LeBlanc, Annie - Over Getting Over You Lyrics

Should've known better
Thinking that we'd ever stay together
It's only a matter of time
Something just didn't feel right, oh

I can see what's happened
You were busy acting
Which you attracted
Tell me she's just a friend
What are the benefits then, oh

No you can't have it both ways
Hope you're enjoying your cake, oh
I don't want my heart to break
'Cause I know you got nothing left to say

I don't even care that
Breaking up was hard to do
The only thing I want back
Is to this get back to you
I don't even react
After everything you put me through
See I'm just so over, over, over
I'm over getting over you
I'm over getting over you

Don't want to hear excuses
I know what you been doing
You put me through this
All of your calls and your texts
All you can call me is ex, oh

Thank you
For the motivation
Got the other situation
It don't matter what you do
It's too late I'm so over you, oh

No you can't have it both ways
Hope you're enjoying your cake, oh
I don't want my heart to break
'Cause I know you got nothing left to say

I don't even care that
Breaking up was hard to do
The only thing I want back
Is to this get back to you
I don't even react
After everything you put me through
See I'm just so over, over, over
I'm over getting over you

That wish you could forget
All those memories in your head
And every time I picture it
All I see are no regrets
No regrets, no regrets

'Cause what you give is what you get (yeah, what you get)
Breaking up was hard to do (oh-oh-oh)
The only thing I want back (want to be)
Is to this get back to you
I don't even react (ooh-ooh-ooh)
After everything you put me through
See I'm just so over, over, over
I'm over getting over you
I'm over getting over you
I'm over getting over you
I'm so over
I'm over getting over you
I'm so over you

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LeBlanc, Annie Over Getting Over You Comments
  1. Ify Ogbonna

    2:04 she says "i dont even react to every thigh you put me through" but she MAKES A HOLE SONG ABOUT HAYDEN AND WROTE A HOLE INSATAGRAM and hayden dose not really even care about the break up so thats a reverse card

  2. Yasaar Toefy

    Hate Hayden girl

  3. Joslynne Lopez

    It's been a long time since this song has came out and the drama is over and they both have moved on well obviously annie has *cough *cough Asher and I think they are gonna be friends again well Hayden is back on chicken girls now which is another reason I'm excited for season 6 so let's hope they will be friends again and let's see how long ashannie lasts but I gotta say I miss hannie bit at least I can still watch hannie moments I dont even care about the dating part I just miss them being friends hopefully well see more of them as friends on brag instagram and projects with other people not just them I mean 2020 is coming and of I were them I would wanna be friends and i wouldn't want them to still not be talking buti sont think they have any choice since their on the same show again

  4. yesenia cordova

    Ik annie wants to move on but it's been like a year ago plus she already has a bf

  5. Mila Diller

    It’s Through
    All of you calls and texts
    You can’t have it both ways

  6. John Kant

    Goodbye hannie I will miss but Annie won't because she's over getting over you 😌

  7. Lela weger

    U go annie

  8. Melanie Dvorak

    Hayden Taylor Summerall of course.

  9. Sonia Cordoba

    This is For Hayden 100% True.

  10. Sofyan Shatti

    I LOVE it

  11. Vaibhavi Hiremath

    Yup this is for Hayden

  12. Jenzie Storyline

    And people want them back together....

  13. Estella Cortes

    Over getting over you:I'm so over you
    Two sides:i hate you and I love you and I don't know how to stop


  14. Maryam Nader

    I think she did her best in this song. i love it ❤️

  15. Olivia Meese

    Omfg Asher Is better 😂 goddd and ur not over Hayden

  16. Alia Sangare

    Me:listening to this songs / baling my eyes WHYYYYYY

  17. Kristen Norris

    Omg Thanks for the lyrics i have been lookeing for somthing like this forever

  18. Lexi Bear

    *i don't even care that breaking up is hard to do* why is this line sad to me?????

  19. uma raghuveer

    I’m a fan and you amazing at singing

  20. Sade B

    *Annie Has Joined the Chat*
    *Hayden Has Joined the chat*
    *Kenzie has Joined the chat*
    *Asher has Joined the chat*

    Annie: *Sings Over getting over you*

    *Hayden Has left the chat*
    *Kenzie has Left the chat*

  21. Daraly perea

    Am I the only one in November here?

    Ok just me 🤷

  22. Sade B

    "Tellin' me Shes just a Friend What are the benefits then?" Crap ANNIE!

    "With all of you Closing your texts now all u can call me is Ex oh" DOUBLE CRAP!

