Lecrae - Lost My Way Lyrics

[Hook: Daniel Daley]
Running, running 'til the fear is gone, don't know where I'm going
Don't know if I'll make it home, tell Mama I'm sorry
I know that I've made mistakes, tell her it ain't easy
I'll see her on judgment day, I lost my way
I lost my way, yeah, I lost my way, yeah [x4]

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
And tell the pastor to pray for me, I'm gone
Ay look, tell my mom and my partners who knew me since I was younger
I'm 'bout to sell out for fame and a couple dollars
Probably seen me on TV, standing with girls in bikinis
Bragging on money and things that I had to borrow
They knew it, I blew it, fame and fortune got to me
Keeping it real will keep you broke, I'm out here looking for glue
You wanted real hip-hop, I'm sorry
'Cause this VIP is free and all these girls want to party
So, super producer, pop singer, plus the yola
Now they got my record spinning, trying to sell you cola
Ah man, what happened? Started moving too fast
Traded the craft for the cash so now you do the math
Subtract the heart and the art you make for the people
You end up with a whole lot of zeros feeling like a zero
I use to be a hip-hop hero, now I'm just a victim of my ego
I lost my way, yeah, I lost my way
Mama, tell 'em I lost my way
Lord, I lost my way, yeah

[Interlude: King Mez]
Crazy can't nobody relate to nothing real no more
They want something fake, they want something fabricated, it's crazy
Can't nobody relate when I say, when I say

[Verse 2: King Mez]
When I say riding in the Hyundai, happy it's the weekend
'Cause I know Verizon won't disconnect my cell on a Sunday
They killed my Uncle Heli for nothing, I hate this gunplay
I can only talk to you from my soul, it'll pay off one day
One thousand, I got to be like an open book, we're spitting
It ain't the car you drove, it's the road you took to get it that defines you
Forget all that faking, whipping and soda
Spending their life savings in front of a club promoter
Like they got it like that, man that's a kid on that car
Acting like he bought it like that, you only get me so far
You ain't no artist like that, art ain't loud, it's thought provoking
And often the biggest words come from those who are softer spoken
For the ice and the cream they be Baskin' and Robbin'
At gunpoint, they love it, I pray you ain't walking beside 'em
At one point, we fought together, made 'em stop all they lies
But now we lie to ourselves in that we don't realize
Lord, help us


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Lecrae Lost My Way Comments
  1. Isaiah Thuo

    I lost my way but I would love to come to God again my life is in a mess


    This song helps me through bad times


    This song helps me through some bad times

    No ON

    come back listen 2 it :3

  4. Taylor Brown

    All I heard in this was the song
    “Textbook Stuff” By XV ft Kendrick

  5. TeamCap1217

    I thought King mez was Sho baraka.

  6. Sarah Wertz


  7. Aric Hudson

    Amazing voice.

  8. Ana Parker

    Luv this song #beautiful

  9. Reach Records

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  10. Lukens Alisca

    "For the ice and the cream, they be baskin' in robbin' at gunpoint"

  11. Lando Merando

    Man what happened to THIS kind of music? y'all feel me?

  12. Hi There


  13. CC Yates

    i love this song

    No ON

    come back listen 2 it again <3

  14. Gifty Reji

    is dvsn a christian does anybody recommend him, like on a christian view point

    Gifty Reji

    but hopefully his songs are similar to lecrae's songs because i love his songs


    No. He just lent his vocals on this song. You can notice Daniel Daley has appeared in a couple other songs. But dvsn is a mainstream R&B duo. They are not a Christian group.

    Gifty Reji

    oh ok thx

    Gifty Reji

    wait are you talking about lecrae or dvsn or Daniel Daley

    Julian Alexander

    Gifty Reji Daniel Daley is the singer and one half of dvsn. I’m sure he’s a Christian but he doesn’t make Christian music

  15. Nicole Corrigeux

    get ready for all the "obj brought me here" comments

    Caleb Whitted

    Nicole Corrigeux What did he do? And who is OBJ? All I think about is the football player

    Nicole Corrigeux

    @Caleb Whitted nice try troll... gotta be quicker than that... state farm

  16. ciaradeleon

    lecrae is such a great rapper

  17. Bleed Green Nation

    OBJ brought me here

    Caleb Whitted

    Bleed Green Nation What did he do?

