Lecrae - Let It Whip Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
Yo, aye look
5th wheel straight hangin
Grip the grain, I'm swangin
It's Texas all on my roots boy
Ain't no point in me changing
On 45, trunk bangin
From fair park to south acres
I hit big T's then I hit kings
In the same day no playin
I'm whippin, I'm dippin though the great state of Texas
I used to rock the gold, tall t's with a necklace
My car wasn't mean but I kept that thing clean
Paint chip, couple dents
Ain't a break, shoot to scream
Oh well, I feel gotta let that trunk knock
Hear me beatin down yo block
And my car just stopped again
Mayne, my gas gauge don't work
I can't tell how much gas I got man

[Hook: Lecrae & Paul Wall]
Let it whip
I let it whip
See? I let it whip
Hold up
Let it whip
Paul Wall baby
All ready

[Verse 2: Paul Wall]
I pull up, trunk bumpin like a bad shage
Speakers blastin next july with the trunk raised
Vogue tires lookin fresher than a pair of J's
Seven cars right behind me in a slab parade
I'm a pro, I work the wood like a carpenter
Everybody tippin down, no bartender
Candy paint, make em take my picture oftener
Money on my phone like a telemarketer
I weave the Llac through traffic like Malaysian hair
My fifth wheel bow down like it's time for prayer
All speakers in the trunk, roll no spare
Paint job, 10 racks for 10 thousand stares

[Verse 3: Lecrae]
Yea sir
Hey look yo car might be rusty
Your ride might be old
But that thing get you from A to B
So go and put the thing on the road
Mane you ain't gotta be stuntin
Got a good job, a little money
Aye you don't need no car note
You debt free and then frontin
They struggling
You prayful, you ain't sittin on the bustin
Got 4 wheels, I got low bills and that's so weird, it's 100
That's factory, don't play that
That's Japanese, we gon say that
Don't let the crack in yo roof with scratch
Well I'm cool with that so don't lay back
Don't need a Benz and no Maybach
No CD player, got 8-track
You old school, that yo cool
Don't let nobody say jack
Just ride, don't let them kill yo vibe
Yo air don't work? Go and let them windows down
And let that thing whip

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Lecrae Let It Whip Comments

    Blazing viben 2020 beeeyarch

  2. Variety Stuff

    Happy 6 yes anniversary CC2

  3. kimberly phelps




  5. RundemGaempleyz

    *H-Tine!!!* God bless you!!

  6. LJ4

    I thought that sound at some of the drops was my stomach! 0:21

  7. Isaiah Jaramillo

    Dallas FW 👢🐂🕆

  8. Jesse Hendrix

    i weave the lack through traffic like malaysian, my fifth wheel bow doown like it time fa praya... so smooth

  9. Devante Garrett


  10. Devante Garrett


  11. Devante Garrett


  12. Devante Garrett


  13. Isaiah Jaramillo

    DALLAS ✌👢

  14. Jesse Hendrix

    Is it possible to listen to this quietly?

  15. Ben Brak

    still banging this

  16. Kyre No Irving

    low-key thought trip Lee on was on here then I saw the title and I was like oops.

  17. Reach Records

    Never miss a beat! Subscribe to Lecrae's channel for the latest tracks! 💯

  18. Mark Putnam


  19. Roderick Johnson


  20. King K. Rool

    this song is so lit

  21. Jonathan Santos

    Why isn't this song on DatPiff w/ the rest of the mixtape?

    Aaron Hamilton

    Jonathan Santos try downloading off another site. I got all the songs from rapzilla

    TQ DatManye

    Jonathan Santos I Think it is

  22. Gabriel Galvan

    Thank you god for lecrae his stuff is the bomb.


    Gabriel Galvan *God

  23. Gabriel Galvan

    Thank you lecrae for everything

  24. Jermaine Marshall

    Htine bebe!

  25. Noble LaRocco Masi

    What is the 5th wheel?

    Nichole Williams

    I'm guessing the spare

    Daniel Patterson

    It's a Texas term for a spare wheel. It's just for looks and usually has a "swanger" inside it. Swangers are a Texas thing.

    Bryan L

    It's the spare on older Caddys.

  26. Josette Coleman

    I love Lecrae, hip hop with a Christ feel to it!!!

  27. Kurt Cobain

    Nice to see something new in the Christian rap scene

    Saucey Jøsh

    Kurt Cobain how the nirvana life

    Angel Rodriguez

    Kurt Cobain Kurt didnt know you came back😉😅😅

  28. Red Tux

    ..yeah yeah, making music with worldly artist blah blah blah, BUT the new Paul Wall isn't the same friendly metaphor Paul Wall as we hear on this song. This song could lead Christians to tap into Paul Wall's new projects like "slab god" which is full of cussing and smoking weed songs. Not gonna lie, it made me want to go back to my smoking days. Just sharing my real experience from listening to this collab, I was curious of what Paul's been up to. just being honest with yall

    Michael Colston

    Cursing isn't bad. Us Christians just need to toughen up and stop being so sensitive. Same with smoking weed. It's enjoyable and it doesn't affect anyone's relationship with Christ so calm down.

