Lee, Trip - Twisted Lyrics

[Trip Lee:]
Do not be deceived my beloved brothers, every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights, don't get it twisted man

Uh yea, it's Wayne gretzky on his neck piece, (huh) got em feeling real hefty on his best week. Huh but let see (let's see), he say he make it rain, but yet the sky's still bluer than a gas flame. I mean let's make it plain, somebody keep 'em breathin', keep his blood flowin', and keep his heart beatin'. God keep em eatin', and it ain't no secret, don't get it twisted God gave him what he needed. (speed it up!) My life ain't never been mine, yeah I work hard and yeah I grind, but not to get rich man not to shine, not to get rich man not to shine. And I don't boast much I don't brag, cause everything I got man I got it from dad, and matter fact ain't one thing I have,
That God ain't put here in my hand,
So I say remember that your legs work, cause of em next time you running for your goals think who's really running it. Everything is under him planets, countries, cities, hoods, don't get it twisted God did it, done it, got it!? Good1

[Chorus: Pro and Lecrae]
Say they fly, but that's a lie, man they got it twisted
Rings are gold, crispy clothes, man they got it twisted
I bet you think you a god but boy you got it twisted, tw-tw-twisted, tw-tw-twisted
Get a little bit a money stack a little bit a chedda then we get the game so twisted,
20-sum inches on a little bit a leather then we get get things so twisted
I bet you think you so hard but boy you got it twisted, tw-tw-twisted, tw-tw-twisted

[Trip Lee:]
Yes sir, back on that thang, reflectin on life an it's happiness mayne, since I was born I had what I needed, when I think back ain't been lackin a thang. Clothes I got, soda pop, the home I got, the cash in the bank, the bros I got, the shows I rock, none of us lacked it was passed from the King, So many things was on to us, we holdin up on some dough for lunch and I'd say my grace and then get with the game. Never really thought of his mercy flows, never really heard the words before, every good thing is comin' down from the Father of Lights like a passionate rain. Yeah tell them to get back, yeah how they think they get that, my Father gave me gift wrap though He don't have to give jack. We ain't earned a single thing, oh homie, don't miss that, He gives because he's merciful now spit that, don't get it twisted. Hey yeah some of us are strugglin' they off in hoods, but still get mo' than they deserve look all he He does is good, He gives freely and He's perfect in His distribution, look, don't get it screwed up like you live in (Houston).


Some things that I think are good in life they make me nervous, anything my father give me though I know it's perfect, anything I get besides my death I don't deserve it, used to think that I was good to have cash splurging (ooo!). I was a trap star, sixteen phat car, anything that made me feel good was good, that far, kept them bangers with me like I'm good, gon' act hard, even kept that green bay too (yeah - Brett Farve). See my whole thought of good was out of context, didn't know what good was cause I hadn't seen the Son yet, ran around with different girls like it was a contest, young and dumb, foolish, too, I was on some nonsense (ooo!). Thought it was good that the whole hood heard of me, they thought it was good that other hoods wanna murder me, somebody call the cops cause it's an emergency, now I know what good is - it's God's love and mercy.


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Lee, Trip Twisted Comments
  1. Butchman2000

    Not part of the flock anymore, but appreciate hearing some artists with balance, passion, and enjoying what they do. No attendant fear, condescencion, or self-righteousness. Makes me wanna just do better tomorrow, not beg for forgiveness to stay out of hell and all that nonsense.

  2. James Edward Mallen

    2019? Anyone? Hoping I'm not alone. God bless 116

  3. Films

    if they only knew and 20/20 were his best albums. starting on this album it gets hard to understand him.

  4. Instructional Development And Design

    the intro sounds like music from Metroid Prime. Cool ☺

  5. too chill

    people who dont like christian rap are part of the illuminati cant hate just pray for them they see christ one day an get away from that devil an his sinful ways

  6. Lucius Maximus

    trip should be a legend

  7. lilac princess

    Jesus is in love with us all. This is Gods world, I read Psalms 118:24 everyday and can feel his presents. I helps through even the hard times😊

  8. Delano Gibbs

    What happened to you that makes you reject truth? Because from where I stand my most embarrassing years where when I lived my life having sex with everything I saw like an animal drinking to where I couldn't think straight and make good decisions wasting my life away that's pretty embarrassing

  9. Captain Eccentricity

    I can't believe I used to listen to this stupid shit. my Christian years were some of the most embarrassing years of my life. FUCK JESUS. "young and dumb, foolish too. I was on some nonsense." That's a good way to describe it.

    Troy Brewer

    What happened? Are u sure u were really saved and y would u walk away from the one who loves you? Jw

    Steffi Samantha

    I think u haven't tasted the love of Jesus Christ . his love is relentless, perfect . it it in him we find ourselves and it is in him we find true freedom! get it .

