Lee, Ben - On & On Lyrics

Without a gun I'd be defenceless against you
Without a doubt I'd lose everything I have
Last chance - something I'm trying to tell you
It's clear you're really not my friend

On and on while you're gone
On and on while you're gone

Someday rise and realise I'm fine
So strange not waking up by your side

On and on while you're gone
On and on while you're gone

Anywhere you have to go, any risk you have to take
Anything you need to know, any heart you have to break
If you hear me, come near me
This is your song
On and on while you're gone

Eight o'clock - watch the TV
Nine o'clock - I think I'm going to hell
Ten o'clock - Why'd you leave me
Eleven o'clock - I'm not doing so well

Anywhere you have to go, any risk you have to take
Anything you need to know, any heart you have to break
If you fear me, don't fear me
This is your song
On and on while you're gone
On and on while you're gone

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Lee, Ben On & On Comments
  1. JaK_ Shorts&Stuff

    this is their best song. I really wonder to see this live...

  2. Roger M

    Miss the old Evanescence with Ben Moody and David Hodges.

  3. Renier Bernardo

    Ben moddy devia comer amy, acabou virando amizade e depois virou ódio.
    ele foi muito injustiçado também, graças a ele
    Ben é pai do evanscence.
    E isso ninguém pode negar e tirar isso dele!

    Jana Mattos

    Renier Bernardo Comentário chulo este, eles namoravam, ponto.

  4. Marleen Deborah Goudsblom

    Love it 2019

  5. Julio Cezar Dos Reis Da Conceição

    Aweseome. 💜

  6. Renier Bernardo

    ben moody é o pai do evanescence e sempre será!

  7. Carmine Limata

    Adoro 😗

  8. JLR O.o. Fuck yeah from Mexico.

    Son cuates. Dejense de mamadas

  9. eli ana

    hacían linda pareja...

  10. eli ana

    ben siempre tan lindo...

  11. Husam Alkhoury


  12. davidrig

    Really miss these 2... Such a special pair... As long as there's breath there is always hope! Don't waste the time that is so special.... :)

  13. Agungekowidodo 427

    Love Amy & Ben 😭

  14. Brian Aguirre

    Amy y Ben juntos era la verdadera forma de Evanescence, luego se su separación, la banda no perdió su brillo, pero si una de las dos raíces de donde nació... vídeos así de ellos dos siendo siendo tan felices y compararlo con el ahora si que pega bastante.

  15. john mccarthy

    Amy and Ben had the magic. it's sad they're not together..

  16. patrick couch

    I think there'll always be a special love there

  17. JessB

    gee! youtube coments are better than those gossips celebrities talk shows! now I know everything about Amy and Ben's relationship because of these comments 😂😂😂

  18. Wojciech Stankiewicz

    ewacnece dys PAWER, SOUL...FOR MY.

  19. Evanescence_1981

    Amy says that Good Enough is the only happy song by them, but I think that this one along with "Forgive Me" are pretty happy too

    Mohamed Hashim

    MisterMistyEye actually, good enough was for her husband, or so I think


    Mohamed Hashim Exactly

  20. Carina Beringuilho

    These two are really special... I hope someday they will heal and reunite again, in this life.

    John Mead

    yeah like a couple of songs from Origin

    Amore Arusko

    John Mead I do miss fallen and pre fallen evanescence. Such a different atmosphere.


    I get the impression that the hard feelings run pretty deep BUT, if David Lee Roth could reunite with VH after their breakup anything can happen.  Of course, it's not the only example of bands reuniting even after bitter breakups but what often gets a band back together, even when it seemed a lost cause, is when they start losing their fan base and people stop buying their CD's, downloading their songs and the concert halls are sparse, then they put aside hard feelings and get back together hoping to get the fans back and jumpstart creativity.  If that happens to Evanescence I predict a reunion.  But then again, if it happens that way, would anybody care?


    John Mead hello man where do I find them what is the album called

    Roger M

    @GerMart Miss the old Evanescence with Ben Moody and David Hodges. That three together were amazing.

  21. stromae estrela

    my Friends. 👍

  22. Aviation TV

    I love the very last clip, Ben basically says to Amy 'Smile motherfucker'.

  23. virous rapping

    that was beautifully put together!

