Lecrae - Fall Back Lyrics

I know you might a seen on the TV
You hear on the radio and CD(fall back)
But you can be deceived pretty easy
Believe me... you might wanna (fall back)

The enemy crafty and misleading
That's why I use the word of God to Lead me
And I ain't eating everything they feed me
Tryna deceive me... so I gotta fall back

[Verse 1: LeCrae]
Lies in them songs lies on television
No telling what lies on the television
Learned sacrasm, sexism, racism
Learned to worship money cars
Learned to hate Christians
All the Christians in the movies so typical
Alcoholic, child molesting, hypocritice and mystical
They say since everyone is doing it it's normal
But Jesus says be transformed and don't let them conform you
You ain't thin enough you need diet
You need a psychic everybody does it you should try it
Spring break hit the beach what you sposed to do?
Be careful what you let the media impose on you
You learned how to find peace from TV shows
You learned how to ride clean from them videos In 30 seconds a commercial have you mixed up
(call now and we can have your whole life fixed up)

[Verse 2: Trip Lee]
These days if you watch the, box you should block your
Mind in these times, and them lies that could lock you
They telling girls in our world to be hot stuff
And telling dudes link with crews on the block tough
Plus I'm feeling like they mock us
They think that God is old school like a box cut
But I'm sure that His flock's tough
And we can judge what is bug, and live pleasing in His sight when the clock's up
I hope we gazing through His lens with eyes
So we can defend what it is when we get they lies
It's on that cash that they fix they mind
Man they always sayin cheese like it's picture time (be easy)
Tell em cool it with the mind games
I'm chasing Christ, I'm renewed in my mind frame
And removed from them tired games
Then say my life it ain't mine man
We must remove the damaged parts like a tire change

[Verse 3:
Be rebel let the word of God lead you
Satan uses media to tempt you and deceive you
He will lead ya leach ya leave ya
So be careful as you navigate thru media
Take heed fo gravity get the best of you
And you find the concrete bench pressin you
Use the word of God to help filter all that
Before you fall into the trap you better fall back
[Trip Lee:]
You know what I call that? I call that maturity
Learnin how to fall back so you can live in purity
Learnin how to walk that and saying them you ain't luring me
The media is meeting us with lies but He's curing me (be easy)
I know them guys trying to hype you
But cling to the Lord's Word, flee from them vipers
We spitting aiming at your heart like snipers
We'd like fa you to desire God like Piper

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Lecrae Fall Back Comments
  1. Wade Barrett

    His best album...Spiritual food in these songs.

  2. sean ferguson

    This song is awesome I'm going to use this song when I'm struggling

  3. sean ferguson

    This song is awesome I'm going to use this song when I'm struggling

  4. Colt 45

    Very Good!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. makiyah walker

    Best version of lecrae!!!

  6. Arturas Roskovskis

    Ay these days if you watch the, box you should block your
    Mind in these times and them lies that could lock you
    They telling girls in our world to be hot stuff
    And telling dudes link with crews on the block tough
    Plus I'm feeling like they mock us
    They say that God is old school like a box cut
    But I'm sure that His flock's tough
    And we can judge what is bug, and live pleasing in His sight when the clock's up
    I hope we gazing through His lens with eyes
    So we can defend what it is when we get they lies
    Its on that cash that they fix they mind
    They always sayin cheese like its picture time (be easy)
    Tell em cool it with the mind games
    I'm chasing Christ, I'm renewed in my mind frame
    Removed from them tired games
    Say my life it ain't mine man
    We must remove the damaged parts like a tire change

  7. Cesar Alves

    Fall Back.!!!!

  8. Rustybeard

    Deepest rapper I've ever heard...G-d bless him.

  9. Sibongile Sbo


  10. Isaac Pedavada

    trip and lecrea have some of the best tag teams EVER.