  23. Les? Ly¿

    Lmao I like that i'm still over here still playing her song over and over again cause i'm trying to get over someone 😂

  24. Abril Alvarado

    Is it me that her voice changed and she glowed up

  25. Abby C.

    “Hayden has left the chat”

  26. Mimi Nugget

    The 478 dislikes are Hayden on 478 different accounts

  27. Cherish Mcmonigle

    Hayden wasn't for you anyway. Slay annie slay

  28. Sanjivani Sahadeo

    All the tea is in this song..

  29. Texting Storys

    Hyasss Annie

  30. A J

    Lowkey sounds like Madison Beers song "Dead", its still good though😍

  31. notbad 4ameddie

    Sounds like Madison beer

  32. noemi roa

    It’s both ways not four

  33. Hiskias Mulugetta

    i love you and your sister i could not pick

  34. Hiskias Mulugetta

    meant forget not forgot

  35. Hiskias Mulugetta

    Annie you are the best no one should cheat on you are break up with you because you don't deserve it Hayden does and any one that does not think so they can get get lost you are a good person never forgot that i will never stop watching your videos Annie i wish i could meet you but i cant because i live in Edgewood and you live i Los angles Calfornia it is really far but if i did meet your it would be the best day of my life i love you and your sister both if i could meet one of you guys or booth i would be so happy and this song shows what Hayden deserves you and Hayley are my favorite Youtubers and you are my favorite singer and you guys are one of my favorite actors i love you so much you guys keep doing a good job

  36. Hannie Stories9991

    Annie: makes a song that shes over him at 14.
    Me at 14: cries for weeks 😣

  37. Zion Smith

    My favorite part of this song is "hope you're enjoying your cake" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Hajar-Time H

    Do you think Hayden has heard this? And where did you get this song from?

  39. Cee Cee

    If u actually think about it Kenz probably felt the same way because kenzie and hayden were friends/together/idk before Hayden even met Annie so he left Kenz for Annie so please don't throw shade at Kenz or Annie it all Haydens fault for going back and forth and treating them like that #nohate

  40. Hollie-Louise Revill-cowie

    Is it me or is this song aimed at hayden

  41. Brooke Hilliard

    I smell a roast an Annie roasting hayden
    This is just amazing

  42. Sophia Savoy

    Annie: "I don't even react after everything you put me through"

    Also Annie: makes a song

    Sade B

    I was Just Thinking that!!

  43. Krazy_Fallon

    It’s almost been a year and I still listen too it !!this is how I got over my crush who rejected me a few days ago 😁😁

  44. Lucija Zrilić

    Thought I'll and up with Hayden,but he wasn't a mach, wrote some scripts about Drake,now I read and laugh. Even almost went on ski trip and for Ezra I'm so thankful. God I'm so thankful for Asher cuz he is an Angel♥

  45. AlaynaDH 1

    Hannie is over stop talking about it already

  46. XxGachaGalaxyFanLoverxX FANGURL

    lmao Annie is shading Hayden while he's just staying silent. Why is she realising the songs this year and why not last year like srsly. xD In her lyrics it says that she knows he doesn't have anything to say so wuts the point making this song? Ik what he did to her but he hasn't even shaded her one bit. Like bruh. I am not on any sides but don't hate on me.

  47. Brooke Hilliard

    I think something is burning
    Oh yea it's annie roasting hayden

  48. angel

    i found this on my recommended and...I'm surprised no one's talking about how auto-tuned this sounds :/

  49. xliams_little_spoonx z

    What's important is that she's happy now. I really love asher and I also really ship them like they're so cute together! That's what really matters, she's over this whole drama

  50. kelini senanayake

    And I opps

  51. Tea Time smith

    I think I know what she Is talking About when she says Cake? The last time she Has seen Him There were at a Birthday party

  52. Sarah Thomas

    these lyrics are so wrong sorry

  53. Siwanator Forever

    BUT I MISS HANNIE!!!! 😭😭😭

  54. MJ Lawton

    i recently went through a breakup and this song is helping me get over her so fast. Thank you, Annie <3

  55. Liaba Abbas

    So who broke up with who? Cuz like no one answered this!

    XD XD

    Annie broke up with Hayden

  56. Aubrey Bonnell

    Poor Hayden can’t get a break

  57. Laila Dixon

    Hannie is over and Asher and Annie are together that makes Ashannie yayyyy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. Peachy Bre

    Ok but the auto tune...

    XD XD

    There's not that much....

  59. Lyric Beard

    "Telling me she's just a friend"

    Am I the only 1 think this is about hayden.

  60. Sara Doodles

    So frickin relatable

  61. Mia Kuciauskaite

    I think this song is for her ex-boyfriend. And that's is really good because he broke her heart, but now she has Asher. I love that couple!! I love Annie's and Asher's relationship!! :))

  62. ItsTea _

    not only did think that he can play our queen but he also lost BOTH of them

  63. Marcy storys

    Asher angel came through for her 🖤

  64. Huda Algahim

    Noooooo. Why annie? Whyyyy. Ilysm but i wanted Hannie 4 ever. 😰😭😭♥️💋

  65. Isla Faith


  66. Sonny Santos

    This is a roast to Hayden. Love you Annie. It is Haydens fault.go look at both of there post and see what happened. Its his fault he lost someone special

  67. Nichole Whiteman

    Is this about ashannie

  68. Flamingo ASMR

    It sounds like Madison Beer’s Dead

  69. Nida Khan

    for hayden summerall

  70. Tipsy Leaf

    Watch me get attacked for saying this by 8 year olds...but Annie getting cheated on was for the better of her (learning such things in life) but if she is gnna make a song for every man that cheats on her God bless her future.

  71. Tala's ukulele

    I know I should not get in but I am just giving advise to you

  72. Tala's ukulele

    Annie Hayden is a good guy try to forgive him I like u together

    o b l i v i a t e

    Tala's ukulele she's literally with asher rn i'm-

    Tala's ukulele

    @o b l i v i a t e OK I know that she is with asher but Hayden still loves her I just want them to forgive each other and just be friends and sorry if I said any thing that Annie may not like

  73. Aubree Hicks

    I love this song annie keep working hard ❤❤❤🔥🔥

  74. Aubree Hicks

    I love this song annie keep working hard ❤❤❤❤

  75. Kevin Lowe

    caleb would be so proud of you,love you annie

  76. Britney Carson

    I thought it was very professional of Annie to not really promote this song and release the mv. I’m glad she got mature about it and left this pettiness behind👏🏼

  77. The 3 girls Gymnast

    My mom was like change this song I don’t like and I am like.. “ I am so over over getting over you “

  78. Emalea Thompson

    The lyrics are incorrect

  79. Jeremy Mora

    This is for hayden

  80. Queen Gacha

    Yasss I love Hayden but come on Mann really?

  81. snowflake sparkle

    Wasn’t there s music video to this?

  82. Nevaeh Gibson

    I really wish hannie would get back together but he did break her heart

  83. Grace Elisabeth

    Whats that sound?
    *hayden burning*
    *asher laughing while stealing annie*

  84. Abi Vazquez

    I miss hannie tho!😔😭💜💜

  85. Anna _82707

    Look* what you’re attracting

    Both* ways

    FOR* this to get back to you

    Calls* and your texts

    Bet* you wish you could forget

    Get* back to you

  86. Patricia koroi

    Too much audio tune..😬 this is terrible

  87. Ahlam Nassir

    No regrats yass annie

  88. Kelani

    This Is obviously About Hayden, if u haven't seen her post on Annieleblancxtra I Suggest you go Look.

  89. Jayram Medhekar

    Wow I wonder what Hayden thinks of this

  90. Malayka .J Ms .queen Bee

    I love this song so much💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜💚 GOOD AMAZING SONG I ALSO LOVE HER OTHER SONGS

  91. Lia Mileson

    These lyrics suck , you spelled a lot wrong and got them mixed up .

  92. Michelle Rierson

    I bet Hayden is trying not to cry feel the burn hayden

  93. Anshika Dhir

    this about hayden and he kept saying that this girl is just a friend all he did is motovate her he would text a girl non stop duh . hayden is a big jerk asher is better

  94. Michelle Rierson

    Go Annie sorry Hayden she is crushing you!

  95. Ndereyimana Pascal

    Do you hear someone cry maybe it is Hayden because he is crying and my first time watching the song

  96. Alexa Barnes

    This song is such a hit!!

    Yeah sure his has nothin' left to say

  97. Michelle Rierson

    Sorry Hayden but This is for you!😭

  98. Michelle Rierson

    I miss Hannie

  99. o b l i v i a t e

    is it okay now, I’VE HEARD IT

    Payton Worley

    Yes I know cause I am her sister that is our real number... And nice name

    charliedamelio'sfan love ya

    o b l i v i a t e

    Sade B

    @o b l i v i a t e Ikr Their Being Rude u tried your best

    Payton Worley

    No it is not...