    Red Tux

    Ha! "Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion".. how can you be sober-minded when your high??? "Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking" pick up the good book bruh. @Miles Williams 

    johnny appleseed

    +Miles Williams lol Just because it's enjoyable doesn't mean God wants you to indulge bruh. God has been teaching us that we don't need things like getting high. He says to be high on the Spirit, so I understand where you're coming from. Been there, done that, super long time, no good. I'm not smarter or more of a Christian than you are, we're just in two different stages in our walk with God. You're not racing to be me, nor I you. It is what it is, and eventually you'll come to see that.

  29. Jason Armstrong

    do something with jelly roll

  30. Erick Juarez

    it says its produced by hector Delgado is it hector el father ???

  31. Bake Master

    This song is still christian based he's saying you have to be flashy but to enjoy what you have. That's showing gratitude which God likes.

  32. Soup Fork

    Well like Paul's letters after the Gospel, it is said that Paul became like the Jews in order to reach them, and then to reach the Greeks, he presented his message in the Greeks' style (with reason) to reach them. So maybe Lecrae is on to something by doing music with worldly hip-hop artists: This way he's reaching people in the hood or anyone who enjoys worldly music by making music with a worldly artist that people enjoy.

    Craig Anthony Truett

    Bruh, this is the best, realist comment I've seen on youtube

    NB Shabba

    true stuff

  33. St Mary

    Lecrae dont be a sell out bro. You are misrepresenting Christ by refusing to be labeled "christian rapper" as well as by conforming to the world. Come out of Babylon brother. Do not fall away. God will provide for and protect you. Secular artist who glorify sin and death in your music? Seriously? My prayers for you


    @Saint Tita how is he in Babylon?

    Amanda Juarez

    @Saint Tita its awesome that he can bring these rappers into christian rap and get them to use their talents to spread the word and do something good. More collaborations like this gets the word out there about Christian rap to a crowd that may have otherwise not been drawn in. I <3 what he is doing...I think it is so smart...he is getting Gods word out there to more and more lost souls. He is making Christian rap the norm...showing that it is just as live and hots just as hard and that people can still enjoy the beats and the sound the love with a positive msg!!

    Joshua Lee

    No, he isn't, he is not unashamed or anything, he just doesn't like tat label because people see that as music for christians and by christians, lecrae is not tryna be another Christian artist, he is here not to reach people who already are Christian but people who aren't.

    Amanda Juarez

    @Joshua Barber absolutely....you nailed it....that is what he is doing...he is on a mission for Christ and he is smart and it is working. I love it!!! 

    jack nick

    St Tita why should a christian rapper need to label himself christian? to me that only seems to limit their reach

  34. Stephen Cottman

    Oklahoma and Texas have a rivalry and I live in Oklahoma

  35. MC R-Techz

    Such a good tune for a car, makes me wish I had one.... :(

    Bobby Lewis jr

    yo day gon come

    MC R-Techz

    I have a whip now ;)

    TQ DatManye

    MC R-Techz yes This is a Classic


    🤔I hope niow yu got one!!
    Aft5 yrs 😂

  36. Daniel Glosson

    What song is this beat using? I recognize it but I can't put my finger on it.

    Zechariah Hall

    Its a sample of a old song literally called Let it Whip lol, from the 80's 

    Armani Miller

    @Zechariah Hall
    Dazz Band


    The song is from the Dazz Band "Let It Whip"....but it's chopped and screwed.

  37. EVAZION.

    idk if its just me, but I think it's pretty sick that lecrae is rapping with worldly rappers. He's reaching out to places other rappers wouldn't go. In the bible, it says, we should not stay in a comfortable zone, we should reach out and try to save the darkness.

    Garlic Girl

    If you feel that way then pray for him. We are to pray without ceasing. Pray for others who you feel need it.

    Tia Austin

    EVAZION. 😇☝️🙏

    Tia Austin

    Garlic Girl 💪😍💜

    Just anostrich

    Have to disagree. His lyrics are still clean when he's rapping with worldly rappers and he still talks about Jesus. Remeber, Jesus hung out with criminals like for example Matthew, which he was a tax collector that took advantage of other people. Jesus changed Matthew for the better. If you don't talk to non Christians they won't get a chance to know Jesus. Now stop dissing lecrae



  38. Stephen Cottman

    Oklahoma! Not Texas. I hat texas


    What's wrong with texas (other than the ridiculous amount of executions)?

  39. pitbullboxing5

    I just bought the album on Friday and MANE is it on point!!!    Keep up the great inspiring music!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awready!

  40. DANNELLE28

    My jam!!

