Lee Ryan - Army Of Lovers Lyrics

There's an army of lovers dying to meet you
Dying to make your acquaintance
It could be you or it could be me
So don't let go
Because I need you so.

I'm yours, and you are mine
There's something about you baby
I want to hold you tonight

Accidents happen, strangest of places
How come they happen at all
Look for the turning for something or nothing
I wont let go
Because I need you so.

I'm yours and you are mine
There's something about you baby
I want to hold you tonight

Every time I see you, you complete my life
Got to find an answer stay with me tonight
Stay with me, oh baby wont you stay with me
Stay with me

There's an army of lovers dying to meet you
Dying to make your acquaintance.

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Lee Ryan Army Of Lovers Comments
  1. risna pesek



    December 23rd 2019

  3. Veronica De Lauro Violinista

    Chi ascolta nel dicembre 2019? Ahahahah ❤️

  4. ant eko

    Look for the turning ..... Something or nothing

  5. Lash Salva

    Nov 2019 ❤️❤️❤️

  6. EmmasBlog Life

    2019?! Still love this song❤️

  7. Whimsical Marshmellow

    Love this song and video

  8. Phoebe Olivia

    Give this video at least 20m views

  9. Davide r


  10. xxxTIN0xxx

    I wasn't even a fan of this song back then (it was released in summer 2005) but damn, listening to it now it's giving me a nostalgic vibe. I've revalued this song, it's actually quite beautiful.

  11. Killber Amazuki

    Nostalgia, OMG.

  12. leo huynh

    Lee Ryan , a man was sent from God. I love him best among Blue mems

  13. Debbie

    Always had a brilliant voice ♥️

  14. Lorraine Wilson

    nice song

  15. Emilia Gjuci

    Oh MY GOD, 14 YEARS AGO? #gettingold

  16. Stefania De Bortoli

    Come sono cambiate le canzoni!! Questa, a distanza di anni è ancora bella 🥰

    Emilia Gjuci


  17. Stephanie Beggiato

    2019.... I love it

  18. Ghost tribe

    Love this song,brings me back of 10 years...

  19. Peter W Roberts

    This song needs a rerelease or a cover

    Phoebe Olivia

    I can be that person

  20. L'Ange Gemi-fob

    2019! He should have been bigger than what he was...

  21. Susie Webb Music

    Looking forward to working with Ryan very soon. Great song

  22. Pet Scha

    still waiting.... thank you for your music!

  23. Farida Abdusattarkhuja

    2019 still love this song💕

  24. Jeje Al

    Libya 2019 lee rayan
    Army of lovers

  25. Faby Silva

    2019, Anyone?


    Faby Silva I'm

  26. Giuseppe Geniale

    Ho te e tu hai me..

  27. Pinke Gréta

    and in 2019 too

  28. mas pok

    Pikey picnic

  29. klein kleinich

    Schöner Song und geiles Lied

  30. Hakima Diallo

    His voice .. Ryan is and still be a good singer.. Thank u

  31. Chen Rose

    2018!! Lee Ryan💕

  32. CARdasians

    yes 2018! still here!

  33. Richard

    I used to have hair like lee in 2005, sadly I lost most of it lol


    ولله كفر مابيها مشهدات هواي

  35. Hadeel Abbas

    no one no one has the voice of Lee Ryan.. missing his voice and songs 😍😍💔💔💔💔 2018

  36. Jay Alex Price


  37. imane tajeddine

    Anyone on 2018? 🤔

  38. vincenzo raspavolo

    handsome and really talented love this song good old pop

  39. Mona Moon

    2018 July anyone?

  40. no no

    2018 and I still listening to you ❤

  41. Ermi Pedro TI Hazard

    heart touching song by Frank Lampard's lookalike Lee

  42. Jade Avalon

    I'm yours 😃😃😃😃😃

  43. Naftaly Faria

    I still love this song, Lee you're an amazing writer and singer.

  44. Wardatul Jannat

    2018 and still listening and singing to the lyrics ♥️ Lee Ryan ♥️ reminds me of my O Level Days

  45. Ermi Pedro TI Hazard

    Lee Rayn look like Frank Lampard

  46. Ikah Murti

    Lee have a good voice but he dont have star aora for be single songs

  47. Saiful Alam

    2018 is here

  48. Heart Current

    2018 and I still love this song like when I was 14

  49. Sally Toli

    My fav song ..... stay with me 😓

  50. For EXO

    2018 is here

  51. beren saat

    amazing song i love u. ryan ❤❤my name imane Im in algeria i love u i love u. byby

  52. ZAKI Isa

    He’s woody from eastensers

  53. cansu kan

    My first love

  54. Paul Morris

    Isn't this the virtue signalling little mangina who got sacked by the celebrity chef?

