Lecrae - Believe Lyrics

I came home after a trip to Atlanta, a different planet
Is where they thought I came from after my ship had landed
Truth is I had this meeting with God and confessed my sin
And he gave me this new beginning all I could do then was pen it
All down in my notebook, just a lot of verses
Me learning how not to curse was like learning to write in cursive
She still flirting with me even though we up in church
And I'm fighting to memorize all these verses up in the word
You would have never seen it coming
A couple months ago I'm getting high with my cousin
And fast forward now around campus I am buzzing
Not really but it felt like that, it felt like rap was just another passion
Never thought I'd be at the Grammy's talking about my fashion
You don't believe in God? Well how do you explain what happened?
I promise we ain't plan it, now Christians unashamed from Zambia to Manhattan
Still looking for the pattern? Come On

[Hook x2:]
What would it take to make you believe?
More fire from the sky? Another part in the sea?
The honest truth is, that you ain't got the power to see
And let me take you on this journey, it all started with me

Most of the things I thought I'd never do I did though
And I ain't nothing but a man standing up on his tiptoes
Shoutout to Kirk Franklin, but I ain't him
I'm what happens when hip-hop let's all the Saints in
I wouldn't call it gospel music, but I'm Christian though
And this what happen when a Christian flow
Now it's funny cause I don't really got a home
And this industry saying leave him alone
Unless he become a clone
Have me singing the same old songs, no power in 'em
But I'm too hard to understand, I'm an algorithm
And evidently it's evidence I'm a resident
Of somewhere that you know that you oughta be but you never been
So try to get used to me, cause I'm a settle in
Reminding you to settle your heavenly settlement
A sight for sore eyes, or an eyesore, it don't matter
I own a label, and guess what, I'm a sign more

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Lecrae Believe Comments
  1. Lukas Edland

    this is defently my favourite Lecrea song

  2. No vids 1,000 subscribers

    Those ppl

  3. Fatebringer IX

    This song is HYPE

  4. No vids 1,000 subscribers

    You are right

  5. Maranata Kassahun

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥2018 still dope!

  6. King Jordan

    Christian music for LIFE!!!!!!!

  7. Jyraffe

    Beat and vocals are soooooo goooood!!!! Love this song so much

  8. Hannah Whitmoyer

    Nice song Lacrae. Keep up the good.

  9. hoodieMari

    Dis flow is dope

  10. Rafał Urbankowski

    this beat is! amazing 

    Bbartollo DII

    joł gościu zgadzam się ztym

  11. Yghor Rellum

    nice song man

  12. ThisAfricanKid

    The honest truth is you ain't got the power to see .... Dammmmmm

  13. HOLYHiTS

    Yo check us out, Just-Us, for more hot gospel rap! We out of Tampa, Fl and we just go in for Christ. Just click my channel. Thanks, God bless, and Keep the Faith!

  14. Julius Ojewole

    That was dope.

  15. 1Life1Love1God

    God used Christian hip hop music to save my life <3

    Brandon Secrest



    @Brandon Secrest AWESOME!!  

  16. Taloulou


  17. David Cintron

    Lecrae 24/7

  18. Alexis Williams

    My favorite ♥

  19. No longe available

    This song is so cool !!

  20. Agera

    This never gets old, favorite song by Lecrae.

  21. milan

    This is the shit!


    this is the shit tho and I don't even say the word shit. Lol


    @Josiah Medina It's not actually. Judgemental is not a word. The proper spelling is judgmental

    Josiah Medina

    @LegendaryFisher Wow, you're worse than I thought.


    @Josiah Medina Wait, why am I bad?

    Josiah Medina

    Actually forget about it. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything.

  22. Zander


  23. william rivera

    Love this song the most

  24. maria luisa rodriguez diaz

    adoro esta musica que dios los vendiga saludos desde chile

  25. Aznpride486

    this is my most favorite song out of cc2!