  24. Tommy H

    David Hodges is the male voice in the song, just in case anyone was wondering

    D. N.

    Did Ben do any of the singing in any of the songs like lies or away from me

    idk my name

    +Shiny Kingdra David Hodges and Stephanie Pierce were backing vocals In lies...

    Patty Sanders

    Tommy H
    thanks because I was wondering...I thought it may be ben

    eRa RDesigns.

    Bruce Fitzhugh did the male vocals on Lies.

  25. amane mohamed

    This is the kind of songs that i never fed up with. GREAT PERFORMANCE!!

  26. elizabeth jimenez

    :'( i miss ben in Evanescence


    Amo a lo que fue esta pareja realmente se complememtaban ............

    javier larrosa

    No fueron pareja

  28. Brandon Maust

    it reminds me of a better time with my ex we split up back in May and I miss her so much we were together since I was 16 The Best Years Of My Life I Will Never Forget You Michelle I Will Always Love You Mimi April 4th 2008 - May 2013 Its funny how you remember the the day u met but not the day u left it all behind

  29. M3TALChick

    I'm pretty sure they miss each other they made such great music but we don't know what's behind it

    KrazySimsForever •••

    Amy was actually physically abuse by him. http://www.spin.com/2011/10/tough-questions-evanescences-amy-lee/


    That's false. , there was a sexual assault from the former manager. There are many articles about that. The article you sent does not refer to any specific abuse that Ben Moody imposed on Amy.

    It was due to other personal reasons, which they know best. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/evanescence-singer-sues-former-manager-for-negligence-sexual-assault-and-battery/

  30. JessY Sixx

    I´m crying ....

  31. Pkferni

    The male voice is David Hodges

    but i'll think is Ben

  32. wish2goback

    It's weird to think that Amy is with josh now . This was so long ago .

  33. Sam Quentin

    I really like David Hodges' singing here

  34. hobahtac

    pics of amy and ben with amy and david hodges singing, how silly

  35. Jacob Young

    didn't he rape her?

    Master ofEverything

    Jacob Young nope

  36. hobahtac

    yes it's hodges

  37. adidas4680

    I thought this was David Hodges singing? Though it does sound more like Ben... I am totally confused

  38. kphfun1

    If there is a god, true love will heal!

  39. kphfun1

    They were a couple when they put this out, people grow apart.

  40. Jess Diaz

    I miss Ben :(

  41. Elizabeth Smith

    They look so perfect for each other.They would make a great couple. As if they complete each other in a way.

  42. Elizabeth Smith

    @Anihime Wow they were together? I didn't kow that and yet when I saw these pic I thought " they belong together. Hope they go out or something" that should be a good sign right? They do look like they were made for each other.

  43. L4chrym4l

    Hey you put that scalpel down!

  44. L4chrym4l

    ANd we all know Rolling Stone has a genuine reputation. lolololol

  45. Carina Beringuilho

    I listen to the new album and the lyrics make me think about she and Ben. She's happy... in a safe way. But not in a REAL way. She and Ben belong together and will never be complete and truly happy away from each other. But will they solve their problems and forgive each other in this life? It's sad to think that they may not... They're too hurt with each other, especially her, it's hard to heal the pain. They will be together again, someday, yes... possibly when they die... It's too sad.

  46. tacita

    one day they will write a book about it

  47. kani niaz

    i miss the old evanescence :(

  48. theoortcloud x3

    Ily amy and Evanescence ♥

  49. Rian JP

    what video 1:04

  50. 1Bosmal2

    were they boy/girl friend?

  51. Daz Weston

    LOL and typically the women gets to keep everything when they split up... Tbh it's very big of ben to walk away as he did, he could have dragged this thing on for ages and ripped the band apart if his ego had ruled him... they are both very talented & they are both more talented together than apart... Songs like this prove it for me

    Maybe oneday they'll do a one off gig together who knows... But i doubt it, and if they did i doubt even more it would consist of anything but the fallen album

  52. abdo hamdy


  53. hihiwoww

    I think the most important is what she feels... I love all Ev's songs... and new album too ... and for me its the most important that she is happy... :)

  54. Halo4Lyf

    Can you link me to this Rolling Stone interview, by chance?

