Leela James - Don't Want You Back Lyrics

Two o'clock in the morning
You on my phone trying to talk to me
Saying that you want me back
You need me back and you should have never left me
There you go
Talking that shh
Same old shh
Don't want to hear that shh no
I remember when you had me
You treated me bad, you treated me badly

You had a good thing
And you let it go
And now you wanna try to come back no
I will never take you back
It's funny how you try to come back
It's too late, I've moved on
And I don't want you back

I don't want your love
I don't need your love

I don't want your love
You can keep your love
Because someone else is living here
Someone else is saying my name Baby
He's cooking me breakfast wining dining flowers for no reason
He's doing what he's supposed to do
It could've been you

You had a good thing
And you let it go
And now you wanna try to come back but no
Now you want to come back
I will never take you back
Now I don't want you anymore
It's funny how you try to come back
But you did me wrong
It's too late, I've moved on
And I don't want you back

I was so good to you
But it wasn't enough and now I'm through with you
You didn't appreciate me
Funny how you do now but it's too late
It's too late
I've moved on
And I don't want you back

I don't want your love
I don't need your love

Now you want to try to come back
But no
I would never take you back
It's funny how you try to come back
To me
It's too late, I've moved on and
I don't want you back
You did me wrong

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Leela James Don't Want You Back Comments
  1. Tamara Rex Herman

    How is she SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL!

  2. TaterHead CuHHH

    Leela James is sexy. Hands Down

  3. Antwun. L. Barbary

    Yes. Ok. Look. Good

  4. Jermaine McKenzie

    this song will really help you move on from your ex

  5. Que

    2020, still listening 😍

  6. TaRon Thomas

    Did Leela lose weight. She looks so good

  7. Soshadetree Pros

    She’s a car girl!!!! Wit ha fine ass

  8. Charles Johnson

    This is my song 🔥🔥🔥🥶🥶🥶

  9. Arabia McMahan


  10. Sonia Williams

    They ALL want you back after they realize you're not for their mess or going to put up with crap ANYMORE or you've moved on to someone else✍🏾✍🏾😎✌🏾

  11. Victoria Robertson

    Just now hearing this song in 2020 , I mad at myself! I love it!

  12. Lara O'neal

    Yep it’s a wrap asshole.

  13. Yolanda Holloway

    Leela music is It...

  14. Tanika Hawkins

    One of the most underrated talents of this time

  15. Maxine Devoul

    This song really really hit ish right on the head.....loves it but you live and you learn

  16. Tia Morgan

    2020 and this my inspiration song!!

  17. Lucille Marbury

    Miss Leela that's something i would have done i listen to your songs all day and night

  18. Tammy Barbour

    Love this jam!!

  19. Tidae Johnson

    2020 😁

  20. Carlos P. Jr

    It's sad watching these young Singer's that can't sing, dropping Millions and Artists like Leela James sitting on the sideline's

  21. Holly Haines

    Her voice is so amazing! Never get tired of her music.

  22. A D

    Your voice is amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Noli Pugh

    OMG.....loving this one STILL 2020....flowers fornoreason!!!! Yas....all of her lyrics/songs are so incredibly real and soulful...💓...much love my sista, so underated-butter rah keep them coming!!!

  24. Jeff Wilson

    The song her voice and the Buick Grand National completes me. One of my all time favorite rides.

  25. Deb Barrett

    Mike Epps should have played that part of the boyfriend

  26. Darrylhoops5-Brawl stars

    ha ha ha

  27. RawwEnt

    Awe shes short

  28. Yolanda Pittman

    Set Me Free

  29. beautyfyewitAlaina B

    Yaasss love this song. Never will get old in my book. They always come running back when its too late!

  30. Paris Esco

    Dam them girls look like they just got out of Jail

  31. Robin Ayers


  32. Mander 684

    That voice tho😍👌🏽🔥🤙🏽

  33. TLR

    Where do theses artist go🤔

  34. Mrz Purple Crown

    2020🤓🗣if you 💘💅
    You had good thing🤝.



  36. Syrenthia Travis

    This is real music!!! They don't make music like this anymore!!!💯 !!!!!

  37. David-Özay Kurnaz

    I love it.:-)

  38. Mr2020Vision

    Dam this the women's version of Usher Throwback? You Gone Learn Today!

  39. Aurelia Petty-Owens

    I love when songs told the story! This is the real deal! Go Leela! We listening loud and clear! ❤

  40. Vvuanita Powers


  41. Tammy Salazar

    Awesome talent

  42. James Holmes

    I will be here to the end, i am very old school.

  43. ImDaviss buckets

    This lady is bad for real

  44. SM87013

    It is sad that the only time when can hear these great artist is when the doing a tribute to another artist.

  45. Kathleen Herbert

    Such a beautiful lady a great artist all her songs are beautiful she speak her mind. She's down too earth a beautiful voice indeed. I prefer hearing more of her music .

