Ledisi - In The Morning Lyrics

I need you, I need you

In the morning
Will you be there in the morning
To love me
Love me
Love me
I don't know what it is about your love
And what you've got that keeps me running back to you
Telling me lies saying things that will keep me from leaving
Be a man not a boy running from the truth
You're always

Leaving late at night
You never come home
And when we have a fight
Cause you're doing me wrong
Still I can't leave
You're leaving me wondering
Will you be there
In the morning

Will you be there in the morning
Will you be there
To love me

Love me
Love me
I need you here with me
In the morning
Will you be there
To love me

Love me
Love me
I don't know what it is about our love
And ll of my friends say I'm crazy waiting here for you
We got a love so strong and I can't see me leaving
They don't understand the things that we go through
I'm always
Telling you come home
Cause I need you here
We be making love all night long
Then you disappear
Still I can't leave
You leaving me wondering
Will you be there
In the morning
Will you be there
Will you be there in the morning
I need you right here with me
To love me
To love me
Love me
Love me
Love me
In the morning
In the morning baby I need you here
Love me
To love me
Love me
Love me
Gotta have ya loving always waiting here waiting on you
So tired of waiting for you I need you here with me

Waiting in the morning always waiting here waiting for you
Waiting on you
Gotta have ya loving always waiting here waiting on you
I'm tired of waiting on you baby but I need you

Waiting in the morning always waiting here waiting for you

I need you here with me
In the morning

I want to wake up to you baby
Will you be there in the morning
I need you right here with me
To love me
To love me
Love me
Love me
In the morning
Will you be there
Love me
Love me
Love me
I need you I need you
I do
I can't let you go I don't know how to
In the morning
To love me
Love me
Love me
In the mroning
Love me
Love me
I need you in the morning
I need you in the morning
I need you all the time I guess I do I just do baby
In the morning

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Ledisi In The Morning Comments
  1. MegaDiva1999

    THIS is my girl...Ledisi's first album still slays me.Somebody walked off with it so thank GOODNESS for youtube!!Thanks for uploading and making my day, my decade and my my birthday today!

  2. R. Lewis

    Based on the lyrics, the video doesn't match the song. Love Ledisi though.

  3. Cynthia Brown

    I felt like this a few years ago!!! Glad I got over him and let him go!!!!!

  4. Tracy Skins

    My Song!!! Her passion & delivery are soo Heartfelt.

  5. Tracy Skins

    Ooh this lady!!! That voice, this song...Girl,you better

  6. Richel Conceicao


  7. Antonio Chappell

    Trust me baby I'll be there before the morning 🌺💐🌸🌷🌹🌺💐🌸🌷🌹😍😍i just married her today that's the wife 💍💍💍💍💍

  8. Paige Green

    Who's still here in 2019??? Go Ledisi ❤❤❤

    Tracy Skins

    You already know!!!

  9. 'diva williams

    GO, GIRLL!!!!!!!!!

  10. TooEEzy

    Beautiful song ❤️

  11. Nidia Luccioni

    We the fans from around the world and me love your song In The Morning Ledisi your songs your voice your music your R&B from the
    fans from around the world and me Besitos
    Ledisi _ In The Morning

  12. MOTHER mom


  13. HatianHurricane


  14. King El III

    Yes, Ledisi I can listen to this song in the morning, in the evening, no matter what time. You get it, you know what soul is because soul is you.

  15. Greg Combs

    2019 I've been looking for it for a minute now....Thank GOD I found it

    Tracy Skins

    My girl,that song!!!🤗🤗🤗

  16. Logan Lee

    I still love this song...

  17. Co2DaJo

    Im sorry but umm...my ass would of cheated on Ledisi! Jus bein honest😂🙌🙏

  18. miss joy

    Sing beloved #2019!!!🖤🌍

  19. QueenByNature

    U better sang queen!

  20. Patricia Bradley

    I have always loved this song.

  21. Edouble Douglas

    Still listening in 2019

    Tracy Skins

    F a c t s!!!

  22. Georgialyn Guice

    2009 Bratz

  23. Brownskin Girl

    💞Ledisi is a fierce 🔥🔥 in concert🔥🔥blessings Sis💞💗

  24. Keith Robertson

    What a beautiful story. My current situation. I pray my story ends this way💖🤔🤔

  25. Kanecia Land

    2008 High School Musical 3 Senior Year

  26. B.U.d Music

    OMG!!!! DAYUM!!!!!!! SING!!!!!!! Ledisi. No wonder Beyoncé was scared to let her sing at the Grammys

  27. Krystal Harris

    Ummmmn unnnn... Gurrrrrl!😳

  28. QueenAnita Soul

    Kool & the Gang
    Summer Madness

  29. Kee Charise

    Sang Ledisi🎶🎙🎵

  30. Reach for the peach Maddox

    Christian Keyes is just that fine. Met him at the end of the play he was in with Vivica, and Brian Mcknight, at a meet and greet the stars in Stockton, Cali. He is all that and so dreamy. When he gave me a kiss on the (LIPS) I think my uterus tilted a little.

  31. kmayfield1987


  32. Tawanna Martin

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 2019

  33. ephemeralsamsara

    Talented beyond measure a true performer

  34. Elle Class

    Another wholesome wonder! I'm getting organized to go back to putting the same way in shopping.! 😌

  35. chop it up Mc

    Absolutely love this song!!!

