Lee, Amy - Lockdown Lyrics

I can feel you calling me
I can see the cracks between these walls
But this pain
I choke on the words as they rise in me
To survive, I lock down

I can feel you calling me
I can taste the poison in your heart
But these dreams
Blurring the line between war and peace
To survive, I lock down

Say the words
I can’t face the world
If I could say the words
Everything would be broken still
We are broken

I can feel you calling me
I can see the cracks between these walls
But this pain
I choke on the words as they rise in me
To survive, I lock down

Say the words
I can’t face the world
If I could say the words
Everything would be broken still
and I know why

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Lee, Amy Lockdown Comments
  1. Sergio Arias

    2020 ??

  2. Duquesa de Malva

    Just discovered that

  3. Sergio Arias

    Amo esta cancion desde ARGENTINA🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  4. Pili Omar

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  5. Camila Lucena

    Her voice is almost like wine. It gets better as time passes

  6. Franco Jesús

    please this style on Evanescence

  7. Jeffersonn Nicolas Rodrigues

    Porque vcs dão deslike nessa musica seus bando de lixo musica lida

  8. Jasmijn ariel

    2:15 😍amy at her best

  9. Jasmijn ariel

    I guess this song is a support for many people! 💗

  10. Maged Ramzy

    Amy Lee ft Hans Zimmer
    A wish ...

  11. April Faughender

    Its intense just feel it. No vampires required!

  12. Kayci Bredahl

    I don't know how but her lyrics always touch my soul. I swear Amy Lee has saved me through her music.

  13. Kayci Bredahl

    I absolutely LOVE everything about this song!! Amy is a musical genius who has overcome so many obstacles. I have been a huge fan ever since I first heard her haunting, beautiful, enchanting voice. Truly one of a kind and a masterpiece with her distinct, meaningful lyrics in her songs. I also admire that I can truly sense that she is such a beautiful soul. She has given such a gift to so many people by singing from her heart. I love that she is so unique and has such values and morals...her love of music is expressed with such gratitude. You can just tell that this gift is what she was meant to share with the world

  14. thorium222

    Why do I find this gem only now? Evanescence <3

    B R

    Better late than never.

  15. Tata Zero


  16. hüseyin sönmez

    I can feellll😙😚😚😚😚

  17. Ester Vattimo

    2:14 .... bellissimo un canto antico

  18. Franco Jesús

    This is music!!!

  19. Hawkeye

    Amazing song. Vocals are incredible! I always say when I get new speakers "I cant' wait to hear what Amy Lee sounds like on these". You never disappoint! Thank you and your band for you amazing music! Long time fan 15yr+.. You rock!

  20. Chelsea Avery

    What if an acid bomb was released into my veins, causing a collateral dynamic?


    Amy is the real best female singer in the world till now in history but she is not overhyped or overliked unlike most others , amy and rihana are totally unparallel and far far better in reality than anyone else


    Worst part about this is I truly do love you yet you will continue to only want a piece of my heart for yourself.... You continue to stay away from me in lock down why? Why will you not come to me when I cannot get to you? I would have been with you a hell of a long time ago if only u allowed me to do so... You are more than welcome to come get me. If that is not true I must know why now so the changes I need to make will be done.

  23. Melisa Marín

    I LOVE 2018 !!! 💙

  24. Maria Ulrich

    So dark, so beautiful!

  25. Monika Kaushal

    Zombie apocalypse anthem

  26. Sheila Flowerbrooke

    I love this music.

    B R

    sasha majestic Same.

  27. Jessica Nuttall

    Amy Lee is so underrated. Beautiful, powerful voice <3

  28. Aicha Mafti

    Your voice so beautiful 😍

  29. Demon slayer321

    The queen must return.

  30. Duro Vix

    What wrong with you people ? How can dislike this beautiful song. Dam it not sens

    Jasmijn ariel

    Must be justin bieber and britney spears fans...

  31. Stephanie Cabrera

    Evanescence Lock Down Audio ft Dave Egger

  32. Christina OOXOXO

    I love how the drum track is the same one they used to use in Fallen, except without the effects on it


    How? Or what?

