Lea Michele - Anything's Possible Lyrics

It's time to leave it all behind
It's time to pick up the pieces of my scattered mind
And after all my petals fall
I can finally find beauty beneath once and for all

I've spent way too long
Judging myself
Running from truth
Into someone else's
Arms but I'm done
The battle's begun
The battle's begun

There's fire in me
Deep down in my veins
There's clouds in my head
They're not gonna rain
There's fight in my heart
There's hope in my eyes
There's hope in my eyes

I push to the limits
I climb every wall
I keep on believing
Anything's possible
I run til I'm breathless
I stand ten feet tall
I keep on believing
Anything's possible
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
Anything's possible
Whoa, oh, oh, oh

It's time to crack the open door
It's time to leave every teardrop on the bathroom floor
If I'm scared, I'll go in scared
Yeah, I've got nothing to lose, it's only up from here

I've spent way too long
Judging myself
Running from truth
Into someone else's
Arms but I'm done
The battle's begun
The battle's begun

I push to the limits
I climb every wall
I keep on believing
Anything's possible
I run til I'm breathless
I stand ten feet tall
I keep on believing
Anything's possible
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
Anything's possible
Whoa, oh, oh, oh

Yeah, the night is all around me, 'round me
But in the dark, the stars, they found me, found me
I'm here
Whoa, oh, oh

I'm gonna push to the limits
I climb every wall
I keep on believing (believing)
Anything's possible
I run til I'm breathless
I stand ten feet tall
(I keep on believing)
I keep on believing
(Keep on believing)
Anything's possible
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
(Oh, oh, oh)
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Anything's possible
Anything's possible

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Lea Michele Anything's Possible Comments
  1. Benjamin Russ

    MY MOTIVATION SONG! ❤️ If I'm feeling down,I'm always listen to this song. This song reminds me that I need to stand ten feet tall. To achieve that dreams. To get that dreams.
    Good music never fades.


  2. Benjamin Russ

    I really love this song. 💕 I'm truly inspired with this song to motivate more and to reach my dreams. Thank you Lea Michele. You deserve a Grammy 🙏

  3. DantesVEVO

    #Amazing #Song #Love #LeaMichele

  4. Sofía Beltrán Lazo

    Does anyone else feel that all their songs are for Cory? They're really beautiful

  5. 狐の嫁入り


  6. Anthony Hernandez

    we love you lea Michele

  7. Anthony Hernandez

    it's time to leave it all behind put not cory love RTP

  8. Isabelle Almeida

    Extraordinary voice👏👏👏👏👏

  9. Emanuelle Fontoura

    This album is so beautiful and underrated 😭😍❤

  10. Chris Demar

    Her voice, style, music just everything! 💙 I love her! I'm so happy that her new album is coming this year! 💙 ready for my wig to be snatched

  11. Naranja Molesta

    who is excited by the LM3!?!?!? 😁😁😁

  12. Christina Sims

    This song is so inspirational



  14. Moti channel

    still want music video for this amazing song !

  15. Pluto

    Everytime I hear this song I get Finchel vides

  16. edhy apolinário

    total de 0 defeitos! o BRASIL TE AMA LEA

  17. Alwin Rog

    Perfect synchronisation, perfect voice I love the songs

  18. Bruno Santos

    You should invest in this


    eu amo uma música 💕

  20. Ash Louise

    She looks like camella cabelo

  21. Louie Bee

    1010 WINS brought me here

  22. MrAwesomedude808

    Anybody here from the l’oreal commercial?

  23. HeeBee GeeBee

    OK. I have just watched GLEE season 5. Nice to meet you, my Richael Berry... You are really a perfect girl in my dream with a talented voice.

  24. betty harrison

    I love her!!! So gifted. Beautiful voice.

  25. Leandro Silva

    Amo essa música...

  26. Edhy Apolinário

    Queria esmurrar os fds que deram deslike bando de dementes

  27. boima clarke

    I never stop believing in you if you believe in same thing Us us...……………………...believe in us …………………….friendship let it grow...……………….

  28. Treylan Smith

    This is the kind of songs we need especially what is going on in the world today

  29. happyfairy

    Simply said... Beautiful.

  30. Mila De Bastiani

    Winona Ryder for l'Oreal <3

  31. Scia

    I knew the voice was familiar

  32. Andreina

    La mujer de mí vida. 😍

  33. Christelle Wilson

    I still madly in love with this song. So inspirational even in 2018

  34. Tudoemaisumpouco vid


  35. Marion Mathis

    Just love this song, heard it on a commerical had to fine it glad I did

  36. Mona Moore

    *Please release all album songs in your channel it's so beautiful and deserve to discover n a lots if views*

  37. Rayhanna Bailey

    Love ur song..
    .my class and others are doing this song for our graduation

  38. Brendon Tee

    My favourite song 😚

  39. Chiara Castellino

    i'm here, because this song was the backgroundmusic of my blind audition at the voice kids. I LOVE THIS SONG.

