Lee, Trip - My Lord Lyrics

Yeah... This life is so hard man..
And It seems like I'm always leading my self in the wrong direction
So I'm so greatful that the Lord leads me. I'm so greatful for the word of God...

Yeah Ay when I think
Back on the bad times, back on the great fail, back on my backside
A pathway was straight.
The fact is I fail when my dad is around when I laz. When I lack Him I happen to drown.

Lagging behind me, I'm slackin and down. A sluggard yeah that would be an accurate noun.
Been saved from the grave in his wrath I am found, pretend to get lost on this path through the town, son.

Lord I need you, I Run towards it's just Lord nothing I Want more than to seek you.
When I see you it's easy as 1,2,3, when I'm missed it it's all twisted like it was 1,3,2.
Ay if you saved I'm praying the Son leads you.
You trust him and his Holy instruction will seek you. This God he's views like heart like you were see through and he redeemed you he's more than pleased to lead you..

Life is hard, it's been a fight since the start, only way to make It is
If Christ is my Lord, teach me and lead me my life is yours (yeah your my Lord yeah your my Lord) [x2]

When I stray I'm troubled faced with much struggle when I understand don't stay tryin to hustle,
I'm easily discouraged, nothing seems to flourish, all week I'm weak no need to nourish
All sweets, all me, knowin him is costly he ain't lost me but I'm off beat and nervous but his word guards me from all things that hurt us
And when God leads I'm godly in service.

It all seems right--1st Psalm leads it's perfect--we'll stand firm like palm trees to flourish. We've been delighting in this plan we gon' stay by Dad.
In contrast the wicked man is blown away like chaff.

Cuz' he thinks that on his own he can stay on the right path. But us we gotta trust if it's day and the night: grab this text.
Yes we blessed to meditate on that. Dagger's wanting dudes to rust and fate away like grass..

Life is hard, it's been a fight since the start, only way to make it is if Christ is my Lord,
teach me and lead me my life is yours (yeah your my Lord yeah your my Lord) [x2]

Yeah Ay what a relief It is to be lead to read the sweet text and heat what he said,
My Lord if it was left to me I'd be dead treading the wrong path I'm blessed to be on track.
It's blessed to be on that, I Do more than eat bread, I live of every word from God like He said,
My Lord makes no sense to follow flesh cuz his invents are always known to product best.

Yeah you made me, and saved me, I'm not gon' stress, cause I been long, cause I love You and follow steps. When my father would rule I'm just following rules to win Him with no heart like a hollow chest.

But pursue Him hear joy in my fathers steps being lead by your Spirit hearing "I'm So Blessed"
cuz I feel If It here following my own lead I'd rather see it driven by Him man and follow heed..

Life is hard, it's been a fight since the start, only way to make It is
If Christ is my Lord, teach me and lead me my life is yours (yeah your my Lord yeah your my Lord) [x2]


[Music Fades]

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Lee, Trip My Lord Comments
  1. Ed G

    Music for the struggle

  2. Stephen Lawal

    This song will never ever get old ! Nostalgia

    Lawrence Mason

    I swear!!!


    Lawrence Mason Haha 4 days ago! Glad people still listen

  3. SincerePrayer 94

    a another banger

  4. jonathan cromartie

    love this track

  5. TapN2thisBliss • Montillia

    This song will forever be one of my favorites. It always remind me of the joys of my new born days. = ) Always...

  6. Ignac Pierre

    Great flow nice beat couldn't been no better

  7. Nir M

    Bonus track but best song on the album to me, for sure. Imagine if it didn't make it, wow! I think it's my favorite Trip Lee song... Amazing.

  8. lashawn237

    Him and lacrae are off tha hook!!!

  9. Goolungs


  10. maiya fong-lee

    Hes pretty good

  11. Rod brown

    Aww man serious, Trip I just dont how u do it, where ever the lord lead keep doin it because this lost world needs it

  12. Raimundo Mendes

    boy I love your songs my dream is to sing with you one day

  13. dkrmusicuk

    This song brings a tear to my eye, Beautiful song :)

  14. joyness33

    my favorite lullaby <3

  15. Gerrad Walker

    Wow, this song is mad good, surprised it doesn't have more views--probably one of the best on this album. I don't think this album was as good as superstar but it's darn good!

  16. Jorrit van der Loo

    one M0:00RE time man yea i know life's hard but life's always better than hell! glory to the mighty lord, amen!

  17. Devon Long

    great song love it We all need the Lord to guide us

  18. Quincy Lopez

    This song is Blessed..

  19. Denise Nmn

    richtig geil,tanzen gerade beim hip hop dazu(:

  20. kxshisking

    @DACM4N my style!..

  21. Mister Shong

    this has a nice bboy flow

  22. kxshisking

    so so smooth, possibly my fave.. shout out to my Lord!

  23. Gbemi Oladipo

    i love this song. Cools me down

  24. Horsemeth

    this sounds like true security in 20/20

    Lawrence Mason

    Yeah this song better

  25. ChopzSyndrome Moore

    God has blessed trip so much. Does anyone know where to find an instrumental for this.

  26. Muay Thai Super Saiyan

    This is his style. he should stick to this i don't feel the crunk as much but that's just me. Trip doing his thing for God.

  27. Amiran Önderski

    @ayotee2 lol yeah its sounds really like a christian lupe but lupe is now muslim^^

  28. Breanna McGowan

    i love this song! And i love Trip Lee thank u god for this wonderful artist that spreads your word to the world!!!!:D

  29. AOke

    Sounds like a christian lupe.

  30. shyguy

    perfect picture on this beautiful day

  31. Justice Benson

    Life, it Is Hard and Been a Fight Since The start, Only Way to Make it is If Christ Is Ma Lord, Teach Me and Lead me, Ma Life It is Urs , yeh yah Ma Lord (yeh yah Ma Lord) (Southern-American accent) Chorus

  32. poet215

    this track reminds me of old school laid back hip hop but with a powerful message...trip lee is one of the best rappers to grace the mic for Christ

  33. saf1783 Delete

    Lord I need You
    I run towards His just law
    Nothing I want more than to seek you
    When I see you it's easy as 1-2-3
    When I miss it's all twisted like it was 1-3-2

  34. ChristianhiphopMusik

    @TNAguy2000 Yea it's one of my favorites tracks on the album.

  35. Justice Benson


  36. Fresno State Football

    So smooth.