Lee, Amos - Black River Lyrics

Woah, black river,
gonna take my cares away.
Woah, black river,
gonna take my cares away.
Gonna take my cares,
gonna carry my cares,
gonna take my care away.
Gonna take my cares,
gonna carry my cares,
gonna take my care away.

Woah, dear saviour,
gonna take my cares away.
Woah, dear saviour,
gonna take my cares away.
Gonna take my cares,
gonna carry my cares,
gonna take my care away.
Gonna take my cares,
gonna carry my cares,
gonna take my care away.

Woah, sweet whiskey boy,
gonna take my cares away.
Woah, sweet whiskey boy,
you're gon,
you're gonna take my cares away.
Gonna take my cares,
gonna carry my cares,
gonna take my care away.
Gonna take my cares,
gonna carry my cares,
gonna take my care away.

You're gonna take my bottle, my bible, my mess.
You're gonna take all of my empty and my lonelyness.
Gonna take all of the sadness inside of me,
gonna take it all and set me free.

Woah, black river,
gonna take my cares away.

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Lee, Amos Black River Comments
  1. Mos2.energy 42

    Heart and soul this song.

  2. Daniel Blake

    I'm thinkin this song would been running through Noah's head when he crashed the ark , after the big flood.... Love ya Amos ...


    “DEAR” Savior... We all know He’s not dead.. Energy can’t die only transform..

  4. Lynn Walker

    It's spelled "Whoa" not "Woah."

  5. Nat S.

    Thank you Rachel Held Evans for introducing me to this beautiful song via Twitter... rest in peace

  6. Mary Sue Kocher

    The more I search all you music the more it blows my mind!

  7. imartinist

    What is the Black River for you is the question, which leaves this song very irey. We know whiskey carries worries away, we know Faith and religion can carry worries away. The same as sex and drugs. But “Black River?” It’s so vague. Does he mean suicide by jumping in? Does he mean throwing something in? The question really is, what does Black River mean for you? The ex factor we don’t know about.

  8. DisneyGoddess 205

    I remember my Mom used to play this on her guitar, and sing this to me and my brother when we were little as a lullaby

  9. m h

    im in a deep love with him

  10. Vanessa Abshire

    I believe that the first chords?? right before he starts singing was used in the show This Is Us when Randall and his biological father(William) took their trip to Memphis -but I can't find it mentioned when googling music for that show. Does anyone who saw that show agree with me?

  11. Pamela Woodward

    Amos lee you bring me up with the songs of truth,keep it real.I unfortunately have to buy all your music on g.play.But I am tired of that.I am getting all c.ds because wen I moved from w.va 2 hear my electronics were stolen from my new apartment as I kept the door open to go down to uhaul truck as we don't have to lock up for a minute where I lived.But I will still buy a song or two of course.But I don't like this new age stuff as I REALLY LIVE FOR LINER NOTES.PEOPLE WHO HAVE A C.D CASE AND RID OF THE CASE AND LINER NOTES WOULD GO TO HELL IF THERE WAS ONE, JOKING! TODAH RABBAH TO G-d ,FOR THE GIFT OF YOU.AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH AS WELL FOR HAVING FAITH AND INDURANCE TO FOLLOW WHAT G-d TOLD YOU. YOU WERE ALWAYS GONNA MAKE IT! SHALOME,SINCERELY THE APPALACHIA HIPPYJEW✡

  12. Justin Rogers

    it's Dear savior.......

  13. owen wells

    How do you dislike this song

  14. Mari Miller

    Yeah, at least two mishaps..Shall, I suggest Q tips?

  15. Helen Lizzy Stewart

    dear saviour

    pamela gray

    dead savior, so much better.

  16. Stephan Denning


  17. Stacey Cotton

    Dear Savior ... not dead savior.

  18. Ed Sampson

    damn..... bro you have some insane soul in there. your amazing. remotivated me to get back to singing and song writing, thank you

  19. T. Smith

    Love this song.

  20. yumara chavez

    bonito :)

  21. Tina Barbuto

    Wow..... I love it!!!!!!

  22. Gertha Lime

    I am pretty sure he says dear savior ...not dead savior.

