Lecrae - I Know Lyrics

I know [x6]

Boy, I lost and I'm foolish
Runnin off with at the two lips
Prolly wooin all the cruelest persecute us to fool us
Catch me hangin with shooters
Rumored to shrew yo' medulla
My momma told me they would screwups but I already knew it
Who go'n give 'em peace of mind
They can have piece of mine
No they thinkin I'm blind
But I just pay them no mind
Yeah I know they be lyin
They misquotin my lines
They like "What you think you doin puttin hope in yo' rhymes?"
You would think I'm shootin folk or puttin coke in my rhymes
I just give 'em bass for free and push the dopest of lines
Boy you trippin, I know
Cr-Cr-Crae you slippin, I know
I done heard this all before; just sit back enjoy the show
Yeah, I know they go'n hate us
Type they blog up, debate us
They be fishin for attention but don't know how to bait us
Keep that hate on Hiatus
Big ups to my Creator
No big bang just a banger
So tell that DJ to bang it! Yeah!

I know [x8]
I know what they sayin, but I promise that I'm cool though
I know what they sayin, but I promise that I'm cool though
I know what they sayin
I ain't trippin on it mayne
I just came to do my thing
Somethin different for a change

Listen I-K N-O
They tryin to find out my M.O.
I tell 'em God sent me they prolly ain't get the memo, I know
I can say that cause Jesus walks
They don't play that, I know
Shouldn't be up here cause people rollin they trees here, I know
You can't help 'em
No strippers and killers welcome, I know
You can't hear it
No ignorance in my lyrics
Boy they swear I went loco
116 still my logo
Catch us rollin in that Volvo
Go'n snap you a photo
Maybe Andy or PRo though
Might see Trip in De Soto
Maybe KB, maybe T-Dot
Yeah I know you don't know though
Yeah I know they don't like me
Cause I be on my Spike Lee
Even when I do the right thing, they still wanna fight me
IRS want they taxes
Police stop us in traffic
Plus my girl be on my back
She say my life is too hectic
'Crae they watchin, I know
Aye they talkin, I know
I done seen this all before
Man, it's just part of the show
Let's go!

I know [x8]
I know what they sayin, but I promise that I'm cool though
I know what they sayin, but I promise that I'm cool though
I know what they sayin
I ain't trippin on it mayne
I just came to do my thing
Somethin different for a change
I know [x8]
I know

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Lecrae I Know Comments
  1. [Clarity] _PW

    ‘Putting ‘coke’ in my rines!’ 🥤

  2. Cooler Man

    Blasting in 2019

  3. Yagirl kaykay

    Old School Lecrae 🎧🎧

  4. nun

    I'm surprised that Iggy Azelia is not catching a lawsuit

  5. MonstrousBeast1

    2019 anyone

  6. Iceyy !

    I was in 3rd grade when my dad showed me this...still blasting this as a freshman xD

  7. Brayla F

    I hope lecrae makes more songs so there can be more and more Christians I’m a Christian and it’s great if you read this plz like and god bless all

  8. Jonathan Casey

    2018 still banging

  9. justina edu

    U really know....salute big man...give us more

  10. Oscar Alejandro Sandoval

    like it!

  11. William Bucher

    I'm not a Christian but this is dope, and I respect this artist

    Bryan Ruiz

    +William Bucher I know. lol.

    Caleb Grabowski

    William Bucher Brah you don't believe in God?


    Me to he's is the best

  12. William Bucher

    verse 1 0:11 verse 2 1:26

  13. Andrea Corea

    love it

  14. Jailan Rayvon

    2016 now

    Jailan Rayvon

    still grear

  15. Jonathon Jones


  16. Lisa Krause

    I love this song!!

  17. Dallas Jeffcoat

    Love it

  18. phillip phillips

    Lecrae. you keep doing what you doing bro. Just keep making good Christian rap music that glorifies God to the maximum. Let the haters hate. God got your back He will not let your enemies prevail over you. They will just turn back in shame.


    Like this christen rap

    Brayla F

    I lov your comment

  19. Isaac Pelletier

    Calling him an idiot....sounds like something lil wayne would say.

  20. WorshipGod4ever

    Couldn't say it better Jessica. Agree 100%. By the way you're another proof that God is doing a great work through Lecrae. Too many "Christians" I know thinks that lecrae shouldn't be rapping at all. God bless you Jessica and to you Andrew, I hope one day you accept Christ as your Savior before it's too late, cause believe me, when it's too late, there will be NO hope. God bless you all guys

  21. Adam Myers

    You don't know fully yet my friend.

    jordan brown

    whatr you mean

    jordan brown

    aye man get at me what you mean

  22. SvG NitRo

    mahn...i used to know EVERY single word in this song and then i stopped listening for a while....what a bad choice i made. Lecrae is the BEST

  23. David Vazquez

    Lil wayne has talent but no meaningful purpose while lecrae has lots of talent and has a brilliant purpose therefore i vote lecrae.

  24. RamenNoNoodles

    #I know what say but I promise that I'm cool# Sick song yo!!

