LeBlanc, Annie - Love At First Sight Lyrics

Wandering around in a one horse town
Never could tell if I was lost or found
But it felt like something was about to give

Seeing all the boys and the games they'd play
Didn't wanna break my heart that way
Don't wanna be just another kiss
A name on his list

But then you came along on a summer night
And here I am falling in love at first sight

You took me by surprise
When I looked into your eyes
It was so right
It was love at first sight

Looking at the stars in the sky tonight
Nothing up above is quite so bright
Not like the way you shine with me

Now that we're together gonna be just fine
Never gonna hurry, gonna take our time
You know we're gonna plant the kiss

Keep each other warm on a cold cold night
Always be falling in love at first sight

You took me by surprise
When I looked into your eyes
It was so right
It was love at first sight

Everybody knows
Cause the feeling shows
Every second it grows
Love at first sight

Are you ready for love?
Yes, I'm in it for good
So come on boy, let's dance

You took me by surprise
When I looked into your eyes
It was so right
It was love at first sight

Everybody knows
Cause the feeling shows
Every second it grows
Love at first sight

Love at first sight
Love at first sight

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LeBlanc, Annie Love At First Sight Comments
  1. Ashley Umana

    1 year ✌️😭💜

  2. Nadia Barajas

    “Love at first sight| Annie LeBlanc| Official Music Video”

    Jay: I’m clearly a joke

    Estella Cortes

    Nadia Barajas yup lol 😂

  3. Leo Poppy

    *5 seconds of music goes*

    LIke tHiS sOng sO fAr?

  4. Christina Caniz

    worst song in the world

  5. Tyler Buckley

    great voices and great harmony

  6. Patience Ricks

    jay is sooo cute

  7. Patience Ricks

    i really like the part 2:00-2:04 when it says are you ready for love yes i am in it for good

  8. SheShe _WOAH

    I’ve never seen this music video before on Bratv but now I know why😅 I’m not trying to be rude because I love Annie and I love bratv but this was super cringe 😳

  9. Madison Shelton

    LOVE IT!!!
    But it'd be better with hayden....just saying

  10. maheen Mp4

    🤬😡😡😡👺 you touch Annie like THaT IHaTe yoU WHERe IS ASHER ANGLE: dear Asher: ASHER ANGLE THAT BUI HOLDS ANNIE HANDS”” At 2:14!!

  11. Daisy white

    I like this song

  12. Charlotte Kriese

    Jay and Annie sound so great together

  13. asher angel is uwu

    heyy september 9th lolol

  14. Cheyenne Stephens

    we need more chicken girls

  15. XxBad_babygirlXx

    Jannie ship it

  16. Jehanzeb Akbar

    Why haven't I listened to this before?

  17. 张新宁

    1:36 who realized the heart in Annie’s eyes

  18. Leonor Vazquez

    0:55 Did anybody else notice the sparkle on her eye or was it just me.

  19. Brooke Hilliard

    They didn't auto tune Annie's voice but did they auto tune jays voice ????

  20. Aubree Hicks

    Love this song so much 🔥🔥🔥

  21. girls rule

    You guy's sing wonderful
    I love you

  22. Leen Tehfe

    Season 4 isn’t the last season they are casting season 5

  23. Estella Cortes

    Why do I ship rhyme and drake??

  24. Kandy De la cruz

    I mean can you come annie to my house

  25. isabella Bautista

    Idk but 0.22 reminded me of when Annie was little

  26. Lexi C:

    Reminds me of princess and the frog, idk why?

  27. Jessica Gutiérrez

    I dont like the song its country does it really fight there voices


    Jessica Gutiérrez yeah

  28. it's karsen

    a beautiful song
    with beautiful voices
    with beautiful people
    with a beautiful music video
    love this so much :)


    it's karsen me too

  29. rosemary j verdugo

    I wish that was hayden

  30. Sassy Savvy


    Drakes face cracks me up😂

  31. Saga Hyry


  32. BG - 05TG - Churchville PS (1436)

    I am sooooooooooooo excited 😜

  33. bob Mailto

    My Annie-Bear 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

  34. Dennise pz

    I love Jay

  35. Angela Mercer

    I love this song

  36. Sandra Perron

    At first love at first sight but then spring break away: were done

  37. Barbie Rodriguez

    Give me a like if Annie is Beautiful

  38. Leah's CRAZY world

    I wrote a song with the exact same title but so much different

  39. Isabella Reggiardo

    2:50 that eye sparkle tho

  40. Julianne H

    it was trash at first sight

  41. adam dadipatel

    Drake sound like Justin B

  42. Alyssa Ocaso

    Love at first sight pero breakanay man gni wat pulps nga video

  43. Hailey DiGirolamo

    The theme of this video reminds me of Firefly

  44. Barbie Rodriguez

    She is so beautiful 😊

  45. Barbie Rodriguez

    I wish Annie was my sister


    Whos the boy?


    can i know ,who is the guy ?

  48. Unicorn_Queen

    2:00 he looks so cute I’m dying.

  49. Itz_ Lexie

    Who wants season 5

    Dark Knight

    There has to be left us on a cliff hanger

  50. Delilah Mejia

    I love this it is over my head

  51. Teresa Scarberry

    The boy is cute

  52. I am Ivy

    Jay Ulloa and Annie Leblance voice is very nice and Amazing

  53. 1234 5678

    I love it❣

  54. Kindra Jacobs

    I love chicken girls I

  55. mnikaluza yuwaste

    The twinkle in her eyes though.

