Lee, Amos - Sympathize Lyrics

It ain't no jive
I was burning alive
Whenever you walk in the room
It happened so quickly
I was feeling so sickly
Like a lover who lost his muse

The sharks in the tank or
The men in the bank
He wants my money to loan
I can't understand
What the hell is his plan
While he ain't even got a home
Ain't got a home

Girl on a street
With holes in her feet
Looks through the eyes of a cloud
She don't look amazed
She's feeling kind of sad
So I just walk around

I reassess
She's down on her luck
She's reading a book of lies
I don't know when I'll be coming home baby
But I shall sympathize

Can sympathize
Can sympathize

Angels spread their wings
On all the dirty things
But you

She drops to the floor
Her head's by the door
Her bible is by her side
Heaven is calling
The new world is falling
And she ain't got a single person left
To confide
No one to confide
No one to confide
Ah to confide

I sympathize
Can sympathize

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Lee, Amos Sympathize Comments
  1. Nguyen Thanh

    True music !!!

  2. Shauna Queen sb

    First time I'm hearing👂dis song 🎶 and I'm think I'm in love with it
    *Mon 07th January, 2019* *21* 😁💖💖💖💯💯💯🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹

  3. Christina Doss

    Soulful is an understatement

  4. James Hall

    Remind me of a little bit of adam levine from maroon 5


    Should have more views. But some fine wines are only meant certain ears


    totally agree

  6. Enjoy

    I can't find this Vinyl anywhere without paying an arm and a leg.


    i think there was no Vinyl edition of this album


    i've checked now, there was vinyl :)

  7. Dawn Willis

    Amos is amazing, that's all I can say. I found him on Pandora about two years ago with Skipping Stone , and have loved him ever since. This is my new favorite song and I can't stop listening to it! Such a beautiful voice!

  8. Stephan Denning

    One of my favorites, your a entertainer who can communicate with his listeners.

  9. Jeremy Hofer

    Can't get this out of my head! Thanks Amos.

  10. Sane Miya

    this man is beyond talented
    thank u
    u make my days just a bit more bearable

    Bird Free

    Sane Miya amen sistah

  11. Taylor Vosbury

    I absolutely love Amos Lee's voice!! Check out the cover I told my brother to do of this song? :) I just posted it

  12. Kimberley Fay

    I think Amos is just incredible! He blows me away with his intellect, his whole persona..the truth of his words at least to me and where I am at right now. Man! Im telling you, he is as smooth as butter on a muffin just coming out of the oven...

  13. Kimberley Fay

    I love him.

  14. rdmcg6

    Finally found this, just watching B&S.. Again, for the 6th time... Oh I love it... Tears in my eyes with this scene!

  15. Tita Gamboa

    me encanta Amos Lee, ojala vinise a chile....

  16. Vicky Gonzalez

    Where has he been my whole life? <3

  17. Jasta Babe


  18. Mark Ramage

    amos lee is a little known musical genius love it

  19. Judy Rocket

    what a voice! :D

  20. CoreyIsTheName

    Every single song I look at the highest rated comment is for some stupid ass show. I wish people appreciated music for the sake of appreciating music. Nobody cares to find it on their own. Think of what is out there that the producers of those shows dont use! Come on people.

  21. Hajar CHAFAI

    J'aime beaucoup celle la ! ^^

  22. ashleigh robinson

    (: Awesum x

  23. Amanda Brinkley

    Thumbs up if you heard this song on Brothers and Sisters!

    S R

    Season 1 Ep 17. I cried.. it is so beautiful, for what Nora went through. Now I love all his songs.

  24. Rick D

    I can't ger enough of this song!

  25. ashleigh robinson

    I lhuuv hiiim (:

  26. Jordan Ricks

    i heard this song on season 1 of Brothers and Sisters

  27. Raylona Johnson

    He can really sing and his music has so much meaning. much respect.

  28. jumpyourbone

    lol i found this song the same way

  29. cooltobehip

    yep pandora did it again

  30. Verena1707

    I heard this song on the radio today and looooooooveed it!! Had to find it on youtube right away.

  31. Dom Dinkins

    it's a shame his music isn't on very radio station right now

    Kaye Wilkerson

    Incredibly talented artist. LOVE HIM

  32. bluesbhoystu

    Just introduced a friend to Amos ,blown away she was lol talented lad ,get the 3rd album out .

  33. jadkins00

    @SSC7 perhaps the pre-chorus of John Mayer's "Dreaming with a Broken Heart" on Continuum? The part where he sings, "was she really here, is she standing in my room?"

  34. bluesbhoystu

    He,s a breath of fresh air ,his voice isup there with Paul Rodgers .Afraid thats the biggest compliment in music i can give anyone and justified .