Lecrae - I Did It For You Lyrics

I did it for you
I did it for you
I did it for you

That's why I did it yea'll
For all the listeners
Whoever be hearing this
That's why I do what I do

I did it for you

Single mother low income riding the bus
Big momma making a fuss saying in God she trusts.
My uncles 20, I'm 10 taking gulps of gin.
He don't realize that we all are engulfed in sin.
Gang bangers on the corner got me wanna be down
Take a bullet for some city on government ground
By 25 everybody locked or died
To busy playing around never looking ahead
Every funeral, cats get upset and cry
Turn their heads towards the sky trying to ask God why
But they never looked up till then
Every other day they concerned with the world and consumed in sin
Not Christ just heaven they want
They think clean means not trying to sling things out of their trunk
Nobody ever to them heaven was spotless and we all dirty
That's why we need a Holy God to wash us

I did it for you

I opened up my life and shared my life
So that you can see we all need Christ

I did it for you

If you can understand my pain
Maybe you can see we all need change

I did it for you

Can view my life my pain my hurt
Man I hope this work

I did it for you

Sense Christ died for sin
I never be the same again

I did it for you

Young dude, I remember coming home after school
Changing channels from videos back to cartoons
Up late talking on the phone under my bed
So momma couldn't hear some of the things I said
And it wasn't all bad but it wasn't all good
Even though momma was doing the best she could
I was a latchkey home alone for hours
Entertaining my sin And my soul devour
Pick up by the cops at the age of 12
And not because my momma didn't raise me well
I was a drug baby big momma dragged me to church
Hated ever minute of it but she prayed it would work
I an't never met my daddy so I feel all empty
Like why he never call or why don't he come get me
And momma under legalistic teachings and lies
So she beat me and she tell me it was to keep me alive
a typical youth I mean A typical youth 16 agnostic and looking for truth
I lived for myself, No one ever told me the plan
God had to bring redemption to a fallible man
Good news really wasn't good news to me
Cause I never new the condemnation due to me
And I wish somebody would of told me then
What it meant to know Christ and to be born again


They say Mac got saved and X is a Christian
Well I don't really know them but I pray they both listen
It's hard trying to grow up in a sinful land
And you don't have an example of a Godly man
Well hold on; just keep your eyes on Christ
When we enter in the world, man our lives alright
They say heaven has a ghetto but that an't true
And if God has a standard then that an't you and that an't me
That's what I learned late one night when a man named James White changed my life
He told me that Christ paid the price for sin
Every lie I ever told Christ died for them
See, I never knew I offended God I just knew I really wasn't trying to live for God
And my sins all cost me, Yeah pretty costly
I couldn't blame the hood for the death sin bought me
All that I could do was blame myself and realize there was no way I could change myself
So I trusted Christ with my lustful life
And he saved me that's why I am trying to touch the mic
Yeah so if you ask who I am spitting this to, that's right yea'll I did it for you
And if you ask who I have written this to, that's right I did it for you


I did it for you, I did it for you
So I could show you that his grace is right here for you
I did it for you, I did it for you
So I could show you that his grace is right here for you

I did it for you

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Lecrae I Did It For You Comments
  1. chikita evans

    I did it for you--Jesus

  2. Hurt But not a carder

    I wanna meet a bonkers ass genius adding to systems research, that doesn't like this song

  3. Dylan Garcia

    This is still 🔥🔥 even if your not a Christian

  4. Stanley Bonilla

    I did it for you

  5. Salsa Boy_

    Does anyone have the instrumental?

  6. quincy miguel

    I lost my faith and am still confused this song is helping me out on my path

  7. Tiereny Johnson

    Praise the lord for lecrae that he gave him the power to sing for the lord

  8. jessica boger

    I love this❤️

  9. Edgar Walter Palacios Flores

    This Song was the one thar broughtme thru and helped me to passthru all those hard moments...
    real Music

  10. Richard Temple


  11. Bruce & Bella


  12. Nick Fletcher

    13 people are of the devil!

  13. Kirsten B

    I commented for my sister and said "I did it for you"


    Kirsten B Haha tell her I said I appreciate her input.. Jesus loves y'all! Lol

  14. T'Mera F

    "It's hard tryna grow up in a sinful land and you don't have an example of a Godly man"..... so profound. So many young men and even young women lack an example of a Godly father figure or mother figure to show them the way. Our youth needs love and guidance. Godbless Lecrae, he turned his pain and his story into a message. Sometimes what we go through isn't for us, but it's for other people. God is using him to heal and strengthen souls through his music. Music is such a beautiful and powerful ministry!

  15. Jeron Coley


  16. Brian Castaneda

    talent at its finest #HTown's bumpinq you lecrae 713 worldwide

  17. Kellen Harkins

    i have been listening to this song for you GOD BLESS LECRAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Luke Marvenko

    lets get this video 401 like.

    7 dislikes?

  19. LeapOf Faith

    I did it for you

  20. La Juantis Jones

    Song in season

  21. jason brown


  22. ozotkd2001ify

    All praise to our Lord that He died on the cross for us!!! Sick jam, love it!!!!!

  23. John keshishian

    Awesome music! Love Christian Rap! Keep making more music Lacrae!!

  24. Ruprt

    God bless Lecrae <3

  25. TheTStorm16


  26. Daniel McQuerter

    We all need jesus

  27. DEScott23

    sometimes things appear in our lives that change our directions, i was once a muslim.

  28. Michael Jenkins

    This is my song.

  29. Sosa gambino

    i know im not even christian im muslim but i can apperciate the realness and the ginuwineness

  30. fuzzylikelegos

    Just "real rap" would be sufficient. This is a christian song....

  31. Cristina Treace

    redemeed the music when so much of it is so negative, he reflects Jesus

  32. Sosa gambino

    real fuckin rap

    Strong Will

    Sosa gambino indeed. great song