  40. Waxon Waxoff

    L'Oréal anyone?


    Waxon Waxoff “even damaged hair can have a come back”

  41. LILDEAN78

    I love this song 💪

  42. Lucas Morosini

    I keep on believin'... ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE ❤

  43. Be'You

    Woah ♡

  44. jessica cortez


  45. Ashley Beverly

    Who is the original song by?

  46. Leonardo Barros

    Maravilhosa 😍

  47. Edhy Apolinário

    Primeiro a gente grita HINO e depois ouve

  48. Anna Mnich

    She kind of looks like Camilla cabello

  49. defyz

    Who came from elvive ad Winona played in that 💞

  50. W3ird0 Wars

    Your fans love you Lea Michele! We'll always support you and love you! You have been a HUGE inspiration to me, and have the best vocals I've ever heard!

  51. WhiteLily

    you and finn on glee re sooo cute together btw rip fin

  52. Christina Sims

    this song is just... I've never had a song stick to me like this one

  53. Susana Guez

    Thank you, its amazing 📀

  54. Troy Shaffer

    On Tuesday night you were Disneyland and my daughter ran into you. All she asked for was to take a picture with you, and you said that “you were to busy hanging out with you friends”. She has been a huge fan of yours for years and for you to do that is such a shitty thing to do to a fan. I think that you need a reality check on how you got where are now, it’s because of fans like her. I understand that you might be a private person, but if you are going to go to such a public place remember that you are going to run into fans and you need to be humble to them.

  55. IHeart Chloe

    PERFECTION!!! ❤❤💛💛💚💚💙💙💜💜💖💖😭😭😢😢😍😍👌👌 YASSS!!!

  56. Mona Moore

    Why you don't download you all album songs her people stole your songs and they have views more than you ☹

  57. Bettyd wanti

    Thanks dear miss u

  58. Nara Kim

    Come to argentina pls

  59. fem

    I can imagine this as a song in a disney movie. I fucking love her voice so much, she sings everything so pure.

  60. Natsukon/なつこん


  61. Natsukon/なつこん

    I wish I can see this MV!!!

  62. Zena Welling

    This and cannonball are such special songs that I can relate to ❤ uplifting

  63. eli a.o

    Mi corazón se vuelve loco con esta hermosa voz <3

  64. Moti channel

    100% talent
    100% good song

    your Amazing !!!

  65. Lais Gomes

    Maravilhosa demais

  66. Lais Gomes

    Amo num grau

  67. 知夢

    i love this song so much <3

  68. V I P E R DRUMM3R

    UFOS are real

  69. Julieta Lambrechts

    I love her soooo much , and this song is everything!

  70. Vendela 67


  71. Danys Reign

    aghhhhh! I love Lea's new songs but I'm so sad >.< so many glee feelzzz!

  72. Sakina

    Pure *****

  73. Willian Carlos

    eu amo a voz da Lea

  74. Risen Temple Outreach

    Kinda reminds me of Sia

  75. Renan Cass

    Que música 😍

  76. Nikki Rose

    I agree with what she said on This Morning, this album is definitely more her.

  77. Dee And Qori show

    lea michele me and my brother loves your music and my brother sounds just like you but he doesn't wants to be as good as you are. We love you and hope for the best to everyone have a blessed life lea😘😀

  78. Derrion Williams

    She is Rachel Berry in her essence. She put her soul into that character. Rachel's story and Lea's story are almost one; even down to Cory's death. Rachel lost Finn, she lost Cory.

  79. Porque Não?

    tô todo arrepiado, olha essa voz

  80. delplanque isabelle

    superbe chanson


    que musica linda...ameiii....like...

  82. Maria Eduarda Doria da Silva

    Vc é pft mano ❤

  83. Truffle

    Yall know you came here cuz of Kg

  84. Ruben Banzaru


  85. Jozo Mamic

    common you'll be the next world star and if it will not happened that's mean people don't known what real music is

  86. Luisa Pertuz Ch.

    Love it! Thanks Lea xo

  87. バートシンプソンの叫び

    I love it!

  88. Dana Smith

    I got chills listening to this song.. Her voice is amazing!

  89. Joao Vitor Rocha

    Que voz!!!!!!!!! perfeita ❤️

  90. マツダサヤ

    love you💓

  91. Sandra Lara


  92. Roberto Hernandez


  93. A.B

    that can remind me of Disney songs
    her songs are amazing

  94. may deerin

    Nice song. x

  95. Diana N

    Потрясающе 👏❤


    We love you so much Lea, you're road is so incredible since glee <3

  97. Özlem Delal

    why does this sound like a barbie sound track to me lmao love lea tho

  98. Lucy-Linea Stippich

    I LOVE YOU 😘😘😘