  25. Tayo Falayi

    only thing that'll make this track better is a trip lee verse

  26. Jessica Smith

    More like Lil Idiot. Do you really want his ignorant music to get in your spirit and soul? It doesn't matter whether his "flow and tunes" are better. Lecrae preaches about Jesus & living your life through him. Wayne raps about money and hoes, then brainwashes and influences kids to want the same things. Ever wonder why more teens are getting high, drunk and pregnant? When I was your age, that's all I wanted to do. Christian rap changed my life. That idiot shouldn't even be in this conversation.


    For real

  27. Abby Talbert

    Favorite song ever!

  28. SilverfangX777

    I'd have to strongly disagree with you there. 'Crae has the better tunes and flow IMO, although lil wayne is talented. If anyone's the faker though it's lil Wayne , Crae's 100% real homie.

  29. Andrew Stinnett

    Kid i'm 17, and I know Lil Wayne has gone wack. I'm saying he has better tunes and flows. And yes, clearly he has to many pills. I know a few " Christians " who are pill poppers. I'm not a hater " kid ". And why do I even care about your comment when all your doing is talking - like lil wayne.

  30. Andrew Stinnett

    LOL I cant eat some thing so small. I wasn't hatin' on crae, I was sayin' lil wayne has more talent idiot. Sure he is wack now, but his tunes and flow is better. Calm down and please silence your self child, before you blow another gaskit. lol.

  31. Andrew Stinnett

    Cant suck something that doesn't exist child.

  32. joseph sprague

    Why is that kid hating on Lecrae?
    And why do we care haha xD he was good enough to win a Grammy so there are a lot of people who support him, and Lil Wayne got nothin on Lecrae. Lil Wayne has an annoying voice his message in his songs hardly ever help anyone or encourage anyone, Lil Wayne is also a hypocrite, rapping sin in his songs and then thanks God for the reward -__- he has clearly popped too many pills.

  33. SaberNinja18

    Y do u go around a talk crap on lecrae vids, u need to shut up go watch pewdiepie and get a job and i dont see u makin any rap. And i dont care if i feed the troll he cant eat this comment and my####

  34. Keron Nicholson

    check out my page for a gospel

  35. Vanessa Villalobos

    I love Lecra

  36. lilwiteboy678

    People have different tastes of rap. If you like Lil Wayne, you should try listening to Canon 'work' you might like that style better.

  37. Jovanni Cruz

    Another lil Weenier fan, you think your sooo hood cuz you look up to lil wayne, He grew up rich not from the streets BIRDMAN adopted him, Know your rappers dont just go along with the beat. And DRAKE NEVER STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM His parents had wealth long before he even played degrassi as a teen. Yeah DONT GET MAD AT ME, TRUTH HURTS LIVE WITH IT! and stop the blood nonsense, makes you sound like a kid from middle school.

  38. Jovanni Cruz


  39. Jovanni Cruz

    lil wayne is fake, this is real talent. Real talk, Go root to that puppet lil wayne. pay attention to the Lyrics DUH

  40. Jovanni Cruz

    IF THE LORD IS WITH US WHO AGAINST US Andrew Stinnett!!! hahaha go with that puppet lil wayne, Lecrae is Real rap, REAL TALK

  41. Nicholas Gerth

    I know!

  42. Yung Drumma

    Lecrae went in on this!!!! Boy is cold!

  43. Lyndsi Kitchel

    its all about the lryics man

  44. Da0nlineGamer

    "Dont Feed The Trolls"

  45. Andrew Stinnett

    Nah ... Lil Weezy would eat this faker like steak. Didn't yo hear lil wayne? He da best rapper alive, he ain't like this fake an poser.

  46. Andrew Stinnett

    And won't nobody talk cuz I'm a real street mobster
    Ghetto gangstas I don't eat pasta
    Only fuckin wit the shrimp & the lobster
    Murder the pussy whole in ya boy
    When I'm dressed up like a rastah
    New Orleans & Chi connect stay burnin sticky
    And we gettin stuntin steady gettin money that's why I'm on 50
    Shit, I only be fuckin wit niggaz that earnin wit me
    If you try then you goin die
    On fire cuz I'm so hot
    Watch how we burn this city
    ... God = fake air shot. Peace out.

  47. Andrew Stinnett

    Niggaz shook watch Twista Weezyana gotta show 'em heaven, call the reverend
    Try to shoot up every part of you wit my arsenal I'm a arsonist
    Or the 40cal wit the 50 clip
    you don't want no parts of this
    Call the doctor
    Homie you are not Baby, not the Twista & not the Carter
    Don't be coming to me acting petty when I carry glocks to carve ya
    You could break my hands, I write wit my mind
    you can't stop the author
    Try to run up on the block why bother

  48. Andrew Stinnett

    Stop playing wit me, cannon in my hand and I'll be damn if any man disrespect in my land
    I'm a extra bad nigga, I'm a sideways shooter
    Open up the minds & body fuck a highway trooper
    Cuz now-a-days dudes'll run & tell the troopers
    So I hope the same trooper could find ya when I lose ya
    These niggas talkin' out the side of they medula
    Preserve a nigga put his body in the cooler
    Turn 'em into ice, call me Weezy the jeweler
    Run up on me boy & get smoked like buddah

  49. Andrew Stinnett

    Is grammar the best way you can troll child? Grow up idiot, thats probably why your on this video.