    Someone Over

    what happened?

    Djheanna M

    This song was made for what happened to you

    Raul Gomez

    God will always be there for you. Even when you doubt him, he still loves you. Although we go through hard times and struggles, he is still there. Whatever happened to you in your life, doesn't have to burden you. God gave his son's life so that we could be free from such burdens. Trust me friend, the weight will not be lifted from your shoulders until you return to the "narrow path." God bless you

  10. Kayden Ross


  11. AC Lightnin

    The fact that people are saying that their music is changing because they "water downed" their music and they're not serious about Christ. You guys can't judge them for trying to find a different way to preach the Gospel. It's not like they stopped talking about Jesus in their songs like their still serious about God. Y'all just mad cause they don't fit your image and that's not their job to do that. They're suppose to spread the Gospel and they still do that even if they change the way they do it or the beats of their music and etc.

  12. Taylor Bog

    Their music is a lot different now,, they try to look like the world but back then they could care less

    Someone Over

    Not really, its almost like buying new clothes when the old ones don't fit.


    PogChamp Moment I 100% agree

    Presbian116 Tier1

    Any proof

  13. Linny Foston

    Don't get it twisted God did it done it got it good!

  14. ZoeMcDonaghVlogs

    I know right

  15. Linny Foston

    They got it twisted. Twi twi twisted twi twi twisted.

  16. Ryan Tristani

    Who says Christians cant go hard?

  17. digirealm

    give me that lecrae back please

  18. Mike Kyeame

    Gets me hype especially "everything is under him planets countries city's hoods don't get it twisted god did done got good

  19. kkjjdtown9696

    Where's PRo at?

  20. Joseph Mayega

    Love it

  21. Natalie Walters

    He has not quit he is still making music. He is coming out with another album it is just he wanted to serve more at his church as well. He was just on the Dove awards and performed with Andy Mineo.

  22. Camilo thiago

    muito massa a batida

  23. Presley Gonzales

    oh whats the song called?

  24. toycannon81

    What do they say at 4:47?

  25. Bijon Magee

    he kinda did, but last i remember he's still making songs. . . There's a new song just came out not too recently but, it came out in 2013 :)

  26. Presley Gonzales

    oh cool I heard tht he quit 2 be a full time pastor.

  27. Bijon Magee

    Love it

  28. MusicLyrics

    What did you use to make this?

  29. Stealthboy23

    he is being a pastor now, he wont be as active as before

  30. Presley Gonzales

    Oh ok cause I heard he was quitting 2 be a pastor

  31. Star Franks

    yes he is

  32. ThePHXch

    I guess what I heard is that he quit making music to become a pastor of a church. If I'm wrong and anybody knows better, please correct me. God blessu

  33. Presley Gonzales

    Is trip lee still makin music???

  34. Isaac Patrick

    dont get it twisted man...

  35. WatkinsFamily

    8 people are twisted.

  36. Tim Underwood

    8 Jamaicans thought dislike meant dis i like

  37. Matt n Desi


  38. Matt n Desi

    Check out my songs if you like Christian hip hop. And if you don't like it, get with the program. Its the future of mainstream.

  39. Matt n Desi

    God Bless 116 Clique, Their music has blessed so many. Their shows are full of the rowdyest believers on the planet that are there for the music and to praise God together. I recommend going to one. 4 hours of non stop Jesus crazy hip hop. I LOVE IT!

  40. gavincary19

    Great song
    There reat

  41. Marrika Sanders

    you gottt itttttttt

  42. Musical Natashea

    Boy you got it TWISTED

  43. SalliK11

    Lol, Green Bay and Brett FAVRE made me smile. Well, the whole thing did, but being a Packer fan, you know, it stands out.

  44. Kayla M

    real talk. love this song

  45. blykhim

    this a backwards world we living in , its Jesus thats has us walking forward.

  46. jesussfighter

    I feel bad for the 7 people from houston..

  47. Michael Randell

    He sound just like T.I

  48. Charlene Dimplez

    god touched my life

  49. johnny dickson

    this song simply bangs

  50. Marcell Edwards

    i'm noticing a pattern in christian rap/hip-hop. verses and beats are fire but the hook/chorus tend to be sketchy border line corny.

  51. Ashlyn Grantham

    what program did you use?

  52. solomon Tumusiime

    hot stuff!!

  53. Restless Creatives


  54. Cris Fernandez

    KJ-52 has an old school hip hop feel

  55. SDBrownSugar

    Yeah, I have (rebel) and love that album. His other albums just happen to have some tracks that I like here and there. My favorite Lecrae jam is Take Me As I Am. So you can kind of see wha I prefer to listen to. Next album I am buying is R-Swift Revolutionary Theme Musik. Just have to take care of my family first then I can spoil my self.

