Lawhorn, JJ - Make It Fall Lyrics

Man, it's so hot you could fry an egg on that tractor
I cussed this Dust Bowl field till I turned blue
Man, if I don't get some rain, there goes my food plot
I don't even know what I'm gonna do

Lord, please hear my call if you're listenin' up there
I know it's wrong to pray a selfish prayer
But Lord you know that I don't ask for much at all
Make it fall

It's September and he's still in velvet
He's got a massive rack that's way outside his ears
I'm thinkin' about it, I can't help it
'Cause he's only a chip shot from this John Deere

Lord, please hear my call if you're listenin' up there
I know it's breakin' the law but he wouldn't have a prayer
Would you flip that calendar up on the wall
And make it fall

Season's in and I'm out in my climber
A little flash of white just caught my eye
Lookie here who's back, it's that old timer
I drew that bow and let that arrow fly

Lord, please make it fall, I'm beggin' you, please
Then I saw that buckle in his knees
And he snowplowed all the way into the drawl
God made it fall, and the cold wind blows

Fall, when the leaves all start to go
Fall, there's magic in the air
Make it fall, I'm sendin' up a prayer

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Lawhorn, JJ Make It Fall Comments
  1. Kyle C

    Just landed one of the best woods in the county I’m from. A friend of my married the granddaughter of my elementary school teachers and he was my hunters/ trappers safety course teachers. Him and me are the only two allowed to hunt the 20 acres. Got a huge 14 point on camera and this song has me itching to be in the woods

  2. TeamDuckMeat

    A lot of hunting songs are kinda cheesy. This one is bad ass, especially the last verse. Job well done brother.

  3. Country Rebel0829

    Love your music so glad I got to meet you a few years ago

  4. Michael Buster

    Yes sir

  5. SouthGa Outdoors

    Love the new album brother!

  6. David Jones

    What happened to you