  36. Valencia Williams

    It's me in my jams west side/ Memphis queen

  37. Tomico Mccoy

    I’m From Oakland California 🤩 And We Just Love Us Some “LEDSI”🎤💜

  38. Hanna Evans

    When she hit them notes.. Yes hunty.. Wheeeew..please be there in the morning.. 💋💋💋💋💜

  39. Tracey Bryant

    Sing Baby

  40. Troronza Barnes

    Reading Rainbow Give If A Mouse Cookie 🍪


    She is so fine

  42. Kanecia Land

    Tara Duncan

  43. Lucas Alves

    Will you be there in the morning? ❤️

  44. Joe Jones

    I can hear some "Summer time." playin in the background," to this song...Miss Ledisi you do it so well, I know what you're talkin about..."In the morning."

    Tracy Skins

    Yup yup

  45. Brian davis

    588 people ain't got No Soul.

  46. J. Sizzle

    She beautifully sexy...love me some Ledisi

  47. Edouble Douglas

    This song and her voice does it for me....BIG FAN!

  48. Julius Hooker

    Cheetah Girls One : World

  49. James B.

    I could hear alittle Summer Madness in the beat, I think that's the secret to the magic of this wonderful song. 0:24

  50. Sharonda Fortune

    I love me some her! Her voice is incredible on and off stage! I wish only the best for this blessed beyond measure talented sister with that beautiful smile!❤️❤️😘

  51. Lazaric Leak

    That voice...o.m.g. Thats morning coffee to the soul

  52. Julius Hooker

    Between The Lions

  53. Julius Hooker

    Anne Of Green gables Pbs Kids

  54. Traci Thomas

    $ M O O T H .............................................

  55. Sharon Da Costa

    Great vocals - one of the best!

  56. Junita Collier

    High School Musical Senior Year !

  57. Keisha johson

    Damn ledsi got lucky to film this video with Christian

  58. byman64

    No comment on her voice...everybody knows how QooL is...I like a lot the music and also chorus

  59. Annquenette James

    The Cheetah Girls 2 ?

  60. Annquenette James

    Raven Symone Adrienne Bailon Sabrina Bryan Kiely Williams

  61. beautymarc510

    Nice remix 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  62. Deon Tirrell

    i wanna have dinner with ledisi

  63. Tamekia Price

    Come on ledisi!!!!Yassss!!!Those vocals!!!

  64. Matthew Gresham


  65. Patience Karokora

    oh my goodnesss.. i cant even think of what better thing to say than this is ... speechless

  66. Queen 99

    Love this song but I like the other version better

  67. may june

    U are
    Uglydark and ugly. Icant stand looking at u the. Light skin girl in the vidio u sing but. Put her in front u sing put lightskin girl in frount and u in back singing u scare people

  68. Angel Harris

    Funny to see sonny from Medea goes to jail


    Luv me some her vocals are SICK!!

  70. Domonique Oliver

    I play every day


    This song will remain one of the best Ledisi songs that has helped get me through some stuff. Go, Ledisi!

  72. shon brooks

    Shid , singing n looking u are...hell yeah I'll be there 😉

  73. Murcry12 12

    Go head girl. Look at my people then you will never look any where else. I can feel it in my soul.

  74. Brandi Smith

    Now song is 💣 and yes still is 2018!!!

  75. Angela Morgan

    Just love this song ..

  76. Lisa Joseph

    Beautiful! Gud Morning!

  77. Marsha Tyler

    This one of my favs! 💞

  78. hakie


  79. rae 82

    this man in this video is so fine and sophisticated. Lawd! whats the catch?...lol

  80. Tonia Green

    I Love Love Love this lady...her voice, her music her vibe. Ledsi ur the real deal lady and I'm a fan forever.

  81. Noelle Davenport

    Love her voice.

  82. Shalita Jackson

    Love It!!!!!!!!!

  83. Rachel DHM

    Wait... iris from The Flash is in this video. Candice patton i see u

  84. Viola Turner

    Yeah mufaka

  85. Tim Jacques

    I love this son a decade later still.

    Tracy Skins

    Just got up on this awhile ago & knew it was her...so so Bad.

  86. #AL2SmoothTheMountainbiker

    This song is so powerful to me... it saved my life I wanted to just give up on love and live my life alone and away from the possibility of love or marriage and all that.... but I seen this Version of the song and I was inspired to be patient

    I'm patiently waiting on my perfect lady love

  87. Vianna

    "In the morning,will you be there in the morning"SING IT GIRL😍

  88. Jaron Everett

    nice video

  89. Lee Carver

    Simply amazing!

  90. nat dowell

    Yes a Friday night chillin wake up to a wonderful women Saturday morning. Eating eggs and bacon drinking coffee a real women know what I mean

  91. Regeanner Williams

    This gal can sang love this song!

  92. Diane Bell

    On this song leddy remind me of a young Nancy Wilson

  93. Shannon Williams

    Black love is so Powerful but at times like all loves can be a battle until non existent.

    Dallas, Texas

  94. Luli Mau

    Yes Lord! The hook pulls at my heart! The True quiet storm!

  95. BMW67


  96. nanasbabygirl2

    There is always a heifer that will try to take another woman's man. What the home wrecker needs to realize is, if he cheated FOR you, he will cheat ON you! It is so nice to see a man just shut down the foolishness & go home! There will ALWAYS be someone tryin, some one cuter?, someone "fine", but in the end prove yourself to be an outstanding man by remaining committed to the relationship you're in. If it's not working, if you want out, say so! Clean up one situation before you start another one. A woman's emotions are not toys.

  97. Celeste Divine

    My favorite Singer by far.

  98. Celeste Divine

    what is that guy name on this video.