  33. Mic Doyle

    the accompaniment is second to the voice, she could be blowing bubbles and I would be waiting with baited breath

  34. yumi vasconcelos

    I love Evanescence sou do Brasil

  35. Rachelle Reitzel

    Complete perfection

  36. High Roller

    evaneacense is a led zeppelin

  37. Dark Wolf


  38. Infinity780

    Am i the only one who got Evanescence's Origin vibes in this?

    B R

    InfinitelyCraft I got that as well.

  39. Cheyanne Farris

    please come to Tampa FL area even my dad loves you.

  40. AbgZulkifli

    its a Gothic music, not all about a vampire. the art of the music...

  41. AbgZulkifli

    its a Gothic music, not all about a vampire. the art of the music...

  42. AbgZulkifli

    its a Gothic music, not all about a vampire. the art of the music...

  43. AbgZulkifli

    its a Gothic music, not all about a vampire. the art of the music...

  44. raifoki miranas

    song . .... haaa this song ♥♥♥

  45. Ally S

    I've been an Evanescence fan for years (gotten stronger over the last few years). How the hell have I not heard this?!

  46. Meryem Elissi

    This reminds me of early evanescence songs their nineties era. Amy has always been into putting some electronics in her music.

  47. JadeGatito


  48. Trixirun Prastiyono

    Is this evanescence? Really? :'(

    Fucking Yast

    Trixirun Vermilion is Amy Lee, not Evanescence

  49. That Garbage Can

    The moment she sings I get chills.

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  65. Pacify Her


  66. yuri faxineira

    Powerful song..Amy Lee has such a talent I haven't seen before.. she's the biggest singer of her generation.. love her till the end and even in deadh...

  67. rule of survive arabian

    Miss u ! 😣

  68. True Heart

    evanescence 😭🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  69. Expressionless Entities

    Fucking love this song so much...but I miss the original Evanescence style!

  70. Whitewolfox37

    Bay evences TnT

  71. Caio de cara no chão

    Essa voz MARAVILHOSAA ❤❤😍🌈

  72. Eva Osborne

    Love this song.

  73. Pacify Her

    A voz da Amy não tem comparações ❤❤

  74. Daniel San

    Whistles in background???

  75. Shani Meihack

    Love it ❤

  76. mariananatali

    fucking goood, cheers from brazil :D

    B R

    mariananatali I'm from America.

  77. Vanesa Vilceanu

    So in love with her voice

  78. رضاوي روضي

    is that your new album

    Evan Grey

    This was literally released 3 YEARS ago!

    B R

    رضاوي الطيب Came out 3 years ago.

    رضاوي روضي

    i went her new album

    Evan Grey

    It will be released this fall. And another album will follow in 2018, fans say.

  79. Yt Moonstream

    Idk if I still can,but I used to be able to to sing along to hello 😁 the last note was tough but I got it

  80. Adriel Garcia


    Marian Moran

    no, soundtrack to the aftermath

  81. Five nights at fredd'y Five nights at Fredd'y

    love Rock

  82. cronas2

    VOICE !!!!!!!

  83. Alfira Oksalina S

    I miss them :(

    B R

    Oksalina S. I heard they are coming out with a new album later this year.

  84. haleigh

    beautiful voice!

  85. Gabriel Pereira

    Muito foda

  86. ThANaKRiT F.

    when will you come back...

  87. heather dawn pipke

    hello Amy

  88. heather dawn pipke

    beautiful song :-)))))

  89. japaneseanime001

    I wonder has Lockdown from Transformers 4 heard this yet?


    go check insta she still a life

  91. Helton Dias

    cadê os brasileiros góticos suaves das trevas?

    azul anil

    🙋uma gótica desde a infância assistia muitos filmes deste estilo (estanho mundo de Jack, noiva cadáver, homem sem cabeça, Mãos de Tesoura,A lenda), mas descobri o gótico mesmo com Evanescence.

  92. John Empire

    i love this song

  93. Christy Marie

    lyric vid plz!

  94. S A

    Amy we need more of Origin, Fallen and a liiiitle bit of The open door ...i ve ben waiting for 6 years... we are starving...please have some mercy for your fans :D !
    A date for Montreal ??!!!