LeBlanc, Annie - Who You Are Lyrics

Constantly changing
I can't explain it
And I'm only getting better with the time
Top-down blue skies
Catching all their eyes
And I'm feeling like I'm doing something right

So look in the mirror and like what you see
Tell yourself that you're a queen
'Cause we should be here for each other
'Cause no one is like one another

Mistakes, they will fade out
Don't let them be what you're about
Love is where it starts
'Cause you can choose how good you are
What goes around comes back around
Pick it up, don't tear it down
And love with all your heart
'Cause you can choose how good you are

I just wanna be myself and nothing else, yeah
They say that I'm changing who I am, that's how they felt, yeah
I'm no different, been consistent, even when I fell
I got right back up and now I'm feeling better, can't you tell
Step up, never sat down, I will never ever be a let-down
If I stay true to what I do I will never have no regrets now
'Cause I'm so ill I'm contagious, can never be a replacement
Only one me, this is my book, so you must read all the pages

Take me or leave me, this is who I am
This is what you get, I'm just chilling in my skin
Love you or they hate you, they can never make you
You're still beautiful, don't let 'em break you, no!

Mistakes, they will fade out
Don't let them be what you're about
Love is where it starts
'Cause you can choose how good you are
What goes around comes back around
Pick it up, don't tear it down
And love with all your heart
'Cause you can choose how good you are

If someone falls you don't leave 'em on the ground
That will come back around (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
And when you are down don't you want someone to pick you up
Dust you off and start over
Let that be the person that you stand for
Let that be the person that you are

Mistakes, they will fade out
Don't let them be what you're about
Love is where it starts
'Cause you can choose how good you are
What goes around comes back around
Pick it up, don't tear it down
And love with all your heart
'Cause you can choose how good you are

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LeBlanc, Annie Who You Are Comments
  1. Karina Dede

    Like who is addicted to the song

  2. Ponys And Music

    I love this song 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  3. Dalilah Vasquez

    Are you guys friends

    Dalilah Vasquez

    Yeah tell us

  4. Gaming with the Mini-Vans

    Who *YOU* Are. No no, Who *ARE* You.

    IDK this was random

  5. luz Marina Eugenio Gomes

    You bff¿?

  6. Stefanie Pineda

    I just have to say this song made me happy and confident I love you so much Annie I am a huge fan and I love and support you in anything you do because I believe in you no matter what ❤️👑

  7. Anya Selph

    Do you have color therapy

  8. Kylie Mumby

    Do a night Time videos

  9. Jennifer Kessler

    There was no addince at the show LOL

  10. Estelle Lathrop

    I love your voice and u and arsher

  11. Rosa Sustaita

    A pic of my dog

  12. fatima shit

    i wanna be annie

  13. Rilja Jospeh

    U are so mean to ur sis, like there's not a single merch for her like what type of sister are u??

  14. Kayla Anderson

    I have probaly listened this about 1000 times I think do songs more songs with sky

  15. Marisol Campos

    I love this song it is the best one yet!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  16. ashlyn nuckols

    Sky is my idol ❤💚💓

  17. ashlyn nuckols

    I love this song sky is amazing i can rap to her virce

  18. Sis apps n music and reaction videos

    I love you annie

  19. Marisol Gutierrez

    She looks just like ny cousin i thought it was her at first but i dont think her name is sky lark

  20. Faith Avila

    My fav calab♡♡♡

  21. Tobias Bennett

    Annie's dress though 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😢😬😕😕

  22. Itz Mais


  23. Juan Jimenez

    You are pretty

  24. Sophia Kate

    Sky’s rapping is so good! Annie’s Boise is soooo pretty!!!!!

    Sophia Kate

    Udoy Rahman sorry I meant voice

  25. Cecile Labi

    “Who you are hater?”

  26. Jennifer Kessler

    I remember when you were 8 and now your 15! I started watching you when I was 2 and now I am 9! And sky I love you!

  27. Michael Nash

    Get a girlfriend 💋

  28. Nathena Thomas

    That's what you know how good you are 🎤💙🎤😜🎤💜😜🎤💜😜🎶

  29. Bobbi Robinson

    The pink dress with boots is the ugliest dress ive ever seen

  30. Skyla Rivet

    It s sky from ravens home

  31. Melissa Bartkowiak

    I love Annie Leblanc she made me want to be a singer too!