  46. 804 GOT Talent Green

    Real Talk!

  47. Loving Walden

    Love her 💜💜

  48. Irving Taborn

    That sounds like the anthem for the song ghost that are going around the world today miscommunication in love people need to know when they got a good thing automatically it's not hard

  49. Irving Taborn

    Leela don't leave me.. don't leave me Leela I want you back..smile

  50. nem36

    *Sigh* I am in love with this woman

  51. Christina George

    Leea james this is a classic
    Song for me to listen two
    Because i was going threw
    A lot at the time

  52. Honey Issweet

    Yes, I've moved on❤❗

  53. Isa Salinas

    Life is always better when you take the garbage out!


    It's too late, I've moved on, and I DON'T WANT YOU BACK..(Bitch ass lil boy)😛

  55. Samantha Porter

    🔥 🔥


    The Music World Needs To Stop Sleeping On Leela...I Love Her Music...And Voice Is So Unique...She Has That Raspy Soul Voice....And Her Beauty Matches It...GODDESS

  57. Frankie Carrington

    I swear this song got me thru some hard break ups in my life if you really no your worth and tired of bullshit men with their lying cheating ways listen to this song it will have you feeling stronger than ever you won't be mad no more you will get to the point of saying I will pray for that man

  58. Al Gibbs

    Music at it's best coming from a James

  59. JEDASE

    If Rihanna had a twin sister

  60. Tina Sims

    Are they even making slow jams with meaning and substance, like this?

  61. Michael Cooks

    My girlfriend cheated on me right in my own very eyes

  62. Andre Smith

    Harlots NEVER, EVER LEARN until He permanently walks out of your life. Loud mouth individuals destroy everything that is good in relationships.

  63. Furiousstylez75 The Barber

    I love her voice

  64. Fredrick Causey

    I love this song that's my shit!!!she sang this shit !!!!and I'm a Man

  65. Bonnie

    Dayum 💋💋

  66. Kai C

    This song is so underrated

  67. Rainbow Lifestyle

    Bye Felicia. This is my shit

  68. Sharon Elliott

    They always say I will not come back but do try to come hard but it toooo late

  69. Sharon Elliott

    Love her ❤️ music

  70. Charmaine Tillman

    Love this song

  71. Tina Doss

    I love this song she is a beautiful soul

  72. michael padilla

    I just discovered this Amazing Artist through Amazon Music ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  73. nyya thom


  74. Rachel Williams

    Piont of No Return

  75. nixon salas

    Ella canta con él corazón ♥!!!!

  76. Valerie Liggins

    Someone else is saying my name bye Felicia

  77. Tamon Davis

    I like this 🔥👄💯

  78. queen bee


  79. Larry Chamberlain


  80. Vanessa Hampton

    Beautiful song omg love it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  81. Rosemary Hatter

    Lela is definitely a New School Queen!

  82. Fung Yu


  83. Coach 4lyfe

    Leeta really captured the heart and emotions of a woman when he's mistreated her and then leaves but tries to come back after she's already moved on emotionally... I love this song and can't wait for that bastard to try to come back. haha.....

  84. Trenetta Brown

    This song is the truth.

  85. Berta Andrade

    Wen you love someone And you know who they really are when you come back and realize that there is nothing between you guys anymore it’s time to set it free and MoveOn and being happy I’ve let go and I am happy I do not want to go back I just wanna move on with someone new and be happy 💋💋

  86. Alicia Wilson

    I don't won't u back

  87. Monica Wiggins

    I love you too. Mom

  88. Champagne Gold

    I love the song. I love her look as always. Not necessarily feeling the video. I don't care for the video or the actress cast it in the video.

  89. Cas82958

    Love, love, love this song. The lyrics are so personal to me

  90. Lynette Stewart

    This grown folks music right here, Beyonce and her fans know nothing about this. This my shit right here, 2019!

  91. Kenneth Harris

    Duet Anthony Hamilton and Leela James would be incredible!


    Kenneth Harris I swear they have the same voice! 😊🤷🏽‍♀️

    Cynthia Perkins

    They actually have a song together

  92. Shawn Norman

    These is a drop song I keep it on repest

  93. Serah Moyo

    june 2019..this song is still fire

  94. Tatiana Williams

    I dnt want ur love is wat I said to my ex
    July listeners

  95. sadie Williams

    Love it! 2019

  96. Kierra J.

    I remember when I was 13 and this would come on the radio. I could sing the whole song and every time my grandma would give me that "oh so you think you grown now"? look😵😂😂

  97. Lafara Love

    Heyyyy I would never take you back!!!!!Her voice is so nice♥️♥️♥️

  98. Darlene Farmer

    Leela James is my girl! It bothers me that her musical talents aren't recognize today. Damn shame.

  99. Shannon Thurman

    Sharing in 2019 ♥ Loving all your music ♥