LeBlanc, Annie - Somebody's Heart Lyrics

Well I know I got him
But I think that something else just might begin
There's a pull on my heart
That tells me something's bound to start

And you got me all figured out
Now everything's new
And I don't know what to do
I gotta figure it out
Before it's too late
Cause somebody's heart can break, break

If I told him the truth
It would break apart the world that we both knew
Wish that I could just lie
And tell him everything is fine

But you got me all figured out
Now everything's new
And I don't know what to do
I gotta figure it out
Before it's too late
Cause somebody's heart can break, break
Break, break

Break away and start something new
Or break down and crawl back to you
I don't know what I should do
And I'm so afraid that somebody's heart can break
Cause somebody's heart can break
Cause somebody's heart can break
Before it's too late
Cause somebody's heart can break

Well I know I got him
But I think that something else just might begin

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LeBlanc, Annie Somebody's Heart Comments
  1. Ribka Batool

    so no one is gonna talk about the fact that this is literally a recreation of wildest dreams?

  2. Elect BeatLTM

    I loved this song when Annie was young and now she’s a teenager and with Asher Angel

  3. Jolette Barraza

    Who’s here in 2020 Ik it’s just me😪

  4. Rose Rose

    Did u guys know that I use to cry bout this song somebody's heart.

  5. sheri smith

    if im the only one who is watching this in2020

    Melina Martin

    I'm watching in 2020 too

  6. Tuk Sama

    dude looks like leon in mortified

  7. mikayla buster

    Did anybody notice that the necklace that the guy in this song gave her is the same one that was in her music video little do you know, Hayden and Annie. I don’t know if that makes since but, watch the necklace in this video then go watch little do you know music video. 😜

    mikayla buster

    Im not a Hannie fan I’m a ashannie fan, by the way

  8. Georgea-Rose Reece-Bowring

    who's here in 2020 realising the boy in the video is friends with kenzie

  9. Anlly Melissa

    I love your song

  10. Amanda Chapman

    This songs reminds of so much

  11. Claire Rose

    Ummmm I dont understand this song

  12. Seema Hussain

    Whos here in 2020

  13. Polly W

    Anyone here 2020?

  14. Carolyn Richardson


  15. Nadia 768

    I am watching this in 2020
    It's 1\1\2020

  16. Sharlene Brooks

    who's watching this in December 31

  17. Sharlene Brooks

    the boy was Josh from crown lake

  18. Victoria Grace

    1 year later, and i still don't get the concept of the video.

    abodjj lollol

    Victoria Grace me too 😂😂😂

    Victoria Grace

    @abodjj lollol lol, glad I'm not the only one.

  19. jennifer bloys

    First time to watch the movie

  20. Taif Alnahdi

    ILOVE YOU❤️❤️❤️

  21. Taif Alnahdi


  22. kiko koura

    I'm watching annie leblanc on Christmas while I have a final exam tomorrow

    abodjj lollol

    kiko koura me too 😍

  23. Imelda Alvarado

    This was in one of her brat vídeos chicken grils I think it was season 3.

  24. Patricia R HILL DOYLE

    I love her want meet her

  25. Peyton Brand

    I love yours music videos

  26. Coconut Oreo

    This song is really underrated.

  27. Roberto Riquelme

    Love here. i whish she can be my sister

  28. Roberto Riquelme

    Annie sing soooo good. is this a brem!🤗❤

  29. Addison Walsh

    I am watching this in november almost desember. I lover annie leblance songs don't you!?!??!?
    My mom might order tickets for her next tour

  30. Mila Poyos

    I like it cause somebodys heart can break

  31. bob Mailto

    My Christian sister Annie

  32. Leah Roo 2002

    whos watching in the end of 2019?

    abodjj lollol

    Leah Roo 2002 forever 😍

  33. Danielle Simmonds

    love it

  34. Виктория Станчева


  35. Estella Cortes

    Why does this remind me of a game I have on my Xbox?? 😂😂😂

  36. bob Mailto

    Love you Annie-Annie-Annie

  37. Anima Jain

    I love this song so much idk whyyyyy

  38. Starla

    Caleb would be proud.