  55. Obvious Bambi

    Still waiting for the band Army of Lovers to release a song called "Lee Ryan".

    Waun Jynn

    Obvious Bambi why so funny 😆

  56. Sara

    2017 and still listening! :D

  57. dilek karakaş

    2017 is here

  58. Anda Petani

    2017 . I'm yours and you are mine.

  59. Aisling Prendergast

    This guy has always been an amazing singer

  60. luana musso

    2017 ❤ -Italia

  61. Nicholas Bowden

    Is this stifler

  62. Jade-Pearl Q.S.

    I love soooo.much lee!!!!

  63. Lizzie Waterfield

    love this song xx

  64. jedrzej2011

    It was 1st solo song of Lee. In Poland first was played "Turn your car around" This song was absent in Poland, but very popular in Germany.

  65. Alina M

    2017 is here. still so in love with this song and his voice <3

  66. Honiahaka

    Bring so much memories

  67. Koki Fahmy

    2017 and still listening to it
    Lee Ryan ❤️

    Maisie Wylds

    Koki Fahmy lee Ryan is cringey afff

  68. ‘The Faustmeister’ Rest Roddington

    Lee had an incredible voice, a real talent.

  69. OnlineEarning Sites

    बहुत ही मार्मिक एवं दिल को छूने वाली रचना ।

  70. magnetismus1

    His eyes at 0:54!!!!!!

  71. Welsh Simon

    Top Tune ..

  72. Queeny Nené

    Yeah this is Real Lee.. Amazing 😍

  73. احمد ابن الشيخ

    OK LEE

  74. chung-yin cheung

    I'm still love this song verry much you have still a power amazing voice grtz from Belgium eh :)

  75. desirè _

    Still listening to it in 2016!! My whole childhood 🇮🇹👊🏻🔙

    rachfi yuliarti

    desirè _ me in february 2017

    John Bra

    I used to listen to this in the summer of 2005 when I was in Italy on vacation. Incredible

  76. Chiara Giampaoli

    So hot :'(

  77. Mary Ann Yumul

    Amazing song and video. love u Lee Ryan.

  78. Mark McDougall

    good old tune

  79. Koray SÖKMEN

    2016 İS HERE

  80. nikidzza bedoya vargas

    What an awesome singer!! Omg.... I'm really feel bad when my sts say that they don't know artists such as "the eagles" "backstreet boys" , michael bolton" and " LEE RYAN" ..... are they kidding me... no... i don't think so... the fact is that world has just trash nowadays.. i mean.. most of the music is just trush... with excptions like you my dear lee ryan :)

  81. FIFA

    2015 is here

  82. Serena Morgan

    I use to think he was so amazing and fit until I seen him on big brother I hate his guts now the way he treats girls is absolutely disgusting he needs to grow up and be a gentleman to women xx

    Kathryn Pollard

    I bet he's devastated you hate him

    Tara Chantale

    +TheCatwoman2005 You are right!! He is just silly,but that is are old Lee and I love him because of that. He didn't do anything wrong. And that is just reallity show.

    Pia Møller

    i love his personality, and he´s funny and charming. & sexy. yes i saw him on big brother 2 and i didnt like it eighter but dont forget: They are locked up in there 24/7 and have nothing to do...they get bored. imagine being locked up in a box you cant get out of....i would go insane and problerbly be a bit silly 2.... i have allways loved Lee ryan. he sings like an angel. he is beautiful and nice and funny.

    Anonymous Peaceful person

    Bless him. Hopefully he finally finds the right girl 🙏🏻

  83. Andia Offiziell

    can't believe it's been 10 years 

    bashar bro

    and now 13 years


    @bashar bro and now 14 years.

    Lacasa Beauty

    and now 15 years.

  84. Mudaffar Shoubaki

    Those days<3

  85. FIFA

    2014 is here.

  86. Libby Briggs

    It's almost 2014...


    yes , because you are not again buried . 


    yes because you are not again buried . 

  87. XxNahdeNxX

    I love this song and Lee love you:-*

  88. Marta Pezzino

    still here since i was 6. i'm growing up with him and his band.dfhkdskjhfkjshg