  50. Andrew Stinnett

    Nah homie ... I'd sooner believe satan was God bitch. Getta life homie or lose ya life. - Blood

  51. Andrew Stinnett

    Nah ... Not really. Hes one of the worst rappers of all time. Lil Wayne would smash his ass in 5 seconds. Crae crae crae you slippin' I know ;) ... Listen to real rap. Lil Weezy for ever baby! - Blood

  52. Christian Pollard

    I wonna rap like lecrae I'm a skater but I like to rap to

  53. dillon shuford

    wayy better than lil wayne!!!!!!

  54. trent moulton

    Hay God bless you man but if you could see what my God could do to a human heart you would be like. I KNOW.

  55. robert hernandez


  56. Rashawn Young

    The first lines got me hooked...!!!!!!

  57. Adam Mounivong

    Young meiz remix brought me here.

  58. Chips Dubbo

    You call him stupid yet you have the grammar skills of a 3rd grader. Is that how logic works nowadays?

  59. Andrew Stinnett

    Quit ruining our fun, and our fun stuff with your damn air talker religion. POS fk off. BTW Listen to real rap. Drake, Lil wayne, kayne west. Idk if you girls can handle real rap so maybe you shouldnt ...

  60. Andrew Stinnett

    I ain't hatin, I am tellin the damn truth, These dude is SO stupid. Wasting his life on the AIR!!! Its so fkin funny how you morons believe this shit that was all the sudden made up? Look at the damn facts you fkin jew.

  61. Andrew Stinnett

    Ikr? :P Air talkers these days homie ...

  62. Chloe Magdaleno

    This song!

  63. LaToya Christian

    Hey not everybody believe many are called and but few are chosen you never know you might be one of the chosen but you will never know if you never until you taste and see.

  64. poopdawg2301

    its going to be funny when you realize Jesus is real

  65. TheUnfollowed1

    Coming from a kid Called "poopdwag2301". GTFO its going to be funny when u die and nothing happens other than dieing

  66. Tabs Pearl

    GOD IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!
    Many are called but few are chosen!!!

  67. Tabs Pearl

    why do people bother coming on here to be bad mind? like seriously if u need to vent get a therapist or something!! sheeeesh
    love u lecrae and i pray God continues to use you to bless many!!
    not every1 will believe but hey!!! God is real whether ppl like it or not!
    funny how the same ppl who say he isnt real celebrate christmas and easter or host weddings and funerals in a church n when devastation occurs you try blame God, but erm i thought u said he wasn't real?? MAKE UP URE MIND

  68. poopdawg2301

    atleast have enough respect to let people believe what they want, just because your not happy with life doesnt mean you have to waist your time trying to disrespect other peoples beliefs ;)

  69. TheUnfollowed1

    "God where are you?" "......" "k Bye bitch"

  70. laiyana w

    I LOOVE this long and i love Lecrae

  71. laiyana w

    Ask God himself if he's real then... test him

  72. acts541

    Oh have you already died?
    Even if what you say is true that just means you'll be joining us "rotting in the ground." What fun

  73. TheUnfollowed1

    lol my "friend" sent me this. pure bullshit ;) rap sucks and "god" doesn't exist so lol. have fun rotting in the ground becasue there is no "heaven"

  74. Armando Kornejo

    uuuuuuf what a song bro!!!!

  75. Jonathan Perkins

    My friend just let me listen to part of this song on his Beats studio headphones and now Lecrae is my fav for now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Lizzy Mowery

    This speaks the truth about the world I wish they would actually listen to it.

  77. Grennan King

    trust god 1

  78. Max Bushmich

    It makes you feel weird whenever you say "I konw"

  79. GUTTA MUSIC JRMiah Church B. God's Will DJ Uncle E.

    search Church B Im Good


    I know....

  81. Craig Edwards TV

    5 ppl don't know

  82. Mario Johnson

    He did his thang!!!

  83. Nkem Nwankwo

    Love this song

  84. cobrabosse

    do u mean After the music stops? (Not trying to play)

  85. Darnica Gordon

    search Church B Im Good

  86. Bilal Powell

    God is using Lecrae

  87. me17me19

    tooo raw

  88. Calamity

    The guy that hit dislike needs some love. Christ-like love.

  89. MinorCheese777

    It's a good song but I can't stand the annoying "I KNOW OH OH" In the background.

  90. 24ftbllrules

    This slumps!

  91. Alvin


  92. Marish12


  93. sholmide oneus

    dis my song tho <3

  94. Halo Hitz

    Poor guy accidentally hit dislike..

  95. wazern White

    Tooo real but he knowd

  96. gmaster4444

    y u think that

  97. SchlegelREV

    chaa, anyone sounds and is better than little wayne

  98. gio gomez

    its better than lil