  39. Poppy k bye

    This is byfar my favroute song she has ever made

  40. Jada P

    Everyone is saying that this is for Hayden, but she didn’t even write one word of this song

  41. Julia K

    the dude is high-key a cuuteeey

  42. Marilyn Oneill

    In November ✌️

    If you are 9 10 11
    Like 👍👍👍

  43. Jeinessa Krisher

    I love u and your mucks

  44. Aleena Qureshi


  45. Addyson Petrillose

    I love 💕 this

  46. vict3220 vict3220

    i love you

  47. Ebony-Louise White

    you are the best Annie

  48. Alicia Schrock

    omg i love annie

  49. Sheela Chandran



    Nice 😍😍

  51. lennahCebuTuoY ymsisihT

    Who else is here in October 2019 when her new single “Utopia” is out??!!
    Luv you Annie! 💜

    Morph And Zorph

    I am! Next week is halloween

    Tilly Tube


    Karole Rasmussen

    February 2020

  52. G4lileo

    Is that juanpa zurita lol

  53. Serenity Englar

    This is from the chicken girls just realize That

  54. Dayana Lopez

    Ok so if u go to 2:58 when she says, “And I know” the know part is like And I KnOW 😂 u can tell she messed up but it’s okay 😂

  55. Araceli Mendoza

    Ioooooooooove you 😍😻😻😻😍

  56. Amir Hazarvi

    Whenever I listen to this song I think of how proud Caleb must of been and also I feel Annie’s pain cause I can relate to everything she’s saying

  57. Itz_ MysticDreamxer

    Anybody sad that #Hannie ain’t real? CUZ I’M DEVASTATED!!!!!!!

    Ellie Kim

    meeee! superrr devastateddd :< I still ship Hannie even though its already Ashannie.

  58. Lucy Bage

    This guy looks Sooo similar to my crush..

  59. Ellebell’s Vlogz

    Omg I miss hannie

  60. Ryan crooks

    Why does Annie Leblanc have a gun in hand

  61. Tt Becky

    I just the r this song

  62. Mia Matis

    Que hermosa vos annie ❤❤❤🙌❤

  63. Sérine Bouhouita Guermech


  64. Dancer44

    I just have a question. Is all the drama between Annie and the boy in the film they were making or in her characters life in the music video. Cause they cut to the scene of her on a set right after she is given the wanted sign, but then she continues to be upset about something while she is sitting next to the director.

  65. EXOnctSKZiKONateez Got7wayVAstro

    Chicken girls season 5 is coming soon
    Can't wait

  66. The_Huh

    She is so pretty

  67. Cherreen Walcott

    OMG 😂😱😍

  68. xxxtentacion x

    You and that boy,, you are look cute couple OMG soooo cute

  69. Urmila Vyas

    Love it

  70. Juanita Gichana


  71. Araceli Mendoza


  72. Estella Cortes

    I just realized this got posted on the day that Hayden and Annie broke up:(

    2019 anyone?

  73. Ranya Bahirwani

    i just realised thats LUCAS STADVEC OMGGGG

  74. Unicorn 201

    I love it !!!!❤❤

    I love Annie!!

  75. Annie Star

    I love u

  76. Jayla Wininger

    She still has a pretty voice in 2019

  77. joze korenko


  78. Jessika Martinez

    This reminds me of Drama at school. 💔
    Love the music though

  79. rajesh khadgi

    I love u always Annie

  80. Ximena Gallegos

    The boy is pretty cute 😂 ❤️

  81. Rosie White

    Wait don’t really get the music video

  82. Elizabeth Foster

    Shes so preety

  83. 张新宁

    1:42 he looks like the character from crown lake

  84. Chi-Chi Ogavu

    worst song ever

  85. thesaule123

    faw song i even cry

  86. AllAbout Emma

    *the dislikes are from Hayden’s family and the rock your hair company*

  87. Sofia Belmess

    this song is so underrated


    Taylor Weber

    Sofia Belmess agreed

  88. sneeky turtle

    Does anyone know. The chords

  89. saharo mohamud


  90. Neko kodomo angel


    Weres hannie now

  91. Alan S Tan

    Isn't that guy Josh from Crown Lake?

  92. Jehanzeb Akbar

    Annie rocks!

  93. It's Angel Butters

    Hannie or Ashannie????? Tk and rhyme or drake and rhyme???

    AllAbout Emma

    It's Angel Butters ashannie and drake and rhyme

  94. Aleece Harris

    hi kate

  95. iGabriella

    You Guys Probably Don’t Know What’s Comin’...

    3. Hayley
    4. Hayden
    5. Asher
    6. Carson
    8. You
    9. Bratayley’s Dad
    0. Bratayley’s Mom
    Whatever Like You Have Is What You Are!


    I’m Annie 🌻🙈

    AllAbout Emma

    LynnieGacha hay hay

  96. Cristal Rodriguez

    2019??? I love this song so much