    Jerald Josey

    +Gertha Lime he does



    Elizabeth Hack

    I looked up some lyric sites and it says "dear savior".......I don't see "dead savior" as necessarily bad, it's more poignant if you think of it. But I like dear savior.

    Mary Sue Kocher

    Our Savior is dead. Just saying

  23. comfibold

    Perfect song.

  24. Vessie310

    God bless you

  25. Daniyel Ortiz

    I drink to this song. Probably not healthy. But makes me feel better about stress.

  26. Alexia Jean

    Teeny, ur post gave me chills...no one should feel alone. Its sad in the toughest moments some of us are alone I like to remind myself of the footprints. I should take my own advise.

  27. teenytootsies0

    I'm 62, dying of a cruel disease. Alone. This gives me a break, somewhere else to take away the pain..........I sing along..say "dear" not "dead' savior.


    God bless You

  28. Skylar Greene

    This song reminds me of my dad. We used to sing this song when we drove to fishing or hunting, but manly fishing because it was a hour drive. He passed away from cancer last year when I was 15. Im 16 now and just lost my half brother in May of this year. I miss them so much. Please check out my memorial video for my dad. Just type in R.I.P Bryan Greene. Thank you

  29. Dean Haitani

    Great work Amos-Every track on this album is excellent -not one dudd song.
    I once did a 700 mile trip with only this album and it stayed enjoyable and interesting for the whole trip. :)

  30. Dál Riata Music

    I got this EP in 2006 in the UK when no-one had heard of him........I'm so glad I went to the record store that day!

  31. clindsay8911

    Yes sir

  32. mswikiwiki12

    Amos Lee--you ARE beautiful!!

  33. SkaterGirl2004

    @e08man It's okay sometimes we are just thinking about the job at hand and not really the meanings, when you are transcribing a song :)

  34. e08man

    @SkaterGirl2004 iknow and i hate that i made that typo when i think back i wonder what was i thinking

  35. SkaterGirl2004

    dead savior? no way jose. dear Savior :)

  36. wiktortechno1

    another night another bottle

  37. T1NAxTH3xGR8

    this is the perfect song when your in that place where you dont want that cheesy song to cheer you up, but you dont want that sad song to depress you more. perfect balance, content x

  38. Richard Batchelor - Composer

    Beautiful :)

  39. demonic alien cat princess

    I'm baffled as to why I never knew about him until last night/this morning, cause he's good, and it's a new song for me to learn on the guitar.

  40. demonic alien cat princess


    A Beiber fan, probably.

  41. blindcutter

    who was the fu***ing idiot that disliked this ?!

  42. gunslingerfire

    The lyrics are actually "DEAR SAVIOR" not dead savior....

  43. gunslingerfire

    @WCU4ever I think you are correct...The only thing that can take our cares away is the blood of Jesus. It can set us free indeed!

  44. Doityourselfgal

    This so helped me with a passing of a loved one. Valentino no more pain, leaping,and love for you.

  45. jmallen62691

    I interpret this as one's man's quest to find the escape that works for him; his personal happiness. It's different for everyone.

  46. izasek

    I love that song- so softly voice, great lyric, nice to hear :)

  47. Ilya Nazarov Artist

    adore it

  48. Jimmy 2-times

    listening to this song, changed my whole day, in a good way :)

  49. jarvishank

    this is my jam.

  50. Jeanelle Blocker

    i listened to this everyday for a very long time.... so simple yet so deep...

  51. e08man

    well your most welcome yeah i was introduced to him through a friend also and rant all you want

  52. Frank Carrado

    Nice & simple.

  53. Anita Shelby

    Very Beautiful Song!!! Thankyou Rose for sharing...Anita..

  54. cpegues1

    We did a lyrical to this song a couple years ago. I still remember it as one of my absolute favorites. It's such a beautiful song.

  55. Mary Dang

    it was so beautiful :]
    loved it

  56. megatroll101

    thats dear haha

  57. Taatj

    I think that it is dear saviour :) Makes a lot more sense.

  58. Maus Wasauch

    This is such a wonderful song.
    Thank you so much for uploading it. :D

  59. Cartoon Head

    WOW!! i felt that...