  56. SDBrownSugar

    Out of all of Lecraes albums I like (rebel) the most. All his other albums just have a few tracks that I like. Take Me As I Am is probably my favorite Lecrae track.

    What I Believe by Believen Stephen only has 9 tracks, but I love every single one of them. I did find one Trip Lee song I liked. It was called Fallen or something like that. I'l go search it right now again.

  57. Dwight Blake


  58. Luke Kibbe

    well i do know that Lecrae has some really good songs

  59. AnonymousChristian26

    listen to lecrae.. or other gospel rappers =)

  60. SDBrownSugar

    I'm 32 and can't get into these kinds of tracks. Does Trip Lee have any songs that feel old school? Don't get me wrong I love Jesus and hip hop, but these kinds of beats annoy me.

    Presbian116 Tier1

    SDBrownSugar the best is meh but the lyrics are relatable and raw


    check out the ambassador

  61. Tommy Costa

    love it, God bless u

  62. catnaa333

    That was a good job of a video.

  63. Jon-John Pinckney

    whats the program called?

  64. CYGUY29

    4 people got it twisted. they thought they pressed the thumbs up

  65. Hannah Amy

    4 dislikes...HA!! losers...well...haters gunna hate..^.^

  66. jacob jacobson

    Anyone know how to get playlists/utubE songs on to zune or ipod? Haven't really tried yet, not the best with comps tho. WOrkin on it.

  67. Aaron

    8 months ago you said that, did you really do it?

  68. krista gomez

    im a REBEL of christ! xD d0nt Get TWISTED MAIN!

  69. RapKidJG2

    Apparently i cannot get my point across so just FORGET ABOUT IT


    Personally, Trip Lee is my favorite. His lyrics.... wow. But IMO, LeCrae is better. Gravity is going to be ridiculous.


    wow, seriously? do you even buy the albums? this sounds like the exact same one that I have. lol that VERY MUCH sounds like Trip. what a crazy accusation.

  72. track770

    hmm Trip Lee or Lecrae??? IDK they're both amazing rappers with amazing messages!

  73. AnonymousChristian26

    Oh yes i got it twisted.. my tongue is twisted (so fast and nice beat) =)) God Bless..! Don't get it twisted..!

  74. Micheal Verdell

    wow he sounds just like t.i

  75. squirelmaster11

    i'm thinkin you may just be stupid

  76. oOxEMANxOo

    @joshuat301 i didnt use a web cam mic or any type of mic... i downloaded the song from youtube made it into an mp3 with an mp3 converter then i put it into my program and put lyrics on it, and it is trip lee but there is also featuring artist in it so stop accusing ne of doing something i didnt do and listen to the song amd receive from its message.

  77. Petr Shotropa

    God Bless You!

  78. track770

    Some of doesn't sound like trip lee because it's not... It CLEARLY says FEATURING Lecrae, PRo and This'l. Chill out and listen to this song.

  79. RapKidJG2

    apparently most of the web world doesnt even know who tripp lee is

  80. RapKidJG2

    your making people think this because 1 it doesnt even sound like tripp lee (only and the background) and you can tell that you either used a web cam microphone or a camra microphone

  81. oOxEMANxOo

    @joshuat301 how am i making people think that i wrote and executed the song?? the title literally says, "twisted by trip lee" the beginning of the video says trip lee, my info box says from trip lees album, we all kno who wrote the song cuz it says who wrote the song.. im jus here posting up lyrics for people

  82. RapKidJG2


  83. RapKidJG2

    u no this video sounds way more different then the official song one: u can hardly hear tripp and two: who is adlibbing in the frontground

  84. Christopher Brown

    listen to fools gold by andy mineo and kb zone out

  85. Yasemin Wray

    song goes hard, i love it

  86. whitedovegrl66

    you got me twisted.lol twist me,some more.

  87. whitedovegrl66

    i am a swag!what can i say. i love things the swaggish! way.wher things get alittle twisted in the right way.i love how,it got me all twisted they cans,twist some,mores

  88. whitedovegrl66

    it goes all twisted.

  89. whitedovegrl66

    it goes all twisted.

  90. whitedovegrl66

    twisted,love it dont get it twisted.So,many peoples,all around me,got all so freakin twisted.

  91. whitedovegrl66

    wow this song incrediable.totally love it awsom .tis mind blowing.

  92. whitedovegrl66

    it ought to be everybodys new favorite song.this here was a piece of work mastermind,Mind blowing lyrics i like too got it all twisted.

  93. deion4759 |D-Maestro|

    one of best songs ever u mean

  94. Zach Lindsay

    I love this song, first rap song I heard that swings a little (the chorus)

  95. Isaac Brown

    Keep It UP!!

  96. CaptainsneakyMk5

    @hseggplant22 how did it go? :D

  97. jordan spears

    great video

  98. mochanflowerz

    Love It! :) So true!