Lawson - Red Sky Lyrics

Lay with me on a street in the city
Find the still in the middle of crazy
Is this all that you wanted?

Just a leaf floating round in the shadows
Holding on tryna find out how to let go
When you think you got all that you wanted

Feel the ground shaking
Slowly we are waking up

There’s a red sky
Overhead tonight
That’s how I know
It’s gonna be alright
It’s gonna be alright

There’s a pier reaching out from the seaside
Breathe it in, breathe it out, open your eyes
Is this all that you wanted?

Feel the waves breaking
No more time wasting
Slowly we are waking up

There’s a red sky
Overhead tonight
That’s how I know
It’s gonna be alright
It’s gonna be alright

Beautiful wonder
Where did you come from?
Writing your name on the horizon
Filling the sky up
Burning like fire

There’s a red sky
Overhead tonight
That’s how I know
It’s gonna be alright
It’s gonna be alright
It’s gonna be alright
It’s gonna be alright

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Lawson Red Sky Comments
  1. Mia's love

    love it....

  2. Sahara Santè

    Beautiful song and words

  3. Alyssa Devina

    beautiful. just beautiful. tbh missed Lawson's old musics. But still. I love the new musics theyve worked on.

  4. What am I doing with my life?

    2.14 verse is that Ryan and Joel?

  5. MusicFrissoner

    I love this underrated track from Chapman Square

  6. jessie murphy

    i love lawson

  7. Nika

    This is going to sound very weird and foolish, but I'm not really able to interpret the lyrics. Some part looks like it's about love, and some seems to be about heart-break. I don't know why I am thinking like this. But I could really appreciate if anyone could just tell me what this song is actually trying to convey. Because I'm in love with the music and with Andy's voice. And I really want to know better about the meaning that the lyrics hold. Thank you.

  8. Olivia Kinsella

    This song is amazing xxxxxxx

  9. Chloe Gowan

    o m g, I love this song

  10. Lāsma Kamola

    those songs are so powerfull,reminds about our life ,it's so good,love those guys,the best band what i'm ever heard,i'm you fan,if i could meet them i would ask-how did you can make so beautiful songs,what can make your hearth beat faster?,hope that i will meet them ,see you soon,your one of biggest fans,LasmaKamola,see'ya in some concert!or whatev,and plz follow guys me on twitter -LsmaKamola,facebook-Lāsma Kamola,tnx for so beautiful songs,that's how you do! do that from the best! hugs ,kisses

  11. Lāsma Kamola

    i have fell ,that they are sent to this world to make a the most beautiful songs,when i listen lawson songs ,i just start see a visions ,and i say truth ,i see how could look a video of this song,or something like that,it's so amazing,that they are here to show everybody what is love,what's happening in love,break ups,beautiful days together,sun,games ,help to each other and listening them songs ,can understand that they would be the best boyfriends to their girlfriends, really want to meet them

  12. Therese Bilfeldt

    Imagine this in Denmark, Lawson playing for a small crowd (about 100 people) with danish people trying to sing the start... The funniest thing about it is actually Andy's laugh xD

  13. Nikirockztar

    Lawson, you were amazing at the Blackpool Switch On <3

  14. Chloe Read

    Lawson came to my school around a year ago. Got their autographs! ;)

  15. Heather Stevenson

    This better be on their new album it's my favourite song of theirs next to 'You Didn't Tell Me', love you Lawson 3

  16. Sugarrr

    fmfl. I live in cardiff and didn't see them :(

  17. Chelsie Katherine

    haha 0:20 fully sou8nds like they are sayin "shitty" !! Love this though <3 xx

  18. Gemma Brady

    i love this song i seen them at westlife the other day they were amazayn

  19. Julia Crouch

    My new LYRIC VIDEO for LAWSON's STANDING IN THE DARK is now up and includes download link :) Its located on my channel :)

  20. Julia Crouch

    I'm happy to hear that! Im glad they're getting more fans. They are nice lads though aren't they? :) xx

  21. E M

    fucking love this song.

  22. Emma Curtis

    OMG! Listening to their songs! So So SO SOOOO happy they've been added to the V Festival Line Up!:D I HAVE TO SEE THEM THEIR!!! <3

  23. Julia Crouch

    Agreed! I'm seeing them on there headline too but in London! ;D xx

  24. foreveryounggx1

    Lawson are absolutely incredible live, saw them on tour with the wanted and then at their headline tour in Sheffield last night, wow one of the best gigs i've ever been to. Definitely go see them in a small venue before they get massive!

  25. kayleigh manning

    Mamma do the hump Mamma do the hump hump :L <3

  26. Julia Crouch

    Will do, what songs did you want me to do? Im currently wokring on 'Standing in the Dark' ...I will do all lyrics with Download links ( on the udnerstand ya'll buy the actual song when it comes out) :) x

  27. MrLMBfilms

    please :)

  28. Erin McBurnie

    Seeing them on Monday in Glasgow!! ♥

  29. Julia Crouch

    They're really good live, saw them last sunday at there KOKO Pop performance. See them at there Headline tour. Check there facebook for more information :) x

  30. Julia Crouch

    Do you guys want me to do more lyric videos relating to Lawson?

  31. Faye Stones

    I saw these on The Wanted's The Code Tour, they were amazing! Fell in love with this song! <3<3

  32. Jade Collins

    Went to their first tour in January and was at the front and met them before and after :) saw them in Birmingham at The Wanted Arena Tour in March as well! :) <3

  33. Cheey Rich

    @MissCheeyz yeaah could of :D

  34. Caitlin Laver

    saw them yesterday in brighton!:D

  35. Charlie Bear

    @MissCheeyz Would have so met all of you omg:')

  36. Cheey Rich

    @CharlotteWilliamsTV yup saame :D

  37. Sophie Khanna

    Saw them at the O2 just now-wow

  38. Charlie Bear

    @zacefrongirl188 Sure did :) x

  39. shannon imray

    Saw these at Newcastle:)

  40. Julia Crouch

    @CharlotteWilliamsTV On Tour or with The Wanted? :) x

  41. Charlie Bear

    Saw these sexies life in Cardiff!;D