Lecrae - Lord Have Mercy Lyrics

[No Malice:]
Lord have mercy and pity on your son
From what I once was to what I have become
Lord have mercy [x2]
Lord have mercy and pity on your son

Dark Past full of evil endeavors
Heart clean never black and ugly as ever
However I seen my family die from them rocks
Them beams on blocks including my own pops
Homie I seen two much to drink them two cups
Can’t lean on the lean already way too screwed up
Was way to gone I was way to cold
Fifty yard hail mary I was way to thrown
I was Tarzan raised by gorillas and the beasts
High on them trees when I gorilla’d the beast
Then that truth came hit me got me outta my grave
All my partners say I'm changed
How am I go’n stay the same huh?!

[No Malice:]
Lord have mercy and pity on your son
From what I once was to what I have become
Lord have mercy [x4]
Lord have mercy and pity on your son

Killer tryna murder it chasing ladies down for fun
Saying come with me hail mary but then kill the son
However I seen them boys mane take that bar and wait for God’s sake
Beastie boy he still took three the hard way
Toss me out heart away crucifix no jewelry
Just wooden beams he took from me
Took 'em up to Calvary while I was a DGK
Wiling out to UGK runnin from the HPD
Huffin puffin mary jane no grip chains mane
I was looking for a super freak
Nasty cameo candy super sweet
But now your boy turnt up free from all them chains
Ya volume on ten you can call it unashamed

[No Malice:]
Lord have mercy and pity on your son
From what I once was to what I have become
Lord have mercy [x4]
Lord have mercy and pity on your son

Now I'm turnt up daily I'm on my one-eighty
They thought I'd water down I'm like boy y'all crazy
On my J.O. my Oj Mayo I'm on my Grizzly
Jesus turned me around me so fast that you would swear I was dizzy
Now they askin who is he now they wonderin my name
I run in my own lane screaming Jesus is King
Til my heart stop pumpin no more blood in my veins
Watch me turn up everyday homeboy I'm so unashamed

Turnt up boy turnt up boy
Turnt up boy turnt up

[No Malice:]
Lord have mercy and pity on your son
From what I once was to what I have become
Lord have mercy [x4]
Lord have mercy and pity on your son

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Lecrae Lord Have Mercy Comments
  1. G M G

    Well I just went down a nostalgia hole

  2. Gąvīņ Cantheo

    Who's here in 2019

  3. Anderson Cruz

    Senhor tem misericórdia e compaixão de seu filho.

  4. Grey Hills

    Every morning running cross country jamming this on my headphones when I wanted to take a break.

  5. Gąvīņ Cantheo

    This is still the best trap beat by lecrae I've ever heard. Why did u stop working with the producer after church clothes 2???😕

  6. Clinton

    With Love n Respect. Our LORD is Mercy, I'm So Blessed n Greatful I have Him. Love n Blessings Family!!!

  7. Bah Khongjoh

    The fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom.

  8. trish holt

    Lord having mercy 4️⃣us all ❣️

  9. Vito Rosa


  10. Jafor Ahmed

    No malice

  11. Randy Bandit

    More a this please

  12. Elyse Katela

    Still unashamed 💪💪💪💯💯

  13. Roger Taylor

    Lecrae's new stuff is fresh but his old stuff like this song Freaking Rock!

  14. Abigail Bowman

    like the video

  15. Emma Lustig

    Hey- if you like christian rap, you should check out my boyfriend's awesome first official music video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE_CTwczo4E

  16. Antonio David Perez

    Anyone watching in September 2017?
    Btw Tedashii killed his part.

    Antonio David Perez

    in a good way


    Watching in November. Can't believe it's been more than 5 years since this song came out. Lots of hype around Gravity back then.

  17. Trill Will

    i always listen to lecrae. i love this song but i always change it when i hear tedashi. don't understand why u call him a Christian rapper

  18. wo ke

    I'm just curious wassup with the devil horns they keep throwing up.

  19. Angel Jones

    the bass is great and the words

  20. Hailey Rae G.

    What's really scary is when you can't see the danger in following this world and falling into the trap of the enemy, and this song reminds me of that. This world is messy and we need Jesus. Lord have mercy on the sinners.