  11. heartwideopen357

    Almost eight years later and it still encourages me. Thanks for your work Lecrae :)

  12. LeapOf Faith

    Thanks Crae I luv u! This helps my ana moments

  13. Fighthegoodfight24

    Praise Jesus!

  14. WorshipGod4ever

    I'm a rebel, a rebel against this sinful world, I'm a rebel, I'm a rebel till I die. thumbs up if you are one too

  15. BeaverTailOutdoors

    Great song! Powerful stuff.

  16. Philippe Lafleur

    Y'all might wanna fall backkkkk!!!!!! I love his songs so much yo

  17. Nuttie b

    i am your number 1 fan

  18. John Blackledge

    Without medicine or feelin right I would be a jealous little wanch.

  19. John Blackledge

    This man obviously knows how to go hard for the lord. I gotta take medicine I think to help me. Must have great faith I dunno?

  20. pbj992

    cant get enough of lecrae like if u feel the same

  21. Niccolo Roya

    Nah they just haven't found him yet, or grew up in a donomination that preaches against christian rap.

  22. iknowimokay

    Let's Rebel!

  23. Sarah Koa Campbell

    awsome its hard to find nice christian hiphop ,

  24. JZX Kenny

    WOOO!! That instrumental in the back is beast!

  25. willie davis

    Fall back

  26. swan davis

    your right

  27. zeitgeist63881

    Infowarsdotcom people learn learn learn educate yourself

  28. zeitgeist63881

    Such a hot song... Yeah I see through all the lies and deception I'm not a tool

  29. janesha sims

    i would rather die for the gospel, than to live in sin. lecrae woke me up also. i thank Him everyday that he opened my eyes to all the evil! Bless everybody! (:

  30. janesha sims

    everybody should use this to their advantage and STOP being blined by wat the govenment says is right. satan will use anything to go against what our Father tells us to do. everybody keep your head up & repent and be saved today. its not a joke anymore. satan is ready to take god's children away from him. DONT take the obama health care chip, its to decide whether you follow satan or not. you wont be able to buy or sell anything. and after awhile they will kill everybody who goes against it.

  31. johannesholwerda

    god used him to wake me up =)

  32. Lythis08

    I got into a certain Christian Camp days ago and it has way transformed me, and now i thank god that by chance, i got to slip by this artist as well as other christian rappers. Pls keep suggesting me christian hiphop songs so i can be helped stopping songs of lust and dirty songs.

  33. X49MRE

    2 people fell back.

  34. Random Life Moments

    Game On!!!

  35. Clements

    sooo much truth

  36. ChrisKooltv

    Be a rebel let the word of god lead yu cuz satan uses media to temp u and decieve yu god bless lecrae

  37. Jer123Bear1

    How Great is our God, How Great is our God! (sing with me?)

  38. DaEvilGenius

    Lecrae goes hard baby amazing ! :)

  39. Alexandria Frank

    "We must remove the damaged parts like a tire change."

  40. heinamen

    Wow this is sick. really well don e

  41. David Monroe

    rebel till we die!!!

  42. apenor

    @SouljaBoy850: I really enjoyed the discuss as well brother. I agree with you that no other means of evangelism can replace the good old one-on-one preaching of the Word. My apologies if I sounded too pesky.

  43. apenor

    @SouljaBoy850: True Lecrae doesn't go in hoods bumpin' his music all the time but more people will be reached via the avenue of christian rap music that you can with street preaching. He has the gift so that's why he's using it for God we commend him and glorify God in him.

  44. apenor

    @SouljaBoy850: I wasn't comparing Paul to Lecrae in that sense; 1Cor 9:22 and Acts 17:22-34. Some set of people need a common ground where they can be reached and in this case Paul used 'THE UNKNOWN GOD' which they worshiped to preach to them and the result? Some were saved! I believe God saved some people from certain backgrounds e.g. Paul so that they can minister in their own way to people who they used to live like.

