Lee Ryan - Daydreamer Lyrics

Younf man got a lot of soul
In god he trust he broke the mould with this one
It feels like theres nowhere left to run
In fact his life has just begun
With a dream
And sometimes that's enough

Fly away drift and glide
Fly away drift and glide

Daydreamer what are you dreaming of
Daydreamer what are you thinking of
Daydreamer i wanna dream with you
And leave it all behind
I say welcome to the dreatime.

Young girl that i used to know
Sung a lullaby and stole the show from everyone
I tell ya just when she closed her eyes
She saw the world and she fantasised it was part of her
And it was beautiful

A swan song for my girl
I love you but i dont know where you are
So long for now
I'll see you in my dreamtime.

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Lee Ryan Daydreamer Comments
  1. ANNA del Mondo '94

    ❤️❤️❤️Molto dolce❤️❤️❤️

  2. faten Bishani

    drift and glide <3

  3. Marco Yossie

    Lee ryan...you're great ....i'm from indonesia

  4. A Marianna

    So long for now, I'll see you in my dreamtime...

  5. theyrdaydreamers

    They will just dream away, in there church allso. For it is for the lost.

  6. PlayHard_WorkHard

    potevi mette na canzone migliore!! ; ) , no skerzo....