Leela James - Damn Your Eyes Lyrics

I can do what I want
I'm in complete control
That's what I tell myself
I got a mind of my own
I'll be alright alone
Don't need anybody else
I gave myself a good talkin' to
No more bein' a fool for you
And when I see you all I remember
Is how you make me wanna surrender

Damn your eyes
For takin' my breath away
Makin' me wanna stay
Damn your eyes
For getting my hopes up high
Makin' me fall in love again
Damn your eyes

It's always the same
You say that you'll change
Some how you never do
I believe all your lies
Look in your eyes
You make it all seem true

I guess I see what I wanna see
Or is my heart just deceiving me
And with that look I know so well
I fall completely under your spell

[repeat chorus]

You came deliberately deceiving me
Makin' me see what I wanna see

[repeat chorus]

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Leela James Damn Your Eyes Comments
  1. La'Ray Morgan

    Leela is so versatile! She transformed this classes by Etta James, and made it hers.

  2. Rhonda Webb

    Love the original by Etta but really kinda like the up-tempo of this.  Nicely Done!

  3. Rachel RighteousLuv

    ♥Soulful&♥Sensual...Thanks4sharing some Leela James music luv!! R-luv

  4. Rae Estrada

    That is my bae Eddie he has those beautiful brown eyes that just make me melt.

  5. Nick Zois

    τα όμορφα πρωινά κάνουν πιο όμορφες και τις νύχτες που ακολουθούν

  6. Jacqueline Furlow

    Really upbeat-tempo,,,Rhythmically-GREAT!!!!!

  7. frazer1930

    Love ur voce Leelaxxxqqqqqqqqqqq🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

  8. GoodVibrations

    Nice up beat track. Good for dancing.

  9. Candi Young

    Thanks for posting, Nick Zois.

  10. tavia coleman

    Jammin!!!!!! :)

  11. Rosalind Mckinnon

    LOV. IT!!

  12. Karen B

    you represent Etta James song 

    Angel Jimenez


  13. Christine Clark

    I love good music we need more of this, thanks

  14. Jarrett Rowland

    Thank for keeping great music alive you are the real deal of soul music.

  15. deep see

    Hey heard this track just a couple hours ago on superfly radio, shazamed it and searched it to find it JUST posted! sweet hook up nickzois!