Lee Ryan - I Don't Wanna Let You Down Lyrics

So here we both stand after so long apart
Want to let go, but you're still in my heart
Should I give in to what's on my mind?
Should I just surrender, let fate decide?

Cos I don't wanna let you down
No I don't wanna let you down

Do you still remember, the laughter and tears
Who would have thought, the memories would last all those years
And I never gave in, I believe that somehow (yeah yeah)
That you're the one who really knew me
Do you know me now?

Cos I don't wanna let you down
(Don't wanna let you down)
No I don't wanna let you down

Sometimes my mind runs away
And I need your guidance here tonight – Oh
Sometimes, help me find the way to love
To finally love again (to finally love again)

Here we are together I'm trembling inside
But do I keep the memories safe in my mind?
There's a chance to stop the sorrow
There's so much to loose
Are you gonna be the one to show me babe...
The road I must choose

Cos I don't wanna let you down
No I don't wanna let you down

Noo... don't wanna let you down

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Lee Ryan I Don't Wanna Let You Down Comments
  1. martindonaldson

    Beautiful song.

  2. skynsun1105

    love jo's voice so much ~ charming!! and it fits so well with lee's voice

  3. mike j

    omg this song is amazing....i love jo..

  4. schwantz037

    I foooking hate pikey's

  5. Kieran M

    jos my hero love her xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. becky turley

    lee's voice is so gorgous in this song i luv lee!! hez reat jo is ok i suppose to


    beautiful :)

  8. dan simons

    great song! jo has the nicest voice

  9. Stuart Brewer

    Does anyone know where I can find this song?

  10. live42006

    I used 2 lyk jo but she's changed!!
    I love Lee tho!
    And the song!
    he is sooo sexy! xx

  11. Jake Williams

    hasnt been released!
    wish it had been though
    its great.

  12. Jake Williams

    ooh ive been waiting to hear this song for ages
    thatnks so much for uploading!!!!