Lecrae - Violence Lyrics

War, crime, violence should stop!

[Verse 1:]
4-fever, 9 millimeter
‘Dem a’ want a heater ‘cuz the streets is finna heat up
Six million ways to die; choose 10
And if he don't die then he probably do ‘em again
From passionate catastrophe, to genocidal blasphemy
No respect for humanity, they resort to insanity
Head bang on the glass, call it window pain
Jumping out the window tryna’ get my frame through the frame
Close range; when he point, I just blank-out
Felt my heart sank when that bang thang rang out
Now you got yo thang out, you take life, you give it
You took his life away, but you gave yours up to system
No wanna listen, no reason for livin’
We bought the lie we can't be forgiven for all our sinnin’
Killin’ is the religion, service is in a prison
Ignorance got a slave and our name in the mentions

War, crime, violence should stop!

Bad man, bad man, gun man, bad man
Squeeze bullet, pow-pow. Body bag man.
No bother with no war. No bother with no violence.
No bother with the six-feet-rest-in-peace silence

[Verse 2:]
Grew up under Tupac: bible verse and two glocks
Say we ready to die, see a ghetto in the sky
Couldn't be more wrong than right shoes on the left feet
Highway to hell and we fighting for the best seat
No heart, bullet’s got no name
Little boys wanna bang but ‘dem barely got a brain
‘Dem barely got aim, but they shooting for nothin’
They rob a sister of her brother for a couple a hund’ed
They thinkin’ that life is cheap but it's expensive as ever
They'll be sentenced to forever for them heartless endeavors
I try to tell ‘em (simmer down brethren), but they like whateva’
Too scared of being broke to think about being betta’
Plus, we get bombarded by all these images of bravado
You ain't really a man if you don't follow these models
But the weakest ones follow, the strong reconsider
You can forgive much if you understand you forgiven


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Lecrae Violence Comments
  1. Dee Dee Meredith

    Where has this song been in my life??!!!

  2. Max F.

    It sounds like there are two other people rapping here as well as Lecrae. What are their names?

  3. Random Joy and Shona

    I love how people are cussing in the comment section of a Christian rap song

  4. Jamilla Webb


  5. Ivan Wagoner

    it really has inspired me to stop violence

  6. Tajaye Rice

    and just because of him every one love me to sing for them

  7. Tajaye Rice

    I love him because he inspired me to become a singer I am is number one fan I the history

  8. Margus Meigo

    "They thinkin' that life is cheap but it's expensive as ever"
    for real bro

  9. Baconface McGee

    "Mr. Ice Cream man moving hurricane"

    Flame - Trap Money ft. Thi'sl & Young Noah

  10. Nadia Scarpelli

    absolutely amazing!

  11. Shirley Comminey

    Good stuff, I seen his music get people talking about Jesus. Those who would have NEVER talked about God at all. God knows what HE is doing with this type of music.

  12. Adrian Ojeda

    Christian and your saying "IDGAF"? Come on!! :(

  13. Adrian Ojeda

    Christian and your saying "IDGAF"? Come on!! :(

    John Smith

    I dont give a fuck

  14. Adrian Ojeda

    <3 Like this comment if you LOVE this song!! Awesome!!

  15. notin27

    i was at his concert in philly i love this song

  16. Smoothgator24

    Throw your peace signs up, throw them peace signs up!!!

  17. flea fieldy

    6ft rest in peace silence! R.I.P! for the lord Jesus Christ (: <3 we praise for our old mighty god too get rest and too have us all be treated well and help us when we need help!

  18. Young Prophet

    should stop.... sorry

  19. Young Prophet

    its not suposed to be. just cuz its christian doesnt mean its worship. its a conscious track tho.

  20. Young Prophet

    war crime violence and stuff. crae ZE!!!! lol
    check my new track,just a taste for now


  21. paul declerck

    fuck fanmade shit

  22. itbosln2deep

    this beat be bangin! i'm not sure if it's a true worship song tho

  23. DANIELisntREAL.

    I like this song....now that I read the lyrics...

  24. Steven Martinez

    This is my fave song

  25. faith burton

    7 people cra cra to not like lecrae they must of thought it was dis-i-like

  26. Monkey Boi

    Best song I've heard by lecrae

  27. Silvia Sunga

    i love this song

  28. Sibusisiwe Tshili

    i LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Mara Mae

    I love lecraes' music, it's all I listen to! He's a true follower of Christ and all of us should do the same thing!:)<3

  30. Ricky Monroe

    Beat is crazy :-)

  31. Memeee14

    Ear crack. Im adicted

  32. chachaslidein

    song is so tight!

  33. Cristian Buitron

    Lecrae needs to make a music video for this it would be so hot

  34. TapN2thisBliss • Montillia

    make sure u check out Stephen the Levite, shai linne, muzeOne, and Redeemed Thought which is (Stephen the Levite and muzeOne)

  35. KapOStackaA

    Love 2see ppl who truthfully carry God's spirit...couldn't have said it any better.

    Your blessed IJN

  36. Bryje Ahia

    I love this song and the rasta sound in it is kuul

  37. Artem Novotarskiy

    so true bro

  38. DLowe

    I've heard of em but never checked out his music, i'll go check it out tonight! Preciate the lookout bro

  39. Lul Dee

    bass is so hard x)

  40. Damien Dillard

    This bass is sick

  41. CornisNice

    "The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it." (1st Corinthians 10:26). Lecrae has actually addressed this in a concert before (Rock and Worship Road Show; I was there): the world has distorted hip-hop, but hip-hop (and all music for that matter) belongs to the Lord. This music right here in this video belongs to the Lord, definitely not the world.

  42. its Rhymes

    This song and many other songs in Lecrae's new album Gravity are supposed to catch the attention of the people who listen to say "Dubstep" or "Rap." Maybe they will actually listen to the lyrics and be inspired.

  43. jpdavis82

    War, pain, violence should stop!

  44. WithChildLikeFaith

    Jay-Z along with all other secular rap artists are Luciferian by the way.

  45. WithChildLikeFaith

    Anyone notice how this sounds similar to Jay-Z's "On to the Next One"? This music is fit to be played in the dance club, which is NOT good. I don't believe in Holy Hip-Hop or Hip-Hop period. The sounds came from the world and should not be played in the church. This is the world's sounds, the world's music.

  46. Hiphop Purist

    This is terrible real talk..

  47. mario oliver

    @ glorifiedgraphic bruh you gotta web page bruh I need work done

  48. CDiddy404

    Lol, I actually thought twice about that comment right after I posted it, lol.

  49. The116unashamed

    Lecrae got talent, but he is not the truth! Jesus is the truth! ;)

  50. CDiddy404

    Lecrae is the truth.

  51. Mia Davis

    This beat is to SICKKKK.!!!!

  52. DLowe

    Also I been rockin wit Crae since songs like "Go Hard" & "Waste My Life" and Lecrae was the first Christian artist to draw my attention, but to see the evolution from then to now, God has done great things, and I can say its been so amazing to sit back and watch God change lives through this one man who decided to be completely unashamed of Jesus. #116

  53. DLowe

    First comment babyyy! Lol I love when Crae does the whole Jamaican accent rappin...it's dope!