  45. apenor

    @SouljaBoy850 : I get what you mean bro but if Lecrae had only the words I definitely would listen to him because he would then be a pastor preaching God's word and I love listening to preachers who preach the undiluted message of Christ. But can we say the same about those guys in the 'hood? No! You have to use what they are used to listening to as a medium to reach them. That was exactly what Apostle Paul was doing. Noting wrong in commending a brother like I said.

  46. apenor

    @SouljaBoy850 : Don't see anything wrong with commending his style to be better than others. Truth is he's got the lyrics (Truth) as well as the beats. He's trying to spread the Word to a larger audience hence the reason for rapping in the first place. He could as well be a pastor and be preaching using only words but how many unbelievers would gladly go to church and listen to the pastor???

  47. Lysious Ogolo

    Yeah. It helped. Makes sense.

  48. TheAyisyenne

    @ojesulem No, i think he is reffering to the tradition of the worldly Spring Break where its all about getting drunk, girls getting naked and etc... So in EVERYTHING, be careful and filter it through The Word. Hope that helped. God bless!

  49. Silas McFall

    @ojesulem I'm not clear on what he means, but I don't think that he meant to not go to the beach. Maybe he's saying that we need to be different from the world. Just a guess. :)

  50. michael bliss

    wow there is no hater that press dislike ....great :)300 likes 0 dislikes

  51. Lysious Ogolo

    Great song with a great message, but the lines, "spring break hit the beach..." got me thinking and asking, is he saying it is wrong to go to the beach? Just wanna be clear.

  52. Anthony G

    these song is tru life and saying come to them they will show u god in get your life fixed up jesus die for us all and amen im ready! love these song its real talk and i like it

  53. just2raw4yall

    @mftds13 When you find Jesus and become saved the Holy Spirit then dwells within you, which will in turn leads each individual for their own specific purpose... Own path, my path is different from yours but the destination stays constant... So in short that's exactly what I said, sorry you were confused.

  54. mftds13

    @just2raw4yall With all due respect, you theology is wrong here. The ''road'' begins AND ends with Christ Jesus. It's John 14:6 in which Christ says ''I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me''. We need to be careful about our theology. The ''all roads lead to Christ'' doctrine has gotten plenty of people in trouble and is FALSE. Everyone following ''their own'' path is what gets people in trouble, trusting in themselves and not Christ ALONE. God Bless you.

  55. Ojay Naab

    @alivsfrazier Eminem is pretty amazing, and so is Kid Cudi, they just haven't found the light yet.

  56. eyeam19able

    @just2raw4yall Amen brother. We are all called to the same standard though there is not good or bad christian. There is obedience and disobidience and through the each, sanctification.

  57. FishiyD

    @pseudokowski Exactly what just2raw4yall said we're all Christians. We all sin. There is no such thing as a good or bad Christian. Also there doesn't have to be instruments. Some people like this kind of music. People have the right to an opinion.

  58. Brooke Skuts

    lecrae=my new favorite artist

  59. fallenangel3030

    @pivotremixer amen to that.

  60. SSI Incorp.

    @pseudokowski shut up! watch what u say athiest! >:P

  61. flippinburger777

    @just2raw4yall hes speicifying those who don't walk the walk they just bark the name Chrisitan and think there save. Thier lives reflect the opposite.

  62. pseudokowski

    @francoventre What are you talking about?? From the way you act it seems like religion has done only harm to your mind & soul.......Most likely you have neither. Show me what you are besides a incoherent wingnut who says one thing & does not follow through with nothing but garbage. No enlightenment, you are full of Demons!

  63. TheRealNintenDude97

    I love Trip Lee's part!

  64. Samuel Barge Jr.

    I'm feelin this song!

  65. xxchrist4lifexx

    @pseudokowski really you don't like it? This song isn't exactly tellin you to be scared of everything, they're tryna explain that the media is not always the best influence on you, so be careful what you listen and watch.