  32. Ghianela Rosmery Aguilar Borja

    Favorite song😍

  33. Victor Andradee

    Beatiful Sky Katz 👏👏😍

  34. Victor Andradee

    Beatiful skay 👏👏😍

  35. Our little adventures


  36. Roslynn Dixon

    You to need to make more songs together

  37. Cadence dellinger

    I love you

  38. Elizabeth Ward

    i know right she is so pretty too love you annie

  39. Atiya Shaheen

    I literally love this song this and utopia are my new favourite favourite
    The love all of the, tho

  40. Nadine Al-mesaimi

    Wow just wow Sky you are such a good rapper

  41. rennidontpost

    both of your voices are incredible wtf

  42. Anzar Khanzada

    Annie’s singing voice has changed soo much since her song ‘Little do you know’

  43. Killer Gaming

    i love you annie pin this💛💕🌈❣️✌🏻🤩🌻

  44. Aniyah Beauty

    Is it just me or does sky act like cardi b

  45. Khushi Talati

    I'm legit the 1 mil views

    I watch this sooooooooooooo mich

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    I do homework and stil listen to this song🙈🙈🤗🤗🔥🔥

  47. Alisson Barrera

    Annie is good singer

  48. * sseabreeze *

    1% of comments Annie’s singing is so good!
    99% of comments Why is no one talking about sky’s perfect rapping?

  49. Brandon Felberg

    Why tf am I watching this as a 13 year old who's favorite song is Camelot by NLE Choppa?

  50. Tameka Johnson

    Ya I like it 👍😱💕🙋

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    you look like you guys are really good friends. and you guys are really good singers

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    If sky katz always do like that..she'll become like cardi b

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    I listen to this song every day! I love this!

  54. Aziya fam

    I love sky and Annie also sky rapping was amazing to you go girls period

  55. Charlie McVeigh

    Annie is so Beautiful

  56. COOK WITH Bushra

    When sky came to AGT she was sooo tin and now she changed Soo much she looks nice and her rap as well.

  57. Nina Editz

    I swear she was like 8 yesterday 😢😭💕

  58. Amora Garcia

    I like this song

  59. ifetayo Monlouis

    I love this video so much Annie LeBlanc and Sky Katz

  60. Renu bains

    I feel right watching you

  61. Paris Saunders

    Sky look so short

  62. Mike B.


  63. aud nab


  64. Kealen Gunn

    I genuinely love this song😂❤

  65. Nevaeh Oxendine

    Annie we love you and we will always love you no matter what.

  66. Sis apps n music and reaction videos

    I love you so much annie

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    AMAZING SONG!love u😘

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    Is that the girl from raven s home

  69. Tifi Stuff

    I love your Music videos


    Annie is the best🤗😍

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    In then begging it look like the only one whom is singing Is Annie

  72. mxnxl comfy

    you lifted my mood up from my ex friends!

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    yes yes yes!!! 💯💯💯💯

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    you guys are so pretty

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    I legit love this song!

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    GO SKY!!!!

  78. Crazy Mickey

    In my opinion Annie has a normal voice. Her voice isn’t that extraordinary or beautiful like all you guys are saying. For sky tho, (I guess that’s her name) was really good. Annie just sang with a ordinary voice, but the rapper girl was very good at what she was doing. I’m not saying the Annie girl isn’t good, I’m just saying that cuz she is getting a lot of praises rather that the other girl.

    (Why am I here? I don’t even know these girls.)

  79. Ryhanna Hernandez

    I love this song it’s so catchy

  80. Tatum Miller

    idk why but i can’t stand annie’s voice

  81. Isabella Braccini

    I love your video 😍🤗😇👻

  82. roblox katie

    Is it just me or dose skylar and Annie look like sisters

  83. caitlyn beswick

    give people second chances treat evryone the way you want to be treated

  84. Cynthia Salvador

    I love Sky Katz ♥️

  85. Abigail Panditharatna

    Hi Annie,
    This is one of my favourite music videos you have done, along with Picture This !!! You are an amazing singer and you and Skye sound GREAT singing together !!!

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    Love sky Katz wrapping and Annie has a beautiful singing voice. They go good together too

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    #Raven's Home#Brateley

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    25%=sky did better
    25%= why is everyone talking about........?

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    Everyone : why is everyone talking about Annie, Sky is good too!

    REALITY: Actyally everyone is talking about how "Nobody" is talking about Sky. ITS FIFTY FIFTY

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    I like the rap Sky Katz wish I could be like both of you

  95. beyoncé wouldn’t treat me like that

    ngl i don’t really know how people enjoy listening to this boring music that sounds basic, and before you ask WHy R u WaTcHiNg It ThEn? it was in my recommendations and i pressed it. anyway cya, each to their own