Lecrae - Buttons Lyrics

For better or for worse
Make it work
I ain't goin nowhere

[Verse 1:]
Yeah, I messed up, but you hurt me, blew it like it's yo birthday
And you love it baby on Wednesday, but I make you sick on Thursday
And I know I'm wrong and you shuttin' down, and I touch down like "What now?"
Why we going through all this? Why things gotta be rough now?
But, you had so many break-ups, you can't believe
You go and break my heart that I forgive and I ain't leave
Don't define you by your faults, ain't gon' push your buttons either
Everyday we startin' fresh, this is how it's s'posed to be
Never try to take advantage, you respect me as a man
But every once awhile you get to poppin' off and say stuff you shouldn't be sayin'
But I'm with you, I ain't playin', if it's thick or if it's thin
Both the times and your figure, girl, this is who I am
I love you baby, that's real talk, and this life we live is a real walk
I ain't goin' nowhere, tell your girlfriends that it's still on
I love you baby, that's real talk, this life we live is a real walk
I ain't goin' nowhere, tell your friends that it's on

For better or for worse
Sometimes I make you sick, and you get on my nerves
Make it work
I ain't goin' nowhere, and I give you my word
I'm a be right here
So though push my buttons
I ain't leavin'
You can keep on pushin'
I ain't leavin'

[Verse 2:]
I be makin' you mad, girl
But you said you'll never leave me lonely
So I had to put a ring up on it, cause our commitment ain't no game
Yeah we laugh, but we ain't playin', I'm a always be yo mane
And I know sometimes I upset you, be pushin' all yo buttons
We be fussin', fighting over nothin', you can try to leave, but I'm comin'
We gon' work it out with no runnin', pushin', shovin'
I know sometimes that I'm selfish, but I jump in front of yo' bullet
Cause you everything that prayed for, plus a little bit extra
Even when you getchu' an attitude and you act a little bit extra
Listen, you make me better, babe, you make me better, babe
You got my heart and you can have it for forever, baby
And though we'll never break up, I hate it when we mad
But love it when we get to make up, no lines that I could make up
To let you know how much I got you covered, girl
And I only be pushin' yo buttons because I love you, girl


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Lecrae Buttons Comments
  1. Kenneth Johnson

    Fiya Lyrics Lecrae you the truth bro. You Bizzle and Mouthpi3ce killing the game. GOD bless

  2. Natice Croff

    it's been years since I've heard this

  3. Fabio Lima

    2019 🤛🏿

  4. Used Burrito

    Goat lecrae

  5. Crucial Keys

    Helps me see that time and my lady not the only ones going threw things.

    This song helps us😇😇👍

  6. Hunter Morris

    2018 anyone? I’m almost 6 years late.

    Ginger Wall

    Hunter Bryan me!

  7. Hunter Morris

    2018 anyone? I’m almost 6 years late.

  8. Itzz Meena

    Love this song ❤️

  9. Kasey Gordon


  10. Ada O

    love it


    You can keep on pushin' but I ain't leavin' <3

  12. Di Di

    what a dumb song.

    Shaneedverya Hite

    if it's dumb why waste time commenting and listening he doesn't care about what you think he's making millions of dollars while you still hating

    Zipporah Tefari

    Diana G ur dumb

    Virginia Mills

    Diana G yeah i agree with the other ppl ur dumb u r probably still on the old music from 1930's

  13. Dennis Njenga

    the jam got me to seriously think of proposing to a girl I love

    Dionne Morrison


    lynda michelle

    Did u propose?

  14. Melanie Hicks

    33i love thbis song I got my hert1

  15. I'm Not Even Scared

    A very important person introduced me to Lecrae and this song in particular quite awhile ago. This person brought me closer to Jesus, and understanding myself within. I still love this song so much! ^.^

  16. Azaria Hawthorne

    Love this song one of the greatest hits to a pure steady relationship.

  17. curtycurtl2

    20 people with Ashley Madison accounts.

  18. Lady V

    The jam for many reasons...just listen! 

  19. greyxwind

    This song really hits home

  20. humblewarrior

    who is singing the chorus? great song

  21. J'Kalah Furlow

    i luv this song

  22. Crystal Sanchez

    boyfriend dedicated this song to me 🙏💕 O7O112 💗

  23. PhreshStayLevitated

    This song is nice lecrae is always about that real music. This is my song this goes for me and my babe 08072013

  24. Lashon Sullivan


  25. DRiLL

    16 people dont have girlfriends. Lol

    Epi Robles

    Now it's 37. Lol.

  26. Lafaye Dirks

    omg I love this song my fiancé dedicated this song to me

  27. Jana May

    @Dominic Russo you showed me this song and I still love this song.

  28. Stela C

    Who else sings with him in this song?

    Crucial Keys

    Stela C

    You know it bro. 😁

  29. Michael Del Valle

    You need to come down to Philly

  30. Norma Corona Moy

    This is a wonderful song it makes you think and realize you just don't have to get up and leave me and my husband work things out and we no friends we are each other friends

  31. Tina Robinson

    Love this song

  32. Evan Bermel

    Lol, buttons

  33. Delouse Calixte

    This song sound like my sis bf

  34. Michelle Tamayo

    I like these song alot describes good and bad times in a marriage.

  35. Rachel Saint-louis

    I love this song!

  36. Andrew Thomas

    If anyone knows the song "Best I Ever Had" by Drake then I think that if Lecrae were to make a song similar to it then it would probably be something like this.

  37. Julia Schutz

    My boyfriend said this describes our relationship.. Good or bad? Lol

  38. MrJRod116

    you aint lying bro lol.

  39. Cassandra Ibarra

    Loovee itt :) !

  40. Shakari Riley

    I lv this! ;-)

  41. charlene freemon

    i like the beat but the is gud

  42. J. Sandoval

    This song is like the theme song for my marriage. My beautiful wife and I have gone through the fire more than once and our marriage is still standing. Thanks be God in Jesus Christ who saves the unsavable.

  43. Xavier Hibler

    I Like the BEAT to this song so GREAT Good Job Lecrae

  44. Jennifer Ramos

    My new favorite :-)

  45. A Small

    Fire right here!

  46. dayla mae

    love this song

  47. BrazilianQueen1

    in church ;)

  48. Aylissa Daniels

    This is my favorite song !!!

  49. Kayla Maria

    He dedicated this song to me /.\

    Ginger Wall

    Kayla Maria no, he dedicated this song to me JK lol you can have him cause I found a man. I used to have a crush on League though

  50. Loscnee Watley

    love this song

  51. Toughkid70


  52. flageyme

    Sista u ain't the only one.... Srix where can i get me one --'

  53. Angely Gonzalez

    Prof8yGod i agree cursing aiint cool

  54. Prof8yGod

    Scovey49 and anyone else

  55. Prof8yGod


  56. megagreendayfanatic

    If marriages followed this song, divorce wouldn't be so high. People give up too easily.

    Virginia Mills

    megagreendayfanatic marriage is suppose to be forever . Divorce shouldnt be in the equation

  57. MrJRod116

    you aint lyin bro LOL

  58. Milla Millyonz


  59. chachaslidein

    @mzgotitmadee lol okay! I know thats right

  60. Jenna Pratt

    This song is too real! This is what marriage is like...lol...I think this is my official anthem :-)

  61. Kathy Nicole Wilson

    umm... can i get a man like Lecrae please??? lol

  62. Tahir Dulaney

    Yeah this for the hood couples!! lol jk Song is real tho

  63. AshleyRudySupaThick

    DIs my sonq

  64. Nefelibata

    nilladisgolfer gettin me happy

    Tim Haman

    moon me lol