    Bleed Green Nation

    @Caleb Whitted his high school highlights video

  18. Jayme Hall

    thank you God for being you

  19. That kid 12

    OBJ brought me here

  20. JP McRae

    This is the truth of all secular music. Lies, sex, money and drugs...Will take you out. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice.

  21. Tha Silver-Haired Gawd

    Congratz DVSN on signing to OVO

    Emma29 batista

    +Tha Silver-Haired Gawd is this dude "daniel" the one who's behind Nineteen85's project

    Tha Silver-Haired Gawd

    Yea Daniel Daley is the singer for dvsn

    Tha Silver-Haired Gawd

    @Emma29 batista yea daniel daley is the singer for dvsn

    Emma29 batista

    +Tha Silver-Haired Gawd makes sense it's the same voice

  22. Kayla Arnold

    OBJ brought me here

    No ON

    and i brought you here :D

  23. theking22dw

    OBJ enough said

  24. Blake Wells

    Odell Beckham Jr brought me here

    Garrett Pogrmich

    +Blake Wells When/Where did he reference this song?


    OBJ personally thanks author of this highlights 😀

    Hi There

    When did he reference this song on instagram??


    Hi There it was odell beckham Jr's high school highlights

  25. MGJ Beats

    Great song

  26. Chris Henderson

    This song is greatness

  27. Anya Popov

    listen people, Christian artist should concentrate on worshiping Christ ! Not for youth to be mad in the head to sing this hook over and over again, I lost my??


    If Christian rappers only rapped about God then no one besides Christians would ever listen to them which defeats the purpose of evangelizing.  Lecrae's goal is to reach everybody and have a purposeful, positive impact on society.  Not just to create music fellow Christians can jam out to.  If you listen to Lecrae you will find that even though he doesn't always talk about Jesus in every one of his songs, he never once forgets his roots, which is God.  You can still advocate; love, peace, kindness, not using drugs, not abusing women, not killing people, not stealing, not selling out, not leaving your wife and kids; all of which are things that Christians stand for so I don't see how that is not "concentrating on worshiping Christ."  Just because Lecrae doesn't mention the name "Jesus" doesn't mean he isn't promoting Him.

    Priscilla O

    @Anya Popov The first step to Salvation is realizing that you are lost without Jesus Christ. This song to me represents everyone of us before we come to the Cross. This song is like a yellow brick road leading us to Jesus. If you listen to his entire album - not just this one song - it teaches us that Jesus is the one true King and after everything thing ends it'll be Him we meets so it must be Him we follow.

    NB Shabba

    +Jordan23DWade03 👏 thank you


    +Anya Popov "Real Christianity" that you mention is very blind. "Real Christianity" is about having Jesus as your lord and savior, and loving unconditionally above all else. Not just to other Christians, but to everyone. That was Jesus's message. This artist is helping do just that, spread God's love to everyone, not just devoted Christians. If that isn't "Real Christianity" I don't know what is. "I am not God, ma'am, it is not my place to judge."

    Daniel D

    +Anya Popov Sounds like you lost your way lady

  28. Gabe Mota

    crazy lol, one of the producers of this beat (Boi1da) just produced Drake's 6-God track. 


    He's been one of Drake's main producers since 2009

  29. cody band

    really good song and sad as well as this does happen

  30. DANIELisntREAL.

    lecrae's songs are b0ss

    Michael Ramos

    you go that right

    Krystal Muirhead

    He is dope the best since forever

  31. marc j

    regarding lecrae: i would like to feature the music on your youtube on my site and pay you to do so email me marc198710 AT gmail dot com

  32. ciscostudent561

    lost my way indeed prayin for the Holy Spirit to guide me

    RB HGA


  33. KKP20111

    Very nice song!

  34. catnaa333

    This hits a sad chord. I know it is true.

  35. Andre


  36. GoofTroop

    the chorus was too dope to only be heard twice C'mon MAN!!!!

    Lando Merando

    Ashton C I KNOW RIGHT

  37. David Bravo

    Keep shining For God crae.Always trust Jesus :)

  38. Torin Holm

    King Mez is so Dope, Lecrae doing his thing as always!

  39. Ruth Mawhinney

    Love this such a talented rapper. God gave him an amazing gift :) keep it up lecrae and please come to Ireland you have so many fans here. God Bless :)