Lea Michele - Hey You Lyrics

Hey you
It's really good to see you
I've got so much to tell you
But you should know I'm doing fine

Hey you
Had a story to tell you
But honestly I can't even remember
Really doesn't matter

Never seen you this happy
Never seen you so peaceful
Even though you can't hold me
Hurts you, hurts me, but you're here

When the days are getting dark
Nights are getting hard
I see you
And when I laugh until I cry
I don't even know why I feel you

Hey you
Funny thing I found that old t-shirt we thought you lost it
It's still the softest
You know it made me
Put on your favorite Radiohead song
It took me back to
When we were driving down Laurel Canyon
And too fast you know you never slowed down

The final days were the hardest
I didn't think they would be your last
Hope you know I forgive you
Give anything to get them back

Know that everything's okay
I'm doing okay without you
I know you had to go away
I'll tell you everyday I miss you

Hey you
I know you always liked to get the last words in
But before you go
You should know
I love you more
I said so

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Lea Michele Hey You Comments
  1. Danielle Stoneburner

    2020 and this is still sad asf

  2. cdanilana S.

    This makes me so sad.

  3. Linnie Mmmm

    Time can move on, why can't I. Still wrack my brain, why did he have to go. Miss you everyday. Listen to Lea and Lewis Capaldi songs......make me think of you: Someone You Loved, Forever, Hold me while you wait and others.

  4. scarlett

    I fucking can't with the ending, I could be holding it in the whole song but that part just breaks me

  5. Debi Grimes

    10/1/19 and it still makes you cry

  6. Alexus Delotelle

    I cry all the time over Cory. I actually fell in love with him as a person

  7. Inge Josipovic

    It is 2019 and this song still gets me I love you Lea rip Cory
    And fin

  8. Madison Stricker Gleek for life

    Hey you it's really good to see you
    I got so much to tell you
    But you should know I'm doing fine

  9. Demileigh Offord

    2019 and Still crying 😭

  10. Elaina Gilbert

    Anyone who can sing so beautifully whilst crying deserves all the awards.

  11. Jasmine Scholz

    I literally started watching Glee last week. I didn't know this. I haven't even finished the first season but I don't know if I can watch it without feeling weird knowing the truth about Cory. :(

  12. Nalani Johnson

    It's literally 2019 and I'm sobbing rn😭😭

  13. Flavie Lefait

    Miss you cory

  14. baby baby

    I miss Cory so much

  15. Alexandra Xanthopoulou

    Still here.. I just can't get over this..

  16. Irem Berrak

    anyone here in 2019 ?

  17. lala adam

    I can't get over Cory's death till now..I don't know how she's handling it..those words crushed my soul

  18. Lorena Juarez

    breaks my heart every time 💔

  19. Tyshenya Tyler

    This song hit me so hard. It's about to be 6 years and I still can't believe he's gone. I miss him so much. I can feel her pain in her voice. He was truly loved and still is. Not only did we lose our Finn Hudson but we also lost our Noah Puckerman... I can't believe it at all.

  20. Rose Humphries

    Forever missing Cory! In love with this song ❤️

  21. katie mellors

    Omg this is powerful 😭😭😭 R.I.P CORY Your missed so so much xxx

  22. Maya Padilla

    “final days are the hardest. I didn’t think it would be your last.” We love you, Cory. 💔😭😌 it’s been 5 years. Still. Endlessly. Painful. 😭


    3 more days until 2019 and I still can’t get over his death. At times I move on, but sometimes I fall again and I cry sometimes over him, and I know that I didn’t meet him in person or anything, but when he died I felt like a part of me died with him. I feel like if I move on I’m going to forget him and I don’t want that, but eventually I have to move on and that is the scary part.

    Kimberly Bacon

    SILVANA SALINAS move on how?

    alexandra darling

    feel u!

  24. Google Lee

    trying so hard not to cry at school rn

  25. Marley Rose

    Lea’s voice is so strong and powerful and I cry every time she sings in dedication to Cory. R.I.P. 🥺

  26. Shelbee S

    “You should know, I love you more, I said so.” Those were the final words that crushed my soul.

  27. Iole Caserta

    fck this is even worst than if you say so IM CRYING

  28. Zera Jeffry

    Cory and Monchele lives in our hearts forever <3


    I Feel like this album was dedicated to Finn from glee

  30. jazzy j

    the ending just..i can't 😭💔

  31. boima clarke

    Happy love feeling between us of good feeling of friendship.