  21. Reach Records

    Never miss a beat! Subscribe to Lecrae's channel for the latest tracks! 💯

    Sammy Pusser

    Lecrae is my idol and the best rapper alive

  22. Fast Life

    lacrae is mistaken if he thinks he can use religion and Jesus for to gain fortune and fame

  23. Fast Life

    lacrae is mistaken if he thinks he can use religion and Jesus for to gain fortune and fame

  24. Mary Wilson

    His beat are so dope I like him just started listening to him I'm a new fan and I don't even like rap .

  25. Josh

    +Reach Records who says the part "Lord have mercy..."

    Ernest Vasquez

    Josh No Malice

  26. Unnecessary Information

    I grew up on Lil Way (hot boyz era), 3-6 mafia, and to know that I can get the same hype and joy from getting in a lovely, rowdy (and mostly) sobriety is a unique Glory to God when you can take something "hardcore" and "bada##" and the lyrical content reflects Glory to GOD (#HGA).

  27. Andre Diorde

    Lord Jesus Christ in heaven have mercy on me a sinner tempted by Satan

  28. RG H

    This is the worst lecrae has done

  29. Hope For The Broken

    They are Catholic? They say hail mary two time on music

    Jester DEWIT

    Lucas Alberto no

    Hope For The Broken

    Ok,thanks for answer

    Jester DEWIT

    Lucas Alberto yeah like he means even know all that stuff and people Hail Mary however.....(rest of the lyrics)

  30. Mike Bernal savage

    Play minecraft

  31. Austin Garza

    when you look for the bad in something it is going to be easy to find especially if the devil is behind you but when you take the time to look for the good it makes the difference

  32. MirakulusBeatz

    I Write Righteous Rhymes Too
    Sometimes, Gun crimes, corrupt, stunned, young, minds, into spreading hate and ignorance, dumb rhymes, what they Don't Know, is where they Won't go, and that they Don't grow, when darkness shows, the weakness, I speak this, uniqueness, to teach, how to reach this, lost, fallen, society of bleekness, to win, is less sin, more wisdom, and understanding, be prepared, never scared, or underplanning, they wonder Can, we rise? To rule?....I tellem, Open Your eyes, your spirit needs school, get equiped, Don't be the one who slipped, but never got back up, from fear of, being slapped up, getting heads chopped off, by demons,with their faces wrapped up, YES! ....that sucks, but, I believe, and I receive, Supernatural Mack trucks, gonna crushem, face down in the ground, with their backs up, bodies stacked up, vessels used for evil, souls that were possessed but, were taken out attacked, WHAT!!!!.... can't come against ALMIGHTY God's conquering Warrior Angel giants.... isis think they got Power, just, cause their being defiant, but! Almighty king jesus will be bringing the triumph,No Wu-tang Clan, overstand, holyspirit got me Higher Than, a seven leaf clover can, ever take me, or make me, the enemy ran, cuz I showed him my flesh will die more and more everyday, but when it comes down, to my spirit, Im up, so you will never break me, many need to submit to GOD,for it is written, i'll Explain, through these rhymes that I'm spittin, the Lord says, forsake me, and I will forsake thee, following A democracy majority, is quite, like, you joining a popular, Hipocracy sorority, they got to see, It's not just me, speaking truths, in this world, while being labled as crazy, it no longer does amaze me, we just Living in a microwave society, with instant demands, and unrighteous varieties, as well as anti sobriety, which is getting more lazy....there's an army rising up, time to wisen up.........‪#‎Original‬ Godsters 2015-Eternity!

  33. Matthew Luna

    this dope

  34. Sherry Taylor

    not Akon!

  35. Busra Ur


  36. Ernesto Mongalo

    My bad. He resembles the dude alot though. Looks like his twin.

  37. Ernesto Mongalo

    That's Akon homeboy. You wanted to know who the dude with the deep voice was. It's Akon.

    Seth Coffing

    +Ernesto Mongalo Naw, That's Malice from Clipse(with Pusha T).

    johanna weathers

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I didn't know that's Akon

  38. Ernesto Mongalo

    Stop the criticism. This is rap. Doesn't matter the pose or beat, it's about the msg.

    rave fox

    yes and no nf is grate but what ever you like

    k. h e r o n d a l l e

    when you said msg i thought you were talking about monosodium glutamate for a second

    Sean McClelland

    It can sound mainstream but it all matters about the lyrics the same thing with Christian rock and Christian heavy metal

    Deus Em Debate

    Stop the mimimi. This is rap: it will always be criticized.

  39. Andrew Flintoff

    those haters will look for anything wrong in Lecrae's music

  40. Rokaroo

    YouTube I sure wish I didn't have to watch an ad for a Seth Rogan movie about christmas while i'm trying to watch a christian rap video =)

  41. Lewis Jones

    Is that my boy from clispe

    Robert Wareing

    That's what I was wondering, yes I think that's malice

    Chris Roloson

    Yeah, it's Malice...(now No Malice) lmao

    Chris Roloson

    +outkastkidd I'm not..? Haha i think it's dope

  42. Claire Bartlow

    I love this song because it reminds me of my younger childhood years before I GOT ADOPTED

  43. Juan Marcos Berrillo

    I like much this song

  44. Braylon Neeley

    I love lecrae

  45. Edward C!

    Turn up boi turn up boi turn boi turn up 3:08 (flips car over)

  46. Ankle Brxker

    Who is the third guy with the deep voice saying the chorus thing



    Prince O.

    Pusha T's brother, No Malice

  47. Jesus is Lord

    Did he hail mary at 1:38?

    Tyler Rhinehart

    +Malik Jones It was a quote from Tupac's Hail Mary Song.

    Spicy Salt

    LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  48. The Raw Reality Of IC Videos

    This mimics wordly rap.... this doesn't seem or looks Christlike. Lacrea moving and posing like these regular rappers.


    +Chasin Success to bad none of its even real.

    Brandon Ryce

    you don't get the message then. hell the title of the song... may not look christlike but we can't be like christ, we can only be what he wants us to be

    Ernie Vasquez

    +Chasin Success This song is Christian.How can they pose as a Christian.

  49. antonio Tom Heu

    he is mercyfull with the mercyfull

  50. Isaac Richey

    All these songs are good cristan hip hop is the best

  51. Montell Fish

    I'm an artist called Montell Fish, from PIttsburgh. I just recently released my track "Pink Love 2.0" dealing with my temptations from Satan from Lust and smoking weed. Please check me out and if you like it Subscribe !

  52. Jonathan Mungwari

    lecrae has finally fallen into temption :(

    Kevin Sandoval

    What are u talking about?

    Max Thomas

    You really haven't bothered to read the lyrics to Lecrae's music. Just because he isn't rapping "Jesus is Lord" every line doesn't mean he has fallen. 

    Marco Pessoa

    Your crazy brotha

    Ify Nsoha

    +Jonathan Mungwari He literally said "Jesus is King" in this song.
    You buggin

  53. Jordan Lauterbach

    jayo my oj mayo on the toDAY SHOW!!!

  54. Derek Gridley

    No Malice would've had a sick line on here

    Aaron Hamilton

    @Derek Gridley they used his lines from darkest hours as the chorus

  55. Lion Rose Music

    This is powerful!
    Can't wait to see Lecrae LIVE!!

  56. HussePapito

    Everybody has something to say, bruh JESUS didn't walk around trying to say hey you're evil and you're evil,

    He did call out spirits but it was done spiritually not through pure talk like yall do. Get off lecrae and go listen to something else if you don't like it. I just don't get why you even click on his videos when ya know you're just gonna spread satanic spirits out. Lecrae NEVER said that he was trying to make worship music but just music telling his story as King Davids story was told or even Job. It's a story yall and if you're not gonna stay til the end of it DONT TALK ABOUT THE MIDDLE OF IT.

    Yall say lecrae ain't leading anyone but through his music I've actually gotten closer to my JESUS however, yalls comments aren't leading anyone to anything. Just pray for him or move around 💯. Enjoy your blessings..!

    Ketsia St.Hilaire

    You literally typed what I was feeling. I feel that every time I read these demonic comments I feel nauseated. 

    Set Apart Disciples

    Amen brother.

