Lee, Trip - Robot Lyrics

I am not your robot, I am not a clone
You are not my puppeteer and I am not a drone
Got a new master and I follow Him alone
I want a good life till I'm gone

[Verse 1:]
Hey I was born less than human
I know it sounds crazy
But I was really born a robot as a baby
No real life in me, I just played my role
No self control, I just did what I was told
I got my first order, I was just a day old
But I didn't have a chance, cause my heart was way cold
My heart took the order, I couldn't break the mold
Sold under bondage and I couldn't take control
So I was just chilling in my robot clothes
With my robot friends, and my robot flows
Living robot ways, cause that's all I know
Till I heard I could be freed from my robot soul, I'm like...

Why you always trying to control me?
You are not my boss that's the old me
Obviously you don't know my style
'Cause I'm not a, I'm not a robot now
I'm not a, I'm not a, I'm not a Robot
I'm not a, I'm not a Robot now [x2]

[Verse 2:]
The crazy thing is I ain't know I was robot
So I ain't have a whole lot of plans for me to rollout
I thought I was unique, I thought I was so hot
But I was just like them other drones, I was so locked
Brainwashed, I was listening to lies
The freedom that I thought I had was really a mirage
I made my own choices, but it was a disguise
The only thing I really did was pick a different lie
So I was still a drone, nothing but a clone
I only knew the lies cause that's all that I was shown
But I been remade, my heart is no longer stone
Where my X-Robots who can sing this song?
Now I've been remade, I'm no longer hollow
A real man came, changed everything that I know
He gave me truth, that's a hard pill to swallow
He gave me new commands, and he freed me up to follow


I am not your robot, I am not a clone
You are not my puppeteer and I am not a drone
Got a new master and I follow Him alone
I want a good life till I'm gone

[Verse 3:]
Hey world, you know I see your game
And I don't need your lies, I ain't worried bout a thing
Hey devil, I know you want me chained
But you have been defeated, and your power has been drained
Hey flesh, I know you bear my name
I know you love the lies, but I'm steady tryna change
You mighta been confused, but this a new day
I'm saved now, I ain't gotta do what you say!
To my friends, who are still on lockdown
Still controlled by their passions, stop now
He can free everybody from the top down
If you're freed up, say this with me right now

I'm not a, I'm not a Robot now
I'm not a, I'm not a Robot now
I'm not a, I'm not a, I am not a Robot
I'm not a, I'm not a Robot now

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Lee, Trip Robot Comments
  1. La'Shari

    Who listening in 2020 and who knows that they are not a robat

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    2007 vibes right here🙏🏾

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    Big Guy Shaun

    Your so perfect Israel

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    Im just kidding XD

  7. Maliyah, Clifford, and Christian YouTube Channel


    Maliyah, Clifford, and Christian YouTube Channel

    Im just kidding xD

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  9. Marquise Hebbler

    I'm sorry what is a robat? Lol

  10. Gage Smith - InGodWeRock

    My theme song for 2019

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  12. Isaiah Savage

    I'M not a robot now

  13. Levi Nashty

    This song is so full of really solid theology!!

  14. Ty Barajas

    This song STILL bumps in 2019!

  15. Stephanie Korte


    Courtney Jones

    Of course

  16. Ethen Daniel Ridall

    anyone listening in 2019

    Courtney Jones

    I'm with ya

  17. Ethen Daniel Ridall

    2019 still Bumping it

  18. Olivia McClendon

    2018 and still jamming!!

  19. Jae H

    I absolutely love this song and Trip Lee as a rapper 😍😍

  20. Kevin F

    I am a not a robot C3PO OR R2D2 l an a servant of the most HIGH KING JESUS Halleuiyah Amen

    Annabelle Pape

    Heck yeah!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    Silent Pistol

    Why the shade at star wars? I get what you're saying

  21. Mskillz 1

    2018 still bumping this TRACK🤗🤗👌🏿👌🏿👌👌👌👌

    Everett Lee III



    U already know

  22. G. Laziola

    非常に面白い曲!! ^_^

  23. La'Shari

    Who still listening in 2018

    Just Nate

    Lashari Player preparing a sermon that's inspired by this song for the youth !

  24. Sharon Vescera

    Is this learec

    Anon person

    Sharon Vescera
    No it’s trip lee

    Della Barnes

    It says in the frickin title its trip lee u dyslexic idiot

  25. NUGGet3562

    Heard this at YEC and still bumping 😎

  26. chargeboltjay

    This guy should win a trophy

  27. vice city

    for those that don't understand that there are many slaves and clones in the music industry. Tripp and the rest of the 116 crew know what's up. I hear it in most of their music

    Julian Jauregui

    vice city I believe they sold out look into it brother look at lecraes new music he sold out for sure. Now trip lee is a confusing one. Look at how he covers his eye in the album cover. It’s a little fishy to me bro. And he doesn’t say Jesus one time in this song like the older songs. Idk man I think they’re confirming to the world and have let the money get to them and it changed them. Look at Toby Mac too he sold out for sure as well. Look into brother I may be wrong but idk this doesn’t really glorify Jesus our lord in this song. It’s more worldly and now I think these so called Christian artists are selling out to Satan for the money.

    Marynda Wright

    @Julian Jauregui it says in the song hey devil you've been defeated and you're power's been drained... You don't have to put God's name in a song to figure out it's about him... Their music reaches to people who would've never been reached by regular contemporary Christian music so no they have not sold out nor will they

    Julian Jauregui

    Marynda Wright yea they have it’s pretty obvious tbh they’re making millions in the music industry and displaying the one eye symbolism in their albums and music videos. They’ve sold out for sure

  28. officialbonasitumorang

    yesssss im not devil's slave. im child of God. im not a robot now... because Jesus set me free

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    im not a robat

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    Awesome 😘😘😘😘 song😎

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    no robo, no robo

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    Love this! It fights our life B.C. (before Christ) so well.

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    awesome song!! very cool because of the beat! nice song trip Lee my man! keep doing what you do best

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    So good

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    This is amazing I love trips music

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    me busta es mi cansion

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    Ethen Daniel Ridall 18


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    I love this!! 116 clique is the best!

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    I think it's his Southern accent, we're both from Texas

    David Thomas

    Lol! Sean Slaughter said that on his podcast, What in the Ham Sandwich?!

  48. Cryinginacoolway

    I heard this at church


    ... Say whaaat? Cool church bro.

  49. Natnael Samuel

    When they keep asking you to confirm you're not a robot

    Forever Unashamed

    Fo' Real! I be like I'M NOT A—I'M NOT A ROBOT NOW-GOOGLE!!

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    Forever Unashamed I no your not a ROBT

    Annabelle Pape


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    2016 and still bumping this track!


    EpicfireDUDE30 '18