Lawrence, Tracy - My Second Home Lyrics

There's a honky tonk on the edge of town I used to call my second home
It's a place I'd go just to get away when I wanted to be alone
Well early one morning had a fight with my darling that went from bad to worse
It ended when she said your second home just became your first
Now the jukebox is my alarm clock I wake up in a corner booth
I don't have a tab don't need no cab cause the dance floor's my living room
Well I might die from a broken heart but I'll never die of thirst
Now that my second home has become my first
[ dobro - fiddle ]
Well I don't have to pay no mortgage I don't have to mow no lawn
A lot of frieds come see me some stay till the break of dawn
I can paint the town without leavin' the house I can feel good till it hurts
Now that my home sweet second home just became my first
Now the jukebox is my alarm clock...
Lord now that my second home has become my first

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Lawrence, Tracy My Second Home Comments
  1. mashuganah vinny

    I really doubt the owner of the bar would just let Tracy live there.

  2. caper girl 68

    Now the jukebox is my alarm clock, I wake up in a corner booth
    I don't have a tab, don't need no cab
    Cause the dance floor is my living room
    Well, I might die of a broken heart
    But I'll never die of thirst
    Now that my second home has become my first

    Kylie Pollert

    You got it right on the chorus!

    caper girl 68

    @Kylie Pollert tyvm xx love his music, tracy's voice a gift to us all❤❤❤

    Kylie Pollert

    @caper girl 68Seeing all those stars on stage with him is a bonus!

    caper girl 68

    @Kylie Pollert i never had the pleasure of seeing this fab talented man in concert , i'm hopeing he comes back to nova scotia some day soon


    2:00 Toby Keith or someone that looks like him

    Kylie Pollert

    That is Toby!! He was riding on the #1 success of "Should've Been a Cowboy", and was just starting his career when this video came out in 1993! Good eye!

  4. Zachary Fulton

    I’m gonna attempt to identify all of the guest stars in this video — if I either miss one or misidentify one, please let me know:

    Billy Burnette
    Tim McGraw
    Tanya Tucker
    Clay Walker
    Shania Twain
    Guy Clark
    Kenny Beard
    William Lee Golden
    Toby Keith
    Robin Lee
    Hank Flamingo
    Roger Ballard
    Tim Mensy
    John Anderson

    Jason Patten aka countryronnafan

    Holly Dunn is the one playing the guitar in the purple shirt.

  5. His wife His babyJ His babyJ his babygirl

    My Husband second home just became his first damn right put his ass in the dog house

  6. Françoise Lesage

    Tracy is the bright star of Texas......

  7. his wife his baby J his baby J

    I love this song my crush is on this video I been in love with him for a long time I hope he doesn't see this oh well I will never release who he is

  8. Kylie Pollert

    Trivia: This video was directed by Marc Ball, who would not only direct most of Tracy's videos, but also Toby's early music videos, from "Should've Been a Cowboy" (1993) to "Me Too" (1996), with the exception of "A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action"

    John Golden Britt

    I was Marc's Assistant Cameraman on a few of these. I always thought Marc's greatest work was with Tracy and Billy Ray Cyrus of course.

  9. love hurts badly

    If I told my husband this I bet he will bust out laughing my crush is on this video lol

  10. ll Savage Butcher ll

    I'm pretty good at mimicking Tracey lol.

  11. Liane Layman

    One of my favorite Tracy songs even though it goes way back.

  12. Silentmjrt

    Love this song, Sung it once acappella at the age of eight in a bar. Can anyone identify the guy in the red jacket at 1:06 ? he did another song I enjoyed but can't for the life of me think of it.

  13. sell12you

    There is a guy that sounds a lot like Tracy Lawrence. His name is Ryan Broshear. Check him out if you love Neotraditional Country music.

  14. Genea Maines

    Barbara Rene.. Yes Ma'am. I'm a huge Tracy Lawrence fan and try to see him at least 3-4 every year..I'm very proud of my TL T-shirts Only wardrobe I have..haha.

    Barbara Rene

    Luck you. Getting to see Tracy so much. Unfortunately, he doesn't play here in NY (that I am aware of). Keep on supporting this great performer, and enjoy wearing your very special "wardrobe."

    Barbara Rene

    Meant to say LUCKY YOU. My typing skills need work.

  15. Barbara Rene

    Can you imagine being in the audience while they were filming this video - Tanya T., John A., Toby K. and more. Tracy is so cute and adorable in this video, and that HAIR.  Love it.    I love that southern twangy voice.

    Kylie Pollert

    I bet everyone had a blast making that video! Tim McGraw and Shania Twain were in it as well, before they became really famous

    Debra Catlett

    myself and my 3 sons was there and in the video

  16. Genea Maines

    Always My Second Home. but Im taking you with me..

  17. Genea Maines

    I've been hitting the Dancefloor since I had recovered from my second hip replacement. Still wearing Tracy Lawrence T-shirt in the Bar and Landon at the LeVee in Longview texas Still Playing your Music.

    Barbara Rene


  18. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #54 song of the '54 song of the '94 survey year. Tracy hit #1 in Billboard, 12-11-93. Tracy, I just pray that you're able to quit smokin' this year, like you want to!

  19. Matthew Bachmann

    Back when I used to record CMT on VHS lol. Love the 80's/90's Country!

    David Prim

    Ongosh yes and going through them all to see what songs you were obsessed with 😂😂😂

  20. Monstertrkcrzy

    Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Shania Twain, Tanya Tucker, Clay Walker and John Anderson are the only ones I recognized in this video. Can anyone else help me identify the others?   Of course, I recognized Tracy Lawrence.


    Robin Lee...she had a hit with the country version of "Black velvet" around this time

    Kylie Pollert

    Clay Walker was in this? I didn't see him.

    Steven Dudley

    @Kylie Pollert Yeah he's seen in a ball cap and grey T shirt at 1:13

    Jason Patten aka countryronnafan

    Holly Dunn is another one in the video. She’s the one playing the guitar and wearing the purple shirt.

    Kylie Pollert

    Alannah Myles had the pop/rock version

  21. Peter Minor

    what year was this

    Genea Maines

    Hey Peter... I think its 1993.. 

    Peter Minor

    thank you!!!! been a long time since I saw it the first time .lots of young country stars


    It premiered in September 1993

  22. Peter Minor

    thank you been looking for this  video for s while love all the great country artists that were nobody's here

  23. Joffyh20

    hi from your no 1 fan scotland U.K

  24. Christina McWaters

    A "Who's Who" of 90's country music! Love all of guest apps!

    Kylie Pollert

    You mean stars?

  25. Genea Maines

    This is a Great Video ! You and All your Friends Having a Blast What a Party.!, Love this Song....This Video made my day.Great Throwback Thursday..