  41. i'am immordecai 7

    Htown(Houston) awwwwready

  42. Daniel Reyes

    lecrae will get hate from everyone but its like he said "I have a record label and ima sign more" in other words all you haters have the rest of his life to hate cause he will continue the movement. Wasn't it Paul who went into the worst of the worst to build his church? a city where the people worshiped witch craft and witchery was its god? Just saying

  43. Worldclass Barber TV

    Nice! Nice! Nice! Track. Beat hot. Props to you on this one

  44. Kev Jr.

    I don't have to read the comments to know why some of them are so long. I'm guessing some people like and support this song and some don't. Anyone who reads this comment go and look at Lecrae's older songs and videos and you will see unity and testimonies in the comments with little to absolutely no arguments in the comment section. Ask yourself, why is there sooo much disagreement here? Why doesn't everyone feel inspired and happy and want to give testimonies as Christians should when mentioning GOD? Before you judge this music, ask yourself these things. You don't have to answer me but answer to yourself.

    Matthew Pratt

    Amen brother

  45. Tek Bundy

    judge those who should be judged first, we ALL fall short of the glory of God, Lecrae is glorifying God w a big voice in hip hop. can't knock that. this brother is Unashamed!! salute

  46. Greg Griffin

    Kinda sound like Big K.R.I.T.

  47. Cam Perry

    Should have put Bun B and Big Krit on this as well

  48. HOLYHiTS

    Yo check us out, Just-Us, for more hot gospel rap! We out of Tampa, Fl and we just go in for Christ. Just click my channel. Thanks, God bless, and Keep the Faith!

  49. Bryceson Burden

    This straight flexin!!!! This is so trill

    Sidney Johnson

    Yo b! You have to hear the whole mixtape it Goooooood!

    Bryceson Burden

    I have :)

  50. DRG116

    If Crae does this song at Unashamed V in Dallas next week, the place will go insane.

  51. Jerry Mouse

    No message, dope flow though.

    Michael Colston

    The message is you don't have to have the best car. Be happy that you have car and everything you need to survive

  52. NajlepszeTłumaczeniaRapuPL

    what means "Let it whip" phrase ?


    Just let your car cruise.

  53. DaFool E.P-Z

    Str8 jammin...h-town hol up mane

  54. Tate Ellison

    Wall used to be c-rapper.  lecrae is just encouraging him the right direction. 

  55. ChunkyBlack

    people actin like they're the music police lol. A human being decided to make music with another human being, And it sounds good. Damn good. With a great message btw and no compromises, Let it whip

  56. Jenny Cornerstone

    Does scarface and bizzle got a song?

  57. Jenny Cornerstone

    R u serious phantom? He has many songs with christian artists,heard of google?christians today tend to b religious,thats not christlike.come as u are means to humble yourselves,thats admitting you have sin .some wear it well like a tailored suit,others may b in persuit,the rest act like a remote and stay mute.who do your church clothes rep? Your expensive suit and manicured hands wont help me understand the the one who keeps count of every grain of sand.look up dmx,tupac,etx lyrical and spiritual while you judge the physical even bonethugs cries out in harmony ask yolanda adams!

  58. Trae Perry


  59. Angelo Morales

    Phantom2k10: why do you keep talking bad about Lecrae? If you don't like his music don't click on it.

  60. Zak Scott G

    One of my favorite songs off CC2

  61. wordupmayne13

    Ignorance leads you to believe this is compromise. #KingdomExpansion

  62. Isaac Brown

    MAN! CRAE I LOVE THIS SONG Bro! Keep doing yo thang bro. Your Songs are reaching the streets! People in barbershops know who you are. We can pull people in with songs like this and Spread the Gospel. Just a feel good song. Already

  63. gdwots

    Killed it. @phantom2k10 as a Christian who wants to add to His kingdom, it makes sense for Lecrae to work with people who may not be on the same page. Songs with "people of the world" may expose people to Lecrae's music and message that might never have heard it otherwise. Besides, this is a great song bro

  64. phantom2k10

    I doubt you will see these comments,but if you do thank God.mr lecrae you might claim Jesus Christ,but do you truly know him? Jesus said many will say hsve i not performed miracles in your name,cast out demons and heales people and he will reply,depart from me for i never knew you.are you one of those people he will deny infront of his father?

    Why do you make more music with people of the world,than your fellow brothers in christ like bizzle,sevin,lavoisier,datin,flo,mc jin,righteous knight,believen stephen,b-do etc etc? Is it because these brothers preach christ in nearly every single one of their sons or because they are not making noise like you are?


    @james hizon you replying to the wrog person

    james hizon

    lol okay.

    Bullet Phil

    because healthy people don't need a doctor, the sick (people who aren't saved) do need the care of a doctor (Jesus Christ)

    Joe Rennaker

    How do you know Paul Wall isn't a Christian?


    @Joseph Rennaker you are replying to the wrong person

  65. BlAzInGrAcE777

    I love it, love the places Lecrae is reaching, its not compromise, its wisdom on how to reach the lost!