  55. Shelby Turner

    He has Bipolar Disorder and use to have a drug problem. It was in a Rolling stone interview :/

  56. Shelby Turner

    Back when Fallen came out, She did an interview and had briefly said she was engaged to Ben. It was very out there. There is also a track called "You" that tells about it. It was a song that got linked and was never suppose to be on the internet.... And in the song "The Last Song I'm Wasting on you" you can kinda get the message about their relationship. She loved him though and you could tell. I mean, they were the beginning of Ev :) Both have gone their separate ways, but both are talented

    lul lul

    Shelby Turner you got a link to the interview?


    i've always thought that ''you'' is about ben.

  57. Halo4Lyf

    I knew that Ben had some mental health problems, and that he and Amy were lovers, but I had no idea he abused drugs or they were engaged. What are your sources on this? Not trying to knock you down, just asking for verification.

    It would explain a LOT though, holy cow. Why there was all that bad blood between them for years, and why she hasn't spoken to him in nearly a decade, by all accounts.

  58. Halo4Lyf

    I VASTLY prefer her as she is today. When I met her after a show, she was practically glowing, because her husband was by her side the whole time. :)

  59. wadefire23

    T_T dam i want amy happy i cant choose which one

  60. Imad El-Fhel

    me too :(

  61. Trinity Starr

    amy + ben = sad amy and good songs, amy + shaun = good songs, sad amy, and amy + josh= amy is happy and full of love. which do you choose?

  62. dirtrokker4

    Ben and Amy were engaged before Ev took off. And by the time they made it big, there romantic relationship was over. Each dating other people, maybe drunk nights of bunking up together again here and then.... who knows what all. Ben ad drug issues and is a diagnosed bi-polar. There is alot that wen into the situation that went down. When sex is involved, logic takes a permanent vacation.....

  63. Esther Acosta

    i would die to have amy's face:)


    lol me too

  64. Alex Mori

    "EVANESCENCE didn't miss a single show. There was absolutely no argument over rights and ownership. I owned 50% of the trademark and property value of the now very valuable brand of EVANESCENCE. I gave it to Amy free and clear. I asked for no buyout, no negotiations. Just a clean break.


  65. Alex Mori

    Quote :
    "For some reason there has been a widespread opinion that my departure was a 'betrayal' or 'abandonment' and against the will of the band. I have no idea where this came from, as on the night of the 22nd, Amy made her wishes clear,sending me a message saying, and I quote, 'Get on a plane, and never come back.'Hearing those words,I was overcome with the reality that I had allowed myself to become someone that my once best friend would feel that way about.

  66. destroyer8604

    @YoureIrritating yep it was a total shock. Evanescence was at the top of the world when Ben quit. Fallen was one of the top selling albums in the world. Why In the world would he quit? creative differences? Really? your going to play that card? You work hard together to make it to the top and then right when you make it you quit each other WTF?

  67. Maria - Cherry Blossom -

    Amy is so beautiful *-*

  68. wadefire23

    all we just to do is to pray
    hoping the'll be together as a fan all we want is to be peace and happy to them

  69. Rafaela Xavier

    ooh God, q saudade desse tempo, sinto falto do Ben :/

    Caique Macedo

    Rafaela Xavier eu tbm... Q final triste essa amizade teve. Começou tudo num acampamento de igreja...

  70. Bianca Pereira

    Just friends right? ..

  71. Patrick Dan Calderon

    Amy and Ben are the real EVANESCENCE.. : /

  72. Patrick Dan Calderon

    Actually, I love what Ben did for Evanescence.. I love his style when it comes to music.. but he quitted.. so sad.. :'(

  73. ex92

    I miss this Evanescence ;(

  74. TheycallmeSkywalker

    If the musical differences between their "post-Moody" material and their earlier work are any indication, his songwriting contribution was one of the main reasons I really started to like Evanescence. Sure his style is more "commercial" but they were able to keep the pop side of their music without it sounding commercial in an overly simplified, mediocre way. It was a great fusion of musical sensibilities, and I miss it, but if it was what was best for the band, then it was what was best.

  75. Alex

  76. Jessica Dawn

    Does anyone know where the picture at 4:35 is from?

  77. SoyHolgerMedinaOficial

    Old Evanescence this with former member..!

  78. ChristiRenee93

    This is sooo... BEAUTIFUL! *Sob*

  79. milla387

    @velmacote What the fuck are you talking about???

  80. zerobuu

    its sad that they wont even talk to each other anymore

  81. Freak

    They look so perfect together :\

  82. Freak

    RIP ????