    Derrick Harris

    @CLELovesYou I agree that listening to christian hip hop has brought me closer to GOD (DA Truth was the first artist i invested in), because it has shown me that I can still carry the LORDS words without a suit on. (if that makes any sense). What I don't like is how the videos are dark and more worldly feeling. And now that my eyes are open to the satanic MUSIC, MOVIES, and HOLLYWOOD I feel hurt because I am being feed the devils food. We all know that the fallen angle was the minister of music...ie: HOLLYWOOD, and as we have seen that one day the artist is just "a no body" then all of a sudden they are "A List". Not taking away from their hard work, but lets not be naive. Ask GOD for DISCERNMENT and you be the judge. It has gotten to the point that I don't like watching tv or listening to some music. Just me,

    David,Enoh Warning

    @CLELovesYou Amen

  57. Sam Stueven

    This song sounds like Mercy by Kanye West

  58. Natalie Sanchez

    I don't like how lecreas newer songs r sounding da same like todays songs :/

    T.C.G Records

    but not with the same message... That's the diffrent :)


    Amen Jemuel..!

    Ernie Vasquez

    Natalie Sanchez Not every Christian Rap/ Hip-Hop needs to be religious

  59. Jacob Standland

    Its a great song

  60. Jacob Standland

    Its a great song

  61. Jonathan Cruz

    Not bad

  62. BigYo1017 TV


  63. Bryan Hernandez

    Real Rap

  64. Kevin Morales

    The Chorus was apparently No Malice's beginning of his verse of a song on Lecrae's Church Clothes Mixtape.

  65. Phil Breaka

    I love Lacree .Finnaly a real man with real goals no bullshit like others .I belive he was sent from God to lead us to the Only Savior Jesus Mesiah .Thx Lacree for saying the truth who send us free .But...this song it's to darkness  in it you must to show light. IT should be a Happy song a rescue song When you say "lord have mercy " your it looks like some demons sings that :( Dount like this song .But you are the best and we love you :) be blessed and never stop 

    John Ryan

    you don't lead anyone to Jesus Christ Jesus leads you to god

  66. Critical Credo

    Lol dang i forgot just how good this song was...


    @jonathan sanders Your AMAZING!  You should go on bigger plat forms.  are you on youtube?  You should contact reach records. 

    Darce Stelly

    @jonathan sanders good work man. Keep it up.

    Critical Credo

    O.O wow...thanks, you two! All glory to God, yo!

    richard j


  67. Bekah Be like Batman

    Lecrae and Tedashi! Now we're talking... Or rapping... Two out of five of my favorite rappers!

  68. meyersmedley

    I'm not super into rap or hip hop, but I'm digging this song and really love Lecrae and what he stands for. Keep it up guys. You really are setting a great example, especially for our young kids. Love your boldness for Christ.


    @T-lims thats all you got from her message? *laughs*


    @dezzerkeer lol


    That's why I love listening to Lecrae as well! He isn't afraid to say what the Lord wants him to say. God bless him and give him the strength to keep doing what he's doing because he's helping God better this generation

    Timo's Archive Extra

    u are hot

  69. Abye mola

    have mercy on me lord

  70. sukie2u

    Anything that opens your mines eye to the tricks of satan is worthy to be listened to. I am 60 years old, saying a lot did a lot don't claim braggin rights; but we have to be open to what is coming to the generations now , and later. I wasn't that crazy about the Christian music my parents listen to. and they weren't that crazy about the music I listen to, all it is is a different style we still all are trying to get to heaven.and if we're not cognizant of the tricks of the devil, then tell me how we can fight the good fight. God has already won. That doesn't mean we're not in the battle, we have to show up, we have to represent, and we have to be just exactly what he told us we needed to be on the battlefront. so if you don't like the song its okay you don't have to listen to it to realize that there are young men Christian men and women who only relating to this type of music for their fight is the one that's bring brought. what you have to do is take the time to get out of the music and listen to the words. Every thing is different, every generation fights with the tools that up before then. I take the time to listen to what my children are listening to. I take the time to listen to what my grandchildren are listening to; and I take the time to see what's going on in the world and what they are listening to. We cannot use it as an excuse because God is not allowed us to do that. anyone in this comment section that is arguing about the lyrics, might want to take a late evening drive through the neighborhoods, we Christians should be winning the battle, but how can that happen when you're constantly putting down the new music. is not right and its never been right to watch babies raise babies, its not right to see our men degrade women in front of their young sons and boys and nephews. I speak the truth always to be young people I encounter death is real, heaven is real, hell is real make a choice. then go out and fight for what you believe in. the problem is religion were so busy fighting against each and every different religion that we can't come together as one and realize that God is God. Jesus was sent to us because of the things we needed, the Holy Spirit was left with us to give us a conscience, so stop playing the game of your right I'm right he's right he's wrong pick up the book off instructions and read it again. Like I said we win. `Remember my people perish for LACK of knowledge'.