  66. just2raw4yall

    @pseudokowski what comments/language? btw there is no such thing as a good christian or a bad christian we all are trying to reach the same destination, everyone travels their own path, the only thing we all have in common is that the road begins with Jesus

  67. pseudokowski

    This sucks, nobody's playing instruments. It's all done by punching buttons on a computer! lol Shallow lyrics telling you to be scared of everything and not to go by your heart . Thought I would check out what kind of music you listen to after reading your very crude & non christian language. So a good Christian bashes others for what they like? You are a reason there's seperation of church and state.

  68. slimjimrap

    dang when Lecrae raps he's like the best alive i say pac was the best ever but Lecrae got it cant wait for Rehab!!! yo yall check out a song i made dedicated to the soldiers inspired by God and Lecrae


  69. Coleten McGuire

    @kmtr1 Yeah, I was naive when I posted that xD ... I'm huge into Christian Rap/Rock now and I understand now lol .. thanks for the comment though

  70. jlray887

    @djking2d Rude much? Either way that's not the point. I'm glad that he's bein helped by the music, and I know being a Christian's a process through a relationship with God. However iron sharpens iron, so I'm not gonna let someone who's with God get into a habit of doin something that's not of Him. Its better to speak than to be silent.

  71. Gilberto Velez Jr.

    Say Lecrae,you keep up the good work,I love it.

  72. DGO758

    Cool Song

  73. Ryan Powell

    the best

  74. joe bostian

    @13pmontoya you just sinned... the bible says not to use slang words

  75. Alicia

    Awesome song! love it! ^_^

  76. just2raw4yall

    @PianoXGuy hahaha nah man not sean kingston.... dudes name is kingston i got his cd it's called "In The City" i believe i posted one song of his on my page

  77. PianoXGuy

    @just2raw4yall kingston is secular? if you mean sean kingston

  78. Perzival Jones

    rebal rebal im singin this in a group talent show its american idol for my school. hope i win

  79. Vanessa Garza

    I love love love this songgg!

  80. kchganinja

    remember that we must praise and glorify GOD not the man we should scream for god not for lecrae even lecrae will be with me on this one

  81. Cookie180990

    MAD BEAT. MAD LYRICS. LeCrae is awesome.

  82. Coleten McGuire

    Ahh alright :P

    Sounds good!

  83. meggahm

    go lecrae

  84. Jerry Mouse

    i feel you on that real talk

  85. just2raw4yall

    yea and there's many more.... check out my page

  86. Samantha McKenna


  87. Samantha McKenna

    aw wow. Go God!

  88. jlray887

    13pmontoya dont curse.

  89. BeastModeFireCracker

    the track is fire!

  90. Juan Cee

    Lecrae is the truth. A rapper has never touched the cords in me that this music has. Amen Lord! Thank You Jesus... for you live and died to that I may Live and Die. Call me crazy but for some reason I look forward to my death. I ain't scared. 777!

  91. just2raw4yall

    Flame, 116 Clique, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Sho Baraka, Tedashii, K-Drama, The Crossmovement, The Ambassador, Tonic, Phanatik, G-notes, DJ Morphiziz, Canton Jones, J.R., Katalyst, Lil' Dre, Saylah, 2Edge, Mark J, Thi'sl, Viktory, Sean Slaughter, Mouthpi3ce, Benjah, Exodus Movement, Saylah, Movement of Truth, Shonlock, J. Flue, Future, Mr. Del, Fedel, D-maub, Andale', Kingston, Pro, J.A.Z., Guvna B, Messenja

  92. FemaleAfroPrincess

    Okay you got::

    trip lee
    the ambassador
    da t.r.u.t.h.

  93. sImplyCha

    i love this song also :) lecrae may the lord bless you for all the young people's life your touching and helping out with these powerful words..

  94. Benjamin Dean

    Poppin like Gum!!!

  95. just2raw4yall

    4real you got to send me some of your stuff

  96. Devon Long

    yo thiz is hot im a gospel rapper 2 butt this crack

  97. just2raw4yall

    yea 4sho