  32. emilyanne films

    This week ive been listening to this song a lot, and the glee tribute songs to him. I even watched the quaterback episode, and ive just realise its the anniversary tomorrow his death.I think i must have known in my head .... rest in peace cory <3

  33. ricky Jordan

    She sound like Carly Rae

  34. Nicholas Chan

    hey you

  35. Katie Anne Marie Klaisner

    Love this song a wonderful tribute to Cory Montieth

  36. Mariel Montalvo

    Omg my heart literally just.....wow...I can’t stop crying!

  37. Anna r

    I'm sobbing right now

  38. Mimi LHous

    This is not me...i love everything of u

  39. luisa soto arriagada

    holy shit

  40. Hannah Rushing

    that pause and breath she takes before singing “before you go” gets me every damn time. it sounds similar to when she sang “make you feel my love” right after he died. ugh. that f*cking breath where she’s trying not to lose it and finish the song. god, i just wish he was here.

  41. Abagail Frieders

    2018 and I still can’t believe he’s gone. I watch their show over and over again. It’s not the same without him😭😭. I can’t imagine what she went through. It must still be so hard for her knowing they were engaged and all😭😭💔

  42. Sairis Reyes

    I can't stop crying 2018

  43. Grace Murphy

    I started watching glee in February, it’s now April, and when I found out that “Finn” Cory Monteith died... I could barely watch it any more. Still can’t get over it. This song is so sad but so beautiful. I love it. 🙁🙂😇

  44. Ann e

    I’m crying so hard now

    Joe Butterworth

    what did you think of this song

  45. alyssajeanice

    "I love you more, I said so" ajfbskk k I'm crying also If You Say So from Louder? Akdhskdjd dude she really- lea- I'm.

  46. Lauren Gardner

    Does anyone know why she said that the final days before he died were hard? I'm trying not to think further into this so correct me if I'm over analyzing it

    Jasmine Contreras

    Maybe she knew about his addiction so that's what she was referring to. Cause I heard she was always there for him

    Lexie Kalimi

    He told her he loved her, then she told him that she loves him more, then he said if you say so. Listen to Lea's song 'if you say so' you will understand.
    The reason she told him she forgives him is because in the 'if you say so' song she's asking him why he left her. The song shows her anger as well as hurt. But those are my thoughts anyway.

    Jasmine Contreras

    Lexie Kalimi yes I agree with this but I'm wondering about the part where she said final days were the hardest. Makes it feel like they were going through something while he was alive. I was thinking it was probably she saw that he was changing cause of his addiction??

    Lexie Kalimi

    Jasmine Contreras seems he had relapsed into addiction and she knew about it.

    kizzeann walcott

    I think it's because cory was using drugs again in his final days and 2 months or so before he died he went to rehab. So she means she forgives him for his relapse and she was helping him through it but maybe she didn't like what he was doing to his self

  47. Alyssa Fenton

    Why am I crying about this in 2018?? Honestly this kills me so much.

    Courts_lou x

    Alyssa Fenton you’re not the only one😓🙋🏼‍♀️

    suzi holmes

    I've just finished watching 'the quarterback' and have just heard this song for the first time. I'm in floods of tears.

    Helin Erer


  48. Munira Qandah

    This was the first time hearing ‘Hey You’ because I just didn’t know if I could handle listening to it. It’s almost been five years so I told myself I was ready and surprisingly I didn’t cry.. I still miss Cory everyday but I know he’s now in a better place. This is such a beautiful song sequel from if you say so. 💕

  49. Deborah Knezevic

    In the end of the song you can hear she's crying in her breathing she's holding it but it made me think when she sang "make you feel my love" same crying breathing... It breaks my heart still now 2018

    Ann Paq

    Deborah Knezevic I totally agree with you... it's still so sad that he's gone and that she has to live without him. They seemed so perfect together.

    Nevaeh McMillan

    Deborah Knezevic- Yeah you can hear it so heart breaking.

  50. Zahra Baqizada

    The ending killed me😭😭😭😭😭😭

  51. LadyLiz Santaella

    i guess she dreamed about him

    Twenty one pilots Rules

    LadyLiz Santaella I think it was a more of a goodbye like she’s letting go, even though she will remember her whole life I feel as if it was a goodbye or at least she finally said what she always wanted to say to him

  52. It's Emily

    The ending is what made me cry 😭 that was their final words to each other

    Nevaeh McMillan

    it Emily- Yeah you are so right.

  53. Shaby 28

    De mis favoritas del álbum! :)

  54. voidcine

    the ending killed me

    Emmanuel alejandro Hernandez carranza

    me too :(

  55. Maria Rinta-Rahko

    Love this song. She is Very pretty and her singing voice is beautiful.💛💛

  56. Gabriel Pereira

    Thank you so much
    Leal Michele ❤
    For the beautiful song
    And have a enjoy new Week 🎶

  57. Cailin's Life

    love it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx