LeBlanc, Annie - Ordinary Girl Lyrics

Louis sneakers
Kylie lip kit
Cartier bracelet
Could live without fancy things
Loving life in my ripped jeans
Takin' Snapchat selfies
I celebrate everyday, trying to be

Just an ordinary girl in this extra ordinary world
I'm a typical teen, living out dreams
Watching life take shape, taking it day by day
It can happen to you, it can happen to me
Just to any ordinary girl...

Eyes on the big stage
Mind on the tests I take
Live stream, study breaks
Long nights make longer days
Someday I wanna do big things
But I don't gotta be superman
Stars are just dreams, work hard and reach
And you can do anything

Not an ordinary girl in this extra ordinary world
Not a typical teen living out dreams
Watching life take shape, taking it day by day
It can happen to you, it can happen to me
Just to any ordinary girl...

Keep your eyes ahead and don't look back at what you've been
If you keep going, time will tell you when it's right
Make your philosophy to live in belief at what you dream

Not an ordinary girl in this extra ordinary world
Not a typical teen, living out dreams
Watching life take shape, taking it day by day
It can happen to you, it can happen to me
Just to any ordinary girl...

Ordinary girl

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LeBlanc, Annie Ordinary Girl Comments
  1. Ang Ke Xuan

    Your hair looks so long than before

  2. mimi_givezhugz

    Who else wants to be as pretty as her?

    just me. eh that’s fine

  3. Samantha Landers

    I'm really singing this right now

  4. Wakana Nakai

    I feel like you got inspired 22 by Taylor Swift <3

  5. Big Bad Brahm Joshua Thinnes

    You guys are so good at music

  6. Kirsty Marie Whitehead

    Love her voice its like an angel

  7. sas queen

    You are lucky u have real friends

  8. NIna G

    And he’s wearing extensions

  9. tual no

    Good song

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    Well, my only problem is that there are not enough of Annie's songs to listen to, so I hope there will be more!

  11. Candy King

    Hi you are ok

  12. Karen Tanoury

    Annie you are so supportive I love your videos and you I hope you are okay

  13. Moonlark

    Annie is so Pretty!!!!

  14. Lara Mohamed

    Love you

  15. Lara Mohamed

    Love you

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    You tell them

  17. Hazel Hull

    We just ew

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    Omg my fav song 😍

  19. Conor Travers

    Great song annie

  20. emily turner

    then i am not ordinary because my life sucks and is nothing like that.

  21. Kylee Harris

    Your song is so good

  22. Uzma Ghufran

    Love Quinn and kayla

  23. edlet0207

    i miss this annie...

  24. Eva rose

    Your a good singer

  25. Sailaja Midam

    I love Chicken girls

  26. QueenofLV

    Asher is quaking💀💀

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    nice one,i love it.please visit my house too

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  30. Tay Dunk

    Wish they were together 2020

  31. Maryam Ibrahim

    I like annie lebanc she is petty o brat ckieken girl so good i like it she a dance relly nice

  32. Jazlyn Anaya


  33. Nichole Gomez

    bruh I feel so old hearing this (2020)

  34. Elaine Doga

    I wish I could be pretty like you and sing like like you
    Your the best

    Also how did you become famous?💕

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    I love her song play nice

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    I like your songs by the way

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    I have like a hundred pairs of ripped jeans

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    2020 anyone?

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    When my daughters sad she always watches you and she automatically feels better and she feels like your always protecting her and watching her thank you Annie you are the best

  45. Tiffany Rogers

    Ilove it

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    annie i love your song

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    Sorry but do you mean basic girl

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    hi i love you annie

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    This is beautiful

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    Chicken girls

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    I love your voice and your videos so much. You are so awesome.

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  54. Novella Nester

    U are beautiful and and good singer

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    hi i'm serena Annie i wish i you and is that your boyfriend

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    fatima amigas ordinar y girl annie leblanc amigas musca1

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    I new that it is the chicken girls from brat

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    i’m now watching this in 2020 and i remember watching this right when it came out and watching Annie grow from this is just so beautiful, she is an amazing girl🥺❤️

  67. RiRi Perez

    So a YouTube famous, in a YouTube show, TikTok famous girl is ordinary???

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    Annie has such a beautiful voice

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    2020 anyone??❤️❤️

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    I heard a lot about how she is an amazing singer but I can’t hear it she is meh

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    The thing is that Annie is not ordaniry she is smart kind pretty and great fun she is more then famous

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    I told someone I walk with a limp and they linked me this video. I'm inspired, yet confused.

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