song takes you there...Thank you for sharing with the world👀♥️

  61. Abba Yah's Daughter

    She's in a league of her own!

  62. Cj so cool fans

    5years later?? Anyone😕

  63. Jackie Jenkins

    God do u hear my prayers

  64. Lorraine M. Johnson-Booker

    FELL......And I Can’t Get Up.........😂😂😅😅😅❤️💯😇

  65. Lorraine M. Johnson-Booker


  66. Dominique Barron

    🔥❤️ Getting married tomorrow Nov 26th 2019🙌🏿🙏🏾

    Andrea Todd


    Des Jones


    Dominique Barron

    @Des Jones Thanks King 🙏🏾

    Dominique Barron

    @Andrea Todd thanks queen 🙏🏾

  67. Cortez Davis

    Madly in love with my best friend she is everything to me and doesn't know how much

  68. Lanay506

    Beautiful song in 2019

  69. Janet Ortiz

    Beautiful black talented queen ❤❤

  70. Lucky Makobela

    Im falling...damn im falling!

  71. It’s j Marie Comedy

    I’m freaking out...these are my exact feelings right now! 😳hopefully, in a year...there is more to add. Love this song so much. Best lyrics

  72. innovativemind2008

    Who is listening to this 2019 into 2020


    I listen to it everyday.....sometimes with tears in my eyes. This is a tight song.

  73. Alexis Robinson

    Beautiful ass song!

  74. Cherrell Rivera

    Love her still listening this song today !! ❤️

  75. EH Cobia-Whitlow

    Dedication from my baby......yes I feel you!!!!!

  76. Dakota Johnson

    This was the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding for our first dance 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  77. keepondjw

    cath me I'm fallin

  78. gkboxerlover

    12,000 totally deaf tasteless people don't have any soul.

  79. Yvonne Custer

    I Sent This Song To My Guy The Late Marcus G Hill St...

    Yvonne Custer

    I Sent This Song To The Late Marcus G Hill Sr To Let Him Know I Was Falling In Love With Him....He Passed Away October 29 2019 It Broke My Heart....I Love You Marcus❤️💋

  80. Vince Silmon

    Soul singer!!!

  81. Glinda moods Routt

    I love this song and her

  82. Alana Brown


  83. Andrisha Griffin

    Im still listen i have fell n love with a leo and now i can't stop listening

  84. Memphis Mack/ Memphis Bread Stackz

    😍😍😍😍💓💓💓💓🌹🌹🌹🌹🎹🎶🎤🎹 Great Song Beautiful Sexy Foxy Thick Queen Leela James!#MemphisMack😎😎😎😎#MadeInMemphis📗📚📗📚#NewMackCity

  85. Imana Cetshwayo

    Who's on keys?

  86. Jennifer Ford

    First time hearing this song and I L❤️VE it!!!!!

  87. I am my higher self

    I'd like to walk into a store and she says I love your outfit and I say girl I love your soul. She is just great.!!!!

  88. Andrea Marroquin

    Louis & Felicia Bruno❤️👑

  89. anquan arrington

    So in my feelings right now!! Feeling so alone and unloved.... going thru the motions I guess....

  90. Diahanna Durham

    Walking to this song🥰❤️#2/21/21

  91. Cherokee Angel

    This is the absolute perfect wedding song to walk down the aisle to.💘

    Dawn Bock

    Yes it's my wedding song

    Cherokee Angel

    @Dawn Bock Mine too!💕

  92. taylor etoria

    I'm not even in a relationship but i know this is what I'll walk down the aisle to😍

  93. Chosen Davis

    I absolutely love her

  94. Will Cage

    I love this song to death!