    Amen amen, such wise words I agree with you 100%! Much love and respect to you.


    Wow so much wisdom, i can tell u have a personal relationship with God.

  71. kent knight

    put jellyroll on brother

  72. Hollow Cliche


  73. Israel Alvarado

    I love this song

  74. Tony House

    This isnt weird

  75. One Minute Truth

    Don't we all need the Lords mercy!

    Derrick Harris

    @Hafa Adai Yes we do, but after you sell your soul there is no mercy. You can't repent for that.

    Leandra Russell

    +Derrick Harris The scriptures never said who can and cannot repent, Everyone deserves grace and mercy, no one is perfect, we all sin, but as we grow in the Lord we should be sinning as less, Remember No sin is greater than another!! So killing, lying, committing adultery, pornography, stealing, homosexuality, and etc is the same sin, we all will be judged in the Day of Judgement

  76. JNoMore

    This is my turn up song lol.

  77. Ruvim G

    I don't get this video why was there a grandma smoking a soda can xD good song thoo

    Love Others

    She was smoking crack.

    Youngh Angel

    She was using it as a bong

  78. rey elizondo

    What that boy looks familiar...

    Elyse Katela

    Pusha T😂😂😂😂

  79. Dr Dubstep

    Lord have mercy!

  80. C3MI _ CON

    I think dude singing the chorus in this video is Malice from The Clipse. Looks like him anyway. 

    David Leatherman

    It is him

    Love Others

    It is, he found Christ in 2012


    He goes by the stage name No Malice as a symbol of rejecting who he was and showing that's he's been washed in the blood of the Lamb

    Erik Orge

    Rhymin on the sample of Mercy with Pusha T

  81. Lazara Hebert

    i'm turnt up daily!

    Adrianna Hanebrink

    im on my 180! :)

    Lazara Hebert

    @Nikki Hanebrink

  82. Cage Nine

    people say this vid is creepy but they havn't seen real creepy. creepy is what the pagans/illuminati do and worship.

    Young AAmez

    They must've never been to the underground side of Hip Hop.

    Bruno Herbert Costa

    +Wre$tlingRap Eminem - 3 A. M.

    Swag Obey

    100 percent true

    Dustin Turner

    It is creepy. But it's to awaken people out of darkness and into salvation and freedom in Christ.

  83. Justin Wilton

     Check this link out if you wanna join the Unashamed Street Team: http://fcrps.me/LivefoHim ... Them Follow me at LivefoHim. God Bless!!!

  84. Ohm'sLaw

    i relay don't feel this song has a real message, i don't feel like i gained anything from listening to this.... 

    Jake Jones

    he's explaining what happened to him and what he was before God came into his life and he is asking for God to have mercy


    ohh, ok. now i get it, thankyou


    +Cassandra ????

  85. J. Garner

    The dude saying, "Lord have mercy", had the goofiest face when taken with the voice. Making me laugh out loud countless times 

    David Kurili

    that's No Malice FKA Malice from the Clipse.He's a legend. Do your research boy


    So that means he can't make funny faces?

    Triple Seven

    @David Kurili Okay? lol God forgave his sinful ways so his past career is non-existant. His legendary status is gone to me then :O

  86. calebthompson2522

    Good song but The way the guy ran at 2:47 got me dying over here XD



    Ty G

    calebthompson2522 I was running on rocks with really thin ass shoes. It was super hard to run on. Ha
    First time I met lecrae you'll see me flying in his promo for his album "Gravity" also.

  87. ElleAleeLindquist

    " Turnt up daily..." Amen to that!

  88. Brandon Erga

    Look up "Bury That" by No Malice. So glad this guy has given his all to Jesus no matter the cost.

    Ify Nsoha

    +Brandon Erga I know right? He's a changed man

  89. Nelson Wesley

    This is a good song

  90. Jaylen Perkins

    I met lacre

    Daniel Torres

    @Johann williams no such thing as luck.

    Daniel Torres

    awesome brah

  91. Jaylen Perkins

    Lacs is a insperation

  92. Farah Augustin

    this is weird ... O.o 

    Daniel Torres

    nope this is awesome