  56. mnikaluza yuwaste

    We already knew she could sing, but, DANG, HE CAN S.I.N.G!!!

  57. Durval Fabiano Barbosa

    Annie fica ainda mais linda nos clipes musicais ,desejo muito sucesso para a carreira musical

  58. Jannah M

    I used to think you were okay Annie, but you stole Asher from Peyton.....you broke my ship, but if Ashers happy that’s fine but still!!

  59. Nisha Bijoy

    Hayden’s left chicken girls 😢

  60. ioanna pls

    Why this song of Annie has only 600k views? It's really better from some of the others

  61. Lunar_Forever

    Only if Caleb could see her now :) he would be so proud

  62. Buddha Thami

    I wish Hayden was there in place of him 😭😭

  63. Hannah Gutierrez

    Jay just said season four was the last one!! NOOO

  64. Samantha Declaro

    I ship it

  65. christiana n

    first of all she plays in a YouTube channel called Brat don't you think she's going to turn out like a brat she already has she does not need to be singing about boys and my first kiss or love at first sight or wrap your arms around my waist she is not good inspirator for the Young generation I don't care if you say that she's a teenager she's going to act this way because if thats how you act then you need to get yourself together girls always want to have a boyfriend when they don't even know what to do they just act cute you around them wear short shorts tight leggings and crop tops and get entertained by them but really having a boyfriend is meant to getting to know the person to see if in the future you want to get married to them and I am not talking to the 11 year olds and the 16 year olds you don't need to be getting married having babies when you're like 11 or 16 you're supposed to be dating at 17 to 20 years old at least Annie I need you to be a better inspirator I'm probably older than Annie and I have a better voice too and I don't need to be singing about boys and I am sick and tired of girls are always saying I like this guy but he doesn't like me back will guess what he's probably being the responsible one in that situation because he doesn't need to like you back he's probably only like 11 years old for goodness sake. #MoriahPeterswedding #jamieGrace'swedding. watch their videos in you know what I'm talking about


    First of all, if you can make a music video with your real voice and not autotune then I'll believe you have a better voice than her. Second of all, inspirator isn't a word so before you try to fix someone's needs you should worry about your own 1st. Liking people when your 11 is called having a crush on someone. You're allowed to have a crush on someone when you're 11 years old, but when you date people at 11 years old that's just crossing the line. Their parents will tell them and fix them themselves. They don't need somebody they don't even know in real life correcting them. Third of all, this is for an entertaining show. If you don't like it, then you can go bring your happy behind somewhere else because nobody is forcing you to watch this.

  66. salvador daxy

    I love your voice

  67. Maritza Mancera

    Hey annie hi just chicken glrls

  68. Venus Is A Planet

    Sounds like Nevershoutnever

  69. Ammy Barrios

    Drake is sooo cuteee

  70. Keisha Mae Narciso

    I know this song it was the one from the roedeo and Juliet

  71. Kawaii Kali

    I love you so much jay ulloa I like you I want to kiss you

  72. Shook Liza

    I totally ship ryme and ezra

  73. Sarah Patches

    wow Drake’s (i don’t know his name) hair is lit!

  74. Isabella Torres

    Me I’m excited

  75. Hannah Andrea Rayman

    Hannie For The Win😒

  76. H. emy

    Hayden? Soooo....... Love Annie ❤️😻🤭

  77. maria fernanda garcia acosta

    I hate Drake......right now!

  78. Bear Family Richards

    I love Drake AKA ❤️💋😂😍😘 Jay

  79. Raina Bacon

    why did you only put annie in the tittle of the video? she's not the only singer!!

  80. Emma Carter

    Who want season 4 of chicken girls to come out? I am

  81. Lolis Escobedo

    It's March the 3rd!!9 more days!!!eeek!!whos exited???I can't wait!!!😍😍

    LeaderGirl 1216

    wait...season 4 comes out on the 12th?

  82. Dianne Gundran


  83. Alexa Brooks

    Why did they only say Annie like jay had a part in this too

  84. Viv Lehman

    She is good at singing pop

  85. Emily Cano

    Wait did Annie and Hayden break up?

    LeaderGirl 1216

    they broke up in May 2018

  86. Destiny Trevino

    cute song

  87. Rxby Wxrld

    this gives off a more total eclipse vibe....

  88. Rxby Wxrld

    too bad he's 17...

  89. Wendy Moran

    You rill should be with Hayden

    LeaderGirl 1216

    It was a toxic relationship

  90. Nisha Bijoy

    This video reminds me of Hannah Montana

  91. Heather Mooney

    Love You Annie

  92. dragons637

    I feel sad vibes this reminds me of summer I miss summer


    I liked my own comment BC no one else will😭

  93. stitch

    I cant stop replaying this song I'm in love with it now I want to see what happens in sesson4 of chicken girls.They both song super beautiful ❤❤. I feel like they with start dating in the next season but I'm fine with it it's their choice

  94. Paisley Scott

    Sophia am glad you know that everyone is going to hate you because i already hate you.

  95. Radleigh Faith

    aaaaahhh I'm finding this song forever.... then I saw this....aaaahh

  96. Brandi Horner